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  1. There are a couple tricky considerations there that are difficult to explain, but yes when I have time I am working on resolving that issue as best I can.
  2. Do you have the latest version of Firefox? I just downloaded the most recent version and tried it and it worked.
  3. Haven't been able to replicate yet. I've tried moving between turns, changing scores, activating models and resetting, leaving and re-entering the game. So something specific to the game/crew is causing them to reset. I did just see someone else report on this too on AWP though, so it's not just you (unless that was also you). I will continue trying to replicate.
  4. I'll try to reproduce to see what happens. As much info as you can give me about the crews and games would be good too.
  5. Yeah, though Carver could get 4 s for Critical Strike: 1 built in, flip 1 for a card, stone for 1, and Pandora gives him one.
  6. The only time I've grown a Tot was one I spawned from a Desolation Engine. I think the reason for that is that it eats the Corpse Marker from the killed model right away on it's first turn, when it's Slow anyway so won't be doing much else.
  7. 3/4/6 damage, Range 2", Stat 6, with triggers to gain Focused or pulse out (up to 4" away) high Mv duels for Slow, and a bonus action to move 3" is lacking? Part of his appeal is also how difficult he is to put down, healing 2 or 3 when he Activates, HtW, unmoveable, Demise (Eternal) and potentially giving Stunned when opponents Activate. I've yet to be disappointed with him.
  8. Was going to mention Coppelius. Something about Ride/Fly with Me is that it doesn't necessarily come on the scheme runner itself but it can enable other generically fast models to get a head start on scheming. If you hitch a high Mv model along in turn 1 before they activate, they're 6ish inches further up the board before they start their objective run. And I agree that Wicked Dolls, though I haven't fielded them yet, are probably the best cheap scheme runner because of Creep Along (can similarly get a head start by moving towards a friendly model that already activated) and Stealth, which means the opponent actually needs to go kill them, they can't just pop them at range. But the thing I agree with the most is that Tots are useless now. They really ought to have Leap or at least Ambush or even Creep Along to regain their place as the Nephilim schemer. Bump their cost if you have to, but they are utterly useless and I would never hire one now, where I would hire 1 or even 2 in 2E. Maybe they were weakened to account for Grow being an always-available tactic now, but honestly as much as I love Grow in 3E, who's having much success growing Tots into anything? They die to nothing, they don't have Flight like the rest of the crew, and their Stat 4, 1/2/4 attack is worthless.
  9. Hard disagree on Wisps and Juju. The former are the primary way you get conditions on the Voodoo Doll target, and the latter is a great beater, especially when Obeying him for extra attacks. Haven't gotten Grootslang on the table yet though so I can't say for that one.
  10. Looks like we'll be talking about the Nephilim keyword. Starting today with Nekima, we'll talk about one keyword model per day. Head to the group to join in on the discussion. DZ
  11. For the last few weeks I've been leading daily discussions of keyword models on the Facebook group (idea stolen from Stephen Bynum in the TT group). We've done Savage and Fae, now we're voting for what keyword to do next. If you want to vote, head over to the group and do so. Hope to get more lively discussions, as I've already learned so much! https://www.facebook.com/groups/856378754417272/?ref=share
  12. Yeah fair, I do tend to use both of those upgrades even without Molemen. I will say that it's potentially only 1/2 of a Master AP though since you're likely trying to hit the Quick Reflexes trigger.
  13. And it's 5 models, not 6. I'm not sure where that math came from...
  14. Got mine with the rest of my Marcus supplements and they are the only ones I haven't even bothered to assemble. And I assemble *everything* like the week I get it. I guess maybe if you put the Stealth Mutation upgrade on them they could be OK at scheming? As long as the enemy leaves them alone...
  15. Do you end up losing out on Bounty tokens that way if you get too many on Titania before you've scored any VP?
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