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  1. T-posing for dominance is also not very aristocratic... if they do something with the half bloods I hope they get different sculpts
  2. You're telling me it took Nekima anything more than 2 AP and a bonus action to kill a df 5 7 wound model that hands out cards and focus to your crew, and definitively ended his turn within 14 inches of her own deployment? That sounds... like a terror tot of a Nekima player.
  3. With the plethora of terrain available to hide behind and bog down those competitive arcanist and outcast players on tournament boards, I relish the challenge. To be fair, our meta does feature a couple of Parker Barrows players, (though they didn't show up to LVO) but none have bested Nekima yet. Perhaps we can get a Vassal game going, and witness these lists of which you speak?
  4. Can you break down why Yan Lo is a "very favorable" matchup? Both Yan Los had Ash Ascendant and Manos's reliquary on Yan Lo turn 1, and ain't nobody killing that. I think both Yan Los lost 2 models over the course of each game. My killpower was not what won me the day.
  5. Carry on, humans! I think that there's plenty to work with in Guild, if God Empress Nekima wasn't my first love I'd probably be playing Justice. I think the issue is that the stronger players moved to different factions, hunting after fractions of power, and so now skill levels combined with a slight disadvantage leads everyone to believe that Guild is unsalvageable.
  6. Not a one! Zero guild players from start to finish.
  7. If I was going to buff Justice herself, I'd give her a built-in ram on her greatsword. That way, at least I find her more threatening on average than a Hoff buffed guardian. If she wants her 7 attack dream turn, she gives up bonus damage because the triggers won't allow for it, but if she just needs to land a couple of attacks, she can actually deal Master tier damage without having to stone on every attack. Additionally, I'd probably throw some kind of Move-Along-For-Marshals buff to the Scales of Justice. Makes me feel like I'm not an idiot for taking all these Mv 5 keyword models with no real movement mechanics.
  8. I don't know if you're a Texas player and I'm the offending double Mature build Nekima, but uh, as the artisan of this particular build, let me offer you some general tips. Reach 2 is your friend. BFJ only robs you of AP consistently if I can engage you without you being able to attack. At worst, use focus + charge to make sure you're going to land a solid hit. Additionally, for our other defense, Combat Finesse, fight Matures late in the turn for multiple reasons: If I'm dragging on an activation of a full health Mature that's in a hotspot, I'm waiting for it to take damage to Regen 2. If you can wait it out, then I lose 2 HP on the exchange. Additionally, no one has a hand late in the turn, so not being able to cheat doesn't suck because you couldn't cheat anyway from hand starvation. As for surviving what we have, burn stones to put us on negs (because this list focus bombs to start) or have hard to wound, if you can manage it. While Nekima still does 3 damage on her minimum, 5 damage is waaay worse if I can just a 6 to deal 5 damage on a straight flip. If you can match out to get us to a neg flip even with focus, do that too. Not like you can cheat to hit matures anyway, or really even need to cheat to hit Nekima (also a mildly alarming idea because of Spite) Bayou also has access to Zoraida, which makes Matures really, really suck to have fighting around. We can't deal with her Regret trigger, and forcing a Mature to fight Nekima means that I can't Butterfly Jump, because the Mature isn't an enemy model, and Spite's enemy only too. I'm forced to run schemes with Matures and stay outside of LoS of Zoraida (and her eyes in the night Friends) or else seek to be actually engaged by your dudes so that I can't be obeyed to attack Nekima. Don't obey Hayreddin to splat bat people though; his Revitalizing Ichor will heal him and his obey target if you declare the crow trigger. Finally, you have access to multiple forms of Hazardous, which does punish Butterfly Jump. Mah has options, mech chop has it too (though I will seek to destroy it quickly) If you can come up with some kind of Elitist Mah build with Trixie, you can also match out my initiative advantage since you will also have multiple Ill Omen buffs, which makes me more hesitant to throw Nekima into the fray late in the turn, if I can't reasonably guarantee that she'll go first again next turn. Hope this helps!
  9. It is written! If you have any questions about specific games I can try to remember.
  10. Hello, yes, it was me who took first at LVO! And I did indeed run exclusively my 6 model double mature build for the duration of the tournament. Prepare for the wall of text! First game was into an Ironsides player on Plant Explosives, and he was a rusty/newer player. He ran his bombs on three different Steam Arachnids and Amina for the 4th and 5th bomb, and I hunted them down, stole their bombs, and managed kill Ironsides without loss of (Nephilim) life. 8-3, I think. Dig their graves and Breakthrough were my schemes. Second game was into one of my fellow Texans, he played Pandora, it was Turf War. He ran a puppets influenced crew, and while beating through the armor was a pain, focus, blade rush, and black blood meant that I saw victory. His deck was also not particularly kind to him; he blacked a Vasilisa summon of a Stitched off of Hinamatsu's corpse with the high mask in hand. Hinamatsu was the first to die, followed by Teddy, then eventually Pandora (I had taken Assassinate in the pool) 7-4 final score, my other scheme was power ritual. Candy was his Claim Jump target so she stayed away from the combat that occurred on the other side of a building, but my Blood Hunter had managed to take her below half to prevent second point of Claim Jump, and my Mature escaped melee to prevent second point of Take Prisoner. Third game was also into one of my fellow Texans, this one was not excited to see Corrupted Idols into me (Because 6 models with 2 ancient pacts typically hand picks where the idols drop) He ran Von Schtook. I was hesitant to engage because he had 9 stones, so I played back turn 1, hard engaged turn 2, and the Valedictorian, despite his cache, was dead by turn 3. Schtook died, a mature died to Anna, but I maintained absolute control over the Idols. One of his two Necropunks with GST lived and got through to my board half, and with a student of Viscera he summoned off of Anna's kill, managed to score 4 points off of breakthrough and Search the Ruins, whereas I only scored 1 point each for those schemes. 6-4 final score. Fourth game was into a Resser I'd played before on Vassal. He played Yan Lo, and it was Reckoning. (Yuck!) Knowing that I was not going to score more than 2 points into Yan Lo (because Manos is your second point, there's enough minions and enforcers for your first, and you're not gonna kill Yan Lo past turn 2) I was determined to play back, and took Harness and Search the Ruins. Nekima made a gutsy turn 2 play to kill his Manos-upgraded Komainu (It took a severe 6, blood for blood, moderate 5, and then a 3 point whack to do it, but I had the cards and focus necessary to bet on it) which almost cost Nekima her life, but she managed to stay alive and even above 7 wounds, denying his Assassinate pick entirely. Manos never lived to run Search the Ruins (jumped in trying to tap that 7 health Nekima after Izamu did his thing and just, missed. Then got eaten next turn.) He killed my shaman with Yan Lo, and then Hayreddin managed to stick it out to die turn 5 (he was at 2 HP in hazardous aura at top of 5 with nowhere to BFJ to escape) final score, 5-2. Fifth and final game was into yet another fellow Texan, also playing Yan Lo (But TT this time!) on Turf War. TT Yan Lo meant I got to deal with Fuhatsu. Vendetta into his Izamu worked out, scoring the first point with a shotgun round after Nekima focus-smacked him a couple times and then ran, and Nekima finishing him off next round. Dig their Graves always gets me the second point because the Shaman can just farm corpses and scheme markers off of the Blood Hunter in the background while the rest of the crew fights, though I only scored the second point on that. Most of my struggle was keeping Fuhatsu engaged and beat on, trying to score the first point of Dig. 9 stones later, he just turned a 2 health Fuhatsu into 7 health Izamu, so I never got the first Dig point. A clutch double-interact from Sun Quiang on a Turf Marker on turn 5 (I didn't realize he had Don't Mind Me) turned a 4-1 lead into a close 5-4 stretch as he also scored his Vendetta and Dig, though after I turned in my sheet I realized that I scored 2nd point of Vendetta even though Izamu was resummoned. But it didn't matter, I'd already had my 5 wins, so I called it good.
  11. The biggest thing I would give as advice, is understand what your opponent is capable of with his pieces. Once you get used to a keyword/crew, you can tell people what you do, but can you tell what other people are likely to do? If Pandora hired the Hooded Rider, you can expect Pandora or Candy to be much further up the board than their walking AP would dictate, and you need to play around that fact, either hiding in concealment or lying in wait, as the situation demands. Dreamer's going to play with a stacked deck by turn 3, you need to either be willing to play around that problem, or fight him early so you can have decently even odds. If the enemy's got execute triggers, try not to run out of cards. Yan Lo will become an unkillable jerk by turn 3, etc. Basically, once you can tell me what your foe's crew does, you can tell me what you can do to adapt to it, purely from a playstyle perspective. Know thy enemy. I realize "Have an encyclopedic knowledge of all models and crew comps, and create responses for each" is daunting as a concept, but it's a big part of being competitive.
  12. Yeah... so, The only one I haven't beaten multiple times already is Perdita, because she's so underpowered no one plays her. Shen Long's still a huge headache, but he's a problem for literally everyone right now.
  13. Nekima w/ Inhuman Reflexes Blood Hunter Hayreddin w/ Inhuman Reflexes Mature w/ Ancient Pact Mature w/ Ancient Pact Black Blood Shaman 7 stones You'd think with so few AP and HP that it'd die, or couldn't run schemes. But it has no such troubles, properly played.
  14. I would assume most people know my answer to this question, but you seem new, so I'll break out my ever favorite, shiny soapbox. Nekima! Not only do I stay entirely in keyword with Nekima, it's the same 6 models, the whole tournament. Mobility is the real "can deal with anything" factor, and Nephilim can largely deal with anything. As a matter of fact, I'll be going to LVO (tourney in Las Vegas), and I'll keep running tabs of what I played into, what I played with (spoiler alert) and what the schemes and strats are. You can witness either my glory or my spectacular defeat once I come back with reports! As for general advice.... Malifaux Heresy ahead: Generally, adaptation I think is a bait, of sorts. I learn new things about how to play this same crew I always play pretty much every game. Being used to this crew, through and through, has given me an edge that if I had just tried to play the same faction, adapting to the S&S at crew select, I would miss those little details that can make or break a game. People in my local meta have even tried their hand at this exact build (since it's the only thing I run at tournament) and they can't seem to hang with it. So, with this understanding in mind, not only could you play a single keyword, I recommend it. Just make sure that it's a keyword you can get comfortable tackling a variety of obstacles with, as I'm not arguing this can be done with all keywords.
  15. And sometimes, you have to sacrifice your queen to win the game. I can respect that. My argument, which apparently I've given before (at least I'm consistent) is that it should be a weighty decision to make, not a lifestyle choice. Also, letting the Effigy or Emissary live past turn 2 is like, a cardinal sin for Nephilim. He's scary, but he's not anything Nekima can't kill in one go, and he's SUCH a pain with Seamus because of his other bonus action granting Cause for Celebration zombies. His 0 inch should be blade-rushed into the floor, yes? If you can get a moderate, another charge into a minimum with blade rush, and a little splash of black blood (or another blade rush) he's toast. Mod's not too bad to farm for, considering the focus we have access to. I get that there "might have been other priority targets" or what have you, but that model can 100% cost us the game simply by existing, and it is usually hunted with extreme prejudice. It shouldn't have been prevent either, with aura of decay. That ability is murderous for healing stone users.
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