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  1. Paid - Matt Lewin im looking forward to it
  2. Hello Dave Just noticed there is a 3 colour minimum in the rules pack is this enforced? Was hoping to try a diffrent master out who has not been blessed by paint yet 😂 I coming either way it just changes how i pack my case
  3. Another fantastic idea! Worth 2 Ap to denie a VP for the strat in my book. Like I said don't think it's a nerf just a needed balance and we will learn to play the game this way. IMO the better way for the game to be.
  4. I am currently looking into the interactions between these abilities personally to find where i land on the how i personally see the rules playing out, with the whole aspect of abilities on cards take precedent over rule book. so will post my insights on that i am sure at some point 😂 But for now i can parrot what is being said here i do think with current wordings and rulings on Nellies abilities there needs to be a tweak to her card, maybe remove the Friendly part of the interact and that will let in run smoother or just a slight refinement and FAQ to give us a hard ruling on it.
  5. I think we are overlooking the bit where Nellies crew can still make them pick up a marker they just dropped which still offers very powerful denial and i am not sure this is a Nerf to Guild the rules around obeying models in idols and Plant Explosives were just ridiculous and this will make for a much ore positive play experience for everyone involved personally. To be honest i am not sure this was what Wyrd intended when they originally made Obey and have always felt it was a abuse of the rules and not in the spirit of the game and i have been at it from both sides, i have played the obeying Lucias crew and i have felt the frustration of Zoraider making me drop my own bombs and mess with Idols. This is the right change for the game.
  6. I am loving putting in Agent 46 for some threat with Grimwell to back him up, they for me are more efficient at killing then Phiona who really misses being min 3 Damage. False witnesses i found to be a great asset to a Nellie crew as well really solid model for there cost and the abilities synergies so very well.
  7. I will Definitely be back i have said when Wyrd releases all the boxes and I don't have to proxy models for the faction and I have painted them I will be back and hunting to take my Number 1 Guild spot back. Not looking like next year with the current release scheduled but hopefully the one after.
  8. Sounds like you had a frustrating day @4thstringer. I still think Guild are in the Mix for taking a win when we get are models. I would say we landed the Guild play Test spot or very close to it. The issue you had is a issue a lot of people are having is that there are some stuff that just missed the curve. TT are a know issue McCabe/Shenlong just Models in there faction like charm warders and there upgrades. But there are Cracks forming in all the factions I just dont think we was ever going to catch it all. By You Side for instance is just ridiculous and has no limiting factors. But i will save my long list of problem models for a more appropriate post lol😂 So what I am saying is I have been were u was at that tournament with Guild and boy is it hard work but i do believe we can compete but yeah will be a tough road until a list of things get changed or they give us back some of damage we lost to balance us back out. I personally don't want the guild to change as we balanced out well but tweaks to be had elsewhere. KEEP THE FAITH MY GUILD BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Are day will come again 😂
  9. So I have finally caught up on this thread and i have to say i am a little shocked of the opinion of Guild in the individual meta's running through this thread. I think as a faction we are in a solid place but you definitely can not rock up to a event and solo anyone master all day and expect to be able to give the best the Guild can give. Dashal for me is a solid master but like you have highlighted can be card intensive but this is the hardship of most summoners from what i can see in games I have played. he is a bit of a strange place in the faction if i was to think about it, the Guard crew dose not really excel in one strat. I think you take him when you think you are going to need to change play style during the game that switch between killing and scheme running. Resilient I guess would be the word. I mean Reckoning drops you can comfortably pick Lady J, Perdita, Hoffman or Sonnia depending on the schemes Turf War I am Running Sonnia or Hoffman into that. Plant or idols I would be running Lucias or Nellie Its not going to be easy for Guild but we definitely can compete we are always going to struggle with fast games that go wide because we dont really have that amazing scheme runner piece in are faction but i do think there are other strengths we can exploit to make the most of. would be interested in hearing what masters you would all run into different games?
  10. Size: 50 - Pool: 4 Leader: Lucius Mattheson Totem(s): The Scribe Hires: Alan Reid Agent 46 Lead-Lined Coat Dr. Grimwell False Witness Guild Lawyer Investigator This is the base for the crew that I run.
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