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  1. Jinn

    Is anyone actually beating Kings Empire?

    Combined Arms rules: "During the game, the Combined Arms Fireteam uses the Acting Values, Abilities, Actions, and Fireteam size listed on its special Unit Card, rather than the information listed on the normal Unit Card. In all other ways, it functions as a normal Fireteam in the unit it came with (including Activations, Orders, etc.)." So, given that aside from Acting Values, Abilities, Actions, and Fireteam size you treat it as a normal fireteam for that unit, does that mean you technically don't treat Combined Arms fireteams as Titans? I'm pretty sure it isn't intended to work that way but I think that's how it reads. Also, do you deploy the Combined Arms separately from the rest of the unit, assuming they are supposed to be treated as Titans?
  2. Jinn

    My inital 50 scrip list

    With focused efforts for an inspire token you can glory Unathi with a 6 using Mine Control Device, which makes it well worth it in my experience. After you flip to glory it's still useful to fish for tomes or turn low tomes into a draw. You can combo it with Medal of Honor to hand out an extra inspire token per turn as well. The actual effect of the mines is mostly a side benefit in my opinion. I've used it to (sort of) block off a cult portal in the past, but I wouldn't rely on that stopping anyone. I've gotta agree with you on Mehal Sefari, why would I want one of my most expensive units to be soaking hits for my champions? I'd much rather hire a Mechanised Infantry for 1 scrip less and have the regular fireteams protect my leaders while the 36" range gun does its work. Having a range of 14" on their guns leaves them easily outranged by KE and easily within range for a melee follow up against Cult or Hordes, which they are not tanky enough to survive. Relying on reinforcement tokens to survive when the only ability or action that immediately reinforces is a trigger on Unathi is also a problem for them. Additionally, Electrocutioners are so much better for just 1 more scrip.
  3. I think that they're relatively common and it's just that Sonnia is too good at her job. Every Witchling Stalker is (supposed to be) a caught magic user and I think the Witchling Thralls were supposed to be magic users on par with the powerful Arcanists like Ramos or Marcus, although I may be remembering their fluff incorrectly. I really do wish there were more actual mages (who follow a specific school) in the Arcanists though. Some more models in line with the Oxfordian Mages would be great.
  4. Jinn

    New to the Kings Empire

    It is always pretty easy to flip them back as you can spend reinforcement tokens freely during their activation to do so. If you have Thrace or Kassa you can speed it along a bit. If you get the tactics discount for being behind on VP getting the Medic! stratagem is a no-brainer for 1 tactics token. My main King's Empire opponent brings Kassa with her Bigger is Better upgrade and the King's Hand and maybe an Abyssinian titan to get Kassa +2 tactics. Add on a Medal of Honor for +1 tactics gets her to 5 tactics. So she activates and discards a tactics token to flip to glory, draws 3-5 cards by flipping assets on the King's Hand, maybe gets it to take a Gatling Gun attack. Then, later in the turn, using the Keep Calm and Carry On stratagem my opponent flips Kassa from glory to get a second activation, discards a tactics token to flip her back into glory, and then generates another 5 tactics tokens. Let me tell you, from the receiving end of it this is a very powerful strategy to face. KE is up something like 6ish tactics tokens and 6+ cards with a very healthy Titan.
  5. Jinn

    New to the Kings Empire

    It actually does, weirdly enough. The Sp stat is an Acting Value and it is that AV that determines the number of inches moved in an order.
  6. Jinn

    Starting hand

    Yep. You basically have to allocate your resources at the start of the turn, do you want Stratagems or cards? Do you want to save some Tactics tokens? My primary opponent in Cult has taken to purchasing The Burning Man Descends, a 4 cost stratagem, on the first turn of every game. Having no cards is pretty dangerous if you don't have initiative though.
  7. Jinn

    New to the Kings Empire

    South Wales Borderers are absolutely amazing. After they lose a single model they get better stats than most 9+ cost units. They get +2 to ALL Acting Values of a fireteam if it has lost a model, which includes Sp, Df, Wp, and Ar. That puts their stats to 9Sp, 6Df, 6Wp, and 9Ar, and then they also get a Stat 7, (effectively) strength 3, which is solid for a 9 cost and amazing for a 6 cost. I hate fighting these things. Honourable mention to the Behind Enemy Lines Stratagem that can summon these in your opponent's deployment zone, preferably after all of their dangerous models have gone allowing them to heal up on the next turn.
  8. Jinn

    Weak units? (There isnt many!!)

    I'm not a big fan of the Mehal Sefari. The tactics they can generate are nice but they are sort of squishy for their cost and become much worse when engaged in melee (worse in that they lose all utility). I think I would almost always prefer to hire Mechanized Infantry for 8 (36" gun and free card draw for all) or Electrocutioners for 10 (I haven't used these guys yet, but area attacks are amazing and I know that direct hits bypassing defences are extremely annoying) over them. I also don't particularly want my 9 cost unit to be the one tanking hits for my champions. I think one of the key (intended) weaknesses of Abyssinia is the lack of a horde unit to take hits, such as the South Wales Borderers and the Broken, and I don't think the Mehal Sefari are a good replacement due to their cost. Basotho Cavalry I quite like on the other hand. They're cheap, extremely fast, and kind of annoying. I managed to hit my opponents Adeodatos with enough pinned tokens that he couldn't reach his nearest portal on turn 1, which really slowed him down. Another reason to take them is that they don't have any assets vying for the space a prototype could go, meaning you can use Overclocked to actually attach something during the game (something I've found hard to do given how much I want to attach an Adjunct to every unit). Also the image of the Basotho Cavalry charging at you with an Experimental Rocket at the ready is great.
  9. Jinn

    Prototypes what do you take and why?

    In my last game against cult I took 3 Flare Guns and a Chemical Fogger. I used Prince Unathi to glory two of my units before they activated using the Flare Gun's Zeppelin Bombardment on some Df 3 Stalking Portals, eventually killing the entire unit. The main advantage of the Flare Gun is that you can target almost anyone which makes the low AV not so crippling. I later used the Overclocked stratagem to put an Explosive Rocket on the Basotho Cavalry (because they were the only unit in my crew without an Asset) which they used to snipe a Breachling and flip to glory. I want to try bringing Electrocutioners in a two commander game with four Prototypes attached so that they can make something like 8 attacks a turn (including the adjunct action) and provide some free card draw with Unathi.
  10. Jinn

    Sturdy Repairs typo

    Kassa's ability draws a card every time a friendly Titan asset within 12" is flipped, that's what they are referring to. You draw three cards if you use the 5 margin trigger, two from Kassa's ability and one from the action specifying that you draw a card.
  11. The wording here is very confusing if that is what it is intended to mean. If it applies to an Order that hasn't been given yet then why does it say remaining movement? Movement that may not have even been generated yet can't be considered remaining... Changing it to: "Fireteams that move in this way may not use any subsequent movement granted by an Order and cannot use the Dimensional Instability rule again during this Activation." would be more clear IMO, or: "After a fireteam moves in this way it cannot use any movement granted by an Order, and cannot use the Dimensional Instability rule again during this Activation." At the very least the part of it that refers to "the Order" should be changed somehow, as it doesn't quite make sense. Also... Wouldn't placing a model during deployment technically allow it to use the portals? This would allow for some nasty rushes on turn 1, so I hope people aren't playing it this way. Could be fun though
  12. Jinn


    You do need to take the Cult Envoy card though, as you can only attach assets belonging to your allegiance. This does mean no Binh Nguyen.
  13. Jinn

    Mech Lists - lets see them

    Kassa's King's Empire upgrade is a LOT better than her Abyssinian one. If you take the KE envoy you can hire Kassa's KE asset (I'm 95% sure) and get easy access to glory (discard a tactics token when you activate) and probably +2 tactics (it's +1 Tactics per Titan, friendly or enemy, to a max of +2) in an Abyssinia crew. The faster you get access to her morale action the better. I'm pretty sure you draw around 4 cards if you get the margin trigger on Emergency Repairs and just flip an Asset to the scrap side and then back again. Mechanized Infantry are absolutely amazing! You can relatively easily get 3-7 shots using the squad fireteams (with an Adjunct and a Prototype or four) and have your walker be at AV 10-14 for its two (probably) shots due to the Tracer Rounds ability. And every time you beat your opponent by at least 2 you can lower your total (after the modify step, I believe) to get that trigger to draw a card. Even if your enemy isn't close enough for the squads to attack (so outside of 14"+7" if you do the Advance order, and outside of 18"+7" for the Adjunct) you can probably shoot whatever the Titan is going after with the Zeppelin Bombardment to give it a +1AV, or do the reverse to be at +1-2AV for the Prototype attack. As an aside, Titans are quite hard to tie up in melee due to their special engagement rules, so unless a melee Titan is up in your face you should be able to keep shooting enemies on the other side of the board. Another good Titan combo is to get your Crow Runners to glory ASAP (using Zeppelin/Rocket Launcher Prototypes) and then get all of them to use Lead the Way on the Dreadnought and use any 11+ cards, or 9+s with their easy inspire tokens, to move the Titan its speed and get it to use the Mortar attack at range 28", potentially ignoring cover and LoS. You'll likely draw a card or two from s here as well. In my last game, against cult, I destroyed a Wandering Portals unit, most of a Warped unit, and a fireteam of Doomseekers purely using the MI Walker's Battle Cannon, a Crow Runner's Zeppelin Bombardment and the Dreadnought's Mortar Bombardment into my enemy's deployment zone on turn 1, which crippled their mobility and did a lot of area damage.
  14. Jinn

    Backdraft Arcanist models.

    Doesn't his trigger give HIM burning, not the target?
  15. I'm only comparing info we have. Other than that, I'm pretty sure Mason said that upgrades are going to be rarer but more impactful, which, combined with the less offensively focused base cards of Raspy and Marcus, makes me think that these Masters are changing somewhat in playstyle and likely won't have all of their old styles and upgrades make it to 3e. Obviously this is all speculation, I could easily be wrong. If Marcus gets his insane upgrades as well as this buffing focused playstyle, even as mutually exclusive options, that would be awesome. Hmm, what if he gets an upgrade that attaches all of his mutation upgrades onto himself and ignores the rest of his crew? That could be interesting...