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  1. There seems to be an error for people who have it set to Automatically download all the cards at once. After downloading a few dozen it seems to error out and be unable to download anymore until the app is restarted. I would try switching to On Demand downloading for now while I figure that out. Then at least it will download the cards as you open them and not error out entirely.
  2. How is your internet connection? I've finally added a timeout on downloading new data when the app first opens, but it should default to the most recent downloaded version, or if there is none, then the version that's built into the app's assets. Don't know about the card viewing issue though, that should be unchanged.
  3. Everyone with any amount of OCD: "thanks @thatlatinspeakingguy, now I'll never unsee it." +@Kyle
  4. The dark theme text and button colors have always been monochrome, but it uses whatever the first listed faction is as the color.
  5. It was always a color transition from one faction color to the other.
  6. This will be fixed in 1.2.1
  7. You would have to authenticate the user with the Firebase app so that their login info is the same, and then you'd be able to query the /lobbies Firestore collection for games which they are in (as well as see their local games as their local data is backed up), and subscribe to changes in individual game documents.
  8. I need to add a timeout to the request to check for updated model data and stuff. Right now if it's a poor connection it will just hang for as long as it takes to try to download updated metadata. That doesn't seem related, I've never seen Arik cause the app to hang on the opening screen at all. The only place that appears to cause problems is in the Games page for whatever reason. So far I've been unable to replicate that bug myself to debug it. You would go into Settings -> Apps -> See all -> M3E -> Storage & cache. There should be buttons there to clear stora
  9. Has it ever worked before or are you a new user? Do you fully delete the cache/storage before you uninstall the app? Have you tried signing in at https://malifauxcrewbuilder.com and seeing if you have user data there? If you have signed in, let me know your email address so I can see if your user data is corrupted.
  10. They don't have Ancestor so they shouldn't show up. The '&' limits to cards that have both text on them.
  11. I would need more detailed steps to reproduce to tell you exactly what happened. Like what buttons you pushed, what screen you were on specifically when you closed the browser, what the game was at when you came back, etc.
  12. Please let me know here or via DM what email address you use to login so I can take a look at the data. It's probably Arik's fault, it usually is.
  13. Not yet but I'll bring it up to him in our chat.
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