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  1. dzlier

    2/14 Pandora

    Models can't target themselves with attack actions.
  2. Yeah. There's nothing that converts SS to actions that I know of. But I was curious if there was something I didn't know of, which is totally possible. Ultimately one action isn't a big deal, but yeah. I was curious.
  3. Agreed. Stunned says Once you are no longer stunned, then the bonus action no longer counts against your Action limit.
  4. There are a pretty large number of edge cases like that that make it difficult and time consuming to do manually when the rules are changing on a weekly basis. However, the reference card function should make this relatively simple, as you can search for "raptor" and add the reference card to the crew that way.
  5. Very curious how you did this as well. Sounds like a fun game though, glad you're enjoying it so far
  6. Hey, thanks a ton for your support! I tend to get pretty invested in projects... definitely spent way more time on the app than I have on playing lol. But since I don't get as many games in as I'd like, it's my way of contributing to the community more With the support people have given I upgraded to a paid-tier dyno on heroku, which gives some nice metrics and other features, so that's pretty cool.
  7. As a surprise "I don't have to work today" bonus, I went ahead and threw together a way to add reference cards to your crews. When editing a crew, you can type a query into the "Add Reference Card" field at the bottom. It will match against card title as well as content, so for example you can search for "Fighting Style" to add all of Shenlong's upgrades as references, and they'll be added to the download file. Enjoy!
  8. dzlier

    New Hoffman.

    Actually yeah, Leap is kind of exactly what his Advanced Harness gave him, why not just give him that? Plus competition for bonus action is always good on Masters in my opinion.
  9. Agreed, which is why it's good we had some tricks to get our own scheme markers. Blood Hunter is a brilliant totem for this reason. Having that and Dismember was probably plenty (though I haven't gotten to play them as much as I'd like). They just halved our ability to get them out, presumably to fix that Focus issue for BBS, but come on. You're harming one of your own models, and probably cheating in a card, to do it.
  10. Thanks for keeping your eyes open for bugs :). Trained Ninja is restricted to Living only, which the Effigy is not - that's why it doesn't show up. reference cards should be coming soon, there are just some considerations I'm still working out, like how to include them in the UI and link URLs.
  11. Hi all, some very exciting updates to the app are now available! Crew Card Download Starting now, you can click the "download" button at the bottom of a crew to download just the PDF pages for that crew! No more scrubbing the PDF to print just the pages you want, the crew is just a button-click away. Bookmark Cards Now in the Card Search page, you can bookmark cards that you find yourself going back to again and again, but don't have in any specific crew. When you bookmark a card, you can find it in the left drawer at any time by clicking on the hamburger icon in the upper left corner. From there, you can click on a card as normal to pull up the details about it. Coming soon... I'm going to introduce the concept of "reference cards" into crews, so that you can add cards to a saved crew without them coming from the cost. For example, if you want to add a reference card to all the potential summons, or for Equipment Upgrades, etc. As always, let me know if you encounter problems. Best, DZ
  12. If those can't be enemy only because it's on several beneficial attacks, them we Nephilim should get Dismember on friendly models back. That seems really unfair.
  13. I have been looking for Rougarous for weeks! They have been sold out everywhere I look
  14. Rulebook page 26, "Step 3: Targeting" section. I guess "protected" says it ignores "targeting restrictions". We might want a ruling on that.
  15. Huh that's really strange. I would say clear your cache but if you've tried multiple devices... Did you try signing out and back in again?
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