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  1. Hello, Thunders players. Having only played one game of post-beta Yan Lo, and that was with me in the pilot seat, he seems pretty immortal for people who aren't God Empress Nekima (i.e., able to rush him turn 1) Granted it's one game, and that's not a huge data set, but still, this backs up what I suspected on paper. Being honest in that I wish to be able to have a game plan to take him on in a Turf War / Reckoning setting, what are your Yan Lo lists looking like? What common tools should I expect to see in his toolbox? What things out of a Neverborn faction might you fear?
  2. Flurry, sure. But Onslaught doesn't say during your activation at all. I could obey someone to get an Onslaught trigger whether it's their activation or not. The trigger doesn't care if it's the acting model's activation, and so if it ended, I don't know why that would change anything.
  3. With things like A Por El and Ceaseless Advance, we have precedent for taking Actions outside of C2, so I don't think that would stop someone from resolving Onslaught, yeah? If we can resolve actions outside of the "Taking Actions" C2, then I don't know why that would stop Onslaught.
  4. But really, there's nothing that prevents it from reducing damage from even its own attack actions, and thus the damage it will deal from the "damage suffered" component. For the same reason that Hayreddin can't stone out of his Necrotic Decay damage, Ashes and Dust reduces its own damage track naturally.
  5. "Game State" is pretty vague, and could be used to say that "had a rat summoned into base contact" as a change in game state. Indeed, I seriously doubt that multi-rat deaths was the intent, though I am truly unsure as to the RAW.
  6. Zoraida and Doxies have the Regret Trigger. "Regret: After resolving, if this Action is a y Action and this model suffered damage, immediately end the Attacking model's Activation." Things like Onslaught or Shove Aside generate additional actions. Are these additional actions irreverent of the model having ended its activation? Let's say that Enraged by Insolence triggered a Young Nephilim to move and attack out of turn, targeting Zoraida. If he triggered Onslaught, it would go off right? Since Regret wouldn't work at all since it's not even his activation? If so, does the same logic apply to triggers generated during their now ended activation?
  7. Molly is an evil monster that needs to be obliterated. The problem is that, especially with the admittedly sage wisdom from the Third Floor Wars podcast, Molly's going to be bringing 2-3 beaters regardless of context. Archie's so good you consistently can spot him outside of his keyword, and Rogue Necromancy is a fantastic pick. Dead Rider's got min 3 and stat 6 with some good defensive abilities, and also helps drag Molly around. The tricky part will be to try and kill Molly before her beaters, which is obviously much easier said than done for those of us that aren't Shen Long or Moon Shinobi, since the Hard to Wound / Serene Countenance combo is so strong. Additionally, Lethe's Caress is just murder for a Nephilim like me. Luckily... most Molly players in my experience don't really like Philip and the Nanny, so usually she won't punish general Focus-Swing tactics. Additionally, clumping on Molly for Nephilim is at least a decent deterrent for her beaters, since she only has 10 precious wounds. Black blood can chip away at her very quickly even as we die. Young Nephilim can also chew through Serene Countenance with their natural positive flips. Once Molly's gone, the rest of her crew, while strong, is manageable by comparison. The greatest tip I could give though, is no matter how painful the cost, don't drop below 5 cards (or 6, for Lucius players) in hand. Molly gleefully spends most of her time triple-Disturbing-Storying for that auto-9-irreducible damage assuming you've cheated at least 3 cards, and it's disgusting. Sure, you'll power up her "I draw up to my foe's hand size" ability by having a full hand, but that pales in comparison to no-flip-necessary 3 irreducible per AP. Forcing her to learn how to play the rest of her kit, and hopefully create a gap that you can exploit, is key. Try to force Molly to activate early if you can, so that you can spend the rest of your turn actually using your cards in hand. Pandora might be a good pick for forcing this, now that I think on it.
  8. A big part of it for me is how aggressive crews ends up being. My time as a tournament Nephilim player so far, rounds have been finished in as little as an hour. If all the slaughter is done by the bottom of turn 2, and I or my opponent just have schemes to run unopposed 3-5, it's a quick game. Familiarity with your crew's tactics is a big part of it, though. If I'm not sure of what exactly a model is capable of, I'll spend more time wondering what to do with it.
  9. I'd try to fix the specific rule rather than the general, just for a fear of breaking more things. Change Revel in Chaos to lead with "This model may choose to suffer any amount of damage, up to its current health -1. For each health suffered...." yadda yadda. Do you think that would be fine?
  10. When I draw 48 cards, I must discard down to 6 cards when I've finished drawing. I will discard every card that isn't those cards.
  11. Mmmmm, I'm not 100% sure that's the case. Under damage it says "If a game effect references the amount of damage suffered, it is referring to the amount of damage suffered after damage reduction." As we know, Hard to Kill isn't damage reduction. It can't be, or irreducible damage would punch through it. How would you reconcile this? Doesn't matter, Hard to Kill still changes the amount of damage suffered? Would Hard to Kill also arbitrarily reduce the amount of healing a Drink Blood trigger would give?
  12. I have a nightmarish proposition. So, as we've previously determined somewhere, irreducible damage doesn't get "reduced" or "unsuffered" if it encounters hard to kill; the model simply can't fall below 1 HP. The model, as far as I understand, still "suffers" each point of damage, it just can't go below 1 HP. I bring you now to Yasunori's fast action: "This model may suffer any amount of damage. For each point of damage this model suffered from this Action, both players draw a card. If the opposing player must discard one or more cards due to the Maximum Hand Size, they must do so randomly." Give him Hard to Kill from Silent Protector. Can he now choose to suffer 48 damage turn 1, never having to deal with the "costs that would put him at 0 health" clause, draw his whole deck, pick out the jokers and kings, and reshuffle?
  13. I actually quite enjoy playing into 6 hp Daw as a plink damage spamming Nephilim. Blade Rush from Inhuman Reflexes and of course, Black Blood, make his primary defense mostly useless.
  14. Yeah, the "This Action cannot target the same model more than once per Activation." bit is a targeting restriction, which would be ignored when the Guardian takes the hit to be the new target. However, he's no longer legal as a starting Obey target.
  15. You could argue that it doesn't break that rule here because the action at any given point only ever targets a single model simultaneously. While I hope you're right, I figured I'd at least ask.
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