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  1. Just got my Malifaux Burns book. The Possession trigger is now Enemy Only. Edit: Her bonus action is Once per Turn now as well, so no Ama No Zako synergy anymore.
  2. Why? She's not exactly sweeping tournaments as she is, I doubt she'd be buffed too far by a change like this. It's a decent boost, but she wasn't even competitively strong when Bombs in Your Belly made her melee defences much stronger than this. She is poorly rated competitively due to the ease of countering her and her crew's schtick, so buffing the non scrap/hazardous/armour parts of her crew would be nice.
  3. In non-Title Mah it also gets hit by the Hazardous it creates when it declares the Miner's Tunnel trigger.
  4. Mouse's bonus action gives 2 Adrenaline to Toni if she's near a scheme marker. I've only tried her once, but I found I was getting about 5 Adrenaline per turn and spending 2-3 on Will of the Union. With her generally sitting behind her crew, and having 6/6 Df/Wp withand pseudo armour, she never felt threatened. When she did take damage from AoE she just used Spark of Revolution to AoE heal her crew and herself.
  5. My justification is that I really want it to be true. Please Wyrd, Acolytes really need this. Give us the FAQ we desire.
  6. I think everyone who has ever played Raspy is hoping it is intended to, but by rules I don't think it does. By RAW it just says you can treat Ice Pillars as Corpses, it doesn't say that your enemy doesn't get to treat them as Ice Pillars (which grant Cover) and it doesn't say that you stop treating them as Ice Pillars. Hopefully if it is intended to be the patch ability we all hope for it will be FAQed.
  7. People with the book have said they're 30mm I think.
  8. Only problem with this interpretation is that according to the FAQ (Section 5, No. 12) the wording on the Stealth ability is kind of treated as a "Range" for the purposes of actions taken drawing LoS and Range from other objects. It has very similar wording to abilities like Ride the Rails with regard to distance.
  9. It's also not very thematic to the crew. Give December Acolytes more interaction/synergy with Ice Pillars (as well as making them ignore them for shooting). I'm thinking a Trigger to push a target 3" towards an Ice Pillar and if it gets within 1"/b2b it gains Staggered (which has more synergy with Raspy-1) would be nice. Throw in a Tear Off a Bite Trigger on the Harpoon for funsies. Maybe give Snow Storm an 4 or 6, once/activation card draw when a Pillar is removed, perhaps only when an enemy does to restrict it. Will make them a better hire overall and would give the crew some much needed card draw. Maybe change December's Command to be able to target Ice Pillars as well (works with Kaldgeists then) and make it push the target up to 5" instead of Mv, which helps out Gamin/Golem. Here's a real wacky one, give Raspy-1 an ability that allows her crew to treat models with Slow as Ice Pillars, and if this would remove the Ice Pillar it instead removes Slow. Fair warning, I haven't looked through all the things this could break, I just want more Slow synergy.
  10. Had a Leylines game against Titania 2 yesterday that ended in a close draw. I think I would lose the rematch though. I was able to Ice Pillar off Killjoy for most of the game (only a part of that was Creeping Ice, mostly just Silent One goodness) and in the post-game discussion my opponent regretted hiring him into this matchup and will take the Emissary in future. I'll post the lists and then talk about the Summons and after that the new models/Title. This was my list: Rasputina, Abominable - 10SS Cache Wendigo Envy with Diesel Engine Silent One with Magical Training Blessed of December Kaldgeist x 3 vs. Titania, Autumn Queen - 2SS Cache Gorar Killjoy Rougarou Erymanthian Boar Autumn Knight x 2, both with the Killjoy upgrade Changeling with Ancient Pact This list was very strong despite Killjoy making only 1AP of attacks against a Kaldgeist (which lived) over the entire game. My opponent was able to draw 6 additional cards every turn using Titania + the Changeling copying Titania which is very potent. On to what I learned. Summons: I think the worst summon in general is the December Acolyte, even if you have the card. Summoning one up the board on turn 1 before crews engage has some justification, especially if you can Tools for the Job the summon card back to your hand without your opponent interrupting you. The Ice Pillars being cover just kills this model, and while the Armour +1 helps, it does nothing to fix the models role in the crew. I am still desperately hoping that I've somehow misunderstood the Cryosleep ability and that by treating an Ice Pillar as a Corpse Marker you can also stop treating it as an Ice Pillar temporarily (problematically, this would allow you to walk on it), but as far as I know that is not the case. More on that later as it also hurts Rasputina. Silent Ones as always are excellent. I summoned one on turn 3 and it was immediately able to start dropping pillars or healing as needed, and with Armour +1 and being able to target through Ice Mirror it is very hard to remove. I summoned an Ice Dancer on turn 4 that may have been able to help me score the Strat that turn, and definitely would have helped the next turn. Butterfly Jump, Armour +1, and easy healing is a good combo. These are definitely good summons sometimes due to the ease of leaving engagements and the synergy with Kaldgeists. Finally, I summoned a Hoarcat on turn 1 because my highest card was a 9. I severely underrated these as summons purely due to how effective Manipulative is when you can place the model up the board unactivated. These guys with Armour +1 are amazing tar pits, and the range you can summon them is amazing. On turn 1 I was able to summon one engaged with two Autumn Knights (both had already activated, but Titania hadn't so this blocked her free movement aura) which delayed my opponents entire game plan. My opponent went with Titania and used her, plus a triggered attack from an Autumn Knight, to deal four damage to it after Armour and move it out of Engagement with one of the Knights. Then it went at the end of the turn walked back into engagement (it was still Engaged with one so couldn't charge) and ate an Ice Pillar to heal up 2 ready for next turn with Manipulative back up. Later in the game when I summoned a December Acolyte I sent it in to do a similar tar pit role (as I couldn't shoot ANYTHING with all the Concealing Markers + all the Cover my markers provided) and it just folded. Kaldgeists: They are amazing. I strongly recommend keeping one back in your crew to stack shielded on your backline when necessary. Otherwise, a pair of these make for excellent schemers surprisingly while also acting as forward nodes. Their Jagged Ice action is quite good when you're just trying to annoy models that you've pinned down on the other side of a wall of Ice with Silent Ones or Raspy. The only problem I have with them is that Frostbite actually has very little synergy with the rest of the crew as it has very little synergy with the Mutilate trigger, which is how most of the crew gives Slow. Mutilate checks if they have Slow already and only tries to apply it if they don't, which means this aura is still bad even now that you have it on a minion that is actually good, with the mobility to get it near enemies and good ways to give out Slow. Raspy: Abominable Rasputina is way better than Raspy1. But like Raspy1 I found her shockwave to be the only good attack action she has. She also has the Summon, which is very, very good, but I'm just talking about the attacks here. I copied Fissure of Frost almost every turn with the Wendigo just for the extra Pillar, the range, and the chance of card draw, and it's what i had the most success with on Raspy's turns as well. The other attacks have a few problems that work against them, but they aren't competing for AP with Fissure of Frost so it is more a disappointment or personal gripe about how this version of Raspy is similarly Shockwave focused in the end. The problems with Northern Winds are that it doesn't ignore Friendly Fire, and that the damage will usually be at an extra negative on an already terrible spread due to cover from Ice Pillars unless you want to discard a card for every trigger due to Ice Mirror (which still sucks). Cold Snap is decent but it has some problems as well. The good parts, you can use it on a charge (which will probably give a Shielded due to Ice in the Veins) and the Rift of Snow trigger can get you out of engagement. The bad part is that it's range 1" and you never want to put your Ice Pillars within 1" of your enemy as that saves them an AP to remove it. The Rift of Snow trigger helps if you can land it, but it still might be a better option to just Create the Pillar 2" away and not attack with the melee, thereby guaranteeing that your enemy will have to spend an extra AP to remove the pillar. Still a good attack, just not the focus of her offensive combat like I'd hoped. If they release a Focus spamming model in the Arcanist starter box this attack gets way better. Overall what this crew is missing is card draw, and a way for the crew to ignore Ice Pillars. If Cryosleep was intended to do that and they FAQ it I will be very happy with the crew. If Hoarcats, Ice Dancers, and December Acolytes (along with Ice Gamin, Snow Storm, and maybe a Laugh Off equivalent ability while touching an Ice Pillar for the Ice Golem) are buffed for Raspy1 then that could also bring up the crew and fix the most egregious Ice Pillar problem (which is definitely December Acolytes).
  11. Not many of your models are going to have ways to generate actions (and they're usually triggers), so you're very rarely going to generate that many markers per turn with Spreading Influence, unless you're facing Bandit or Monk or something that spams Fast/Concentrate. It might be worth it to hire Sensei Yu in an Archer spam list to give Shouting Orders + Fast, and get great card draw with Good for a Laugh on Hurricane Punch. Very expensive though.
  12. Thunder Archers have a trigger on their bonus action to take the Concentrate Action, which would drop a Shadow Marker in base contact with them setting them up for Shadow Pin on their Blessed Longbow. Also enemies disengaging generates a Disengaging Strike, which would allow you to get concealing if a model like MDB tries to Disengage + shoot you. It also disincentivizes enemies trying to stop you from Disengaging, as it'll set up Wilting Tsubaki/Wrapped in Darkness and a bunch of other things.
  13. Anyone got any thoughts on the Wind Golem in Sandeep 1? There is no world where I combine three Wind Gamin into this thing, I probably wouldn't even combine two into one if I could.
  14. Don't forget that Banasuva and Kandara are both Academics. All you need is to hire one Academic minion as a caddy for Magical Training and you're set with four Academics. Also you can get them to Charge with Students of All to get movement for the Elemental, followed by a wherever the Academic activated.
  15. Honestly, as a Kaeris player, I really don't like the swingy nature of the ability. Sure, for some crews it's hard to move her, but for others it's pretty trivial and, as you said, the burning builds up quickly due to her always wanting to move/charge into pyres (which gives Burning +2 per charge). A Master like new Lady J, new Pandora, or new Yan Lo, or a model like Thirty Three with Incorporeal and Pine Box, or anyone with Scatter, or a model with I've Got Your Back can cause you to consistently take the Radiance damage on Kaeris if you don't force last activation. It may not be a problem on turn 1 or 2, but even if you're playing her without trying to build up burning you'll probably be getting up there in the later turns. It feels really really bad having to intentionally ignore your playstyle and schtick (and ignore her weird version of flight, basically) to just play in these matchups, and it is certainly going to feel even worse for your opponent if they don't have one of these counters. I wish they'd remove it to be honest. Instead, maybe let her heal from burning (plus reduce it by amount healed), and give her the Flare Up ability from Deacon's card. Or something completely different, like make it a simple duel to resist it for enemies but allow it to heal or move her rather than damage her. Make the ability not so horribly one sided against whoever gets hit by it. I definitely agree that this kind of ability (it's also on the Corpse Curator) seems problematic for the game, in part due to the lack of a cap.
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