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  1. Bump! This event is being held tomorrow, come flip some cards with us!
  2. Come join us in kicking off Malifaux 3rd Edition! Table Top Games (875 State Rd, Westport, MA 02790) will be hosting it's first Malifaux tournament of the new edition. Get ready for 3 rounds, TONS of rules questions and lots of fun with the game we all love! Registration will be open 10-10:45am. Table assignments and setup will commence at that time, with round 1 starting at 11am. Rounds will be 2.5 hours, with a 45 minute lunch break after round 1 and a 15 minute break after round 2. Our final round will wrap at 7:30 and will be followed by awards. $15 entry fee, all fees will go into prize support. Please pre-register via the "going" option on the event page by 1 week prior to the event if at all possible, it will help us plan table, terrain and break time needs! If you find yourself suddenly unable to attend please mark yourself as such on the event page. The Facebook event page is located here: https://www.facebook.com/events/362150354439663/?ti=icl Prizes will be awarded for 1st-3rd place, best sportsman, best painting and wooden spoon. 50 stones, fixed faction. Dead Man's Hand will be allowed. Due to the large number of new models, re-balancing and rules changes there will be no paint requirement for this event. Please send proxies to me for prior approval. NO un-approved proxies will be allowed! Round 1 Deployment: Wedge Strategy: Turf War Schemes: Detonate Charges, Breakthrough, Take Prisoner, Outflank, Vendetta Round 2 Deployment: Flank Strategy: Plant Explosives Schemes: Harness the Ley Line, Search the Ruins, Dig Their Graves, Power Ritual, Deliver a Message Round 3 Deployment: Standard Strategy: Corrupted Idols Schemes: Detonate Charges, Hold Up Their Forces, Outflank, Assassinate, Claim Jump
  3. I'll be hosting an M3E open beta demo day at The Armoury Wargames and Hobbies in Fairhaven, MA on Saturday 4/27/19 from open (noon) until close (10pm)! Check out there store page at https://www.facebook.com/TheArmouryWargamesandHobbies/ I'll have a printed rulebook to share, printed copies of the schemes/strats, quick reference pages and condition/terrain rules for each player. I will also have printed cards for all Bayou models plus some Arcanist models and plenty of demo crews to choose from! Come down and get a demo of the exiting new edition of the BEST table top game out there!
  4. With various pre-releases and the Gencon sale looming on the horizon I'd love to hear people's experiences with the various new releases. I have not used any of them aside from the Emissary, who I have only used with Mah Tucket. I will most likely be purchasing all of the new releases for completion's sake, but I'm struggling to figure out how to use most of the new models effectively. Specifically, when to use them INSTEAD of other, existing models. I can see using Sparks with a Pigapult (there's some obvious synergy there) but don't know that giving it fast is worth the 7 stones since he doesn't do whole lot else, especially since he'd have to hang back near it and wouldn't reliably be able to use his other abilities for a good portion of the game. Survivors... well, I just can't see a reason to use them over other options. Porkchops seem like a good way to get an extra 50mm pig into a Ulix crew to summon off of, but other than that I don't see a lot of use for them. With only 6 wounds even having armor +1 and Df 6 means they are pretty easy to take down. I can see taking one with Sparks to get the most use out of his abilities and playing aggressively with them, but that's 14 stones.... I like the Emissary and have made him a staple of my Mah Tucket lists as they work incredibly well together.... but I only her to the table rarely. I can see using him with Som'er, but my primary master is Ophelia and I can't imagine taking the Emissary with her. I haven't thought much about him with our other masters. I do own Mei Feng and intend to hire Porkchops and Sparks into her crew as there is some obvious synergy there. I'm not sure if the NDA for wave 4 pretesters is still in effect, but I'd really appreciate anyone's experience running Zipp and crew. They look amazing!
  5. Great episode, it gave me a lot to think about! Just a few corrections: Sammy can take a master upgrade, but it isn't free. She still has to pay it's cost. Rooster Riders can only declare the stampede trigger once per activation.
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