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  1. Wow! Amazing entries this year! We would like to take a moment to thank each of you who participated in the 2020 Rotten Harvest, whether by submitting entries or taking the time to vote and comment upon them. Thank you! It was a pleasure to look at all of the interesting entries. Due to the 10 post requirement for voting, we had Kimberly manually verify the votes and alter the poll tallies to match. If any participant has a question about their final totals, feel free to message her. Once again, congratulations to our winners below, and as an additional surprise/thank you, all partic
  2. Which of these undead entries should reign supreme?
  3. Which creeping monster fills you with terror and delight?
  4. Which kit-bashed entry do you think deserves to win?
  5. Waldo

    Horror 20

    3D printed, scaled to 28mm. Scuplt made by Epic n Stuff
  6. Waldo

    Alive 13

    The recipe for this miniature is Bandido - Wyrd Miniatures Flesh Hooks from the Tyranid Warrior box - Citadel Miniatures
  7. Waldo

    Horror 1

    Modified Amelia Bathory (Alternate Nicodem).
  8. Waldo

    BG 1

    I wasn't sure if the optional sculpted head was legal or not, but I have included it in case.
  9. Waldo

    Alive 1

    Components: Malifaux Gator, Malifaux Gremlin (Somer Box), Malifaux Wrastler (Wrastler Box). ABS Plastic tube, Clear plastic tube, Green Stuff, Balsa Wood, Clear casting resin.
  10. Waldo

    Horror 3

    Reaper Minatures-Necropolis Standard Bearer
  11. Waldo

    Horror 4

    Reaper Bones IV model with custom high ground.
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