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  1. June I'm happy to announce that we have huge new club to gather in and to store our terrain. Demo matches already started, contact me if interested. ============= Июнь У нас появился огромный клуб, где мы можем спокойно собираться, хранить террейн и т.п. Столов хватит всем. Пишите, чтобы принять участие. P.S. no quarantine, just sanitizing and keeping some distance (like 1 Malifaux table inbetween). ---- карантина нет, используем санитайзеры и держим дистанцию (например 1 стол Малифо между игроками)
  2. I wonder what will happen if Cassandra uses Colette's Sword Trick and uses Twist Ending. Will she ever be able to Unbury? She can't as that is attack action and Cassandra only copies tacticals.
  3. It worked after forced shut down of app. Thanks!
  4. A lot of them. for example back side of Mechanical Dove. Worst of all I cannot reload them, it just appear blank. It seems it only reloads front, but not back.
  5. "Download all" does not download all cards. Upgrades are missing, some model cards too.
  6. 6 pages and noone is offended by magic and witchcraft in Malifaux. No true Christians here?
  7. I've edited my post and attached the screenshot. The controls for owned , painted and favorite are indeed there, but they are not visible on light theme, only on dark one for me.
  8. Thanks for great app! I want to provide some feedback 1. Filter for "owned" is not visible on light theme while hiring a crew. 2. Backend is being hosted in some unreliable place. It is not available in Crimea for example. It's not good for an app to be dependant on questionable political decisions. There are risks that someone will not like public voting result somewhere else and another region will loose access to the cards / login. 3. Having m2e card versions would be also great.
  9. I also wonder if any greek players are offended about how marriage between Ulisses and Penelope ended up in Malifaux?
  10. I wonder if we shall do something about culturally appropriating arabic numbers? Is it appropriate to use them in Malifaux? Also, shall we consider this case as inappropriate in relation of arabs or hindu, as they are were earlier adopters of those numbers?
  11. yep, as you mentioned towards and in a statement which I believe is wrong I wanted to clarify, so others won't be confused by your statement of towards and away behaving similarly.
  12. I agree about away, any direction will satisfy as you move away from object. But for toward you cannot move anywhere, as that will make you go away from object. Picture is added on request of our community and to draw attention to the question.
  13. @Nathan Caroland, I decided not to wait for official translations to hit shelves and started translating cards of my crews, so I can play with my family and locals some of whom are not English speaking. Can I share screenshots of translated cards on this forum to get some feedback?
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