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  1. I really like that dress design though. Maybe I can figure out how to just glue her head to her body....
  2. Honestly I might have done better in this matchup to pick her But it's okay, I'll take her next time, I just had to break out Schtook into someone who was 'at their height of power', so Colette in Symbols, to see if he truly is undefeatable.
  3. My favorite is when Toni Ironsides does "Bring it!" and spits out a tooth to Heal 2 and the vibe is "Oh yeah, you hit me but I'm tough", but that resolves before the attack the enemy takes happens... so, she spits out a tooth just randomly and then gets attacked afterwards.
  4. Aight, just so everyone's aware, it's Schtook vs Colette Symbols of Authority, standard deployment Breakthrough Take Prisoner Spread Them Out Claim Jump Runic Binding Crews: Schtook w/ Whisper Assistant Valedictorian w/ GST Dead Rider w/ GST Anna Lovelace Student of Steel 6 stones Colette Doves x 3 Silent One Soulstone Miner w/ Magical Training Mecharachnid w/ Soulstone Cache Mech Rider w/ Soulstone Cache Coryphee Duet 2 stones GET HYPED. OR don't, but like, thought you might want to know.
  5. 10 in the morning CST time, 18:00 in Moscow time! The 19th!
  6. I suck at recording, don't know if @Plaag has any recording skills, but if someone just wants to drop in and record I'm down for that if he is.
  7. Good question. We uh, we didn't decide yet 🤪
  8. Frankly I feel like I'm more likely to win with Schtook, but either of my choices are masters that A: I am good at B: Have been disparaged in this thread My debate between the two is do I wanna represent my loyalty to God Empress Nekima, or defend my reputation as a strong player? Until I actually play someone, in my head they're always this strong, unstoppable player that I must absolutely try my hardest into, and Nekima is just not as strong as Schtook. Basically I'm deciding between kicking my self for either: Being a resser sellout Losing on Nekima when I might have won as Schto
  9. Please don't nerf my girl any more! I'm still able to win with Nekima. And for everyone's information, I am playing a game against Plaag on the 19th if y'all care to hear about how that went. Do you want me to play Schtook or Nekima? I think Nekima is now more difficult for people to use correctly, myself included.
  10. Those aren't even in my top 3. I don't know what's going on in the in the Spanish meta, and I appreciate that y'all got revenge for the Spanish Armada at UK nationals, but none of those masters come even close to Schtook. I will play any Sandeep, Dashel, or Shen Long player with Schtook, and I will win at least 4 out of every 5 games.
  11. Hey, it's ya boi, Kharnage, back at it again with the God Empress Nekima. Good news to those of you who were dismayed when I faltered in my faith of Nekima; I have been restored to belief that she is actually still strong. Make no mistakes; Von Schtook is without a doubt the dumbest master in the game. If you want to farm easy wins and destroy morale, Von Schtook is the way to go. He has such a comically overtuned kit that I'm literally playing him to get him nerfed because apparently when I do well with a master they nerf them (RIP GG0 Nekima) But that being said, Nekima is still crazy s
  12. So is it possible to drag them around as long as they maintain base contact with the Belle?
  13. ... so like, why? Referencing the common phrase "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" to not attack the people who gives them Brilliance makes total sense. I'm not sure what the aim of this post is.
  14. Flight is a pretty big deal, a deal they're not in on, and also they're squishballs, even by Nephilim standards. Having great cards doesn't matter if I have to punch df 4 to watch Lilitu explode. If you're fighting a bunch of 1/2/3 or 2/3/4 tracks, it could work, but I've never seen anyone just try and tickle people to death.
  15. But to be super specific, it would be, get pushed, get pushed, done. THEN two generated actions, right?
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