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  1. I feel like I haven't given Drachen enough of a chance, just because blasts on every damage level plus mass hysteria has such a great ceiling. I think there's probably play to being super aggressive with them, maybe with some extra explosives packed on to really threaten overly bunched up crews.
  2. Desolation needs a lot of support to be a useful model. It's a great attrition piece if it can get stuck in before losing all its wounds. Between the built in heal on attacks, servant of dark powers, and the entropy healing off of levi, it can drain tank quite effectively. Its main weaknesses are a lack of bonus action and low defense, but the built in trigger and htw can still make it trade favorably. I've had some success with bringing von Schill along to support it. Getting a leap in combination with the Herald move on SodP means it can get quite far up the board, resolving a lot o
  3. Brawler is also a great target to essence transfer onto, with the built in HtK. Especially with the almost certain upcoming Levi nerfs, it will be interesting to see if this emerges as a major Levi archtype.
  4. This almost entirely depends on the value you're getting off of stealth. In some games, it's the best ability on the card, and other matchups it does literal nothing. Being a hench is also incredibly relevant on a flanker/skirmish piece.
  5. Stat 7 toss in the mud does make Juju a *very* reliable piece for moving models off of objectives, which is relevant to a lot of things in GG1.
  6. The three lists I've seen have any success into cadmus are: von Schtook: huge damage output, similar ruthless efficiency, convert their summons into your summons Dreamer: large amounts of WP based damage and efficient summoner Sonia: Spelleater based hand control from berserker husk's built in trigger, huge amounts of area damage at range Cadmus has a deceptively large amount of mobility that make control soft control strategies difficult if not paired with sufficient damage output to control the swarm.
  7. A good starting point on 'can this list fight nexus' is to answer the question 'can this list reliably deal >20 damage to htw models every turn'. While the obey pressure is helpful in the AP trade, without answering that core question, it seems like a difficult task to overcome the ruthless efficiency of the crypto oriented crews.
  8. I think you're catching a little more flack than is really deserved. I can see where you're coming from with identifying some of the problem models, even if some of the suggested changes may be a bit over reaching or excessive. That's definitely the space where I'm going to defer to the more experienced game designers to identify some more light touch and elegant solutions. The issue with peacekeeper for instance is that he's already very strong in his keyword so any buffs there could be an issue, while he struggles to find space as a versatile model. Slightly easier access to power to
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