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  1. That is a good point, my bad. That is an excellent obey target (even Deafening Silence means almost nothing to Zoraida as long as she redraws her hand after she discards for the obey). I got it mixed up with the whole siphon power on parasited models problem.
  2. Archivist is a lot less powerful without Siphon Power though, so the obeyed attack is significantly less valuable unless you have a high crow.
  3. How do you give him fast in TT? Edit: I can see one way: give a monk fast with Sensei Yu and then spend an action from Shenlong to transfer it. Seems inefficient, but maybe worth it. Decent combo to get around Sensei Yu's restriction though.
  4. How do you get four shots with Fuhatsu?
  5. For anyone who can't view the video: Cadmus 7VP - Kirai 3VP
  6. Don't worry, Mei and Jacob aren't that bad. The tiers themselves are only organised by faction, so those aren't positioned as the three worst Masters overall in that list. Youko deserves her spot at the bottom though. IIRC Lynch was actually kind of considered S-tier at first release of M3E before the meta was more developed/schemes changed/Yas was nerfed.
  7. Honestly I don't hire Amina into Ironsides very much. 9ss is a lot for some generally meh actions when Ironsides already has Injured Workers Act, especially given how stone hungry Amina is. If you're autoincluding Fitz and Amina then your lists are gonna be pretty samey IMO. Also it feels bad having Amina, Fitz, and Ironsides without Grit abilities to actually benefit from IWA (Injured Workers Act). Langston is a pretty rare hire for me as I don't feel he is worth his 10SS given the restrictions on where he has to sit to actually function as a beater, which stops you from being properly a
  8. Go with Shang late in the turn so that he can use his heal to unbury Misaki immediately if she gets buried by the enemy crew. If you're planning on going with Misaki first you can use her bury as an 8" reposition without that much risk (though you'll get beat on pretty badly by the Scion of the Void if you don't have stones for reduction). If Misaki is buried by an enemy model she can unbury on one of her shadow markers to avoid the horrible repositioning of Glimpse the Void.
  9. Cooper is the name of the alt circus themed Colette. Sandeep is the other extremely good Arcanist master besides Colette/Cooper (and Hoffman, but is he really an Arcanist?). Kaeris is very fun and pretty strong herself, with some solid model overlap with Sandeep and Colette with the Fire Golem/Gamin (and Kandara OOK from Sandeep) and Carlos Vasquez. Kaeris is often run with almost all Versatiles at tournaments though, because most of her in keyword stuff is bad. Given you have Guild models though, I would recommend Hoffman. If you can grab some Steam Arachnid Swarms then they'll r
  10. The Revelation trigger allows a model to activate even if it has already activated this turn.
  11. This is an Arcanist thread. The Hungering Darkness really isn't the part of that keyword that needs a buff.
  12. There's nothing hard stopping Wyrd from having an incorporeal model be undead right? They can just drop some ectoplasm or something.
  13. I think errata is much more necessary when low power models compound to create inefficient crews/keywords, which is what leads to problems in competitive play. It's mostly fine from a game health perspective to leave a lone model below the curve, though it truly sucks for the players who leave it on the shelf, but it becomes an issue when entire crews are left on the shelf because they cannot work together to compete. (I know some people will still choose to take Raspy in tournaments, they just won't win) You may dislike errata, but they're going to happen to put strong models down becaus
  14. More: Flying Piglet Stuffed Piglet Brutal Emissary Hollow Waif Jack Daw Ashigaru Bete Noire Corpse Candle Little Gasser Night Terror Philip and the Nanny Zombie Chihuahua Izamu the Armor
  15. I wouldn't be that surprised to see Silent Ones get a nerf for being a range ~16" healer and being taken OOK frequently. I really wish games were a bit more gung ho about making changes. Some of the best changes to 2e came about when they started buffing the trash models towards the end of the edition. Give my Slateridge Maulers a fez again pls Wyrd.
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