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  1. Chilbi

    Fae T-Rex

    So, Titania gets a new Toy. Any thoughts?
  2. Hey has anyone noticed how the Gorar is size 3, even though the model is around the same size as the rest of the crew box? I just don't see how he's the same size as a Rougrou or Thoon.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a Reckoning(standard deployment) game tomorrow. Schemes are: Assassinate, Breakthrough, Search the Ruins, Take Prisoner, and Hold up their forces. I am playing against Ophelia. I have two crews picked out: Titania Gorar 2 Knights Killjoy w/Inhuman Reflexes Mysterious Effigy w/Effigy of Fate Bultungin Aeslin or: Same but switch out the Effigy and Bultungin for the Emmissary. Problem is, I don't think I have the schemes covered very well. Search the Ruins is an autotake, but none of the others seem appealing with these crews. Maybe switch out a Knight or the Bultungin for a Waldgeist to enable Hold up their forces? I have never been a fan of Take Prisoner (don't like having to leave something alive), Breakthrough is kind of hard for Titania with her lack of scheme runners.
  4. In your experience of M3e thus far, who stands out to you as the most engaging and rewarding master or set of masters? DMH ecluded, (sorry Collodi and Lilith) I'm slowly working my way through my collection (I don't own Marcus, Zoraida or Euripides), so far having tried Titania a few times, and Lucius and Dreamer each in a good number of games. In practice, Lucius is as entertaining as he has always been to me (even before he was any good), and I very much love new Dreamer, and my win ratio with him suggests he might even be stronger. Of the crews I haven't taken to the field yet, Pandora stands out to me as potentially interesting, whereas Nekima seems a bit straight forward for my tastes, although I own all the models so will no doubt try her out. So, based on your own experience which master/masters are your pick? Which combos?
  5. I’ve been thinking about writing up a tactica on Titania as she’s my favorite master(especially after wave 5) and I’ve gotten a lot of games under my bealt with her, and with the recent release of wave 5 and her new upgrades I figured now was the time. So without further ado, let’s get started. Titania is a bit of a jack of all trades in that she has a bit of control, a bit of damage, and a bit of support, however, there is one thing she excels at, and that is taking a beating, so let’s go over a quick overview of some of her strengths and weaknesses. Strengths: Excellent durability, especially with Royal Indignation Good damage after a little bit of set up. Draining your opponent’s hand Controlling where your opponent’s models are and who they’re attacking. Most marker based schemes are very easy for her Weaknesses: Models with a high min damage, enforcers and up especially, largely ignore her durability. Models that gain some form of buff from you placing scheme markers Models that debuf or are resistant to Ca actions. Models that gain buffs against Undead You will always find yourself wishing you could take 1 more upgrade, so deciding which 3 to take will be hard. Now, let’s start with an overview of her card. The only non-station characteristics she has are Undead, so watch anything with a bonus to Undead models, and Fae, which let’s her be targeted by the tactical actions given by her Royal Indignation upgrade, and Primal Conflux, as well as allowing her to benefit from Taproot’s aura. Her stat line comes in at Df 5, Wp 7, 12 Wounds, Wk 5 and Cg 7. This already puts her over the curve for Neverborn masters in terms of durability, and she boasts an average mobility already. Abilities Impossible to Wound. Nothing new or exciting, but this makes her Df 5 hurt a little less, as most damage flips are going to be coming in at a anyways and that even when they’re at a straight flip, or those pesky models that can cheat in spite of s won’t be able to cheat against her. Flight. Also nothing new, she doesn’t have to worry about anything slowing her down or blocking her movement. The Thirsty Roots. Now onto something new. Enemy models that activate within 6 of her and in base contact with a friendly scheme marker take a Wp 13 duel or suffer 2 damage that can’t be reduced, and with her ability to generate scheme markers, that should be every enemy model within 6 of her, meaning your opponent is going to need to be ditching cards from their hand or taking some damage on average. Rejoice in Rebirth. Last but certainly not least, when another model places a friendly scheme marker with 6, Titania heals 2 damage. This is what really shoots her durability up to one of the best. Her entire crew box has ways to passively generate scheme markers, so she’ll be getting healed just for your crew doing it’s thing. Additionally, if you have her in a good spot, your opponent will also be healing her if they want to score their schemes which can force some tough decisions. Now, let’s take a look at her actions. A Wicked Silence. It’s a Ca 6 against Wp attack with a 2” range to drop a scheme marker in base contact with an enemy model and deal 2 damage to them. No damage flip means you don’t have to worry about a black joker or wasting high cards on a damage flip, and you get a scheme marker to fuel her and her crew. It also has a trigger to push Titania up to 4” after succeding. Bloody Command. Another Ca 6(get used to that), but this time vs Df, and it has a 8” range. It has an unimpressive damage track of 2/3/4, but the triggers are where this action shines. Into Thorns is a built in trigger to discard up to 2 friendly scheme markers before flipping for damage to increase her damage by +1 per scheme marker. This turns her min damage of 2 into a min of 4, so with a little set up she can put the hurt on an appropriate model. Next we have My Loyal Subject, which lets you heal a friendly model with 4” of the target for 2/2/3. Nothing major, but any healing is good, and it can let her help keep her key models alive. Finally, we have the Deal With Him trigger. This makes her reduce the damage of her attack to 0, but it lets another friendly model within 8” and LoS of the target to push up to them and take a 1 AP attack against them. This has the obvious use of having a model with a better damage track hit them, as well as pulling your model into the fray, but it also has a use with one of her upgrades, which I will get there. That concludes her cards Attack Actions, so let’s take a look at her tactical actions. Both of these are (0) actions, so you’ll have to figure out which of the two you’ll want to do based on the situation. A New Harvest. Ca 6 again, with a TN 13, so you won’t reliably be able to top deck this, especially if you want to get the bonus. It’s pretty straight forward, it causes every model in 6 to take a TN 12 Wp duel or Titania places a scheme marker in base contact with them(hello Thirsty Roots). Now, a 12 isn’t hard to beat, but for every in the final duel total, you can increase that by 1. Now we’re looking at a 13 or 14, which models are much less likely to be able to just flip, and unless your opponent wants to give you fuel, that’s some card drain. The Queen Has Risen. Ca 6 TN 13, again with a 6” range. This action allows her to discard between one and three scheme markers within 6 to push a friendly model in range 2” for each scheme marker. A 6” push is respectable, and it lets her get rid of enemy scheme markers. That concludes a look at her base card, so now let’s take a look at her upgrades, starting with her 2 limiteds from wave 5, which greatly dictate her playstyle. First, we have Royal Indignation. If you thought she was durable before, this takes that and turns it up to 11 cementing her slot as the most durable master in malifaux. To start off with, this upgrade turns every living minion or enforcer model hired into her crew into an undead fae model, which allows them all the same synergies that Tiania gets as mentioned above, and you’ll want to be careful taking this into factions with good anti-undead tech. Next it gives her the ability Royal Indignation. Enemy minion and Peion models reduce all damage they deal to Titania by 2, and enemy enforcers and henchman models reduce all their damage by 1. This ability allows her to reduce damage done to her to 0. Additionally, this gives her a (1) tactical action to give any friendly fae model the Armor +1 condition so long as they don’t already have the Armor condition. Needing a 9 to go off, it’s not very reliable, but in a pinch you can throw that onto any of your important models, as most of your crew should be Fae. If you’re taking this upgrade you want Titania in the thick of your enemy crew gumming up the works and soaking up their resources. Next we have Pact With the Grave Spirit. With this upgrade Titania has 1 job. Kill the enemy leader. This upgrade gives her 2 Abilities. The Death of Tyrants. When she’s in a duel with the enemy leader she may add 1 suit of her choice to her final duel total when declaring triggers, and her attack actions deal +1 damage. The other ability, Autumn’s Corruption, means enemy models within 3 of her unable to heal or use soulstones. These abilites on their own make her excel at killing the enemy master, but it doesn’t end there. She also gains a (1) attack action, The Rot Within. Again at a Ca 6 vs Wp and a range of 8”, but this time it has a TN of 12 . This attack allows her to deal damage equal to the target’s missing Wds, up to a maximum of 4. And yes, her other ability can increase that to 5 damage. Normally, not having the suit in the TN would make this a little unreliable, but because you declare triggers before determining success, she will always have the suit when attacking an enemy leader. With no damage track, she is going to be taking out big chunks of of their Wds each time she hits them, and if she’s close enough to them they can’t even use their stones to prevent that damage. It also has a trigger to place a scheme marker in base contact with the target if they were killed, which is just more fuel for her. The downside of this upgrade is that you don’t have her super durability that Royal Indignation gives, and you are telegraphing what you want your master to do from the start. Next we have her normal upgrades. Audience With the Queen. This upgrade just gives her an attack action to place an enemy model in base contact with her. Again a Ca 6 vs Wp, with a TN of 13 you’ll usually need to cheat to get it off. It also has a somewhat disappointing range of only 8” so no pulling people from very far away. That shouldn’t matter after the first turn though, as she’ll be in her central position and ready to pull in anything she needs to. This action also gives her the trigger “A trophy for well… Me” which allows her to put a scheme marker in base contact with the model after succeeding. This is an upgrade that will go well with either of her Limiteds. Either pulling models in so that they have to waste AP to move, because they can’t even damage Titania, or getting models into the aura that Pact With the Grave Spirit gives her. Behold My Glory. This gives her a trigger on all of her attack actions, and it will be built in on every one except The Rot Within, called Behold My Glory. The gives the target the condition “She Will End Us All!” which forces them to discard two cards whenever they declare an attack action that doesn’t target Titania or it fails. Spread this around on models that you don’t worry about hurting Titania and suddenly your opponent is either wasting their AP or wasting their hand. This also has a nice synergy with Barbaros’s Challenge aura. TN 14 Wp duel to target anyone but Barbaros with an action, and discard 2 cards to attack anyone but Titania can mean your opponents big beaters aren’t going to be able to do anything without first using some cards. This pairs very well with Royal Indignation, as if you put this on minions then they will be unable to even damage Titania, and they’ll have to discard cards to damage anyone else. The Forest Claims All. This gives Titania an ability of the same name, that whenever an enemy model places a corpse or scrap marker within 4” of Titania, your opponent has to discard a card or Titania get’s to place a scheme marker in base contact with their marker, and then discard their marker. This has obvious uses against summoners, as you’re eating into their resources in both getting rid of what they can summon off of or getting rid of cards they would summon with. This can also be used to force your opponent into choosing to give you resources after killing one of their models or draining their hand. This upgrade will usually get passed over for something else, but should be near the top of your list if you think you’ll be playing against a summoner that needs markers. The Queen’s Champion. This is the last Titania only upgrade and this one doesn’t actually buff Titania herself in any way. While attached to Titania, whenever a friendly model kills an enemy mode with an Attack Actionl you may discard a soulstone. If you don’t the upgrade is discarded from Titania and is attached to the friendly model. Now, at a cost of 2 to start with, this upgrade could very quickly start costing a lot. But as I mentioned earlier, the trigger on Bloody Command to let another model attack her target can let you get Queen’s Champion on the appropriate model rather easily. While on another model, this upgrade gives 3 abilities. The first of which is just Armor +1. Next we have the eponymous ability The Queen’s Champion, which gives the model a to their attack actions. And finally we have Gifts to My Queen, which let’s the model place a scheme marker in base contact with an enemy model every time it damages them with an attack action. This includes Blast and Pulse effects that cause damage as part of an attack action. The best candidates for this upgrade are models that can get more attacks, like Nekima, her henchman Aeslin, the Doppleganger. Models with blasts like Hannah or Envy. Or models that will benefit a lot from the armor like the new wave 5 model Cyclops. Combine this upgrade with Malifaux Provides on any of them, and you can greatly increase their durability. Between Armor +1, and healing 2 from just damaging enemy models and using one of the scheme markers they dropped, your Queen’s Champion is going to be a rather hard model to get rid of. Now onto the only general Fae upgrade. Taproot. This gives all friendly Fae models with 10 a Df/Wp trigger The Forest Hides Us. After resolving an attack action against this model, it may discard a friendly scheme marker within 3” to push up to 3” in any direction. If you pair this with Royal Indignation then most, if not all, of your crew gains access to this trigger. Fae Models: Aeslin(9ss) The only Fae henchman, coming in at Df 5 Wp 7 9 Wds and HtW+1 she's no tank but she's going to eat AP or take a dedicated beater to really take her down, especially if she or someone near her has Taproot. Her abilities are The Curse of Autumn, which when an enemy model activates engaged with at least 1 model with that ability they make a Wp duel or gain slow, Casting Expert, and Wild Magic, which allows her to discard a scheme marker near the target when declaring an action to not have to randomize. Offensively she's very similar to Titania, possessing an identical A Wicked Silence, and Rot And Rend. Ca 6, range 1 or 10 for 2/3/4. It has the Into Thorns trigger just like Titania, A Darkness Falls which can give the target Slow after succeeding if they don't discard a card, Secrets Kept, which pushes the target 6" towards Aeslin after succeeding, and A Trophy For The Queen, which places a scheme marker in base contact with the target if they're an enemy after succeeding. She has 2 (0) tactical actions; Bound and Rooted, which make it so that friendly models within 6 can't be moved, pushed or placed by the actions, abilities, or triggers of enemy models until the end of the turn, and As Leaves On Wind, a Ca 6 Tn 12 action to discard a friendly scheme marker within 6" to put up a 6 to Ca actions for enemy models until the end of the turn. She has an average walk of 5 and charge of 6, so she's not going to be breaking any records, but she doesn't need to with a 10" gun and casting expert. Aeslin is a model you want to take to support your crew, as well as get some surprise hits in with Rot and Rend having a min 4 potential. She is especially good against Ressers, 10T and Neverborn, as those are the 3 factions with the most offensive movement tricks and most reliant on Ca actions. She's a good holder for the Taproot upgrade as well, because you will want her in a central position for her tactical actions which lets the most models be within the 10" to gain the Df/Wp trigger. She is also one of the models best suited for placing scheme markers to heal up Titania. Cyclops(8ss) The beater of the Fae. defensively they aren't great, coming in at only Df 4, Wp 5 9 Wds and HtK. Their abilities include, Frozen Heart, Cyclopean Raaaage! which gives them +2 to their Ml when 5 or fewer wds, and Foresight. Foresight is an interesting ability, because at the start of their activation, you can either discard a or to either heal 2 or buff the Rg of it's actions by 2 for the activation, which gives their attack an impressive range of 4" which when combined with their Cg 7 let's them really reach out and touch someone. Turning over to the back of the card now, we have the Mighty Spear as it's only attack action. Ml 5 vs Df, a range of 2 and 3/4/6 damage with the Skewer trigger on to give it + per in the final duel total to moderate and severe damage. They have 2 (0) tactical actions. The first is Ice Wall. Needing a 7 to go off, it's not something you want to be relying top decking, it puts up 2 Ht 5 blocking impassable 50mm Ice Wall markers in base contact with it. Unfortunately they can't be touching any other models or markers, so you can very quickly run out of space because you want a Cyclops surrounded by scheme markers due to it's 2nd (0) action, Frozen Runes. Now Frozen Runes is the real reason you take the Cyclops with Titania. For every scheme marker within 3", and yes this includes enemy scheme markers, you reveal a card then resolve an effect depending on the suit then discard the card. Deal 1 damage to an enemy model within 5", Heal 1 damage on a friendly model within 5", give an enemy model slow within 5" and discard the scheme marker, place another scheme marker within 5"(do not flip for this new marker), or your choice of 2 if you flip either joker. None of this requires LoS and there is no way to resist any of it happening. Overall, the Cyclops is a model that depends on risk/reward. Ideally you want it sitting below half health in the middle of a horde of scheme markers, but between being able to heal it at the start, guard it's approach with Ice Walls, get healing from Titania's bloody command trigger and potentially armor if you take Queen's Champion and feed it a model, and the obvious syngery in a Titania crew with Malifaux Provides it is a very manageable risk for some amazing reward. They work best in a pool where the opponent wants to be in a single location to get the maximum use out of Frozen Runes, but don't be afraid to take them anyways as a 3/4/6 damage track and on demand blocking terrain for 8ss is by no means a bad deal. Bandersnatch(5ss) The Bandersnatch is the odd one out of the Fae, as it has nothing related to scheme markers. Coming in at Df 5, Wp 5 and 4 Wds incorporeal, at first glance one might wonder why you would ever take it. The reason is that it should only be spending 1-2 turns actually on the table, and the rest of the game burried, as this model is all about hiding inside of another model and attacking from it. It has the Shadow Spirit and Shadow Hunting abilities, which allow it to activate normally and declare triggers while burried, and add the Ht of the model it is measuring range and LoS from when declaring an attack action while burried. To determine whom the Bandersnatch is drawing Range and LoS from, we need to look at its (0) Crawl Into Shadow attack action. It is a Ca 6 vs Wp, Tn 13 range 6 attack to put the Shadow Lair upgrade on the target and burry itself. The Bandersnatch will unburry in base contact with the target whenever the Shadow Lair upgrade is removed, or if the model with Shadow Lair is about to be removed. The Shadow Lair upgrade gives the model with it the ability that lets the Bandersnatch draw Range and LoS from it while declaring attack actions, and an ability to deal 1 damage at the start of the activation and remove the upgrade after it has taken 2 damage from that ability. It's other attack action is Grab. A Ml 5 vs Df, range 2 with a 2/3/4 damage track with 2 triggers, Snatch which pushes the target in base contact with the model that range and LoS for the attack was drawn from after damaging, and False Suspicion, which forces the target non-leader to take a (1) attack action against the model that Range and LoS were drawn from that is controlled by the Bandersnatches controller, and cannot declare triggers. Lastly, it has the (1) Dart Out tactical action, which just unburries itself in base contact with whatever model has Shadow Lair attached, and discards the Shadow Lair upgrade from them. The Bandersnatch is a curveball model. You can either have it hitch a ride in some of your own guys to pull stuff in and trigger abilities like Pounce or you can stick it in an enemy model for the free damage and to hopefully get some infighting going on, as well as mess with their positioning. It's also very good as your only minion in schemes where the opponent wants to kill your minions, as that is hard to do when you can dictate when the Bandersnatch is on the board to be killed unless they're willing to start killing their own models to get it out. Bultungin(5ss) A very mobile minion, with Df 5, Wp 5, Wd 6, Wk 6 Cg 7, it shines as a scheme runner hunter. It has the abilities Careful Hunter, when an enemy scheme marker is placed in LoS, it gains the condition Creeping Forward +1, which allows it to move +1" in any direction when the condition is removed, and Stalking Pounce, when this model ends a move or push that wasn't part of the Walk or Charge action, this model may discard a card to take a (2) AP attack action against an enemy model within it's engagement range if it discards a card. It's attack actions are (1) Brutal Knives. A fairly standard 5 vs Df range 2 that does 2/3/4 damage with an interesting trigger. After succeding, if the target reduced or prevented damage from this attack, take the (2) Savage Mauling attack action against the target. Savage Mauling is a 6 vs Df, range 2 with a 3/4/5 damage track, and a trigger to place a friendly scheme marker if the target was killed, and prevent any other markers or models from being placed or summoned as a result of the target being killed. Lastly it has the (0) action scavenge, Discard an enemy scheme marker within 2" to draw the top card of your discard pile into your hand. These are great shceme runner hunters between getting a free movement for them placing scheme markers and a decent attack. There is also the synergy of Titania using her Deal With Them trigger on one of these guys for a potential of 3 attacks if they have some way of reducing damage. Having a (0) action to just remove a scheme marker is also great, but it gives the added benefit of either letting you get a low card of your deck for the next turn, or picking that high card you just used back up. Rougarou(8ss) A beater minion that comes in at Df 5, Wp 5 Wd 9 HtK for it's defensive stats. It has an average Wk 5 and a good Cg 7. Its abilites are Fresh Meat, it can discard a friendly scheme marker within 3" at the start of it's activation to heal 2 or push 3", and Pounce. It's attack action, Wulfen Claws, is Ml 6 vs Df, range 2 with a 2/4/6 damage track and the trigger Crushing Strike, gain a for every in the final duel total. It has the tactical actions (0) Challenge of the Alpha, Ca 6 Tn 13, which forces all enemy models within 4 to pass a Tn 13 Wp duel or be pushed into base contact with the model, and a trigger to place itself in base contact with a model that passed the Wp duel after resolving all the pushes. This is a good way to reposition the Rougarou and/or to pull in some models and get some free attacks. It's second tactial action is (0) Howl To The Blood Moon, which forces a target model within 2" to pass a Wp 13 duel or the Rougarou can make a (1) attack action against it. In most cases it will probably be better to just use Challenge of the Alpha instead, but if there's a model that you really want to get an attack on that's within 2" that for some reason can't be pushed any closer to the Rougarou you have this as a backup plan. The Rougarou can make for a decent beater minon with its 2/4/6 damage track and potential for to the damage flip, as well as having 9 wounds and a 2 heal at the start of it's activation. Where it really shines is in combination with something that can abuse its pounce, either Barbaros or the Tooth as they both have a push built into their attack. The Autumn Knights(7ss each) I am grouping The Tooth, The Claw and The Thorn together as they are all similar. They each have Df 5, Wp 5, 7 Wds, with HtW+1, Armor +1 and Curse of the Autumn, as well as an average Wk and Cg of 5 and 6 respectively. They also each possess the (0) tactical action A Clear Path, this model may discard a card to push into base contact with a friendly scheme marker within 4". Where they differ is their attack actions, a different (0) challange attack action, which is a 6 vs wp range 8 attack to pull a model in.. The Tooth as the Blossoming Blade attack action. It is a Ml 6 vs Df with a range of 2 . It does 2/3/4 damage and can push the target up to 4" away. It has the triggers Brambles, when damaging if the target is within 2" and LoS of a friendly scheme marker the damage flip gains , and the built in trigger A Trophy For The Queen, to place a scheme marker in base contact with the enemy after succeeding. Her challenge is the Challenge of Summer. It pushes the target it's Cg towards her, then the target takes a (1) Ml attack action against her that gets a to any resulting damage flip. If she is still alive after this, Tooth gets to hit back with a (1) Ml attack action. Tooth pairs very well with the Rougarou, because she can potentially trigger 3 attacks from the Rougarou. Additionally, her challenge is very abusable. Since it is Range 8, any model with less than a Cg 7 that has a 1" Ml attack could be pushed into her but not get the free attack, whereas she can hit them. Additionally, if they just don't have a Ml attack at all then her positioning doesn't matter in the slightest. Having A Trophy For The Queen built in let's her support Titania by healing her up with every attack she hits as well. Next up is The Claw. He has The Winter Spear, which is almost identical to The Blossoming Blade except it also has a 8 range, no push, and Brambles is built in instead of A Trophy For The Queen. His Challenge, The Challenge of Winter, just pushes the target into base contact. It comes with a trigger Winter's Chill to give them the condition Winter's Chill, this model suffers on all Df flips, unless they discard 2 cards. This is obviously a very debilitating condition that no one wants, so you can potentially eat up half of your opponents hand with a single (0) action and still push them 8" towards your crew, and against a Titania crew they will want their hand for all the passive Wp duels for being around your models. Last but not least is The Thorn. Her attack, Lashing Vines, is Rg 3 with a 1/3/4 damage track that ignores armor, and has the triggers Brambles and The Queen's Spies, after damaging if the target is within 2" and LoS of at least 1 friendly scheme marker, draw a card. Her Challenge of Spring pushes them up to 8" towards her and drops a scheme marker in base contact with them, giving her more control of where the opponent ends up and where you place the scheme marker. While her weak of 1 is bad, the fact that you can get a to her damage flip and it ignoring armor can definitely come in handy against some of the tougher nuts to crack, or you can just farm a weak model that you don't have to worry about for cards, and if you want to hit your own models for cards you're usually only doing 2 damage to them. Her 3" engagement range also gives the biggest range for The Curse of Autumn to force some Wp duels or slow. The Gorar(3ss) Finally we have Titania's totem. At Df 6, Wp 5 and Wd 4 it's nothing to write home about for durability. It's got a nice mobility with Wk 6, Cg 7 and unimpeded, but not for scheme running as it's insignifcant. What it has mobility for is its ability From Malifaux We Are Born. When a friendly Minion model is killed or sacrificed by an enemy attack action, if this model is within 6" of the center line, you may summon the model that was killed or sacrificed into base contact with this model, then sacrifice this model. This ability can be a nice kick in the teeth for your opponent when they finally put down that Illuminated, or Rougarou, or Autumn Knight. For attacks it has A Wicked Silence at a Ca 4, and The Serpet's Call. Ca 4 vs Wp at range 10, target model with the Slow condition gains Paralyzed. This can go very nicely with the ways your crew can hand out slow, and especially against most summoners, and can get some high cards out of your opponents hand as no one wants to let their model get paralyzed if they can help it. With it's Ca 4s, this guy is mostly taken just to be revived into one of your minions in the mid-late game, with its attacks just being coincidental bonuses when they happen to go off.
  6. Hi guys, I'm trying to focus a bit on titania as I love the new cyclops miniatures, the general aesthetic of the crew and the way they play. I really like the rougarou in the couple of games i've used them in. Especially one rougarou and tooth can really dish out a lot of attacks for 15ss and be a threat that the opponent has to be aware of. But now the cyclops is coming, also at 8ss. So I'm wondering how you guys see how they compare. When would you bring a cyclops (or 2), when a rougarou (or 2?) or do they both fit in a crew? The thing with 8ss is that you often can get a really hard hitting model for a couple stones more, or just some cheaper stuff like a waldgeists or even 2 changelings. Thoughts?
  7. Hi all, I've recently picked up the Titania box and after looking at her 'The Queens Champion' upgrade, I have been having a look at some mercenaries that would be good targets for this. With the new 'always' scheme making you drop two scheme markers a turn on the centre line, I think having something with blasts/long range would be really good here as the upgrade drops a scheme marker with anything that is damaged by the attack. My picks so far include: - A Trapper. The long range would help him quickly pick off something small to get the upgrade. He would then be able to spend the rest of the game with armour 2, double positive to hit and would be hopefully be able to target enemies near the centreline to drop markers. - Lazarus. Similar to the above except with blasts. This would allow me to drop several markers if i'm able to damage a group of enemy models. He has a good range so I could keep him back whilst Titania runs in the middle. He would also become armour 3 so would be super hard to put down, especially considering most players don't expect armour in Neverborn. - Hannah. The extra card in hand is always nice and I will always take the P.magic which allows me more from my control hand. Again the blasts would be nice but the only issue here is making sure that she is the first to kill an enemy. Armour 2 with the positive is always a bonus. The great thing about the above is that they are all cheaper than Nekima and with Hannah I could attach Malifaux Provides to heal her back up. Thoughts? Also, are there any others that you've considered for the Queen's champion?
  8. Hello guys, I'm going to give writing some battle reports a go. The main reasoning is that usually after playing a game I try and think about what plays made me lose/win the game, and what are the points I need to improve on. Therefore I'm trying to write out some battle reports and incorporate my thoughts building my list and picking schemes as well as pointing out where I made mistakes. The goal is to learn more about the game by doing this and to have some fun in the process. I hope you enjoy reading these battle reports and all feedback is very welcome. Greetings, Joachim (aka Jope)
  9. I ordered the alternate Titania when it was announced and then didnt think about it again until just this week when I finally got around to painting it. Apparently there was an error and the original picture with her emerging from a pool of blood was not the actual sculpt. It should be pretty easy to convert it back to the original picture but I cannot find it anywhere online. I asked customer support if they had it and they said they did not either, but I should ask here. Do any of you all out in the Wyrdverse have the original “emerging from a pool of blood” picture that you are willing to share here? thanks
  10. Hi! This ability has the following wording: when in a duel with an enemy Leader, this model may add one suit of its choice to its final duel total when declaring triggers... If you have a Target number with a suit requirement, can you use this ability to obtain the suit you need? Or you fail before declaring triggers?
  11. Hello guys, tonight is the next game with titania, trying to prepare for an upcoming tournament (my first). My cyclops will be arriving soon, so I'm excited about fielding them. This game I'm focussing on aeslin. I'm going to try this list: Titania - behold my glory - audience with the queen - fears given form Gorar Aeslin Doppleganger Rougarou Tooth waldgeist Changeling Wisp Strat: headhunter Schemes: quick murder, show of force, dig their graves, frame for murder I have used Aeslin before and have liked her. Though the problem with titania is that aeslin needs scheme markers for everything she does, and scheme markers are a pretty valuable resource in her crew. So the plan for this game is to try and make a crew that drops a lot of markers and see if that makes her work more. I'm not going extreme in this, I'm still going to build somewhat for strat and schemes etc. I am trying wisps. I have used them with zoraida to great effect, but for different reasons, i.e. summoning the voodoo doll. I a also like their wisps call, depending on the targets in range. But I have never used for the scheme marker drop aura, mainly because it is only 3". However, titania can 1. make really good use out of those scheme marker and 2. has several ways of bringing the opponent closer, and therefore make it easier for the wisp to get into range. Is there anyone using the wisps for this scheme marker dropping, and if so, how do you position them? How are you making it happen? For scheme marker dropping, i'm going for tooth, and rougarou as he just combos so well with him and I need some offense. Doppleganger is there cause she can copy tooths attack for rougarou abuse, and don't mind me is great in headhunter, though she can also go for wicked silence from aeslin if I really need a marker set up for rougarou heal or aeslin damage etc. Especially if i'm able to kill something with pounce abuse, the head will be close by anyway. changeling is there cause cheap activation, and I really like the model, but I haven't hired them yet, usually I summon them with the emissary. I guess his (0) can be good to go and pick up heads. I realise that not having upgrades to contest show of force is a weakness, but I don't really feel like putting 2 upgrades on aeslin will be worth it. The gorar is there cause I love the model, and he actually performed ok last time. He won't drop a head and he might be a distraction.
  12. So the queen has rise? In the last week i've tried Titania with her new upgrade, i think she's need something similar to get the top of neverborn, have you try? What's your feelings? Pact or royal? Let's talk about the up,im so curious to know your ideas about them
  13. No story element this time. Game was too short. Still an interesting Match. Guild Player is improving with his crew, this is the first time for the Neverborn player to run Titania. The terrain is also all brand new. 50mm Orange markers are the Hungry Land markers of the Mysterious Emissary. Standard Deployment Strategy: Interference Schemes: Claim Jump, Dig Their Graves, Accusation, Tail ‘em, Last Stand Guild List: 8 Members, 2 Soulstones Perdita Ortega (Trick Shooting, Os Veo, Aura Ancestal), Enslaved Nephilim, Dr. Grimwell (Research Grant), Francisco Ortega (Wade In), Santiago Ortega, Abuela Ortega (Diestro), Guild Pathfinder Guild Schemes: Last Stand, Tail ‘em Neverborn List: 7 Members, 7 Soulstones Titania (The Forest Reclaims All, An Audience with the Queen, Behold My Glory), Gorar, Aeslin (Taproot), Mysterious Emissary (Mysterious Conflux), The Claw, The Tooth, The Thorn, Neverborn Schemes: Dig their Graves, Tail ‘em Setup Guild set up first. Perdita, Francisco and the Nephilim take up the right side. Santiago and the Pathfinder cover the far left, hoping to create a bottlenecked alleyway that Santiago can defend after the Pathfinder drops some traps. The Doc and Abuela take up the middle, ready to move whichever way they are needed. The Neverborn tend to clump to the middle with the powerhouses in the middle ready to go either way they are needed and the Autumn Knights taking up the flanks. Turn 1 Guild Wins Initiative and goes first Pathfinder places a trap and double walks behind the large train station. The Thorn double walks. Abuela Ortega forces Dr. Grimwell into a shotgun wedding (making him Dr. Ortega, I suppose) and double walks. The Tooth double walks. Santiago Ortega walks, shoots at The Thorn, but The Thorn cheats high and it misses. Aeslin walks and places a scheme marker (prepping for the Mysterious Emissary to turn it into a Changeling). Dr. Grimwell walks three times, pushing Abuela Ortega along for the first walk. Mysterious Emissary walks twice (player realized they didn’t have the right suit to summon a changeling this turn) and summons a Hungry Land marker instead. Francisco Ortega gives El Mayor to Perdita and double walks into the trees and does Finesse for good measure. The Claw walks, issues the Challenge of Winter to Dr. Grimwell and succeeds, dragging Dr. Grimwell through the Hungry Land for 1 damage, then spears him for 2 damage. Perdita Ortega relocates forward and shoots the Mysterious Emissary three times, hitting once for 5 damage. Titania walks, then charges Dr. Grimwell and hits him with one Wicked Silence dropping a scheme marker and doing 2 damage and forcing him to attack only her next activation because of her upgrade. Enslaved Nephilim double walks. Gorar double walks and toes in to the 6 in center while helping to surround Dr. Grimwell. End of Turn: Guild reveals Last Stand. Turn 2 Guild win Initiative Dr. Grimwell activates and takes 2 damage from Thirsty Roots. He then tries to Lobotomize Titania, but it fails and then tries to run, but The Claw keeps him engaged. The Claw attacks Dr. Grimwell, Black Joker negates damage on first attack, misses the second attack. Abuela Ortega walks and takes 1 damage from the Hungry Land. She shoots the Mysterious Emissary for severe damage, dealing it 4 damage and blasting 3 damage to Titania and 2 damage to The Claw (Armor 1) The Mysterious Emissary shuffles around in the Hungry Land a bit to heal 2 damage, then draws and discards two cards for the Tides of Fate, and finally attaks Dr. Grimwell for 2 damage, killing him and scoring 1 point for Dig Their Graves. Perdita Ortega uses trick shooting to shoot around the cover of the barricade at the Mysterious Emissary. First attack misses, second attack misses because of a high cheat by the Mysterious Emissary, last attack hits for 2 damage, bringing it down to 1 health again. The Thorn walks and issues the Challenge of Spring on Santiago Ortega who answers it and pushes up to her. The Thorn then attacks him, but misses. Santiago Ortega attacks The Thorn, hitting both times for 1 damage each because of Armor. Aeslin walks and shoots Abuela Ortega twice for 4 damage total. Perdita Ortega takes 1 of those damage for Abuela. Francisco Ortega shoots the Mysterious Emissary twice, but misses both times. Titania uses Audience with the Queen on Abuela Ortega. It fails, so she does it again and it succeeds. Titania then uses Bloody Command, cheating the suit to give a healing flip to the Mysterious Emissary, healing it back up to 3 health and kills Abuela Ortega. Pathfinder walks twice, currently the only unengaged model in that quarter, and places a trap. The Tooth walks and issues the Challenge of Summer to the Pathfinder, which he answers, pushing into base contact with The Tooth. The Pathfinder misses with their free attack and The Tooth misses with both the free and regular AP attack. The Enslaved Nephilim walks as fast as it can to catch up to everything. End of Turn: Neverborn control both halves of their deployment quarters (Titania and the Claw on the right, Aeslin on the left) and score 1 point for Interference. The Guild control their right side with Perdita and Francisco, but both the Pathfinder and Santiago are engaged on the left side, so the Gulid does not score VP this turn. Also, with only Santiago and Francisco left alive, the Guild can no longer score VP for Last Stand. Neverborn 2 (Interference and Dig Their Graves) Guild 0 Turn 3 Guild win Initiative and go first. Pathfinder relocates the nearby trap to give him advantages on attacks. He then attacks and hits The Tooth twice for 1 damage each. The Mysterious Emissary walks, healing 2 damage (back up to 5 health), summons another Hungry Land Marker, and then attacks Francisco for 2 damage. Francisco Ortega then charges the Mysterious Emissary, eating 5 damage from the Hungry Land marker. He then hits the Mysterious Emissary twice, the first time for 2 damage, bringing it back down to 3 health, then again for sever with a Critical Strike trigger, for 6 damage, but Hard to Kill blocks most of it, bringing it down from 3 to 1 again. Titania walks, uses grants Francisco an Audience with the Queen, and uses a Wicked Silence to drop a scheme marker, then kill him scoring for Dig Their Graves. Perdita Ortega then casts Obey on the Mysterious Emissary, having it attack the Claw, doing 1 damage. She then Shoots the Mysterious Emissary FINALLY killing it, and then shoots and misses The Claw. The game had to be wrapped up at this point so the players could catch the last train. Endgame analysis: It seems that the Neverborn were ahead in a couple of key ways and likely would have carried the game. There were two major factors to the Neverborn advantage in this game. The obvious was that Dig Their Graves is practically designed to favor Titania’s crew as they place so many scheme markers as part of their attacks. The A Wicked Silence is particularly effective as it places a Scheme marker first, then does damage. The other major advantage for the Neverborn was that most of the models had a limited version of Lure (Challenge of the Season, Audience with the Queen, even Aeslin’s Rot and Rend has a pull trigger.) This makes board control extreme in the Neverborn’s favor especially for this Strategy where they could push models into engagement and also good against the Last Stand strategy as they were able to isolate two Enforcers/Henchmen and dispatch them quickly before any points could be scored. The good news for the Guild this game is the Pathfinder didn’t die first turn. This is possibly a first for this particular Pathfinder (same Pathfinder that was Voodoo Dolled to death in an earlier report). The Guild player is learning how to keep it out of harm’s way so it can actually start laying traps. Better strategy for the Guild would have been more shooting and taking more advantage of blocking terrain to stop the Pushes from the Challenges of the Season. Gunline strategy definitely the way to go against the Neverborn.
  14. I've been anxiously awaiting Titania's release since I saw her sculpt, I fell in love with the aesthetic of the crew. It's down to 1 more week before their release and I can't stop thinking about ways to paint and base them. I want to focus on a fairy-tale motif (Titania is the Queen of the Fae in a Midsummer Night's Dream and the whole crew feels very fairy tale to me) The Thorn actively reminds me of Sleeping Beauty, for instance. That being said, I'm unsure what it all means, especially when it come to basing them. (If I could pull off a fairy ring on Titania's base I'd do it in a heartbeat but I don't know how. Oversized mushrooms maybe? Any ideas are welcome, please post pictures, I want inspiration but I'm lost things like color scheme and continuity across the crew.
  15. When Titania hired living model enforcer, it gain the Undead and Fea. Can I use Taproot on this model?
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    My vision of how fae queen breaks free from her ancient prison
  17. "When the Queen returns, let lose the Pigs!!!" - Ulix Hello folks, here we are with some battle report of a battle we played yesterday that lasted nearly 7h of playing, because both of us didnt want to make anymistakes, had the time and overthought every move twice before we made it. It was intense and exhausting! But also it was so much fun :D. It was a 50 Soulstone battle. The pictures are at Turn 1, End of turn 2 and End of battle. So here are the Schemes and Strategies and of course the Crews: Strategy: Turf War Schemepool: Deliver a message, Protect Territory, Take Prisoner, Bodyguard and a Line in the Sand. Deployment: Standard My opponents crew: Neverborn Titania (Behold my glory/The queens champion) Primordial Magic Barbaros The Thorn The Claw The Tooth Aeslinn Doppelganger (We later found out, that he had spent 2 Soulstones more than he could, but didnt chage it at all, because we were midgame) My crew: Gremlins Ulix (Husbandry) Old Cranky Old Major (Corn Husks) Gracie McTavish Gremlin Taxidermist Slop Hauler Before Turn 1: My opponent (Markus) immediately reveals both of his schemes, which are „Deliver a Message“ and „A Line in the Sand“. I am pretty happy about him revealing it, because i like to know what i am up to. In my case i didn't reveal any of my stuff and chose „Take Prisoner“ on Titania and „Protect Territory“, because my piggles can drop schemes for 0AP. I won the deplayment flip and wanted him to start the deployment. He won the initiative and wanted me to start the round. Turn 1: The first turn I pretty much had in mind, what I wanted to do. I just move some models forward with 1 AP and drop scheme markers for the “Triangle of Doom!”. I immediately spent a Soulstone to draw 2 additional cards and make sure I can summon 2 piglets and a Warpig if I met the requirements without too much interruption. So I moved the taxidermist and Old Cranky forward while dropping schemes. Titania sent forth his knights and immediately rushed in with Barbaros and “Challenged” everything withing 8'', which caught my Old Major within its zone. We advanced a bit and I let gracie take the lead as I used reactive on her to be able to move later on again and heal her up with the slop hauler that followed “the old pig knowing the way”. Major also dropped a scheme of complete the triangle of Doom for summoning the “War Wabbit”. Markus placed his Titania on top of a ruin to get the overview, while thorn and Tooth tried to flank me but got shot at from McTavish stand on this side. Ulix then activated to summon 2 Piglets and a War Wabbit spreading wounds and getting some more models on the field. Gracie was then challenged the first time from a knight and she couldnt do anything else then walking towards him and getting stabbed. The Slop Haulers heals right up everybody after Ulix cared about his piglets getting 2 dmg and healing 4 Pigs up. So Ulix got 6 dmg total and got 2 wounds back, sitting at 4. Turn 2: We both are eager to start the turn, but Markus wins the initiative, leaving me with a pretty bad hand, so I spend another Soulstone to draw and discard 2 cards. But no luck again for me...leaving me with one 10 as the highest card and then a straightline from 7 downwards. While I try to save Gracie from all the challenges pouring down on her giving her negative effects, I can`t get a hold of her or give her any healing effects and she is close to dying, but put up a good fight! I send forth Old Cranky to support my Gracie which is looking pretty rough at that time. And before I can protect him with my war wabbit, he gets slaughtered in 1 attack from Barbaros. and again Markus lets Barbaros walk in the middle of the Turf and get the “Challenge” up and running, effecting pretty much every model I have. This is where the tough time started...and where I screwed up pretty badly. And I wanted to hit my head on the table...plenty of times... Okay, time to go aggressive and let some pigs fly! I succeed on the cast and my pigs are now free to fly around! He also summons a little stuffed piglet, that sits in fron of Titania and 2 other models of him. But he lures the stuffed out with some challenges of the autumn knights and gets it to a safe zone to explode. I luckily flip the suit that makes it explode for 1 dmg in 4''. Markus then proceeds to attack Gracie and finishes her off after some heavy lifting to kill her. Unable to Call forth another Pork, I choose to activate Old Major and he goes forward and puts titania into a rough spot. I use ulix who succeeds the challenge trigger and cast prod on my war rabbit which happens to attack Barbaros with a ram...and succeeds so it immediately charges titania...which is bad for me, because I have take Prisoner and I dont want to attack or kill her. McTavish binds thorn and Tooth and eats some markers too, as do my piglets while dropping schemes for 0!!! This was a pretty awesome ability for me, digesting around 8-10 markers in the whole game and getting healing out of it. His Doppelganger than copied the spear of the Claw and tried to throw at my war wabbit with a little bit of success. Old Major just does some movement action and making sure my charges are devastating, again leading the way for my slop hauler and ulix taking a ride. We both score for Turf War victory points: Gremlins 1 – Neverborn 1 Turn 3: We both know this is a crucial turn and really want to begin to get most activations out of our models, before some of them are killed. Again this time I use a Soulstone to get some better cards, but can find myself with a 12, which enables Call forth the pork. Because of his doppelganger, he is allowed to cheat the initiative, which he does and immediately let Barbaros walk in to challenge AGAIN (dude, this one is getting on my nerves pretty badly...) and he even manages to finish off the slop hauler, whos plan was to slop Barbaros up and then rush him with my pigs...but DENIED! So I have a pretty bad situation at hand. All my models are under this effect and I burn my cards like hell! McTavish does a good jo keeping the other knights at bay, while eating some schemes. His Titania then activates and does her AoE skill where everyone is forced to make a WP duelor a scheme is put in basecontact. I flip THREE 1s in a row and get schemed all along! This sounds not too bad, but whenever I activate a pig, I suffer 2 dmg when a scheme is in base contact...so he leaves me with no other choice, than call forth the pork and immediately propper care for my pigs. He then Prods the war wabbit, which is at 7 wounds, hitting his Primordial Magic for 2 and then for...a Black Joker...oh my gosh...this was bad timing for sure...Markus then activates his Knights and Aeslin doing some nice damage to the War Wabbit leaving it with 3 wounds remaining...my choice is clear now. Activate the war wabbit, take 2 dmg and eating this strange magic thingy and chew on it like it was gum! First attack...fails, I have no cards to cheat and he spends some of his cards to make this even harder. But then I flip a solid 10 and he is unable to cheat it to a number I cannot beat. The war wabbit did his job! He gets a mouthful and falls to sleep his wounds off. 11 wounds healed at this time! PHEW! That was close...but Titania still within my pigs binding them to her...He wasn't as relieved as I was after this attack as you can imagine. By this time he heals all of his wounds on Titania through schmes and it is useless to hit her anymore. But he takes his revenge and lets tooth and thorn finish off my McTavish in a pretty brutal way...even the gator was stunned...or slowed from that ability of thorn...i do not like it... And now Target No. 1 has become Barbaros, because he is draining my cards. I activate the War Pig, charge Barbaros...with minor success because he became Titanias Champion as he killed the Slop hauler. The taxidermist gets to work now and gets pushed away, so he charges in and skins this dude alive! More corpse markers and finally free of this annoying model. The dust of war clears out and while having summoned 4 models with a value of 16 Soulstones, I still do have less than Markus. Not a single model killed except for the primordial magic. I then send out a piglet to eat some schemes, while he uses thorn to pull this piglet into engagement and finish it off with a spear through my porcine friend. The other piglet just runs around dropping schemes and eating his to prevent dmg on activation. End of Round 3. Models lost: Gremlins: Gracie, Slop Hauler, Old Cranky, 1 piglet, 1 stuffed piglet, Neverborn: Primordial Magic. We both score for Turf Points: 2:2 Turn 4: Again we both want to begin and the doppelganger allows him again to start the round. Seeing his Titania in the middle of 2 War pigs (one of it a war wabbit, which he still denies the “pig” trait, because it is fluffy!) and old major makes him rethink his positioning...he decides to use titania first and immediately uses the scheme AoE effect again. I dont have any use for my high cards and with some lucky flips I manage to deny all of his potential scheme markers with only 1 card to cheat. He does some damage to my pigs while dropping 1 scheme again. I activate Ulix who sits behind the big pigs and proper care and prod the hell out of my war pigs, getting crows and rams again to heal and rush around. I use proper care again and immediately a Soulstone to prevent dmg. Luckily enough I manage to heal my pigs up and survive this with my Ulix. He proceeds to pull out his titania with aeslin as she shoots into this engagement and hitting titania twice but one time with the trigger to pull her out. The this cast goes against the war pig blocking LoS for his doppelganger and Claw to attack my ulix who sits at 1 Wd with 1 Soulstone left. At this point he tells me, that the way is soon clear enough to kill of my master, even though I know that he has the deliver a massage scheme. He the unleash a flurry of spearthrows on Ulix with Claw and Doppelganger copying it. As the wall of pork stands, Ulix denies nearly every single attack and is able to defend his 1 Wd. But then 1 attack comes through and he is unable to deny it...i got 0 Soulstones left for dmg prevention or my pigs go rampant...lets hope for the best. He is on only 1 -flip and the first card he reveals is a red joker...Okay, he is gone, nevermind. He flips the 2nd card...and it is a Black Joker. I mean what are the odds? Holy Smokes, my master lives!!! (Which turns out later on is pretty bad...in this case) He had his turn already, but he lives for another round! My pigs freed again because titania is finally gone, I charge EVERYTHING in LoS immediately, gaining bonus on every single attack and dmg and manage to eat the Tooth alive with my warpig. Old major just goes a bit forward before he is engaged with the thorn and titania. My piglet drops a scheme and eats his, again :D. End of Turn 4. Casualties this round: Gremlins: McTavish Neverborn: Tooth We both score for Turf War Points: 3-3 Turn 5: We flip for initiative and he wins again. I had the luck to draw a red joker two very low cards and 3 average. He softens up my war wabbit with aeslin pulling it towards them while dropping scheme markers. 2 are now on the centre line. My turn. I immediatley recognize that if I can eat 1 scheme marker from the centre line and let my master die, he cannot win anymore. Worst case he pulls away my old major and I still got 1 scheme marker for protect territory. We didn`t know how the ruling was, so I didnt activate ulix to prod and proper care for a suicidal action. In fact this was a possible option, because nothing states the opposite (had it cleared out in the forum later on). So in this case I waste a whole activation of my master and charge my own master with the last piglet alive. I cheat his defense down and dont use the trigger and my own piglet finishes off its own master...unable to charge thorn which is behind a pillar, I must take the charge action, ut with major still alive the pig cannot charge own pigs and so he charges into the lovely couple that shared spears all the time. The doppelganger and Claw. Without damage but binding 2 models with one piglet I am pretty happy about this outcome, although I was not able to eat the scheme marker in the middle. His Doppelganger hits with her fists, because she is unable to do anything else. My Warpig kills of thorn and manages to walk in the middle to eat a scheme marker. By then he suspects me to have “take prisoner” and has one chance to do something against this. He tries to walk away from the piglet and succeeds and I put down my red joker to deny it...he doesn't even try again, because he could only walk and not get the cast down at this point. Score: Neverborn: A Line in the Sand (revealed): 0 Deliver a message (revealed): 0 Turf War: 4 Gremlins: Protect territory: 1 (I was stupid...i thought the markers must be WITHIN 6' of the deployment zone...) Take Prisoner: 2 Turf War: 4 This brings us to a total of 4-7 for the porcine Horde, with a great sacrifice of Ulix. All in all we had a blast playing this game and it was much fun! The last games I had the feeling that it nearly always comes down to “kill the enemy crew and you win” but this time I didn't have that feeling. Of course it is nice to deny your opponent options by killing models, but it is not the only way to do so. That is what I liked most after this match and what keeps my hopes up that malifaux isn't just killing off the opponent. We had a great time and I hope you enjoyed reading this battle report. See you in the Bayou!
  18. Hello guys, I'm playing a game in about two weeks and both players declared neverborn. I currently own Zoraida and Titania cause of aesthetic reasons and I also like to play at least partially thematic crews. That said, I'm wondering what you guys consider the best choice of crew given the models I have, neverborn opponent and schemes and strat. Alternatively if you think I really miss a certain category of model or a model in specific pls tell me and it might influence my purchase plans. I own the following models: - Zoraida crew box - Titania crew box - McTavish - Bayou gators - Waldgeist (proxy, getting them anyway in the near future) - Rougarou - Mysterious emissary - Changelings - Wisps This is the scheme pool: strat: Collect the bounty schemes: - claim jump - eliminate the leadership - frame for murder - leave your mark - hunting party Greetings, Joachim.
  19. Hey all! Finally ordered my first set for Malifaux, after getting puppet wars:unstitched. I have ordered The queens return, Nekima, and Stitched together. I love the sculpt for titania over the one for the current rasputina. My reasons for getting this are mostly asthetic, with synergies as an after thought. I like the idea of teddy in a Titania list, but I am reserved at the moment. I have played a demo game (last year) and have put a lot of thought about what I want out of the game. (Fun) I am looking for some hilarious combos. What suggestions do you have?
  20. I've been trying to think of a good way to do the bases for Titania's box set, I keep coming up with A Midsummer Night's Dream and/or Alice Descent into Madness with the large mushrooms and aethereal mix of autumn colors with colors that I think are very 'Malifaux' the purples and reds, etc. I'm just not really sure how to go about creating mushroom type effects/forest bases. The models all very much have a fairy tale feel to them, and being that Titania is Queen of the Fae/Queen of the Neverborn, I really want to convey that into the bases.
  21. Joachim


    Hello guys, I've recently acquired the titania box and going to try her out in the next game. I really like the models aesthetically and I like to play crews that are thematic in stead of just a group of models that have strong synergy or are just strong models by themselves. So I am planning to play most of the titania box and the mysterious emissary. What are your opinions on aeslin though? The autumn knights seem pretty strong, but aeslin is 9ss, she does seem to have her tricks and for example the - to ca aura could potentially be very strong but with the mysterious emissary as well I'm afraid my crew will lack damage. Does anyone have experience with aeslin and how to play her, what schemes and strats make her shine, what other models does she synergize very well with? Greetings, Joachim.
  22. Hello all, I was Theory-Faux'ing and playing around with Nellie and Brutal Emissary combos and as good as the generic conflux upgrade is, many of the emissaries generic conflux upgrades are far inferior to master-specific upgrades not including all the synergy the specific upgrades offer. I wonder if there were any rumors of wave 4 upgrades on the horizon. Better yet, to make this post more fun, what would you craft if you could design the wave 4 conflux upgrade? I’d love to hear clever ideas that are not too broken. The wonderful thing about the master-specific upgrades is that they synergies yet are not broken. Wyrd didn’t want to relive the brokenness of the campaign upgrades again and did a great job imo. I would love to hear ideas that are fun but not OP, any ideas?
  23. Hey all, So since I got my grubby little mits on Ripples of Fate, I've been all about the Queen, I've played a few games with her and feel I've gotten a pretty good grasp on her, but still want to learn from other people's experiences. So I thought I'd kinda do what Daniello has done on the Outcasts Forum and start what will hopefully be a pretty epic thread with Tacticas, thoughts on models, crew builds, links to Battle reports and so forth. So to begin with, I thought I'd post my initial thoughts on the Queen after a few games. Titania 101, Da Git’s way So, I’ve been having a few games with Titania recently, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on how I’ve been playing her. While I don’t think she’s the be-all-and-end-all of power masters and can’t see her overthrowing say Lilith/Dreamer at the top of the Neverborn competitive scene, she does have a lot going for her and she has been a lot of fun once I got a grasp on how I think she should be played. First off, everyone’s been harping on about her tankiness and yes, compared to our other masters, she takes a hit a lot better, like Seamus, I think she should never be thrown in the middle of the enemy crew or you’re gunna end up with a dead (and not in the good UNdead way) queen. So keeping the Seamus theme, I’ve been playing her as a bit of a skirmisher like a mosquito, buzzing around the edges of the conflict (pissing people off!), but never in the middle. So, in this way she doubles as an enabler/debuffer using her Bloody Command Action and its Triggers combined with the Behold My Glory Upgrade. Bloody Command is a really solid Action. With a range of 8” (or Melee 2”) without a gun icon, you can freely shoot into engagements. Sure, it’s damage track is not really what you’d expect on a Master, but that’s not what you’re taking it for. To highlight this, all of the Triggers are after succeeding, so even if the SS away the damage, you still get the trigger. So let’s talk about these Magical Triggers (in order of importance, IMO): Behold My Glory: This one is where it’s at, stopping all attacks that aren’t directed at Titania unless they discard 2 cards is beyond huge. It’s also built in! I’ve had Izamu and Ohaguro engaged with Teddy and basically just pass their activations as they didn’t have any cards left! As good as paralyse! Then Teddy butchered Izamu and he couldn’t even have a proper Warrior’s Death! Neverborn are well known for their Glass Hammers and this is a fantastic way to keep the likes of Teddy, Nekima, Hooded Rider, etc safe. This plan is unfortunately not full proof (probably good for the game!). Some things to be aware of with this would be of course Condition Removal and crews that can draw lots of cards to burn… Special mention here goes out to Lynch, whose Ace in the Hole Ability can halve or completely negate this Condition with one or two aces. “Deal With him”: This one is also great for getting all of the aforementioned beaters into place and doing their thing. As noted above, Titania’s forte is not her damage spread, but with this trigger, she can apply Nekima’s impressive damage spread where needed. My Loyal Subject: As noted, Neverborn is full of glass hammers, with very little in-faction healing, so this one is solid, but the other two are better! They can’t hit you if they’re staring at the Queen or being buried by her lackeys afterall! Into Thorns: Like Behold My Glory, this one is also built in, but much more situational. This one suits the more aggressive style of Titania where she’s getting stuck in laying down Scheme Markers galore with A New Harvest, A Wicked Silence, the Forest Claims All Upgrade or her crew’s efforts. If you’re going that route, this could be good, but I like Titania as a skirmisher. For me, most of her other stuff is not every turn stuff, but usually I’ve been utilising everything at least once in a game. So all of this is not to say A Wicked Silence is not great, far from it! If you do get caught with your pants (not entirely sure she’s wearing any, but what the hey!) down then this could be a good attack to get out of dodge with the Trigger. It also targets Willpower and Neverborn have lots of things that key of Wp duels like Sorrows, Insidious Madnesses, Teddy’s Smell Fear, etc. Combining them all, this little attack could certainly rack up a bit of damage, then apply Bloody Command with the Into Thorns trigger for max carnage! (Note, this is the best case scenario, it’s unlikely all the stars will align too often! Both her Tactical Actions are (0)s and do good things for her, A New Harvest allows her to deal some passive damage (again good if your hanging around the edges and the opponent is engaged and shaking at Titania’s Glory) This requires two simple duels however, so is far from reliable,, but it can also drain an opponent’s hand. It also makes schemes like Detonate the Charges, fairly simple (this is basically guaranteed 3VP for Titania!) Coming from a Ten Thunders background, I love pushes! The Queen Has Risen, is another great get out of dodge if Titania, or one of her plebs is engaged with someone they don’t want to be. It’s a little costly, but it’s another way of discarding your Scheme Markers if they’re in the wrong place (say, too close for Convict Labour). You can also discard enemy Schemes too! Great to mess with their schemes or Schemy masters like Colette/Parker/Asami/etc. As for upgrades, as a Skirmisher, the only Must Have Upgrade is Behold My Glory. The others I’ve been taking are: The Queen’s Champion, this one makes your heavy beater even better and tougher, as well as dropping Scheme Markers galore. So far it’s been amazing in half my games and useless in the other half, so I’m still undecided on it. The last one is An Audience With The Queen. As a Placement, not a Push, this is could have been huge, but you can’t target Leaders. Still on the fence here too. The range on The Forest Claims all is too short for this build. Aether Connection is nice to have, but hopefully Titania shouldn’t be copping too much heat to warrant it. If you do decide to go down the aggressive, in-your-face Titania, I think a combination of Fears Given Form, An Audience with the Queen, The Forest Claims All, Aether Connection and Behold My Glory would serve you well. This should let her take several hits and still keep coming as well as stop them from running away and doing what they want. Really though, I’d probably say Pandora does the whole Whirlpool of Doom™ thing better. Overall though I’ve found this a good approach to get her killed, there’s simply too many high damage models for ItW to save her. Thoughts? Anything I've missed?
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