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  1. Oh cool after I posted that I was second guessing myself! Lol
  2. I think it's supposed to be a costume, where her body is all underneath there and the dress is suspended up above her around a cage. I did this as a headless horseman when I was a kid. Carried a Jack-O-Lantern to all my classes and everything.
  3. It's true that differences in how people use the app would render much of the data about win rates unreliable. But you could get a sense for things like how many lists people tend to have, etc. And the data contains no personal identifying information, it's literally just Malifaux stuff, and there's an option that is off by default to check that you are OK with Wyrd using your usage data, so there shouldn't be legal issues with that at least.
  4. I may have found a better way to handle this, I'm going to try including it in update 1.1.17.
  5. I love this and am going to aspire to do this every game now. Despite playing Z a lot in 2E I don't think I've got my head around her in 3E yet.
  6. It's likely an issue of being on two devices. When one device reads updates from the cloud and finds that it has a local crew/setup that isn't there, it assumes that it's been created locally and keeps it. Unfortunately this means when you delete something on one device and then load up the other, it can re-create previously deleted entities. Try signing out of one device, deleting all the things on the other device, and then re-signing in on the first device, and let me know if that works.
  7. Thanks, I tried to standardize a lot of the typefacing both across the app and consistent with font styles in other apps. There's some functionality changes too, and also a lot of structural stuff laying the groundwork for shared features between M3E and TOS, but the visual stuff hopefully makes it look just a bit more professional.
  8. @Kyle might be able to address this. I just put up the cards they give me, I don't curate them at all.
  9. Do you use the app on multiple devices? What device(s) do you use, and what version do you have?
  10. I remember having a conversation about increasing the cap with Kyle at some point, but I can't remember if it was to increase it to 60 or beyond it. I thought I had thrown it in an update at some point but I guess not. I'll bring it up again. For having larger bases, it should be easier than before now to keep a large base crew and pare it down, because in the crew builder there is now a + button to add a reference card directly to the crew, instead of having to do it in the game. It's basically a sideboard like described here. The attacker/defender icon thing has been a weird persis
  11. The app uses app-specific permissions, and doesn't grant the app access to any data for your other apps or accounts. You can either authenticate with Google if you have an account you'd like to use (it only gives the app access to your email address to log you in. If you don't want to use your google account, you can register with your email address and a password of your choosing. Again, it doesn't use this for anything other than to store your crews and app preferences to the cloud, so that if you log in with another device or uninstall/reinstall, it'll retain all your stuff. Fo
  12. Do you use the mobile app at all? It's likely something corrupted in your saved data that causes an error when loading up all your personalized stuff. Usually it's Arik Shottemer's fault but not always. I'll see about maybe just fixing that issue at the source.
  13. Can you please put your version number here, shown on the Settings page.
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