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  1. All the Resser masters have game, so go with the rule of cool and pick the ones that appeal to you. Currently for me that's Molly, Yan Lo and Jack Daw
  2. I love the idea of the lampads getting a bury mechanic using pyre markers. Replace hovering flames with some that pulses out burning before they are buried?
  3. Good Swiss army knife to do some spot healing, condition removal, ruthless, removal of corpse markers if need be on my side of the table. Also could late game arrive on the other side by unburying via a corpse. Other thought would be a student of steel if I suspected armor spam
  4. I was actually thinking of taking this list into this set up. It has the ability to threaten vendetta, research, and spread them out. Valley Girl can be an amazing delivery system to murder a model and then have an undergraduate by your side in to pick up the strategy marker. What is the collective opinion of the graveyard here? Field Trip (Resurrectionist) Size: 50 - Pool: 5 Leader: Prof. Von Schtook Totem(s): Research Assistant Hires: The Valedictorian Grave Spirit's Touch Anna Lovelace Undergraduate Undergraduate 2 Necropunk Bone Pile
  5. I have a few games experience with Daw on the resser side of things but the playstyle is fairly similar. Your turn one with daw should be using guity to get your hanged and daw into position for turn two with the toss the noose on your heels trigger. Then hanged and daw should also try to get ugrades out turn one in an ideal world. Once that happens you sick daw on anyone who isn't ruthless that you stuck stagger upgrade on. You at minimum force three discards not mentioning the possible execute triggers along the way. If things go badly you can use the bonus and on your heels trigger to get
  6. So I have a tournament I am going to this weekend and the first round is public enemies, think a Jack list would be good into it? Jack Daw (Resurrectionist) Size: 50 - Pool: 7 Leader: Jack Daw The Whisper Totem(s): Lady Ligeia Hires: Hanged 2 Grave Spirit's Touch Montresor Guilty Guilty 2 Dead Outlaw Dead Outlaw 2 This is what I was thinking as sabotage, spread them out, and runic binding are in the scheme pool
  7. Appreciated! Jack is one of my favorite masters now and I want to be sure I am playing everything correctly. I think the hanged will be tossing a noose onto a guilty for a slingshot up the board now!
  8. One quick question I have on Jack and the torment ability, if Lady Ligea hits a guilty with an attached upgrade and they discard it does she get to draw a card at the end of her activation? With the FAQ I am inclined to say no but want to be sure.
  9. Just as what's on the tin, what are people's thoughts on revenant keyword and when would people be willing to take her and what kinds of lists? I appreciate any and all ideas about her as I am very tempted to try her out.
  10. Has anyone thought about the new Grave Golem with Kirai as a possible summoning battery and back up beater?
  11. I see him as being potentially useful with Reva as well. She can blood mark him for some interesting shenanigans and is guaranteed to have a corpse around and murder things too. I have not had a chance to test this myself though. Good in theoryfaux
  12. Greetings good people! I am thinking of getting Reva here and some additional purchases and wondered if this seemed like a viable list, regardless of schemes and strats. I know the edition change is looming but I think most will still fit afterward. I think manos has some potential with Reva. Declared Faction: Resurrectionists Crew Name: Resurrectionists 50ss Leader: Reva - Cache:(4) Blood Mark 1ss Riders in the Sky 1ss Beyond Death 1ss Manos The Risen 9ss Necrotic Preparation 1ss Decaying Aura 2ss Lampad 7ss My Little Helper 1ss Ca
  13. I wonder where Hayreddin is going to end up keyword wise, along with the gravediggers, and grave golem.
  14. If you are comfortable with Zoraida I would drop her in that third scheme pool. She can get the wagon across the board in a hurry and can get any of the 4 non paired schemes without trouble by obeying her own models. She is tricky to use but her options are many
  15. Where is the errata at? I can't seem to locate it.
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