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  1. This never made sense to me in BTH either, so trust me it was at the top of my list when designing the project :).
  2. I have no idea. How else will they be packages? They're trying to reduce SKUs, and I assume instances like this would be perfect for allowing/encouraging people to Branch out.
  3. Probably bundled with bultungin.
  4. You could grow a model on turn 1 if you have Nekima Hurl Corpse at your own unit, cause she can have a nearby model eat it as a trigger.
  5. I got some Fenris Wolves to proxy for them until I can finally get my hands on some. Been looking for several months.
  6. Should be back up in a 10-20 minutes.
  7. Not sure what's going on. I'll look into it.
  8. I'm not sure here, I have a Pixel 2 and it works on Chrome there. Might be something related to browser javascipt settings?
  9. Cost changes are slightly easier because the config file at least is in cloud storage, though I still didn't break it down as nicely so it involves a lot of annoying duplication (every leader's hiring pool is pre-computed so it doesn't have to do it on the front end). But it doesn't require a redeployment at least. Cards themselves that are out of date do, though.
  10. Thanks for pointing this out. Unfortunately making small fixes in the web tool is time consuming (which is why I changed the architecture in my next project to make small changes as easy as a cloud file upgrade), and since I'm trying to focus on getting the next thing out, I probably won't be making fixes to the web tool very frequently. I'll try to keep a list and do a bulk update when I can though.
  11. Update: I had to roll it back briefly while I remove some stuff that shouldn't be there, but I promise it'll be back up in a few hours.
  12. Hey all! I wanted to announce that I've (finally) updated the Crew Builder tool https://m3e-crew-builder.herokuapp.com to provide the final released versions of the cards when you download/print a crew. Sorry for the delay, but I've been quite busy with my super-secret M3E project, which is coming along great Note some of the card preview text might be a touch out-of-date, but the PDF's themselves should be the fantastic final art! Check it out, and happy playing
  13. I have no affiliation with CrewFaux, but I am working on something very exciting for M3E. Unfortunately it wasn't quite ready at launch, but it's coming very soon!
  14. There are some good Thingiverse collections if you have access to a 3D printer or laser cutter. https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/m3e/things
  15. Only double-master game I tried, but it was exactly this and it worked pretty well, though I think that game may be what drove my friend to quit the beta
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