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  1. Since a comparison was made, I'll throw in my two cents about Inhuman Reflexes pre and post nerf. Butterfly Jump was so good you could staple it to anyone. I was putting it on models like Candy, where literally the only benefit was BFJ, and it was still worth it, because it almost always guaranteed that your opponent will lose AP to no longer being in range, or more commonly, being stiff armed by models with superior reach. Nowadays, Scamper as a replacement is waaaay less problematic. It's still good, and occasionally even better since it can occur in response to static duels and e
  2. I originally saw Candy and Teddy and saw them as Annie and Tibbers from League of Legends and was like "this could be a super cool game". Then I found Nekima in M2e, and Bloody Beauty triggers combined with Lilith's living blade pounce trick was so gross I never looked back. The beautiful raw damage drew me in, and the awesome tribe of murder demons kept me enchanted. Then Nekima became a master and I was even more enchanted.
  3. So I recall that when a soulstone cache user died (before the errata) it gave a soulstone on its own death. When Nekima dies, by the same logic, does a friendly Nephilim lash out in response?
  4. Honestly I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do into certain matchups. Through the eyes of the Nekima fanboy that I am, I struggle to come up with an answer to DUA. Brocken Specters are just nuts. Df 6, Terror 11, "eat distracted" triggers, and basically regen 2 with his heal aura, while countering healing themselves. And the fact that Ivan can just drop 4 different "hurdedur, I take 0 damage" markers in his own activation, it takes quite a bit of doing to actually body him. Concealment is also a big pain for Neverborn more generally (At least Zoraida, Pandora, and Lucius aren't fans) and he's
  5. Put GST on them. They'll stand up to Mature Nephilim... I speak from bitter experience. EDIT: Beyond that, no one really can justify to themselves cheating to pass a failed terror duel on a base 5 stone model, especially if you can make them sweat on a different part of the battlefield with Vally pressure.
  6. I agree, but a Necropunk would have put more points on the board, which was the key missing ingredient to not losing The Student of Steel is a great pick for a brawl against an aggressive crew, but I misread what I was getting into, and so he ended up not being as useful as advertised. That being said, he was instrumental in killing Colette, which is one of the most gratifying deaths in Malifaux, but that didn't really rob my opponent of points.
  7. There has been some recent discussion on crossing the metas at large together for a world spanning competition, and it has come to my attention that in addition to regional variance on what is considered strong, there is also regional variance on what is considered a normal game of Malifaux, so I wanted to get a grasp of what ruleset the average malifaux player is playing under. Additionally, while there isn't a poll question for this, what are your thoughts on playing by another set of rules? Would you absolutely refuse to play any other way? Do you find the forbidden fruits interesting but
  8. So I'll summarize my beliefs about the game and how it went: The main problem is that I prepped for a fight hoping that I could summon my scheme runners and that the Dead Rider could shore up whatever gaps I have in scheme running needs. With the Rider dead turn 1 due to getting swapped into the Colette crew and both of my summoned Necropunks over the course of the game getting slain, I didn't have anything left fast enough to score my points. In retrospect, I should have picked Leave your Mark instead of breakthrough (I had envisioned killing the Silent One turn 2 with the Valedictorian whi
  9. I really like that dress design though. Maybe I can figure out how to just glue her head to her body....
  10. Honestly I might have done better in this matchup to pick her But it's okay, I'll take her next time, I just had to break out Schtook into someone who was 'at their height of power', so Colette in Symbols, to see if he truly is undefeatable.
  11. My favorite is when Toni Ironsides does "Bring it!" and spits out a tooth to Heal 2 and the vibe is "Oh yeah, you hit me but I'm tough", but that resolves before the attack the enemy takes happens... so, she spits out a tooth just randomly and then gets attacked afterwards.
  12. Aight, just so everyone's aware, it's Schtook vs Colette Symbols of Authority, standard deployment Breakthrough Take Prisoner Spread Them Out Claim Jump Runic Binding Crews: Schtook w/ Whisper Assistant Valedictorian w/ GST Dead Rider w/ GST Anna Lovelace Student of Steel 6 stones Colette Doves x 3 Silent One Soulstone Miner w/ Magical Training Mecharachnid w/ Soulstone Cache Mech Rider w/ Soulstone Cache Coryphee Duet 2 stones GET HYPED. OR don't, but like, thought you might want to know.
  13. 10 in the morning CST time, 18:00 in Moscow time! The 19th!
  14. I suck at recording, don't know if @Plaag has any recording skills, but if someone just wants to drop in and record I'm down for that if he is.
  15. Good question. We uh, we didn't decide yet 🤪
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