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  1. Why would you want to when the model could just take that action itself (the action being a "general action" and all).
  2. As @Franchute said, this can come up with Run And Gun. There's even a Guild upgrade that adds all the ingredients to bring up this problem - No Prisoners. I've run into it several times cause I love putting it on Witchling Thralls for multi-shockwave horribleness. As for the answer, last I read, you can use a bonus action as the action generated by a charge, but it still counts against the one bonus action you have per turn, because that is a separate restriction from the 2 (3) action limit. So there'd be no point in doing that as you could just take the bonus action after.
  3. Thanks for all these ideas! Going to work them into my Neph game
  4. I don't think I've seen hounds in a single battle report. Might say something that nobody even bothers taking one because they look so terrible... Df 4, Health 3 with absolutely no defensive tech is just... so bad. I'd pay 1 stone for it, maybe. It would be cool if Pack Mentality could also help with defense (i.e. it wasn't limited to only duels on that model's turn). Then it'd become: keep all the hounds together so they can survive more than 1 hit, then swarm them all on an enemy at once. That would be kind of cool. And it would be a reason to invest 9 stones in a pack of 3 of them.
  5. I have been downloading the full zipped folder since they started providing it. However I have noticed that some of the cards have it in the most recent update, and some do not. I haven't looked extensively to see how it breaks down. Just checked the 3 leaders I have bookmarked (Titania, Nekima, Zoraida), and they all have it (they are missing a space after action restrictions). However when I was browsing around earlier I saw one that did not. Now of course I can't remember which one. It might be that just that one card was different for all I know now. I did notice that the formatting on the hotfix files was all over the place, so I had to fix all that by hand in order to get that to be consistent.
  6. Hmm, weird. I'm opening with Adobe and just hitting select all, copy, paste. I experimented with libraries that extract text from PDFs programmatically but in c# they were all dick so I still just do that myself.
  7. dzlier

    22.03 Update

    This has been my suspicion since the CB with all the summoners attaching a [keyword] upgrade rather than a named one. Even if it doesn't pan out I think it's a solid (and intentional) design choice to leave that door open.
  8. Hey heads up, in the final files today, the requirement text on cards went back to missing a space after the period, so you can use a regex to find them in order to put them in italics.
  9. App is updated with today's cards, though several cards in the PDF files seem not to have been updated in sync with the changelog, so I would expect a patch in the next few days.
  10. Argh, it's so close! The change to use Sz is great, and potentially growing in the middle of the turn is great! But... ...now if you don't pick up any corpse markers, you have to kill 2 more expensive models in order to grow, as it has been wrapped up with the picking-up-a-corpse-marker clause. Shoot. Not a deal breaker by any means and I think Grow has come a long way, but I just noticed that and it felt a little off.
  11. Yaas! Thanks devs!
  12. 3.22 Update files Grave Spirit's Touch: Ten Thunders model "High River Monk" is missing the Ten Thunders faction on its card.
  13. dzlier

    22.03 Update

    How is Hard To Would going to help Peacekeeper? He already takes 1 damage from the majority of attacks. Now he still will. You know what would have been really nice? Combat Finesse. I wish I had suggested this sooner. He'd still be easier to hit than normal with his low stats, but it'd add a wrinkle to it that would meaningfully stack with armor. Damn.
  14. Fixed. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!
  15. No you're not... I'll look into it now. I haven't updated the app in like 2 weeks so that means it hasn't been working since the last update...
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