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  1. Heya Breachers! The discussion topic for last week’s article was surprising moments in play for your players. Here’s what @stump_chunkman shared with us! Sometimes, inspiration for a session or campaign just hits you, but what to do when you’re struggling for inspiration? Say you’ve got the itch to start on your game’s next session, but you’ve just finished an storyarc and you don’t know where they should go next. Perhaps you want to add some Fatemaster Characters that are inspired by history, or want to add some new threats or locations to your games. Well, let’s talk about some
  2. Heya Breachers! As many of you saw in Waldo’s Weekly, Days Without Accident is available on drivethrurpg! I’m super excited for this book, so this week I’m going to be talking about some of the things I love about Wyrd’s newest Penny Dreadful. Now, I’m going to do my best not to spoil anything, because I really hope all of you get to play Days Without Accident or read through it as a Fatemaster. This means I’m going to talk more about design elements of the Penny Dreadful instead of focusing on the plot. This Penny Dreadful has a lot of pathways and options for Fatemasters and pla
  3. Heya Breachers! NOTE: Sorry for the late post, I got a little overzealous with yard work and have been out of commission for a couple days. Battling Waldgeist is not for the faint of heart or weak of body! This week, I look at our newest Augment, and begin a short series called “Online Exploits” to look more into online playing platforms and how to use them for Through the Breach. First, let’s look at the newest Augment, the Spelleater! This Augment was posted for Waldo’s Weekly, and the redacted parts make it full of mystery. Take a look here! The Spelleater is a strong su
  4. Fantabulous Friday Breachers! Apologies for the lack of an article last week, the pollen this spring has really done a number on me. Armed with better allergy medication and far too many energy drinks, I have a heckin’ large chonk of an article for y’all this week. With the Wyrd Easter Sale making the TTB Kickstarter-exclusive Hannah included for orders of 300$USD or more, I thought now is an apt time to look at converting Malifaux Cards to TTB Fatermaster Characters! Strap in, because this is going to be a long post folks. So maybe you or your players have a specific Malifaux charac
  5. Heya Breachers! This week, I’m taking a look at the newest Penny Dreadful to release, Uncontainable! But before we do, let’s look at what @stump_chunkman had to say about converting characters from one game to another! You can read the rest here! Now, while holed up in your house, practicing good social distancing, why not pass the time playing an online TTB game about… *checks notes* destroying a new outbreak. Oh… well this is a little timely, as I’m sure if you’re like me you’re doing your part to kick this pandemic right where it hurts! Uncontainable written by our
  6. Fortuitous Friday Breachers! This week is another topic picked from right here on the TTB forum. Back in January @Faux_St_Hooligan made a post about changing the flavor of the Medium Pursuit. Here’s what they said: @MattM popped into that thread to help, but this topic is one that shows something I love dearly about Through the Breach. This system allows, and even encourages cosmetic customization for many aspects of the game. I’m going to visit interesting ways to change up the cosmetics in a campaign to suit your needs! As Matt mentioned in that thread, changing the flavor
  7. Heya Breachers! Last week I delved into ideal One Shots to get new players introduced to the ‘Fauxverse. Here’s what @Hellomurse said about their first Penny Dreadful: Take a look at the rest of his reply here! I’ve been diving into the lore of the ‘Fauxverse, and there is so much learn and piece together from the decade of world building and story that has come from the unique minds at Wyrd. Yet, there is still a healthy amount of mystery and unknowns in the world of Malifaux, and that makes the world more intriguing. The creative team isn’t about to reveal their whole hand
  8. Heya Breachers! I’m gearing up for some travel, so this week my topic is about a question I see often enough on this forum and the TTB Facebook group. Most recently @Harlekin asked a variation of this. Here’s his forum post: After you’re done with this week’s Fatemaster Friday, head over to the thread and give your two cents to a prospective new Fatemaster! When it comes to Through the Breach, it can be hard to decide where to start with a group of new players. Picking the right Penny Dreadful can be very difficult. You want something accessible to players who are new to th
  9. Fantabulous Friday Breachers! Last week we took a look at subordinate Fatemaster Characters in TTB and different ways to utilize them. Here’s what @WDeseron had to say about subordinate characters: See the rest of the comments here. This week we’re delving into the Guild of Mercantilers, with the help of Above the Law. This faction expansion is a must for any Fatemaster wanting to bring the Guild into their games with more than the base NPCs found in the 2nd Edition Core Book. Make sure your papers are in order and you’re not carrying any contraband, because we’re getting up
  10. Heya Breachers! Last week I asked about unusual settings you like for TTB, and @Raines228 had this to say: You can see the rest of the comment here. Now, if you’re anything like me, an adventure is always better with minions… I mean friends! Subordinate characters in TTB are useful and take many forms. Let’s take a closer look at subordinate characters and the unique forms they can take. There are a multitude of Pursuits that gain or affect subordinate characters. Criminal, Graverobber, and Tinkerer are each Corebook Pursuits that utilize subordinate characters in differ
  11. ‘Fauxtastic Friday Breachers! This week I want to showcase our newest TTB Penny Dreadful, The Dead Tide! But first, here’s what @The13Fates had to say about planning for game sessions: See the rest of their reply here! Now, the Black Friday/Wyrd Birthday Sale saws the debut of Mary “Blacktongue” Bonnet and her frightening crew. The Dead Tide dumps the Fated aboard her cursed ship, and the need to find their way off of it, or face being press ganged into service under Captain Bonnet. The adventure begins, innocently enough, with an Auction. Hired to act as intermediaries
  12. Fantastic Friday Breachers! While the Wyrd road team are at LVO, I’m treating my extreme case of FOMO by planning my next Through the Breach campaign. Before I get into that, let’s see what @Preposition_the_Noun posted about the flavors of TTB games they favor as Fatemasters. Now, the planning for a TTB campaign varies from Fatemaster to Fatemaster. Some spend a great amount of care and planning to account for most anything the players may want to do, while other Fatemasters have a vague outline formed and improvise as needed. Personally, I’m about the middle of that spectrum. Reg
  13. Flu-tastic Friday Breachers! I’m still on the mend from my brush with Plague, and it’s been a week of comfort seeking behavior for me. Favorite movies, comforting foods, my army of plush opossums guarding me… and looking back on my tabletop RPG roots. But before I chug along on the nostalgia train, let’s look at what @Shadowopal had to say about working with groups that have scheduling conflicts: Now, I don’t know about y’all, but one of my first RPG experiences was a good old fashioned dungeon crawl. Slogging through enemies and looking for loot is a part of many players’ experie
  14. Heya Breachers! It seems I’m starting 2020 as a casualty of the Piper’s Plague. I hope to heal up soon, and that my urge to climb into the sewers subsides! Now, every Fatemaster, GM, DM or ST runs into the same problem, no matter the system. You’ve got all your notes for the session, snacks on the table and an appropriately atmospheric soundtrack, when the messages start coming in. “I can’t go out tonight.” “My dog’s sick.” “I’ve been eaten by a Grue.” Or, in the case of my household currently, a series of moans and wails the devolve into coughing fits. Ge
  15. ‘Fauxtastic Friday Breachers! With the addition of Wyrd’s newest Game Designer, Fatemasters have been treated to a brand spanking new concept to add to their games. The past two Waldo’s Weekly have included Augments in addition to showing off amazing models for the upcoming Black Friday Sale, but let’s take a more in depth look at Augments and their place in Through the Breach! While Emeline Bellerose has done a fabulous job cataloging the various creatures of Malifaux, the recent Augments show that there are more than just the beasties that the former Agent Bellerose has observed. B
  16. Heya Breachers! This week the Grand Malifaux Tour resumes with a trip through the Badlands! Before we head deep into Nephilim territory, let’s see what @The13Fates said regarding who they’d want to see Zoraida make a puppet of: You can see other folks’ thoughts, or add your own here. The Badlands lay southwest of Malifaux City and is an expanse of hard soil and sparse vegetation. It’s pretty harsh place to live, but for many hoping to start a life in Malifaux it’s their chance at that dream. The settlers of the Badlands are most often backed by the Guild’s resettlement progr
  17. Fantastic Friday Breachers! The Malifaux Grand Tour continues this week as we chug along and the air grows colder around us. While you grab a blanket and a hot mug of cocoa, let’s see what @WDeseron said about the Northern Hills. Ten Peaks in the farthest North anyone has mapped of Malifaux. What lies beyond the actual 12 mountains is a mystery to nearly everyone. While a harsh and frigid area, Ten Peaks isn’t without inhabitants of its own. Let’s bundle up, and make our way through the most remote area of Malifaux and those that live there. The climate of Ten Peaks is harsh
  18. Heya Breachers! The Grand Malifaux Tour continues this week and we’re venturing out beyond the walls of Malifaux City into the frontier town and wilderness Malifaux has to offer. Before the train departs the station, let’s see what @Strype McClaine had to say about Malifaux superstitions: We’re headed to the Northern Hills this week. This area is the lifeline of Malifaux City’s prosperity; the Northern Hills are full of soulstone and valuable ores that the Guild relies on for export Earthside. The Miner & Steamfitters Union exerts great control in the Northern Hills, using thr
  19. Felicitous Friday Breachers! Today I’m taking a break from the Malifaux Grand Tour to discuss one of my personal favorites in Wyrd’s catalogue of Penny Dreadfuls and One Shots. Before I get into the bits and bobs of it, let’s see what @Kaiser Senpai said about last week’s question! You can read the rest of their reply and others here! Now, this week we’re jumping into a surreal adventure that puts the Fated in a rather strange position, No Strings Attached. This Penny Dreadful is one of my favorites because it’s light-hearted and fun while still remaining true to the nature o
  20. Heya Breachers! This week our Malifaux Grand Tour takes us into the Bayou, a sordid and dangerous place. Before we start though, let’s see what @War Disciple has to say about the true nature of the Soulstone Geode: Now, get on your waders, because we’re about to be hip deep in the murky, gator filled waters of the Bayou! The last bastion of civilization before the depths of the Bayou is a lackadaisical town called Edge Point. It’s surprisingly peaceful town that boasts a low crime rate and Edge Point Station, where trains head out to settlements in the Badlands with much n
  21. Heya Breachers! I've written up a swell piece on what I love about In Defense of Innocence, but when I checked my calendar I just couldn't post it. It's just asking for a gift from Waldo to post anything like that on Friday the 13th, and I'm not one to tempt Fate (even if it's just Waldo claiming to be Fate's will.) So instead, I'm going with something a little more appropriate. Friday the 13th is upon us, and October is just around the corner. Even though the temperature here isn't feeling very autumnal, the spookiest time of year looms ahead. And well, we love us some spooky here
  22. Happy Friday Breachers! With Autumn upon us here in the US, it’s a great time to start getting into the Halloween spirit. @Vorzakk 2.0 seems to be of a similar mind based on their response to last week’s question, as they said: You can see the other responses here. This week I’m going to explore ways to utilize our spookiest expansion, Under Quarantine, to up the creep factor with your campaign. As I mentioned in the Malifaux Grand Tour post, there is a great deal of unique and engaging areas within the Quarantine Zone, and likewise, Under Quarantine has a great deal
  23. Phenomenal Friday Breachers! Thanks for being part of the Malifaux City leg of my Grand Malifaux Tour! At a pace on par with the Iron Ram, we flew past a lot of locations at a brisk pace. Look out for more in depth explorations in the future! But, while the tour is preparing for the wilds of Malifaux, let’s take a look at a wonderful aspect of character progression in TTB, Talents! But first, here’s what @The13Fates had to say about making Malifaux City a character of its own in a campaign: See the rest of their comment here! Talents in TTB allow for a great deal of customiz
  24. Fantastic Friday Breachers! Last week our Grand Malifaux Tour took us into the Quarantine Zone. I asked to see what your folk appreciate about the Quarantine Zone, and here’s what @WyrdGM had to say about our favorite “no man’s land” within Malifaux City: See the rest of their comment, and others', here! This week I’m wrapping up the tour’s exploration of Malifaux City with a look at the New Construction Zones and the Slums! Let’s start with the New Construction Zones! The (NCZ) are areas to the north and south of Downtown and The Industrial Zone where industrious settlers h
  25. Fabulous Friday Breachers! This week we continue our tour of Malifaux, specifically within Malifaux City. There was a prevailing theme to most of the answers for last week’s mail call, so let’s take a look at @The13Fates' answer for an idea on our next stop on the Malifaux Grand Tour! See the rest of the comment, and everyone else's here! The Quarantine Zone was established years before the Piper’s Plague, but the disease left in the wake of the Tyrant Plague’s awakening has imparted a lasting fear of any sickness and some good folk flee to the zone rather than take a bul
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