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  1. Kharnage

    Surviving the Viks alpha strike

    Truly, if the nurse can kill something on a ram trigger syringe, and then paralyze/uppers the resulting viktoria, you're fine. Nurses I think are the reason McMourning exists. As for Lucius, kill some poor guardsman with Dashel, chain into lucius, who then smacks the resulting viktoria with red tape. Easy money. The Viktorias were OP for the-first-few timers, but as OP gets more and more games under their belt, I'll guarantee the 7 wound mediocre defenses start to really feel flimsy. Flimsy enough to be balanced, anyway. Wyrd NDA.pdf
  2. Kharnage

    Surviving the Viks alpha strike

    Viktoria of Ashes has WP 6, which is not to escape the agony of getting hit with a nurse's cast. Make her only able to take melee actions, but only outside of her crew, give her neg flips to everything and then precise through the armor you gave her, or, you know, just paralyze her. If blood is out of her pokeball, she's only got WP 5. Ashes only has straight flips on her sword and can't use the (0) to get positives if she wants to unbury her sister, so useless duplications makes her feel pretty bad if you go mimic heavy in Lucius. Granted, blood will still maul you, so it's only a partial solution. For Lucius with the doppelgänger, initiative can be relatively assured thanks to ill omens, and thusly using a hunter to command/pimp walk into chain harpooning and trying to kill ashes before she goes, or with "watch my back", you could try some combination of 1-2 punch to get her in the ground before the vik bomb goes off, once again assuming you have the doppelgänger and the other models to make it work.
  3. Kharnage

    New Hoffman

    I'm an ape. I missed that bit. Changes the game quite a good deal, actually. That being said, there are still things that could be procrastinated to be dealt with later. Lady J managed to deal damage before these upgrades, so I don't know how far behind she's going to feel without them, but I haven't seen it in action quite yet. And into incorporeal models, it's actually pretty good with that cast action she gets against buried models.
  4. Kharnage

    New Hoffman

    Don't get me wrong, I like Swordfighter Vendetta better, but Hoffman (for example) standing next to a riotbreaker/peacekeeper with a malifaux child giving him his patchwork plating with advanced harness is going to unavoidably reduce 4 damage a hit. Before soulstone use. One duel with a value of 7 into his WP and I don't have to deal with that for basically the rest of the game. As a Lilith player, getting one value 7 attack into WP 5 in to box my master for basically the rest of the game would be a nightmare. It gets rid of problem children who like to avoid dying, is basically what I'm saying. Swordfighting Vendetta is good, but (and you have no idea how hard it is for me to say this) there's more to life than damage.
  5. Kharnage

    Guild in Hard mode

    To be fair, I don't have that much experience with wave 5 Guild. On paper, advanced harness Hoffman excites and terrifies me, and Lady J got some nice buffs with actually usable upgrades, and on the flip side, while song of blood for Lilith and either upgrade for Dreamer are decent enough to consider, it's not the "Oh man, the game has been changed, look out world!" vibe Guild upgrades seem to be getting. That news makes me hopeful however, as Guild is arguably one of the most fun factions to play.
  6. Kharnage

    Guild in Hard mode

    Easy question! Brutal effigy Brutal Emissary Francisco Guardians Witchling stalkers The thing is, there's still plenty of room for theme crews, but without these 5 models which I would confidently say are most universally used, and out of habit if nothing else, it would be hard to make guild crews without these models. In my experience playing guild is itself hard mode