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  1. Had a question about activation timing regarding Brutal Emissary, hoping to get some clarification. When a model activates, per C1, you resolve effects that happen at the start of a model's Activation. With how simultaneous effects are resolved, the Active player is going to resolve all effects as needed on their model, until all effects on all of their models have been resolved, and then the non-Active player does the same. So my question is, if I have brutal Emissary use Into the Cage on someone and bury them, then activate A Cage for All before ending his turn. The buried model then Activates. They will of course have their TN 13 WP duel to unbury, but if successful, will they also have a TN 13 Mv duel vs Slow? I am not certain when things would get triggered or check to resolve. Would appreciate any help clearing this up.
  2. Apologies if this isn't the correct area of the forum to ask, wasn't sure where it should go. Do we have any information on when the new cards will be available for order? I know they are available on the app, but I prefer having physical cards to keep track of statuses. Related, do we know when the cards will be digitally available from Wargame Vault?
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