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  1. Yeah I mention that he's small (Sz 1 / 30mm) to mean that keeping him hidden from threats is part of his defense. He's not meant to be a beater or anything, and yes a true "min 4" would be able to do multiple Min 4 attacks in a turn which he can't do, but he can do 6 with a Min 3 + Min 2 + Burning ping at end of turn which means he could feasibly kill a 6 SS model if necessary. But yes like lots of stuff in NB you have to hold him back and then strike at the right time. And again, he's not for every list. But I do find a place for him when Scheme Denial is going to be critical, and it has
  2. My question is, in a world where people are acutely aware that there are dopplegangers and other things that look like humans but aren't, why isn't everyone hella suspicious of a guy that always wears a mask?
  3. That's assuming you aren't using him for anything else, which you should be... With fast that gives him up to 15" a turn, more than enough to get anywhere on the board by Turn 3. Also, with Misery you're getting min 4 out of his melee attack if they take the Burning damage. He's small and has multiple defensive tech things giving him some survivability as well. And if the opponent drops 2 scheme-marker schemes from their available pool because of one model of mine, I consider that a win as well. Not saying he works into every pool, but I definitely took him in GG0 if there was
  4. Surprised no mention of Iggy. I almost always get my money's worth out of Scheme Marker removal from him when the pool is right.
  5. My first crew boxes in 2E were Sonnia, Lilith, Viktorias, Leveticus, and McMourning. Now I've focused into Guild and Neverborn.
  6. Yeah at least the alt had both her feet on the ground.
  7. Actually scratch that, I don't think that's true, it's probably the search function code that's out of date. When I first created the web browser the framework was still highly experimental and many parts had to be rewritten to work in browser. Since then the framework is much more stable and more of the code can be reused, so it's really just things that don't make sense on web (like saving local version of the cards) that needs to be different. A side project I've had going for a while is branching the web code in-place from the mobile app code instead of having them
  8. The browser version needs to be manually updated with the model config file instead of doing it automatically when I update the file, so I just have to do that occasionally. I will try to do that this week.
  9. It's difficult to tell the exact problem because the app code is obfuscated when it's converted into javascript. Clearing cache is really the only way I've found that fixes it.
  10. Yeah I'll still look into it but that's a workaround for now.
  11. If you straight up don't have internet it shouldn't hang, it previously only hung if you had a weak connection. I'll double check and see about adding a skip update option.
  12. There used to be an option to reset password if you entered a wrong one, but now it won't show up. What's the email address?
  13. Hm, my update was overwritten. Updating the metadata again now.
  14. There was an ongoing issue where people were unable to delete crews when using both web and mobile (or they would come back after being deleted). I finally resolved that issue, but sorry you lost some crews in the process. That hopefully shouldn't happen anymore, but if you want to keep different data on phone and web, you might just want to sign out of one of them, or use two accounts.
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