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  1. Hayreddin sets up his Life From Blood aura. The team wears down an enemy Desolation Engine to 1 HP. Lilitu lures Deso within 1" of her Lelu, uses Sadistic Glee on Lelu. That's how I turned a Desolation Engine into a Terror Tot.
  2. OK thanks for clarifying. Regardless of what happens, hope you're all staying safe.
  3. Does this affect all of Wyrd's production or just orders placed on Wargame Vault?
  4. Oh I see you're right, I did redo that search form a little bit. Sorry if you preferred it the other way - just trying to keep the UI clean and honor the principle behind "minimizing" as much as possible when the user minimizes the form.
  5. Well you could search for "ignores armor" and then do the sort by cost. The issue is that implementing that would mean implementing a whole new search UX with filters for all the different stats. Because you know if I add search by cost, people will want every other stat as well. I'm confused, I can minimize it in both the card search and hire tab. Do you not have the drop-down arrow?
  6. Yeah that's a really interesting trade off. Especially if you Grow them, because until they get to go, they'll have a lower wound count and be somewhat vulnerable.
  7. You can sort the cards by cost and then scroll down to the 6 values.
  8. It was requested as a way to clean up crews from your main list to keep it organized without permanently deleting it. I.e., this was my Masters round 1 list that I'm not going to use again, but I want to be able to look back at it if necessary.
  9. Hopefully the buff round will tap them.
  10. I was thinking this. Using a football analogy, some teams (e.g. with lots of Flight) are going to have good passing game (throwing the token to other models) while others are going to have better running game. I just wonder how much the difference is going to be, since a model running the token can take 2 moves, but you can only throw the balltoken 6 inches.
  11. I did well with Nekima against Parker, but the board was like a crowded city and aside from almost killing a Young on turn 1, I got in his face with Nekima and a Mature before he had time to shoot them down.
  12. Not that I found. I guess it makes sense because I only wanted like 1/4 of them, I imagine most people don't need them all.
  13. dzlier

    Fae T-Rex

    Don't forget Grootslang. Model is goddamn enormous.
  14. dzlier

    Fae T-Rex

    Maybe it's a baby.
  15. Just tried to recreate and didn't see this error, so this may have been resolved in 1.1.2. Please try again after the most recent update.
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