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  1. Any initial thoughts of lists or what strats and schemes Jacked wants to play in?
  2. How have you used them and to what levels of success?
  3. So first takes with Jacked Daw (that's his title don't @ me) is that he can force an opponent to bubble against their will and putting a huge amount of pressure on their hand. Having on your heels still let's you use guilty has teleport pads and you get to draw a card for your troubles. When he gets an enemy on a model in a bubble he's made then he can make that models activation pretty bad to avoid pinging the crew to death. Also I think crooked men will be a nice include as they synergize well with Jacked's new upgrade.
  4. Personally I think it's incredibly thematic. You're alone in the dark with one of the most evil beings Malifaux has to offer. Your extra gimmicks aren't gonna save you. Also there are plenty of abilities that just specify a range versus an aura. We are legion comes to mind.
  5. I would agree except it says, when this model suffers damage it may remove specified marker within aura 2. It is benefiting from it's own aura, and alone in the dark says ignore ALL enemy auras which includes their own. That's my hang up with it.
  6. So what if Ivan or Rasputina are within the aura? They are technically benefiting from their own aura correct? As they would have to ignore their own aura from the trigger and if they ignore that then they can't determine if there is a marker in range. I understand I might be reaching but just want to be sure I got this correct before playing with it.
  7. So the alone in the dark trigger, someone earlier mentioned it shuts down scamper. Does it also shut down things like Dark Deception on Ivan and Ice Mirror and Ice Shield on Rasputina? Guess I am unsure of what kinds of auras he shuts down.
  8. Care to share your list? I am looking to try and focus more on Yan Lo here as the title for him is so cool.
  9. Yan Lo gets +1 to his duel totals for each ascendant upgrade he has to a max of+3. Plastic surgery onto him Sebastian's attack. Turn 3 Yan Lo is effectively stat 10 with crows, crit strike, incorporeal, diving charge and dealer's choice for 3rd upgrade.
  10. It says if the marker is removed this model is killed and doesn't drop a corpse marker. So you still get the benefit of RRR because it isn't doing it instead like CC states.
  11. Care to walk me through how you accomplish getting 33 into the opponent?
  12. Anyone play some games with Timeless and 33 here? Any general ideas for directions of list building? One thing I realized you could do is use Karina to Time Warp turn 1 and 33 after that to perpetually fish out the black joker and another useful card, a crow of some sort for more pass tokens, for the rest of the game. You can pitch the joker safely at the start of every turn to keep drawing up your full hand size.
  13. Yan Lo is a very deceptively fragile model. Usually first turn he will activate early and throw out shielded on his crew and get some free movement. I will usually attach his spirit ascendant upgrade to make him incorporeal. Also ashigaru and komainu have take the hit which makes killing Yan Lo early very troublesome. Just my humble musings on the few games I've played with him.
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