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  1. There are some good Thingiverse collections if you have access to a 3D printer or laser cutter. https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/m3e/things
  2. Only double-master game I tried, but it was exactly this and it worked pretty well, though I think that game may be what drove my friend to quit the beta
  3. Regarding the Teddy discount, if you add a Baby Kade to your crew, there is a special hiring section at the bottom with the name of the ability "I Got My Teddy." You can hire Teddy at reduced cost there.
  4. Just noticed that the Open Beta forum was deleted, so here is a link to the Crew Builder I provided during the closed/open beta. Enjoy. https://m3e-crew-builder.herokuapp.com I haven't added any features to this experience recently, but don't you worry, I'm working on some exciting things to be released soon
  5. Thanks for all these ideas! Going to work them into my Neph game
  6. I don't think I've seen hounds in a single battle report. Might say something that nobody even bothers taking one because they look so terrible... Df 4, Health 3 with absolutely no defensive tech is just... so bad. I'd pay 1 stone for it, maybe. It would be cool if Pack Mentality could also help with defense (i.e. it wasn't limited to only duels on that model's turn). Then it'd become: keep all the hounds together so they can survive more than 1 hit, then swarm them all on an enemy at once. That would be kind of cool. And it would be a reason to invest 9 stones in a pack of 3 of them.
  7. dzlier

    22.03 Update

    This has been my suspicion since the CB with all the summoners attaching a [keyword] upgrade rather than a named one. Even if it doesn't pan out I think it's a solid (and intentional) design choice to leave that door open.
  8. Argh, it's so close! The change to use Sz is great, and potentially growing in the middle of the turn is great! But... ...now if you don't pick up any corpse markers, you have to kill 2 more expensive models in order to grow, as it has been wrapped up with the picking-up-a-corpse-marker clause. Shoot. Not a deal breaker by any means and I think Grow has come a long way, but I just noticed that and it felt a little off.
  9. dzlier

    22.03 Update

    How is Hard To Would going to help Peacekeeper? He already takes 1 damage from the majority of attacks. Now he still will. You know what would have been really nice? Combat Finesse. I wish I had suggested this sooner. He'd still be easier to hit than normal with his low stats, but it'd add a wrinkle to it that would meaningfully stack with armor. Damn.
  10. dzlier


    The other hybrid summoner I can think off, Sonnia's Scorch The Soul.
  11. I'm on board with returning Grow to be automatic when you kill something, it would seem to solve this issue. And then keep the part where it can happen during your turn. In this way, if you kill something that drops a corpse marker, you have a chance to heal up after by eating the corpse, but if it drops a different marker, you still Grow, you just don't get the heal (but you still have the opportunity to get the model to safety if you have an Action left). Seems like a nice tradeoff.
  12. technicallycorrect.jpg But seriously, that is even worse. Also kind of makes Blood Hunter irrelevant, having a cheap model that can drop corpses with no penalty, when BH has to hurt himself to do it.
  13. I really like the change that it can happen when you get the Grow counter, I think that's a great change. The 3 SS cost bit is the problematic part.
  14. I like that. You could also use an attribute to differentiate things. Young, Lelu, Lilitu (and ideally BBS again) can have the "Growing" or "Adolescent" attribute. Mature can have the "Grown" or "Matured" attribute. This feels like a case where they wanted it all to be one ability so that they could give to both Tots and the medium ones, but I didn't see anyone having a problem with Tots having a different ability than the others.
  15. My wife always fields Angel Eyes, it's her favorite model for some reason. Even in M2E when she played other factions, Angel Eyes was always there. She used her in the last game we played, but sadly we only got to turn 3 before I had to pack up (was going to be using the same crew in a game the next day against the other guy I play with) so I didn't do a full report. But in Turn 3 she didn't really do all that much. I think she shot Sonnia and either Sam or Grimwell. Successfully hit if I remember right, but it wasn't that impactful.
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