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  1. Ironsides played correctly is a very potent taunt tank that you don't really wanna swing at. But she's a deathball, in essence. As long as you can mitigate the damage gunsmiths will do, you're free to run around the map scoring objectives. Bring It! is still an attack, too, so you'll resolve BFJ before you take your attack, which means you never have to swing at Ironsides if you don't want to, as long as you have BFJ. If you're into a pool that doesn't have any good scheme-running schemes and Reckoning... pick her apart. You've got Shove Aside and Terrorize, make use of them. Once those defensive pos flips drop from Unionized and Fitz aura is no longer in range, things become a lot easier to kill. Plink damage also gets around Fitz aura, so maximize your black blood effect. Her totem is crazy good at healing, but it's still single target, and he's not guaranteed the swift action trigger. Kill him first if need be. Shove Aside generally is the best thing you've got into defensive auras and Take the Hit / Protected, and those rules + Laugh Off is rare indeed (speaking as someone who's spent quality time figuring on how to kill Dreamer). So use it to get that stupid defender out of the way, and go for the squishy bits!
  2. I spam our upgrades, honestly. Double Ancient Pact giving that +2 to initiative is gold, the two cards a turn is great, and between two my matures, I avoid probably two black jokers a game. Inhuman Reflexes is stapled to Nekima's card, her ability to abuse it to rob people of AP by stiff arming them, and the blade rush damage, is invaluable. Hayreddin's a squishball and needs it to live, too. Hands down the upgrade my foes complain about the most. 8 stones in upgrades is alot, but it just impacts the game so much.
  3. Wait, you do know that Soulstone use can reduce to 0, right? Edit: Listing relevant information, under "Damage Reduction" heading, under Damage: When a model that can use Soulstones suffers damage, it may spend a Soulstone to reduce that damage. The model flips a card, which cannot be cheated, and reduces the damage it suffers by 1/2/3. This reduction occurs after all other reduction and can reduce damage to 0.
  4. I would argue that Critical Strike, Necrotic Decay, and whatever other "target suffers +X damage" is specifically what that rule concerning blast damage references, as And as such, because of the carte blanche "models damaged" verbiage from Charged Fists, it's not an effect that specifically increases the damage the original target suffered, but for all models the melee attack damages, ergo, the blast damage is increased. You could argue that because the target is among the models damaged, ergo it's an effect that increases the damage the original target suffered, ergo the extra models are protected by the rule, but that seems kind of... pedantic.
  5. Zoraida. Wants big beaters to obey, and Rider is just such a man. Also Ride With Me gets her into better positions to ruin the foe from.
  6. Rude I just feel like what Barbaros brings to the table isn't enough to justify not having Teach Them Fear and Enraged by Insolence on the table. His Bring It! is stat 5, which I'm not in love with, and historical data tells me that armor 1 just does not make a model as tanky as Combat Finesse does in a proper scrap. I've thought of having Hayreddin as leader, but his pay-for-it-with-health mechanics means that he wants Teach Them Fear to recoup the damage he deals to himself, and also 3 AP could mean that he's dealing even more damage to himself to have a damage-spikey turn, while not having Teach Them Fear. Which is not to say don't try it for the fun and memes... But Barbaros wears armor and that's weird so I'm not about it. Even the half bloods know better than that.
  7. While his bonus action isn't as powerful as his equivalents, his raw attack power being pretty good means that he can just Ride With Me around beating things, and saving all those masks for damage reduction without feeling like he's giving up a lot. He's also one of our two Ruthless models in faction, which is really the unique thing he brings to the table in a faction with plenty of beaters, honestly.
  8. Euripides is a fat liar, God Empress Nekima isn't gonna lose to some indebted card shark or his dumb weak fish on a leash. She will make her own fate! Wherever I gotta go to play in some tournament proving that Nephilim reign supreme, or vote for Nekima to win out in the end, J vs Nico style, I'm gonna do it! Nekima is a strong, independent beater master who don't need no anthropomancy.
  9. Yasunori's Chasing Advantage reads: "For every two cards in the opposing player's Control Hand (rounded down), this model adds +m to its final duel totals." If I had 4 cards in hand at the start of a duel to hit Yasunori, and then cheat to hit him, leaving me with only 3 cards, rounded down to 2 for the purposes of this ability, does he now only have 1 extra mask to add to the duel, where he had two masks at the start of the duel? I can't find a timing rule that says that isn't updated "in real time", but I'm not the best at finding obscure rules.
  10. Because Aversions are just... that little bit better. There are a lot of 3/4/6 tracks in the game, and being able to focus-swing and cheat severe for 6 damage to instantly remove a Sorrow is a decently common problem. Antipathy is also a great defensive ability, forcing every random person charging them to basically pass a Wp 13 duel or be pushed away before taking the attack action generated by a charge. Frightening Reminder helps get models that don't wanna activate yet, like Candy, up the board, and the movement tricks on the card in general I find more useful. Misery Loves Company doesn't usually accomplish anything I needed. Rare is the occasion I think to myself "man, if I just had 5 and only 5 more stones of meh minion in that melee over there". Good for Hold Up Their Forces, I guess?
  11. I mean, the pass tokens never do much to my strategies beyond getting him initiative, probably. And Tara doesn't exactly have a wealth of alpha at her command. I think a second game into Aionus might change your theory on it. He's otherwise a 10 stone model that spends his AP... not, attacking people or scoring objectives? Or getting out of his deployment zone, in my experience.
  12. It's hard for me to start with less than 7 stones, honestly. I usually play fairly aggressively and stones are the way to make sure that you don't pay the ultimate price when slinging your Master/Henchmen into the fray. Not right off the bat, anyway.
  13. That is quite the trick Euripides brings to the table! After much deliberation however, I think good, strong wings and a will to kill will remain my favored method to move her up the table. Paying for probably Euripides and a Gigant is 23 stones, which is a pretty hefty investment. Others might disagree! Regular old Euripides crews can just toss Geryon into a fight though, and that is quite the tactic to look out for, and for that I am appreciative. Know thy enemy is half the fight, after all.
  14. I mean, assuming the Dreamer player uses no stones for some reason, sure. Not that Chompy isn't squishy, but it's not as simple as all that.
  15. So Shenlong can burn chi for suits while in Low River style. Can he theoretically convert all tomes above six into a semi-endless spree of focus spam by making himself take the same bonus action with his bonus action and hitting the "get focused" trigger?
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