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  1. I uh, I did, and I quoted part of it, but I'll do it again. Page 31, Core Rulebook. Under pulses. "The Pulse icon (p) means the Action or Ability affects an area around the object that has created the Pulse. A Pulse always extends out in all directions from an object a number of inches equal to the Pulse’s effect, as measured from the edge of the object's base. Pulses are immediate ‘burst’ effects that have no game effect after they are resolved. All models inside the Pulse’s area or overlapping the object generating the Pulse, excluding the object that created the Pulse, are affected by the Pulse as long as they are in the generating object’s Line of Sight." The underlined sentence, to me, acknowledges that while the generator of the pulse isn't affected by the pulse itself, it is in range. That to me says "Yes, the object generating the pulse is in range, but don't affect it with the pulse." And just like how the Bolster Strength trigger doesn't act like the aura Cage For All action it's on, Split the Soul doesn't act like the pulse Spirit Flute action it's on, it merely adopts its 4 inch range.
  2. I'm not claiming she'll be affected by the pulse, merely that she is within range. In the same way that a trigger on the Flute action could say "enemies within range suffer a point of damage", doesn't predicate that they were affected by the pulse, merely that they were in range. Consider inversely, Brutal Emissary's aura, Cage For All. "A Cage for All a3" 6 - 10 Until the End Phase, enemy models that Activate within range must each pass a TN 13 Mv duel or gain Slow. R Bolster Strength: Friendly models within range Heal 1." We understand that it has a range, and is an aura, and is therefor up for a duration; until the End Phase. The Trigger however, is separate in its resolution from the action. Friendly models that wander into range later don't get healed, because the trigger is resolved differently than the action itself. I would argue the same at the very least could be true of Chiaki's action.
  3. "All models inside the Pulse’s area or overlapping the object generating the Pulse, excluding the object that created the Pulse, are affected by the Pulse as long as they are in the generating object’s Line of Sight." She isn't affected by the pulse, but that's not to say she's not in range. I would argue that she's in range, she just gets a pass on being affected by the pulse, and thus could split her own soul. Even in the definition of pulse, it acknowledges that the object is in range of itself, but that it is unaffected. Being affected by the movement effect, and having your soul split, I argue are mutually exclusive. One is a pulse, sure, but the other simply selects models within the range for a different effect entirely.
  4. Chiaki's Magic Flute or whatever has the Split Soul trigger to hand a model within range, a reliquary upgrade of another model within range. It's a pulse. Does she count as being within the 4 inch pulse, despite being the center of it, or is Chiaki herself not actually able to split her own soul because she's "within range but not part of the area of effect" because the center of pulses aren't affected by the pulse?
  5. It's why we kill at all! In order to Teach Them Fear 😈 What's the point of killing Misaki if she's not freaking out that I've killed her minions and her lifelong tutor first? She will learn that this land is OURS!
  6. Fuhatsu with 3 AP a turn and also Rapid Fire terrifies me on a deep, primal level. Run Tanuki to feed him focused, and watch the big boy shoot the whole board. Barbaros, if he himself wasn't hammered garbage, does seem an attractive pick for Outcast flavored Nephilim. The Widow Weaver makes puppet-mongery more enticing.
  7. With adaptive evolution, you will discard the upgrade to gain a suit of your choice, and get a + to the duel. With Soulstone Cache, they will burn a stone for the suit of your choice, and because of the Empower ability for being a minion, get a + to the duel. Sound familiar?
  8. I believe Marcus in Arcanists will exist because the upgrades in Arcanists are far superior. Cerberus getting effectively the benefit of Adaptive Evolution at the cost of a stone rather than their upgrade will be too good to pass up for some, not to mention stone use to prevent damage and gathering more stones to use. Blessed of December is also a decent pickup for Marcus. Extra cards for a master hailed as card hungry out of Arcane Training will be good as well. Even theoretically, putting the Diesel Engine upgrade on the Scorpius for aura of concealment could be worth it, depending on the matchup. If you only wanna put 6-7 models on the table, Arcanist Marcus is the way, IMO.
  9. I mean, we're in a scenario where we're assuming a model with a severe of 5 or 6, whatever the defending model's health would be, has/flips the high card to hit, and has/flips the high card to damage, while burning a focus. Ignoring ways to gain focus without concentrating of which there are some, it's still eventually taking two AP to bring the model down, which is what we might expect out of a higher damage model being fed two high cards anyway. Two high cards and a + to hit and damage burned out of a damaging model in exchange for your 5-6 stone model is rough, but isn't exactly unexpected, even in M2E, where defensive probably wouldn't have saved you here either. In some ways, I'm glad it went into that cheap model instead of one of my more important models. And there are ways to keep certain models alive even in this environment. Now this doesn't mean I'm taking bloodwretches, but I'll probably take Geisha, Tots, Sorrows, Pistoleros, what have you, without grimacing too much about it.
  10. Right, but focus, which can expressly be used on defense, says to add to + to any resulting damage flips the model makes. I don't see why riposte triggers aren't included, even though they're not affected by accuracy modifiers for not being an action trigger.
  11. Quick question while we're here. If I focus on defense and get a riposte, the positive flip to damage from focus applies, yes? I saw in another thread someone saying no and I was confused.
  12. Really the Grim Feast and growth thing needs to be errata'd/FAQ'd to say whether or not Grim Feast heals them after they receive their larger health pool (which, IMO, it should be eat, grow, heal... which is like Nephilim's version of Eat Pray Love) Additionally, terror tots are Mv 6 with protected. Trying to attack them actually ends up ruining so much of what my foes intended to accomplish purely on the fact that if you toss off attacks to Combat Finesse Mature Nephilim, the AP is somewhat wasted. They need babysitting, but they're, you know, literally babies. That's fine. I wouldn't hire them not because they're not good, but because I can summon them with Hayreddin's aura. Beyond that, making Black Blood shamans hand out focused for free from a Blood Hunter corpse, attack one of your own models with a mask trigger, and then having Nekima Hurl Corpse ram trigger to toss them their second bit of food to become a mature isn't so bad. Hayreddin can do the same thing with stoning for the mask on his shotgun. Even doing that to tots is pretty cool, if you can manage it. Kind of, adapt to your foe's crew on the fly. You do need Hayreddin and BBS though, without a doubt, but I like the current version of grow.
  13. Actually, if I were going to change it, it would be to add "a model cannot be targeted by this action more than once per activation". That way, if he can move up and one shot two different models, or use some quick reflexes shenanigans, he has that power. And tbh, I'd leave "until the end of this model's activation" because enemy obey models can abuse him senselessly if we don't. Obeying him in its current state means he attacks enemy models, so if you're obeying him for that, then... okay? Also gives a crew a good reason to synergize with him; if Hungering Darkness can obey him to do it and it lasts, Fuhatsu might not mindlessly be the most used versatile model for Jakob.
  14. Split the Soul, from Chiaki the Niece, allows a model and its reliquary to be in play at the same time. Rebuild Corpus says that it replaces the reliquary bearing model with the new model, which of course doesn't happen because the original model is still in play and we hit our rare limit of 1, and as such no replace happens. There is no new model, so the healing of 5 also never happens. However, RAW, the action still lets Yan Lo draw two cards for an AP. More importantly, it lets terracotta warriors draw two cards for an AP. As usual with my questions, do we think this is okay, or does it need a rewrite?
  15. Question, if a model gains its second grow token by taking the grim feast action, is the grim feast action interrupted by growth? Does it gain it immediately, and then heal? Or does it finish the action, and then grow? Or, worst case, does it eat, get interrupted, and by virtue of no longer being "this model" to heal 1/2/4, not heal at all?
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