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  1. So, Rabble Risers can Challenge their own dudes with Faded effects and force card discard like crazy to spam Faded. Example effect; another Rabble Riser getting a focus for a card drop before every attack. Is this good? Cool effect? OP? Situational? It could also do things like full heal Archie, but will also blow your whole hand quickly.
  2. Oh, yeah, Lilith is super good. She's the highest point of contention for allowing people to bring DMH in our local meta, and getting another beater master with shenanigans for only 15 stones is a great boon for the keyword. One of my common foes straight up refuses to play matches into Lilith, and less-than-jokes that he'd start of game concede if found during tournament.
  3. Not being able to attack yourself is something I've always assumed was true, but a friend brought up the possibility of Shockwaving yourself to death (Papa Loco) and I was looking for where it says you can't attack yourself in the main rulebook, but couldn't find anything even disallowing people to normally attack themselves, much less shockwaving. I'm not very good at sifting through text though, can anyone tell me where this is stated? EDIT: Nevermind, found it, page 23, under Step 3. Does this preclude it from shockwaving itself, since it's technically not targeting? EDIT 2, ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: Papa Loco also can't shockwave himself because Evasive, but still, "can you shockwave yourself" might have some other application.
  4. As a Nekima player who relishes the chance to play into shooting crews, I'm happy to try and help and encourage my fellow Neverborn. Mostly though, I'm surprised he's having the trouble he is. From a strictly Nephilim perspective, here's what I'd say. Your greatest goal fighting a crew that can deal damage at a distance, is to mitigate the damage they deal. This sounds obvious, so I'll break down what I mean. Your tools of mitigation, are Flight, engagement, and terrain on the board, maintaining full speed through and then into the enemy. Fighting guild means they probably put Sharpshooter upgrade on one if not two models, but that doesn't mean everyone's got it, and for those that don't, cover and concealment is your friend. You ignore the terrain while moving, but take advantage of it when you can. With sufficient amounts of Fly With Me, you're going to be able to close the distance just fine, so don't be afraid to play a little back, behind buildings and the like, until you're ready to engage. Even with ignoring cover, concealment, and Friendly Fire, they still can't ignore no LoS. Use that as well, when you can. Next, if you aren't bringing Inhuman Reflexes on Nekima every single game, you're missing out. Use this to maximize the AP loss of a shooting crew. Even with crews like Basse who can "shoot in a melee", they have Gunfighter, which only gives them 1 inch reach. Use your 2 inch reach to nullify their damage. Even if Basse throws up dust, and Caught in Quicksand's you, he's blown a master's AP to deal 1/2/3 damage and injured +1. With Butterfly Jump, you can jump back into his face after the Quicksand is done, likely avoiding the Dust Cloud, and causing him to waste more AP doing nothing because Nekima's stiff-arming him. Matures are also quite capable of this strategy, and can even have Basse or the rest of his crew shoot into Combat Finesse in melee (since it becomes a ) to waste AP by just not being able to cheat to hit in the first place. Nephilim live and die by engagement range shenanigans, abuse it to the highest order. Finally, just, get to 'em and kill 'em. None of the guild's shooting crews are particularly tanky, and with AP robbing tactics, you can use your bought time to hack their little models to death while you tie up the big ones. Attrition tactics for Nephilim is fine, given that we bleed on them AND we regen, so the longer you can make the melee go, the better. Exceptions to the general rule; the counter-beaters. Jonathan Reichart is a prime example. Beat his ass into the floor as fast as you can, while trying to generally adhere to the rules above. I understand that he's Disguised, but you can Shove-Aside mask trigger some other sod to get to him without loss of AP on both Nekima and Matures, and eventually, once the splash party begins, even with his Grit, there's not much to be done to stop his untimely demise. You just have to have enough stones to survive going gung-ho. I usually run 7-10 stones on my Nephilim crews to keep Nekima healthy and with suits. Hope this helps!
  5. 😈 As for the hazardous terrain aura generator business, "if it was at any point hazardous" prevailing makes enough sense to me. I wasn't 100% sure of it when I played into @Gnomezilla, and I think overall this means Lilith died having not snapped as many plants as she could have. Good to know however!
  6. I'm fine with this, but let me clarify something near and dear to my heart on that "fully resolve before the aura isn't there anymore" principle; Nekima's Teach Them Fear aura. A 1 wound guard charges Nekima, and kills her, but suffers a point of black blood damage. This kills the guard. Does Nekima then heal for killing something, and return to life?
  7. The miners (I took two overall) did schemes like Harness the Leyline and Search the Ruins just fine, Assassinate and Claim Jump being my secondary schemes for the 2 games I've played. Reckoning and Turf War were easy enough for the crew, so the Gunsmiths stood with Ironsides in the middle and shot out from there, though I imagine in scheme pools with schemes like Outflank, the Gunsmiths with stone support will win most "Runner-Jousts" as I like to call them, while still being able to affect most of the board with their range. Just make sure to bring a miner for each of them to keep them Unionized.
  8. Rules as intended, I would think that the idea is that all actions generated by triggers, even with a degree of separation, such as a generated charge attack, don't get triggers. However, rules as written, which states, "Actions generated by Triggers cannot declare Triggers, and like all other generated Actions, they do not count against a model’s Action limit." as per the callout box on page 12, could be tightly interpreted to say that if an action is not expressly generated by a trigger, but rather by an action that was itself generated by a trigger, then your opponent's stance of triggers happening as normal in this circumstance is technically correct.
  9. Ironsides with Fitzsimmons and a pair of Soulstone Cache Gunsmiths and a Union Miner with Magical Training served as my core during Beta. Minions who will likely get focused down and who are intensely suit-focused LOVE having Soulstone Cache. Your foe typically will try to get into their faces early, and it pays to be able to deal with it with soulstones. Also it means you can farm soulstones once models start dying
  10. Dreamer has been growing up a bit, hitting puberty, having *those* dreams. It's a bold creative move from Wyrd, but I'd respect it. He does have to fight Beckoners, Belles, and Nekima in Battle Lingerie, so it was inevitable, really.
  11. I mean, I straight up supplied a model by model breakdown and complete list. Does that not count as providing alternatives?
  12. Well, I played a game into a Titania player during tournament, and tied out because we couldn't play past turn 3, but it gave me my initial opinions of Titania. Her list waaaas... Titania w/ Inhuman Reflexes Gorar Killjoy Autumn Knight w/ Blood Sacrifice Autumn Knight w/ Blood Sacrifice Rougarou Waldgeist 10 stones She seems strong, for sure, not going to act like she's not. Most of her defenses and mechanics are negated by flying Nephilim (Nekima can frenzied charge to keep up with Butterfly Jump from Inhuman, and severe terrain can't slow down fliers) and I went for the Gorar first to prevent the respawn mechanic, and then the autumn knights to not have Killjoy respawn, and then the game ended. Basically I was going to pull it out because most of his crew was on the verge of death, but since hold up their forces got to score twice since turn 3 was "end of game" we tied instead of a Reckoning Victory. That being said, if I'm playing into Titania, I'm either picking ranged troops, flying troops, or incorporeal. If you're not able to make any of that happen, then you're playing right into her capable hands. Footslogging melee crews incapable of doing anything else are relatively rare, so I don't think her target demographic is a wide swathe of crews. Stacking injured can be scary, and if she can farm the crows she can deal some damage, but for the most part I didn't really have any trouble weathering the storm. I lost a mature, but he spent his life preciously, causing like 12-15ish black blood damage to the 4 surrounding models as he went, and Nekima cleaned up. I guess "bleed on 'em" isn't exactly a universally applicable response, but I feel The Dreamer certainly has the tools in his kit to deal with Titania with a consistently appreciable success rate. Serena heals and removes conditions you dread, Insidious Madness can just waltz through terrain, healing their wounds by just, successfully hitting people, and the near-universal hard to wound Fae possess become less and less of a problem as Lucid Dreams sifts the weak damages out of your deck. The Queen's Command and Challenge from the Autumn Knights is just straight up not available if the Dreamer's in the thick of it, which I believe is his right as a Protected, Serene, Incorporeal model with stone use. Teddy IMO was a tall waste of stones here, especially with Inhuman Reflexes, as Titania doesn't really care if Teddy Butterfly Jumps with an 8 inch cast range, and Blade Rush isn't good on a 50mm model fighting severe terrain with a no-whistles Mv 5 walk. Additionally, the Bandersnatch is a cool model visually, and technically goes with Widow Weaver because they both make webs, but doesn't really have any impact on a game in my experience. In my opinion, he would have been much more impactful as an Insidious Madness for the same cost, healing fellow engaged Nightmares by attacking Wp instead of Df and having Incorporeal as a boon. Lastly, Widow Weaver is much better suited to a list that, well... provides more scrap markers when they die. Teddy is your only construct and assuming you'll kill one of Titania's models for a Stuffing Token in any meaningful amount of time is high hubris based on their defensive suites, and you have to resolve to a slow, grinding victory as Dreamer. Instead I would have gone with a Stitched Together and more stones for LCB and Dreamer. Obviously you can't take everything, but you had several better choices of models to choose from IMO. Butterfly Jump can't save us, so don't bother taking it. I would have gone with something more like Dreamer LCB Coppelius Serena Bowman Insidious Madness Insidious Madness Stitched Together Daydream Daydream 7 stones This way, you've got plenty of Lucid Dreaming to do, your front runners ignore terrain and cause harder-to-dodge WP duels to facilitate summons, and you've got a bit of healing and condition removal in your back pocket to immediately counteract what Titania hoped to accomplish. Is it the 100% answer? Probably not, but I think you'll find quite a bit more success. Overall, I think you just, didn't adapt to your opponent at all, and it showed. Anything can look overpowered if you fail to prepare for it.
  13. I think you are correct, if she's full health, then she doesn't heal a linked brother. I haven't had an issue with it because I've just had the sisters whip each other for the card draw so they're lower than max HP, but that is a good point.
  14. Ahh! Yeah, the worth of Lelu isn't immediately obvious, mostly because he's not really meant to stand on his own, but it's not straightforward that that's the case. He needs a Lilitu sister to heal off of, and wants other models around him to share in his Masochistic Thoughts damage, so when you're looking at him like "hmmm, Ml 6 and Df 6 is cool, but a Young has Flight, Fly with Me, a better damage track, and positive flips to hit" the idea that voluntarily taking damage is actually the strongest part of his kit is a little strange xD the Good for a Laugh card draw is also fantastic. Having that unexpected just-the-right-card in hand can make or break a game.
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