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  1. Got my Ticket! Buzzing for Nationals last year was amazing and now we are going to get some M3E fun
  2. Have just got my ticket. Can't just let Lewis default 😘
  3. yeah it was a bit of a grind. So I found that Guild are now struggling with the same issue we have had at the start of 2nd edition we lack movement ability's so getting around is hard work. That being said i am not saying the faction is a no go just will require a lot of work to get going in some games. I have found its a uphill struggle against summoners. Nellie works well in plant explosives - but requires extra beaters to make up for the no damage in her crew. Perdita can kill things but a family crew is to resource intensive - need the fix that was suggested to family values. Hoffman - i have not really played because he bored me a lot the first time i played but seems to have changed a lot since the play test ended but i would say his models are to many points. Sonnia - Is a very good master mainly because she has the ability to summon to replenish losses has some solid minions that can beat and the fast spell casters helps run schemes. Bass - I am Sure @Clousseau can tell you more as i only played him for a bit but i think the hit to frontiersman hurt him and trappers and traps are just awful. Dashal - On paper looks like he should be the best all round crew but his summoning is still a lot of work they struggle to kill, all through the play test they took damage away from this crew. weather the stats dropped or the damage track got changed. to be fair still a good master just you have to really focus on not getting pinned in your deployment zone with them. mounted guard help but u sacrifice killing power for movement and then they die... or worse you play a crew that gives out staggered and then all the movement they do have runs away lol Lucias - I think maybe the easiest master to play out of all of the masters he has card draw a solid beater and has movement in his crew. Lady J - I think is just like perdita a solid pick as a second master beater in your crew i am not so sold on the rest of the marshals but i have not tried her much as she is not my cup of tea. These are obviously my opinions from playing the faction over the last few months. i think they can be good but i think we have a rough few months ahead of the faction and its going to be hard ground to cover but you will deserve it if you make it. So good luck to my fellow guild players and i guess unless some tweaks are made at launch i will see you on the other side
  4. @Flippin' Wyrd Jamie, @Flippin' Wyrd George, @Red? What do you think team have we made them wait long enough? 😂 I think we could find are way to go through are opinion on the game at the end of the beta. And some other stuff that people want to here 😁
  5. Just finished a game with perdita tonight and I managed to not use the key word ability once the whole game as I just had no resources. Because they are awful at generating resources still and then I played against Jack and it was just pointless waste of a ability because of it. And Nino got jumped and all dreams of card draw went with him 😂 And trying to use focus to get cards ment I did not get to use my focus for attacking. The tax is to high! Frustraighting is my lasting impression from that game.
  6. I am still surprised at the decision to make a significant change like Family Values and not test it? Or adjust it based on any of the feedback from the testers since it was put it out. It's the complete opposite to what i had come to expect of the play test and how it had been handled up until this point. The faction it's self I think it is in a good place, I'm glad Nellie got changes earlier then the family and seems to be ticking over now. Sonnia, Dashal, Lucias are the masters I think will see the most play in the faction around the meta here. Bass is interesting just dose not really bring much to the table for guild, as he has just brought more guns and we had alot of those already. Lady J has atleast got a unique style of play for the guild but it was always a bitter taste that she is not ML7 and so many other masters are, I know there is the argument of she dose loads of attacks but for me she should be, considering that alot of the other dedicated Melle peices out there are. Hoffman... I still struggle to enjoy games with him. But maybe being a arcanists will help him 😁 All in all the faction is in a frustraighting but in a alright place for the most part we can compete on a competative level but due to some of the keywords not really being finished we just have a more limited pool then other factions at this point.
  7. What's the rules around proxys for crews and models that are not yet released? Just need to know before I get the rest of myne sorted 😂
  8. Got My ticket! Buzzing! One of the best events last year by far and can't wait to get some M3E Faux on!
  9. I agree, the friendly marker restriction devalues the ability I would say. Still good but limited in it's deployment.
  10. Disappointing that such a crucial change came to late in the play test and the family seem they will have to pay the price. Do we think they will see any play on a competative or casual level, or do we think the resource balance is just still way off? Not efficient enough for competative play and to many hoops for casual play I believe.
  11. So I played a game with the Family last night. I'm so disappointed. Because the requirement of having focus on family values and the only way to generate it is with concentrate, it's slow clunky and horrible to play always felt like I was trying to set it up and felt like I could not use my focus. Because to use there ability to the full extent u need to be discarding cards and when u don't have any cards left u can't do anything in or out of your activation. Just felt like I was trying to start my engine while my opponent was already racing around the track. I had to hire the steward to even really get this ticking with any effect as he has ways of kicking out focus. Which sucks I don't want to have to take a 6 stone model in all my family crews to make the mechanic work. I really hope Kyle and Matt are still reading the feed back forms and the forums and make a hot fix before it launches. Anyone else had this experience?
  12. Family Values: Either reduce the value of this model's Focused Condition by 1 or discard a card. once per activation A friendly Family model within 6 may either draw a card or take the Concentrate Action. No harm in this Card size is limited. its not a built in trigger on most models and a model is only allowed to concentrate Once per turn anyway. less complicated and lets the family do what they can do.
  13. Having the suits not built in would be fine on the attacks if you did not already have to pay the cost of the focus, i would agree dose not seem worth it and u have to set it up across the entire crew. The fact that you will have to cheat to find the Tome trigger, this maybe very inefficient. worth play testing but i think there would be no harm in just letting the tomes effectively be a surge trigger with some sort of family rider and once per activation to stop family becoming a card harvest addition to any crew. It would let the function the most effectively having a way to replenish there hand. Having looked at it with fresh eyes i think I was to hasty to say this seems good. I have my concerns and this will need to be tested I just hope it can be ironed out at this stage.
  14. I would agree that its complicated and a lot of hoops to jump through. Not sure why they are taxing card draw so much, seeming as some crews get at the drop of a hat. It would of been harmless to say once per activation or maybe once per turn friendly family model in 6 can draw a card.
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