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  1. Yeah I briefly broke the app for all new installs when trying to fix a bug one person was experiencing. nbd
  2. Were you able to start the app and sign in the first time, or was it splash screen hanging from the first time you started it?
  3. If you're having any of these issues, please try following the steps below before creating a post or filing a report. App hangs on splash screen Android: Go to your phone's Settings app. Select Apps & Notifications Select M3E/TOS Select Storage & cache Clear Storage Reopen M3E/TOS app. iOS: Delete the app, either by rearranging on the home screen, or Go to the Settings app Go to General Go to iPhone Storage Go to M3E Tap "Delete app" Reinstall the app from the App Store. Cards appear as black screens Try the following steps and see if each one resolves the issue. Tap the "refresh" icon in the upper right. Restart the app In the Settings screen, select "On-demand" for your download option, then clear your storage as in the "App hangs on splash screen" and restart the app.
  4. Awesome! The community engagement campaign strikes again!
  5. When I start a Nexus Crew or appears in the reference cards, and when I tap the + next to it, Nexus shows as the first option. You can just attach it that way. I suggest this because adding a function to automatically add an upgrade would be a nontrivial code change and Wyrd doesn't generally go for those unless they're big issues.
  6. I'm working on why this is the case, but try clearing your storage for the app and reloading the cards.
  7. Unfortunately storage is where the outdated metadata file is, alongside the image files, so there's no way to clear one without the other. I can however try to reupload the current version of the metadata to cloud storage to maybe trigger a redownload for you. I'll do that now. If that doesn't work, you may have to bite the bullet on the storage :\. Also curious what device/version you're running.
  8. I see the error log from this; could you try clearing your cache/storage for the app and reloading and let me know if it still fails?
  9. dzlier

    M3E App

    Should be fixed on web, and in Android later today.
  10. dzlier

    M3E App

    Can you describe the problem in more detail so I know what to look for?
  11. Hm yeah I see this, I'll take a look.
  12. All right these should be addressed in 1.0.0. Thanks for the reports!
  13. 1.3.11 should have specifically fixed this bug. Are you sure you were on the most recent version when the error was happening? You're on 1.3.11 now and don't see your games?
  14. I may have found one bug related to this. Please try in 1.3.10 when it is available and reply if the issue remains.
  15. dzlier

    M3E App

    I think I found a bug with the loading of some cards, related to the black card preview problem. I'm submitting 1.3.10 now, may take a while to show up.
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