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  1. Jinn


    Or we could just go back to no interacts on the turn a model is summoned. Then if they want to let a model's summons take interact actions immediately they can give it a rule on its summon upgrade. Summoning scheme runners at range that can immediately do schemes is too powerful in general IMO.
  2. Well, I think that Youko is very weak so this doesn't surprise me in the least. I haven't exactly seen Euripides crushing people in other batreps so I don't think he is the problem here.
  3. I'd be fine with her losing Extended Claims if she got a Hidden Pistol and some way of getting inbuilt mask on her obey (like when targeting friendly M&SU models perhaps). Or just drop it to Stat 6 if people think stat 7 is too high (probably is). I really hate models that literally can't deal damage.
  4. Jinn

    Arcanist Counters

    Huh, thanks! I must admit I haven't read that part of the book since the CB.
  5. Jinn

    Arcanist Counters

    Do we have any reason to believe that alternate master cards aren't going to be declared the same way regular masters are? As in you declare 'Arcanists' followed by 'Rasputina, Summer edition', or whatever it was. Colette is also pretty wrecked by Tara and Levi. She is also pretty threatened by Hamelin due to all of the unresisted or indirect ways that blight will get put on you if you are anywhere near that crew, followed up with bleeding disease targeting Wp and doing extremely high burst damage. I don't think I'd ever declare her into Outcasts in a serious game.
  6. Jinn

    Kaeris impressions

    I don't know if this has been brought up, but does Conflagration get hit twice by Incorporeal? In the rulebook it says that effects that trigger condition damage count as damage from conditions but as far as I can see it would still count as damage from an attack. So Incorporeal models reduce her main attack's damage by 2 effectively. I'm guessing this affects a few other models that do damage + a damage from a condition, meaning they're disproportionately effective against heavily armoured targets and disproportionately ineffective against incorporeal targets.
  7. Does it matter if she's not getting VP while being unkillable? Because that is what people are saying when they say all of those defences rely on hiring and placement, they're saying that they are less powerful because they are less good at winning games. Having everyone in a 6" bubble of death is only going to be effective in Reckoning combined with a few select scheme pools. Ironsides' defences in her comfort zone should surpass the defences of any other Master that can have them active anywhere anytime, because she is on a 3" leash. Have you played against Yan Lo?
  8. Jinn

    Kaeris impressions

    Banasuva only gets his Mantra if Sandeep is the leader unfortunately.
  9. Jinn


    I've had a lot of issues with Succumb to Darkness against Hard to Kill models (which should be ideal targets) because they will simply cheat a duel once they get down to Hard to Kill and thereby deny the summon. Thankfully cheating against Succumb to Darkness itself no longer kills them before the summon but I really think this aura should be optional for the Lynch player. Putting a bunch of resources into setting up Succumb to Darkness shouldn't be undone because of your opponent taking advantage of your own model's ability.
  10. Jinn

    Kaeris impressions

    I just had a game with her against Lilith and the combination of plus flips and unresisted injured made it almost impossible to miss. I split my crew up a bit with a fire gamin sent off relatively far from Kaeris and I found the lack of Pyre Marker generation very painful. I didn't hire the Fire Golem so I was unable to stack up burning on it another way. Fire Gamin really cannot survive without Pyre Markers/burning and it doesn't seem worth it to provide support to them with Kaeris unless they're in a group with a bunch of other models getting use out of the Pyre Marker. I think Fire Gamin need a tactical action to create a Pyre Marker in base contact with themselves, perhaps by suffering ~2 damage (due to being able to eat it for health and burning). This would give them a useful utility role in the crew and also make them more independent. I didn't take the Fire Golem because I don't think it is worth 10SS as a beater with only two attacks a turn, Elijah Borgmann is simply the better option.
  11. The "Remove an enemy scheme marker within 2" of this model." part of it is in italics which means it is a cost that needs to be paid to declare the trigger.
  12. She can just target herself with it right?
  13. Ironsides automatically gives Staggered on herattack, which will block any kind of friendly movement effects.
  14. It obviously should specify that Youko chooses the action but I don't think it should be as restricted as a normal obey given that it is a non-inbuilt trigger that an enemy can choose to block a lot of the time. Restricting it to non-bonus actions is pretty necessary though due to the number of those that no resist kill friendly models. Ugh, the more I look at Youko's card the more I wish she had these triggers built in or had some way of trading pass tokens for suits.
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