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  1. Hey if another company wants to send me a bunch of stuff to try out their game, I can give them a quote
  2. That was my mistake, my intention was to reduce the hosting for the old crew builder to the free tier (which spins up servers on demand instead of keeping them always up), but I accidentally turned it off instead. Should be up again now, until a web version of the app is available. At that point I'll probably take it down for good.
  3. Also my mistake, I thought I had downgraded it to ad-hoc hosting, but had disabled it instead. I just corrected it so it should behave as described above.
  4. Which app do you mean? The m3e-crew-builder.herokuapp.com? If so it's still available, but I downgraded the hosting. So if no one has hit the page in a while, it might take a minute to start up. Once it does it should still work though. Other web-based options should be forthcoming.
  5. I'll look into the names there. But in the meantime, they should be listed in the same order they are in their crew.
  6. Do you mean upgrades? Cause there's nowhere that lists the models when adding a condition. I can look at the name displayed when adding upgrades though.
  7. It's possible I accidentally fixed this in 1.0.6 which is in flight. Try it again when that goes out.
  8. I'm not able to reproduce this - Teddy goes away after I add the first one.
  9. It seems like there is some weird conflict with your phone settings in particular in some way, as I haven't had any other reports of data being lost. Do you have any other device you could sign in to like a tablet or anything, and see if your data is shared across apps? Also what's your display name? I can look at data on the cloud side if I can narrow it down.
  10. This link works for me. Did you clear your app cache and everything and click on it after? An uninstall/reinstall might be required to speed up testing the new config change, or else the app's remote config values expire after an hour I think.
  11. I'm trying to clarify what you mean when you say "the same result." That means loading the webpage instead of the app? I have 2 theories: 1. There are some phone settings that disable opening custom links in apps. I'll look into this more. 2. I checked some dynamic link config I had for the app and it was missing one thing for iPhone, which I added earlier today and looks like it's taken effect now. I'm not sure why that would be affecting some users and not others, or how it effects links generated before I made the change, but it might make a difference for links generated from now on. Please try clearing any cache associated with the app via your phone settings and generating a new link (might need to do a different crew as well just to be safe). I would share a link generated from my Android, but I'm testing out a... special feature involving these links which I can't reveal quite yet.
  12. For clarification, can you please state the behavior in each of these cases: 1. Someone else creates a link on iOS (e.g. Kyle's link above) and you click on it. 2. Someone else creates a link on Android and you click on it. 3. You create a link in iOS and try to open it yourself. 4. You create a link in iOS and share it here (so I can click on it to verify it's opening for me).
  13. I think I see what happened, your search preferences got saved locally as explicitly null when they ought to be created anew if that happens. I would take these steps, stopping if any of them work.: 1. Log out of the app, fully close (dismiss, force close, etc). Restart it, log back in. 2. Clear local app data (Android: Settings -> Apps & notifications -> M3E -> Storage & cache -> Clear storage / Clear cache). Restart app. 3. Uninstall & Reinstall. One of those should work. On my end I'll see if I can add a check protecting against this.
  14. For cards that appear as a black screen, after refresh doesn't work, I would try reloading the app (fully closing and starting again). That has worked for me in the past. If that doesn't work, please let me know.
  15. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app? Also what is your display name?
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