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  1. πŸ˜‚ can't argue that logic. But still feels like it makes life harder then it needs to be
  2. 0" engagement has caused all manner of issues playing games just means that you can't stop people interacting with scheme markers around you, can't stop people taking up bombs. Just all manner of issues. Not a fan myself
  3. I disagree, inhuman psychology is definitely the issue in its current form, how would u suggest to fix the stacking issue. As i still think this is best suggestion yet. Inhuman psychology should be: discard a card to cheat against this model induels. Because he dose need to change, not sure what issues it causes with not being able to be stacked with other Discard effects will cause?
  4. That is a concern but in my games I have never managed to get the scribe to keep up with Agent 46. Could you not add that this effect would not stack with others to the end of the ability to keep it from doing this?
  5. I would say in light of abusing gun lines and agent 46 Inhuman psychology should be: discard a card to cheat against this model induals. would be the easiest to follow and keep the game moving. Stop this abuse of gun lines as well. Gives him some limited defensive ability in combat as well. Which will also give somthing to the players that say he is to easy to kill.
  6. In my opinion Inhuman psychology should be changed to: Inhuman psychology - To cheat against this models you must first discard a card to do so. Puts both sides back into the game. It gains a small defensive buff and it also means that your opponent can chose to keep a model alive instead of just sitting there and watching Agent 46 remove a model one after another and nothing you can do to stop it even if you wanted to.
  7. With the end of the beta coming I have been thinking about models that need small tweaks to round out keywords. Actually, all in all guild are in a fairly good position I would say, just certain models I have found don’t really preform when put into a real game position. These ideas have been formed after playing more M3E games then I can really count and have spent a lot of time typing this post and really thinking about what is actually in need of a change and what is just a learning curve with the game. So, a few minor changes that I feel would go a long way to rounding out keywords and balancing models out in some areas in my opinion. Orderly – Increase its Melee range to 1 (Make the Asylum great again!) Agent 46 – Inhuman Psychology should be replaced with you must discard a card to cheat against this model. Giving it a small defensive buff to keep her going but also meaning that your opponent can attempt to stop you killing their models and in doing so not making your opponent feel helpless. Guild Sergeant – Armour 1 to keep this model going, 7 stones and this model just drops. Rifleman – Lose Execute Trigger and Give back Crit Strike trigger, with the changes to there stat they could do with a more consistent damage spread I have found that because Dashel’s crew struggles to move out of there deployment they seem to struggle to get going so the only anti scheme runner pieces are these rifleman and they are struggling to get the job done. Field Reporters – Gain Sharp Wit Domador De Cadaveres – One of the only models in the game to still not have a bonus action. False Accusation or Shrug off would be a good place to start or -1 cost Lone Marshal – Bonus action would be more effective if it was quick retreat, every time I use the lone marshal, he gets locked in combat and can never get away and which point death is certain. There are a few whole crews that I can see needs some mechanic changes but all in all not far off. Nellie – I appreciate we are still working on and I have posted thoughts on them in another thread already. Family – I think family are not far off just currently they are to resource hungry and have no way of replenishing those resources, so they stall and fall over. I would investigate how they use pass tokens either using them as a resource of using them to give back resource. As I was making this list, I was actually very surprised how short it was, but in the spirit of balance and fair changes this is the only things I would see changed to round out certain models. Please Kyle and Matt some change for consideration. P.S ALL DOGS – Mindless on any model really devalues them as a summon, I personally would say mindless needs to go across the game as summoning has been limited to once per turn for the most part and this is limiting the summons even more. ( this maybe just my frustrations with Guild Hounds)
  8. had no cards left and no stones left to use otherwise i am sure he would of done
  9. I would agree that she losses some potency without the obey to back it up, but I would say that she is still more then force to be reckoned with. as far as the game go's the models were not over stretched molly was right behind the 3 night terrors all in supported range of molly, Philip, forgotten marshal this just meant that Agent 46 could bounce between them all.
  10. I know we have gone over this a few times already.... but Agent 46! I just played a game against @Flippin' Wyrd Jamie and Agent 46 killed 4 models by the first activation of turn 2. 2 night terrors and Archie with a execute trigger turn 1 then dispatch Philip start of turn 2 and if not for having no cards higher then a 6 in my hand by the time she activates turn 1 she would of killed Philip to. She is bonkers! Now I don't want to see her nerfed and I do think she should be a killing machine but my opponent not being able to stop her until she is dead is crazy good do we not think. We run the risk of people paying the stone tax to take her alot almost a auto take for me, as she is fantastic! And by that I mean proberly a Negative play experince to fight against.
  11. I would agree she dose not need to be focused towards damage, a slight adjustment across the crew with the recommended change to slander will give them a better feel I would say. But all in all any changes should be to look at focusing her on movement/support/control not Damage. Bring back a variant of Delegation I would say as a ability to support models around her. From what I can see from the battle reports and my own game. She seems like she would benefit from having the convulsion trigger on her One more question. Not built in but as a option on the crow to give her the ability to manipulate the board state, which would also aid her using her exclusive interview aura.
  12. I would say as Guild we have enough masters that can do reckoning πŸ˜„. What we do need is a master that can scheme and buff the crew around her a real support tool box is where i think Nellie should live in the faction.
  13. I think we can safely say she needs work still and i hope some of the changes we suggest go some way to making her more viable in more then one game.
  14. I would agree so we actually managed to flip a game that was very suited to Nellies play style but I would say in a more combat heavy game she will struggle. But she dose not need to be the master of all games In my opinion, but she needs to be better at what she can do.
  15. The Only other issue I had is that Field Reporters are missing half of there humiliation ability which may or may not had a impact. They are also incredibly short range for a action that dose no damage - but that maybe a Frustration more then a weakness But still worth 6 stones in the current formate very good model. I would say that what ever Humiliation is going to be you could have somthing similar on Nellies card instead of scooped and it will have more of a impact on the game.
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