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  1. When was the Emissary nerfed? I don't see any Errata. The main way Yan Lo plays differently in TT is he will likely never run Toshiro, as there is no efficient way to generate corpses in Thunders. Shenlong was nerfed pretty hard in the Errata, he lost Drunken Kung Fu. He will now be only turning s on attacks/resists into s, not damage flips. Something to be wary of from Ten Thunders is the high quality models with Ruthless they have access to. Look at The Lone Swordsman and Fuhatsu, which are versatile, and evaluate whether your crew is okay with fighting them.
  2. I think focusing fire on a single model is pretty important in both scenarios (I'd prefer to get three attacks on one thing to kill it than four attacks spread across two and killing neither), which is why the Yasunori kind of sucks at both roles now. The problem with the Yasunori is that it didn't have the utility that other riders had and it made up for that in offensive capability and costing less (more than made up for it, though it was likely not as overtuned as the pale was). Now after the nerf it is much weaker defensively than the other riders, much weaker offensively than all but
  3. I use (used, in the case of the Yasunori) both, it's really not on the same level. Imagine they also increased Archie's cost by a soulstone on top of his nerf, that's what they did to Yas.
  4. Make sure you're using the Errata version of the Yasunori, and are using the Errata rules in general. Yasunori was nerfed pretty hard in the Errata.
  5. Kaeris herself is quite tanky though, so if you just grab versatiles like Envy and Steam Arachnid Swarms you're left with a very tanky crew. If you use Envy to give Kaeris focus on turn 1 then she can double walk + charge with a focused shot up to 26" away, more with Ride With Me from the Rider. The Eternal Flame can double walk and then move a Pyre from up to 20" away because it is a bonus action, meaning if you go for the blast trigger with Kaeris you can easily put multiple enemies in contact with a marker on turn 1. When I play Kaeris I want all of her pyres either under her firi
  6. Why hire Borgmann at all? If you ditch him then you can focus on using your Pyre Markers purely offensively (as he needs them to survive) and go for a more aggressive Kaeris strategy. Hire a Steam Arachnid Swarm with Diesel Engine and move Magical Training to the Miner. Borgmann isn't good enough to warrant all the handholding you need to do for his abilities to work in my opinion (same problem as with most of Kaeris's models).
  7. Thankfully the Forgotten Marshal can only summon things that are a lower cost than him. A tanky 7 cost (with a decent ranged attack) being able to just summon a strong 8SS model every turn you happen to have a 12+with a is way too swingy.
  8. The owner of the model unburies it in their deployment zone.
  9. Adding two Trained Ninja upgrades to a Last Blossom crew with three Torakage will make a gunline crew cry.
  10. https://www.wyrd-games.net/s/M3E-Season-1-FAQ.pdf It is in section 9: Neverborn "1. Nekima – Can Nekima Push and take a Action as a result of a friendly Nephilim model being killed within range of her Enraged By Insolence Action? a) No. “Another” always refers to “not the model from which this text is written” except in those instances where the model in which “Another” is written would not always be a legal subject of the sentence, such as “Another Scrap Marker”, or “Another enemy model”. In such cases, “Another” will never refer to the previous legal subject."
  11. In NB he can hire them with Inhuman Reflexes (Scamper + Butterfly Jump + Disguised is nasty) and he can hire a Grootslang which is more mobile than a Blessed. He is still regularly perceived as the worst master in NB or Arc because every crew has good models and decent tricks but they usually aren't as inefficient as Marcus is. A good crew's models start out great and their Master contributes more to achieving objectives than any other model because they don't have to waste AP bringing their crew up to par. Marcus isn't even close to the worst Master in the game, he is just below the curve, an
  12. From what I've seen, Marcus tends to be rated as the worst Master in either Neverborn or Arcanists by players of those factions. In my opinion: 50%+ of Marcus's beasts are crap at baseline and then only get to be decent after he invests AP and stones (for Quick Reflexes) into buffing them all. There are a few beasts that are decent before upgrades and great after upgrades, but spending AP and cards to do that should be getting powerful results given that he is nothing to write home about as a model himself. Compare him to a summoner and he is spending all of those resources to bring
  13. The whole point of the FAQ was that "Another" always refers to the model taking the action. If you take a Rules As Written approach (not saying you should, though I think this is why nerfs should generally be Errata instead of redefining what rules mean) this means that ricochet's only restriction on targeting is that it cannot select the model taking the action, which will only come up if the model is within 3" of the target. The target of the action with the ricochet trigger is both within 3" of itself, and also not the model taking the action, so it is a legal target for ricochet. I wo
  14. Edit to remove: Didn't see the second page, which answered my question.
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