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  1. Jinn

    Backdraft Arcanist models.

    Doesn't his trigger give HIM burning, not the target?
  2. I'm only comparing info we have. Other than that, I'm pretty sure Mason said that upgrades are going to be rarer but more impactful, which, combined with the less offensively focused base cards of Raspy and Marcus, makes me think that these Masters are changing somewhat in playstyle and likely won't have all of their old styles and upgrades make it to 3e. Obviously this is all speculation, I could easily be wrong. If Marcus gets his insane upgrades as well as this buffing focused playstyle, even as mutually exclusive options, that would be awesome. Hmm, what if he gets an upgrade that attaches all of his mutation upgrades onto himself and ignores the rest of his crew? That could be interesting...
  3. I think Masters have less of an overall impact on the game in 3e because they (at least Raspy and Marcus) have moved to a role in which they support synergies in their thematic crews. Current Marcus is doing up to four 4/4/6 attacks (with the Trail of the Gods upgrade), plus sense fear triggered from a (0) action, so actually five attacks and he may have the enemy at to all duels if he feels particularly mean. He can also scheme with wk 8 (I loved last minute bodyguards with Marcus, just a casual 24" stroll to the enemy deployment zone), he can alpha friendly or enemy models, he can give a beast to attack and damage (with the small downside of to df). New Marcus is doing 2/3/5 damage and is focused around giving his crew buff upgrades. He can make friendly beasts charge, which keep in mind is a weaker charge than 2e charge (in this case at least). Obviously we haven't seen any general upgrades from 3e and we can only go off of what we have seen, but I think it is pretty obvious that old Marcus would murder new Marcus 1 on 1. Current Raspy is base 7 with a 2 / 4/ 5 attack which is routinely buffed to 3 / 5/ 6, she casts through friendly models (which can move), can give them armour, can summon 50mm blocking, indestructible terrain with very low cards and has a trigger to draw on a . She can also paralyse (and has a totem that eats paralysed models with an attack that is ml8, Seamus is tasty) and she can be teleported by Snow Storm out of trouble. New raspy is base 6 with a 2 / 3/ 4 damage attack and an action that summons 30mm destructible markers (which provide lots of synergy to her crew, but her crew also places). Her bonus action I honestly can't judge. I'm assuming the Mv 14 duel is a simple duel that targets have to flip, and if these 'cataclysm markers' are 50mm then that seems like a very potent debuff attack. Despite this, new Raspy isn't going to be doing the same kind of damage old Raspy did. She will interact with her crew a lot more though. I'm excited to play with the new masters given that they seem to have more direct synergy with their crews.
  4. Jinn

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    My only worry with this approach is imagining if this had happened in 2e. Being forced to bring Mouse with Ironsides or the Eternal Flame with Kaeris would have been awful, instead we were able to hire the Malifaux Child with both of them. Obviously this is only a problem if some models aren't properly balanced, and if Mouse and the Eternal Flame (and totems in general) are balanced then I am happy. On another note, if I never see the Primordial Magic again it will be too soon
  5. Jinn

    Backdraft Arcanist models.

    Fitzsimmons also makes Kaeris effectively Armor +2 while near him, which makes for a safer spot to place grab & drop targets. Joss can be Armor +3, and Langston Armor +2. Putting Bleeding Edge Tech on Fitzsimmons in a Ramos crew makes for some extremely tanky spiders. Combined with the Steamfitter, both Ironsides and Fitzsimmons himself can be effectively Armor +2. Combining him with Amina would make for a lot of tankiness, probably more than you need honestly. The Fire Golem seems to have excellent synergy with Kaeris apart from the usual 'don't activate near Kaeris if she has Grab & Drop or you'll lose your burning' anti-synergy, which is always clunky. Unfortunately, your opponent should be able to remove any burning you applied with your other models before the Golem gets to go, (assuming they had a cleanse, if they didn't then they're gonna hurt badly) because no burning models have accomplice. This guy should be able to dive after Kaeris into groups pretty effectively if she's used swooping angel's new immolate trigger to apply burning in a . The Saboteurs will live or die on their ability to draw cards. They're mediocre scheme runners compared to Wind Gamin (even steam arachnids, which are nothing special, are better at scheming with their better stats, armor, and unimpeded) and they have no tricks to remove markers. They have disguised, but if that was a good enough defense then Desperate Mercenaries would have been okay at 4ss. The key problem for me is that I'll probably be relying on my opponent to place markers to get that card draw, as, despite appearances, Arcanists aren't all that good at getting scheme markers next to enemies. Mech rider can do it, but she's 12ss. Performers + Mannequin can do it, but you need to hire Mannequins which I try not to do. Oh yeah, Fitzsimmons can do it and Kaeris' aura with G&D can do it (not that she's usually near enough to my crew for that to happen past T2). G&D is likely the best bet, considering the Saboteur's ranged attack isn't a so you won't randomise with the model that flew next to the enemy. I hope Kaeris is good one day.
  6. Jinn

    Undying 10T models.

    Having a Katashiro focus and then teleport for a place within 5", to attack and damage Ml7 2/4/5 attack sounds pretty great. The high base combined with focus means you're probably going to be able to cheat for a consistent 4 or 5 damage where you need it. I think balancing Katashiro around being worse all around killy models than Yokai, but better against higher Df, having the advantage of dropping scrap for Asami, and having synergy with pushes is a good approach.
  7. Jinn

    Undying 10T models.

    It could be interpreted either way honestly. The wording of that part of the ability is "Choose a Condition with a value affecting this model and a target model in range." which could be interpreted as 'Choose a Condition with a value affecting this model and then choose a target model in range' or it could be 'choose a condition affecting this model and affecting a target model in range'. The second interpretation is useless as an action so I'm inclined to interpret it in the first way just as common sense. Katashiro are great for Asami because they are constructs and so drop scrap. Also, summoning them with Minako Rei in a Shenlong crew would allow for peasants to charge the Katashiro and push it twice, allowing it to take two Ml7 2/4/5 attacks which is pretty decent. Their push synergy should go nicely with Shenlong crews I think. Wanyudo almost seems like it'll just be useful for when Minako kills a henchmen or master.
  8. Jinn

    Undying 10T models.

    @whodares The action requires you to remove the condition from the Katashiro, and if it is still in play applies it to the other model. If this restriction wasn't present you could put some flicker on your opponents master and really ruin their day.
  9. Jinn

    M2e Kaeris

    Her new upgrades are nice, but they cost 2SS each for some reason. Her new limited upgrade is double the cost of Grab & Drop, and it makes her even more reliant on putting conditions on enemies, a problem G&D sidesteps. I don't know why such a struggling master was given expensive upgrades and I'm worried she won't be viable for a long time if the backdraft models don't fix her.
  10. Jinn

    Game Time

    Mechanised Infrantry are ridiculous in my experience. Their titan has a 36" range gun and they can all reduce their duel total by 2 to add a suit to the total, any number of times per duel. As far as I can tell this occurs after the modify step, so you can lower your total without fear of your opponent cheating to beat it. This allows you to add a for card draw whenever you want. They have some other tricks as well, but the high range of the titan and the innate card draw, all for 8 scrip is amazing in my opinion.
  11. Jinn

    Best Arcanist master/crew vs Pandora?

    Sandeep + 3 Oxfordians. They all have arcane shield which makes them very strong against those misery auras before they activate, the mages have to Wp while within LoS of an M&SU Henchman, and all of them use Ca which is great against incorporeal. Also Sandeep is the best master in Arcanists and the Oxfordians are the best thing you can get for 15SS.
  12. Jinn

    Mei Feng: buying more stuff than the box?

    I've triple vented in the past and still gotten hit by damn Austringers... Why is fate so cruel?
  13. Jinn

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    My bad, seems obvious in retrospect as it needs burning to function. I somehow had the idea that the Eternal Flame had a potential synergy with purifying flame by allowing friendly models that usually don't take damage from burning to heal while near it, by removing immunity to damage from burning. I checked the wording on Combustible Mixture and this is not the case. I find myself disliking the design of the Eternal Flame even more. Is A&D and Lenny the only models with immunity to burning then?
  14. Jinn

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    And Ashes & Dust is also immune, which means that all of your opponents most threatening models are (functionally) immune. I've almost given up bringing Kaeris into Outcasts when my opponent seems likely to bring Hamelin. What really irks me about this match up is that Kaeris's default Totem removes immunity to burning within an aura but Nihilism doesn't count as immunity because they can choose to accept a condition if they want to. This means that there is no way of getting around Hamelin's pseudo-immunity and makes Kaeris's already bad Totem into an actual liability because the only immunity it removes is going to be that of your own models, like the rail golem (and A&D, but if the reason you're bringing your totem is to make you sometimes able to attack one of several immune enemy models then you're better off just using Kaeris as a scheme runner). Sorry for the rant, but Hamelin is an NPE.
  15. Jinn

    Myranda, Skinwalker, and Symbols

    I think you can place the target, or Kaeris, on a tall bit of terrain so that you aren't engaged. This has the added possibility of using the blinding flame trigger to push them off the building after dropping them there.