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  1. The Scorpius can drop two scheme markers in an activation actually, and if your opponent runs out of cards it can drop three (almost never happens, nobody wants to deal with a 3 AP Scorpius so they'll usually save a weak). I'd really recommend hiring the Scorpius, slapping the Armor +1 upgrade on it and sending it to ruin the enemy Master's/Henchman's day. Seriously the Scorpius is so damn good for 7SS I can't imagine not including it in a Marcus list, I put that thing in there before I hire a Cerberus. The thing about Marcus's upgrades is that they're insanely stronger on things that are
  2. Poison +1 is very far from min 3, especially on a 2/3/4 spread. For one though, the Scorpius is absurdly better than this model for the same cost. For two, it's quite squishy for a 7SS model and, like all the other Chimera that rely on Marcus's upgrades to survive, that leaves it distinctly behind the beasts that are actually good on their own once upgrades are handed out. Why would I take this when the Scorpius has absurdly more powerful control abilities, is tankier, hits harder and has resource generation? Similarly, Order Initiates are much less taxing in getting set up than this mode
  3. Aren't most of the non-Chimera beasts pretty decent? Certainly not as bad as the terrible in keyword beasts like Molemen, Slate Ridge Maulers and Razorspines. Blessed is one of the best beasts period, Grootslang is way better than the Mauler for mostly the same role. Cheap models like Hoarcats and Corrupted Hounds suck just as much with Marcus as they do in keyword. These beasts just happen to suck, I don't think it's because they're balanced around Marcus.
  4. Oh, I've won with her, just not against anything in the upper tiers of Masters (except against Parker Barrows once when I brought a full burning thunders list and my opponent run and gunned Parker too far up on turn one. Parker got cooked). I'm just saying she isn't anywhere close to "OP as heck". She is close to middle of the pack generally, with a bunch of unfun models I don't want to hire but need to for setting up the railway. Middle of the pack happens to put her in the bottom two masters of Arcanists (above Raspy) and Thunders (above Youko), because they have a lot of pretty good ma
  5. Is there really a meta where Mei Feng is doing that well? My impression of her was that she is pretty garbage tier, having a similar problem to Raspy in some ways with crews that seem to incidentally hard counter her with scrap removal (Schtooook!!). I wouldn't be worried about the Metal Golem of all things being oppressive either, the Ice Golem may be really immobile but at least it'll crush whatever it gets close to, whereas I struggle to hit anything important with the Metal Golem, stat 5 ;_; While we're talking about Golem buffs, can we please see some range increases? I don't care if
  6. I'm pretty sure that would either make her worse or it would completely reinforce her current playstyle of simple duel shockwave spam, which isn't very strong to begin with. Giving her a -1 Stat would put her at a Stat 5, 2/3/4 Projectile, which is just terrible for a Master. The only reason it worked last edition was because she started at Stat 7 and did good damage when it landed (and she wasn't good last edition). They can't really boost her attack through the roof though because she has a really good debuff shockwave that she can use at high range and burn enemy cards with. Raspy and
  7. I've never considered Arcanists to have particularly strong Ruthless models. Mech Rider isn't a strong offensive model so Ruthless isn't a huge deal, Joss and Borgmann are both 2AP beaters that have no mobility and need to be taxed in OOK, and Raspy is low power and more of a debuffer than a blaster. Dreamer is a very strong option against Arcanists due to their lowish Willpower (especially on contructs like Soulstone Miners) and the armour ignore. If you want to win bring Stitched and use Lucid Dream to pull face cards out of your deck and use them as a secondary hand for cheating
  8. Because it's opposed and range 6" you'll almost always want to go for your own Master/Henchman.
  9. "When this model would Cheat Fate" means you have to have an opportunity to cheat fate in the first place. Betrayal means you cannot cheat fate unless you discard a card first. Consider another ability, "Tell No Lies" on False Witnesses that causes models within 3 to be unable to cheat fate at all. Do you think Stitched can Fiendish Gamble in that aura?
  10. Envy can apply sin unopposed with his bonus action, which has come up pretty regularly for me to finish off a model with a guaranteed 3 damage.
  11. You truly don't see how an action ignoring Concealment could be interpreted to not treat the target as having Concealment? How do you decide which aspects of Concealment to ignore? It doesn't ignore concealing though, it ignores capital "C" Concealment.
  12. Are there any rules supporting that interpretation though? Given triggers/actions are often shared across models and there are often cases where parts of them can't be used by the model in question it would be very helpful to have something more ironclad to support this interpretation. I would strongly prefer to rely on what the rules actually say rather than just assuming the intentions of Wyrd based on the order in which certain models were released. If there is currently no actual rules support for this interpretation then I think it ought to be errataed, for new players if for no
  13. Thunder Archers have the following action: Blessed Longbow Rg: 12" Stat: 6 Rst: Df This Action ignores Concealment. Target suffers 2/3/4 damage, ignoring Incorporeal. Shadow Pin: Target must have Concealment or be within 3" of a friendly Shadow Marker. When resolving, target suffers +1 damage and gains Staggered. If the Thunder Archer is ignoring Concealment with this action can they still treat the target as having Concealment for the purposes of declaring the trigger? Before English Ivan (who treats Concealment as a , rather than ignoring
  14. Well unfortunately the high powered masters of the faction are Asami, Shenlong, McCabe, Misaki, and Yan Lo (5/8, you picked the three that aren't amazing haha). Malifaux is a game of skill however and you will be able to win against qualitatively stronger crews if you can focus on eking out every VP you can. Fuhatsu is a great Versatile and might be able to win you some games almost alone. Samurai and Tanuki are the all star versatile minions of the faction, and they can fit in any keyword's crew if you really want them to. Extra focus from Tanuki on Huggy is extremely nice and having Fuh
  15. The stealth upgrade will help a bit, but those are some pretty high powered masters. You'll have to outplay them as you probably won't be winning a straightforward brawl.
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