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  1. Jinn

    M2e Kaeris

    Her new upgrades are nice, but they cost 2SS each for some reason. Her new limited upgrade is double the cost of Grab & Drop, and it makes her even more reliant on putting conditions on enemies, a problem G&D sidesteps. I don't know why such a struggling master was given expensive upgrades and I'm worried she won't be viable for a long time if the backdraft models don't fix her.
  2. Jinn

    Game Time

    Mechanised Infrantry are ridiculous in my experience. Their titan has a 36" range gun and they can all reduce their duel total by 2 to add a suit to the total, any number of times per duel. As far as I can tell this occurs after the modify step, so you can lower your total without fear of your opponent cheating to beat it. This allows you to add a for card draw whenever you want. They have some other tricks as well, but the high range of the titan and the innate card draw, all for 8 scrip is amazing in my opinion.
  3. Jinn

    Best Arcanist master/crew vs Pandora?

    Sandeep + 3 Oxfordians. They all have arcane shield which makes them very strong against those misery auras before they activate, the mages have to Wp while within LoS of an M&SU Henchman, and all of them use Ca which is great against incorporeal. Also Sandeep is the best master in Arcanists and the Oxfordians are the best thing you can get for 15SS.
  4. Jinn

    Mei Feng: buying more stuff than the box?

    I've triple vented in the past and still gotten hit by damn Austringers... Why is fate so cruel?
  5. Jinn

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    My bad, seems obvious in retrospect as it needs burning to function. I somehow had the idea that the Eternal Flame had a potential synergy with purifying flame by allowing friendly models that usually don't take damage from burning to heal while near it, by removing immunity to damage from burning. I checked the wording on Combustible Mixture and this is not the case. I find myself disliking the design of the Eternal Flame even more. Is A&D and Lenny the only models with immunity to burning then?
  6. Jinn

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    And Ashes & Dust is also immune, which means that all of your opponents most threatening models are (functionally) immune. I've almost given up bringing Kaeris into Outcasts when my opponent seems likely to bring Hamelin. What really irks me about this match up is that Kaeris's default Totem removes immunity to burning within an aura but Nihilism doesn't count as immunity because they can choose to accept a condition if they want to. This means that there is no way of getting around Hamelin's pseudo-immunity and makes Kaeris's already bad Totem into an actual liability because the only immunity it removes is going to be that of your own models, like the rail golem (and A&D, but if the reason you're bringing your totem is to make you sometimes able to attack one of several immune enemy models then you're better off just using Kaeris as a scheme runner). Sorry for the rant, but Hamelin is an NPE.
  7. Jinn

    Myranda, Skinwalker, and Symbols

    I think you can place the target, or Kaeris, on a tall bit of terrain so that you aren't engaged. This has the added possibility of using the blinding flame trigger to push them off the building after dropping them there.
  8. Jinn

    M2e Kaeris

    Also, models with flight take no damage from it. So don't try any aerial duels against Zipp.
  9. The Guild was considered a relatively weak faction outside of a few key models/combos which have been nerfed for a while. Recently they've gotten a bit of a power boost with Nellie, Debt to the Guild and, from what I've heard, Monster Hunters. Neverborn on the other hand have always had some exceptionally strong masters and models, the Dreamer being one of them (though he has been nerfed as well, he is still great at summoning and his new upgrade is strong). I would estimate that the general consensus would put Neverborn above Guild in power level, at least if we're not including the newest models that aren't in plastic yet and haven't been fully tested (those monster hunters are coming for us all). These tier lists are usually less important than experience/skill though, but know that you aren't losing with overpowered models to weak models or whatever your opponent claims. You may wish to swap crews with your opponent for a game to get a feel for what their crew can do, and a feel for what your crew feels like to fight against.
  10. Jinn

    Protec ya Neck

    You might already know this, but you can't actually remove friendly scheme markers with the (1) interact action that all models have access to. Your opponent is probably going to have a lot of trouble removing those markers.
  11. Jinn

    Models to use for Symbols

    Are you sure the Steamfitter's Armor +1 even works with Carlos? His Dance of Flame ability says that he has the Armor condition equal to his burning condition, and by the rules conditions with the same name are combined and are considered to end when the most recently applied condition should end. Turn ends, burning ends, Armor ends. I really wish I could get an Armor +3 Carlos, so I hope you can change my mind on this.
  12. So... Katashiro are Oni and constructs huh? Given that Asami really likes scrap markers and given that none of the other models she summons drop any markers, what do you think the chances are that Katashiro have a rule ("Only Paper" or something) that means that they don't drop scrap markers on death? Perhaps more likely, they may be peons meaning Asami wouldn't be able to summon them. If they do drop scrap, and they're minions, then Asami is going to have a field day with them. I am really excited about these models either way.
  13. Jinn

    How do I use the Ice Golem?

    It may not seem it, but 2SS is a lot of stones to make a model just bad in Df instead of absolutely godawful, especially when if you were going to hire an Ice Golem you would ideally want Imbued Energies on it so that you can get a walk and charge on turn 2 (Walk 4 means the Golem isn't exactly going to get into position). So now you're bumping his cost up to 11SS with no upgrade slots for a Df 4 model with Ml6 3/3/6 and a situational (3)AP super attack (and you can prevent 2 damage by discarding Imbued Protection). For 11SS I could hire Joss with Imbued Energies who has Df 5, Wk 5, Hard to Kill, drops scrap markers on kill, has a Ml6 3/4/4 attack that ignores Armor/H2W/H2K/Triggers and a slightly worse (2)AP super attack that does 5/8/10, but paralyses. He also gets reactivate when he gets to H2K. Even in a Raspy crew, I'd much rather have Joss. The Wendigo can just use Raspy's cast to make him get +2 Armour and Frozen Heart if you want. I honestly just would avoid hiring the Ice Golem until he gets an errata that fixes his rules.
  14. Jinn

    How do I use the Ice Golem?

    The Ice Golem was considered to be one of the worst models in the game at 10SS and you never saw it used outside of Henchman Hardcore (Snowstorm + Ice Golem + Silent One + Ice Gamin) which is mostly a secondary game mode. Recently Rasputina got the ability to summon it with her new upgrade, but it needs an 11+ and a soulstone and a scrap marker and it comes in on 6Wds. I doubt any serious lists were going to be using this upgrade or the Ice Golem. Most recently they dropped the cost of hiring the Golem down to 9SS from 10SS. I still doubt it is going to show up anywhere competitive. Df 2 really kills it, Df 4 is the lowest you should go with models unless they are seriously cheap or have an absurd wound pool for their cost (like the Resurrectionist's flesh construct). I did have a game against someone who drew more than five 11+ in a game and managed to summon four Ice Golems. I still won because Ice Golems are bad, and are even worse at 6wds.
  15. Jinn

    How do I use the Ice Golem?

    "So, how does one use the Ice Golems at all?" You get incredibly lucky with your draws. Really though, it isn't a viable strategy and you should probably stick to what Raspy does best: summon walls and throw snowballs at people. If you want to try and do the summoning upgrade you should bring Myrandabus with Imbued Energies, put Seize the Day and Arcane Reservoir on raspy, and hire a steamfitter or two. You up your chances of getting that 11+ quite a bit. The summon TN should've honestly just needed a single suited 13 so that it could be stoned for; maybe with two scrap markers or something.