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  1. I'll look into that. Edit: Found it "10. *If a model would place an object “anywhere within range” of an Action, does it need to have LoS to that range?* a) Yes. The range of an Action includes LoS. The only exception to this is if a model is placing itself it does not need LoS." While I'm unsure why this is an FAQ given this is definitely a new rule rather than a clarification as far as I can tell (though that isn't unusual for Wyrd), this does poke a hole in my reasoning that Asami/Sandeep prove that Summon actions must separately state they ignore the general placement and LoS restrictions. It doesn't prove the other way however, and this is kind of important for a few models. So whether the Drudges can be summoned out of LoS of Ironsides comes down to your ruling on the general summon rule (I'll put it again for convenience): "Summoned models are placed into base contact and within LoS of the model whose Action or Ability Summoned them unless the effect states otherwise." So if you rule "states otherwise" to mean any statement contradicting any part of the rule nixes the rule entirely then you're good. I'd say this could use an FAQ of its own IMO, but at least you can make the argument for ignoring LoS. I'll have to see what my opponent thinks, I'm trying Union President Toni soon. Some models this impacts (as it would allow you to Summon out of their LoS, though maybe some already are running them this way): Asura Roten (could come in out of LoS on any board edge) Carrion Emissary (Zombie on opposite side of coffin wall) Dashel (barely, you could summon around a corner by targeting a marker) Sonnia (you could summon through walls using Seeking Flames, very cool) Colette (barely) English Ivan (actually pretty big deal, could summon on the other side of large models) Lynch Probably many others.
  2. Targets require LoS, not ranges, see leaps for proof. As that's the case and you seem to agree that Summoners like Asami require LoS despite bypassing the base contact part of the general Summon rule I don't know what more I need to say. I think you may be the one who refuses to change their mind in this case.
  3. So do you play it that Summoners like Asami or Sandeep don't need LoS because their action states they can summon 6" away? I've never seen anyone play it that way and as far as I can tell Labor Contract is similarly stating where to summon and not mentioning LoS. As far as I am aware Summon effects that specify that you can place the model out of base contact are still bound by the LoS restriction unless they also say you can place the model out of your LoS (or another rule trumps the general rule, as is the case with the bury Summoners' upgrades.) On the "grants the global ability" thing, I am dead certain that the ability belongs to Toni. She doesn't give it to other members of her keyword, it is simply triggered by them dropping a scheme marker. Ability is a defined term in the game that specifically refers to things written on the front of stat cards (like Unionized for example, which the Drudge actually can explicitly grant to other models), it isn't just the usual english definition of something you can do. Whose ability is Labor Contract? Ironsides. What Summoned the Drudge? Labor Contract. Does it need LoS? Well if you don't think it does then why would Asami/Sandeep/Asura Roten or whatever else need it as they also "state otherwise" for (the b2b) part of the general Summoning rule. I'm pretty sure I've got the correct read on the rules here but I do also wish the ability didn't require LoS, so I guess I hope I'm wrong or I hope it is changed before release.
  4. The rule is that the model must be Summoned in LoS of the model whose action or ability summoned it. The ability is what's doing the summoning, not the action, and the ability definitely belongs to Ironsides.
  5. That is from his Summoning upgrade, which violates the normal rules, and specific beats general. I don't think the existence of the "Summon Buried" masters which have a very specific way/reason of ignoring the base contact/LoS restrictions should mean that the general rule on it doesn't apply to models that don't have abilities/upgrades that direct you to summon out of LoS. On the other hand, normal Summoners that do require LoS but don't require base to base contact only tell you where you can summon them on the board, which is what Labor Contract tells you. As far as I can tell if the Summoning action/ability, or another game rule, doesn't give you a different limit on summoning (by saying you can Summon 6" away, or in base contact with a scheme marker in this case) then you default to the book one. My interpretation here is that Ironsides' ability tells you where to summon but doesn't tell you anything about LoS, therefore that rule still applies.
  6. It's Ironsides' ability though, and the ability is what is doing the summoning, not the Interact action. I'd much prefer it if you didn't need LoS for it though, so I hope I'm wrong or that Wyrd changes it.
  7. Yes. The ability would trigger separately on each scheme marker placed.
  8. I just realised that due to the summoning rules (p. 32 of the rules manual) Ironsides will need LoS to any Drudge that you summon. "Summoned models are placed into base contact and within LoS of the model whose Action or Ability Summoned them unless the effect states otherwise." It states otherwise for the restriction on where they're placed but not for the restriction of requiring LoS. That's going to make it a lot harder to do work with her given how much less threatening she is; she won't be able to sit in the back if the schemes are needed in the enemy deployment zone for example. Her effectiveness will likely depend on how open the board is and how far up you can summon while in her LoS, especially given it'll take a turn for the Drudges to actually start moving due to Mindless.
  9. Mei Feng gets absolutely annihilated by Hoffman. She needs her scrap so badly and his crew eats it passively. Her crew's most powerful ability (other than Ride the Rails, which also gets wrecked) is Vent Steam and Hoffman's entire crew is just incidentally immune to it. Neil Henry is too squishy to be a counter to that crew IMO, but if you need him just hire him OOK or something. Sparks would be nice just for the obey, but still not worth it. The Peacekeeper can have inbuilt Armour Piercing with Flurry and Fast (and even Trail of Gore), your armoured models are not going to survive. If you want Command Construct just hire Joss and get armour ignore from his Arc Axe (built in), best of both Neil Henry and Sparks. Electric Discharge isn't bad either. You'll drop more scrap markers because of Creative Salvage, but at least your crew's abilities won't get worse while Hoff's gets better when he eats them. Another reason not to go with Mei Feng, Hoffman can hire this guy too and then he can obey your constructs.
  10. With Stand Together Amina can draw a card from Walk the Line on full health targets, and Mouse gives Ironsides two adrenaline with his bonus action. Does it work for things like Code Red on the Medical Automaton I wonder? It would only work on things with 5 or less max wounds but it would enable the Automaton to teleport 6" as a bonus action towards them if they're near a scheme marker, could be very strong. Also uber charges it with power tokens on turn 1 with Emergency Mode. It'll be healing for 3/4/5 all game as long as you keep the rams coming.
  11. Revealed on Steam Powered Scoundrels episode 36. Along with Drudges. (and an alt Anya Lycarayen, but who cares about her)
  12. That's not a great way to look at it in my opinion. It's costing you an AP (and possibly a high card, definitely not guaranteed) per stone (2ss swing though) on an 8 cost, and a vulnerable one at that and you're putting him in melee with likely a dangerous foe. It may be valuable to do this in certain situations but I wouldn't think of it as a "free" 2-3 stones.
  13. That would effectively make the Thunders player have to declare their alternate master in the first step which would leave them (maybe) slightly disadvantaged as their opponent would be able to choose from whatever titles they wanted to counter pick them, and if there are more titles released in future it will get worse for Master Huggy. I assumed they didn't want to do that.
  14. I would like to see Huggy become the master and Lynch his totem actually, and it wouldn't be that hard to do. They'd just have to release an alternate title card for both Lynch and Huggy and change The Real Power to an ability that allowed him to only be chosen as a Master in the alternate title step for Lynch. The fact that you can't hire titled versions of the same model would make it so they don't even have to worry about wording it so that Huggy the master couldn't hire Huggy the totem, or Lynch the master couldn't hire Lynch the totem.
  15. My gut reaction is I don't think I hire her in any crew. I compare her to Ohaguro Bettari and Yume seems worse (less mobile, no stones, worse damage without flicker), and I already don't hire Bettari. I might hire her if she had From Beyond. Her card manipulation might be enough to make the difference, but it seems like a lot of mucking around. It seems like she's balanced for Dreamer to be honest. She is going to die fast in a crew with no healing and few Wp targeting attacks like Asami's. Not getting the Shielded or being able to be reactivated in the new Asami is a major downside as well.
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