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  1. That helped Solkan! Specifically found this thread: http://www.vassalengine.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10776&sid=0f457368908f7e685c9b23bbec8c2d8e which gave me a tweaked version of Vassal that helps bypass the issue which seems to be a problem of newer versions of Java not jiving with Vassal correctly. According to the thread it seems to be a known issue that is being corrected in a coming update to Vassal.
  2. I'm on OS 10.15 (Catalina I think it is). The only dialog box I get when trying to open Vassal after installing is the one attached below. I of course select Open, but then nothing happens and the dialog box doesn't come up any more after that unless I trash Vassal and try reinstalling.
  3. Yes. Before I installed Java I was getting the error message about needing a JRE or whatever it was. After installing Java I have this new weirdness of the program launching, but not actually opening. (The program appears in my dock, but doesn't get the little dot under it to show that it's an active process).
  4. Ok, so I got a new computer, but it's a Mac (not a fan, but needed it for school). I've tried installing Vassal but I can't seem to get it to work at all. Every time I try to run it, the icon just hops once or twice, but the program never launches. HELP!
  5. I've done this exact thing and I found the extra card draw to really help Dreamer out with finding his high masks for summons
  6. Actually, I think that the decision to make Terror Tots Minion (3) and Young Nephilim Minion (4) has more to do with past packaging. You could only buy Terror Tots in groups of 3 unless you got models from someone who was parting out individual models, so as a result it doesn't make sense to make them Minion (4) and make it awkward for people to try to find a way to get that 4th model if they want to field max allowance. Likewise, the Young Nephilim were available in a box that contained 2 of them, so their field allowance is kept to a multiple of 2 (in this case 4) This also makes it stand to reason that whatever box Terror Tots will be in (presumably Nekima's new box) will also include 3 Terror Tots rather than some other multiple of the models.
  7. I think Swig is going to be using some sort of Molly crew... thinking likely that Horror summoning Molly would go well with that scheme and strat pool.
  8. While I can see some merit in the idea of open hiring as an alternate rule, I would hate to see it become the norm primarily due to what Ludvig says about it making the game appeal less to newcomers (especially newcomers to wargames as a whole). The game already can be incredibly overwhelming to a new player if they pick up certain Masters as it is (Nicodem, Dreamer, Leveticus, Zoraida) due to their large summoning/hiring pools. I think the toughest part about removing cross-faction hiring would be that it seems to me that it's what the Ten Thunders Faction is pretty much built around. While the faction has developed it's own identity with many exclusive models, many of those models are still able to be hired by their respective 'section leader' Master. I'm not sure what would happen with Ten Thunders if they were to completely eliminate cross-faction hires. That said, I do feel like there's a lot of potential to clean up hiring pools a bit so that certain masters don't end up potentially skewing the results due to their impact on wide aspects of the game (Leveticus and Zoraida being the main ones that come to mind due to being able to hire either any undead or any construct, or in the case of Zoraida, any model with WP of 4 or less). Perhaps do another run through of keywords and clean up any that are either too narrowly focused or that could be condensed somewhat to make things easier to check.
  9. I think I agree with ludvig that it's more likely that the story and the rules will begin to have some drift involved in them. I have a difficult time imagining that they'd be able to codify such a change without potentially making hiring even more convoluted than it can already be with some masters. Besides, in the case of masters like McMourning, I can still see ways that he could manage to 'lead' a Guild crew even with the revelations as all he'd have to do is find some Guild members scared enough of him or ignorant enough of what's going on in Malifaux City to weasel his way into a 'crew' that he doesn't give a whit about lol. Same's true for masters like Zoraida or Lucius who seem to have seen some of their cross-faction influence wane. All it takes is them pulling from their 'second' faction outliers or finding groups that are still loyal to them out of fear.
  10. Nah I totally get it. I've tried tailoring my Master choices to the strategies in the past but it never really seems to work out for me so I've instead just taken to using my favorite Master regardless of the strategy and scheme and then worry about tailoring the rest of the crew as needed (but still sticking with a core crew). To be more specific: I love running Lynch in Neverborn. I don't know why but he gels with me very very well. I used to try to hop over to Pandora or Lilith when schemes and strategies seemed to favor them, but I never did well as they played so different than Lynch. So instead I start with my core list: Lynch Huggy w/Fears Given Form Graves Illuminated x2 Then I pick upgrades and additional crew members to round things out from there, usually picking things from the following pool: Depleted, Beckoners, Terror Tots, Barbaros, Bishop I don't know if that helps you at all, but maybe it'll give you an idea for how to keep yourself from feeling so scatterbrained as you build your lists.
  11. Since I can't summon forum members from cross-forums... I'll instead reference this post by a forum member over at the Reaper Minis forums, Pingo. Just so you have context, Pingo is a professional artist for a number of years and is actually someone who has done extensive research at least regarding Reaper paints and what some of the components it contains are for just exactly this purpose. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/63829-omg-what-is-in-my-mouth/?p=1203797
  12. A couple things I'd like to suggest. First, though your voice is very clear, it's also very quiet and I have to strain to be able to hear it on my machine (this may be a subjective issue though so might try comparing with a few other computers before taking my word for it). In addition, though I can appreciate not wanting your battle report video to take a long time, you might spend a little more time on listing things like target numbers and the like that models are shooting for as I don't usually watch batreps with my books handy.
  13. As a bit of advice, if you're planning to grab Terror Tots, just grab the Lilith box. It'll net you the same three terror tots, as well as Barbaros who is AMAZING with Lynch. He makes a great bodyguard to keep Lynch safe if you want to get Lynch up a bit closer to the action thanks to his "Challenge" tactical action. Between that and his automatic pushes on his attacks, he can make sure that if your opponent wants to take down Lynch, they have to beat Barbaros down first. I've only used Graves once with Lynch so far, but his "Show you the Door" action is really handy for helping to shove Lynch a bit further up the field early on. In addition, he also makes for a solid beater with some utility (while being very thematic for Lynch). In case you weren't sure why people keep recommending Terror Tots for Lynch, it's because of his Ace in the Hole ability which lets him pick up any aces that get flipped or cheated on the actions of his own models (aside from himself). This means that once you get the Ace of Masks, you have permanently sprinting Terror Tots as every time you use sprint, you can cheat in the Ace of Masks to let them sprint, and then pick it right back up to use on the next sprint attempt. This can also apply to anytime you want to go defensive or use an ability like flurry as well.
  14. Playing Lynch vs Hoffman. My opponent had Langston playing bodyguard to Hoffman as they rolled the Hoffball forward. I had Huggy come up on a flank and obey Langston to smack his Master. Hit the decapitate trigger and since I had a straight flip on damage, cheated in the Red Joker for damage for insult to injury. My poor opponent had to dump cards and stone for damage prevention just to barely stay alive at 1 wound. Came so close to Langston blowing things up for Hoffman with one well-timed obey lol.
  15. Whoops, my mistake there. I seem to have missed that all along lol.
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