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  1. I mean, to be fair, this is exactly how it worked in the CB, and I still found them useful purely as fast models that heal other people and carry the pig or tots. Additionally, if you're looking at a bunch of cost 7 models across the table (more than you think -_-), the BBS is the only thing you can Meat for the Young trigger to feed, and get a Mature out of it. Are they great models? No, but the Regurgitate-Ritual combo and scheme running capability, with some AoE plink heals, make them a one-of IMO. Granted, I like the Young more than the Lelu or the Lilitu, so I have weird tastes in Nephilim it seems like, so take my words with a grain of salt. Also I still want buffs for my favorite faction, if we're taking hits like this.
  2. "Until the End Phase, enemy models treat the area within range as Hazardous." Snapping Plants currently RAW, her crew is protected. If you're saying that you'd rewrite to have an aura of Hazardous-for-All, I would never take her ever, even if it did provoke Black Blood damage. Melting my own crew sounds almost even less fun than melting my foe's (See my soapbox about my feelings on Snapping Plants in the Hazardous Terrain thread) As for my designs for Lilith, I'd prefer to see the return of her Beckon Malifaux action. I know people hated her trees, but it's control-y, it's not "immediately-converts-into-damage", and if she could more reliably lock down models beyond Startle, like her old Rooted action, that would really cement her as the Control to her sister's Brute Force by putting models in timeout by rooting them to the floor and then putting trees in their face.
  3. That might have worked, though I will say that the Mature Nephilim can and would have Shove-Asided out of melee to Fly With Me her back into it without much trouble (had the mask in hand at the time to hit Hayreddin for the trigger). Additionally, as is the case with most playtesting scenarios, the Ironsides player was unfamiliar with the crew. Obvious solutions to you after sitting down and thinking about the scenario at hand for hours, might not be obvious to the player in the moment. Might not have wanted to burn the stone for a ram, or had the card to cheat, there's a lot of moving parts to boil that down to a "boom, done."
  4. That's the implication. Even once an activation instead of once per action makes Reva stack the condition at a similar rate if we bumped it to Hazardous (Burning 2) If you find that to be unsatisfactory, I have two questions for you. 1: Do you believe that the current state of Hazardous to be too much, or in a good place? 2: If you do believe that it is too much, what is your proposed solution, if not that? If you do not believe it is too much, should Lilith, Ama No Zako, and Jaakuna Matata (What a wonderful phrase! Sorry, had to) and other hazardous generators be reworked for more intriguing experience, or are they also in a good spot?
  5. It might have been something closer to 12 damage Turn 2, I think I might have included the start of turn 3 in my mind. 4 for mouse's turn, 3 for Langston 2 AP and including being Tangled (and an avoided fast action to not provoke more), 1 for Fitzsimmon's charge through it but not ending in it, 1 for the Captain Dash, 3 for Ironsides' turn (and an avoided fast action to not provoke more). My mild exaggeration taken into account, 12 damage for a single 5, and his entire gameplan being rewritten to deal with an aura that cost me basically nothing to put into effect is ludicrous. It's the same issue I had with Molly's Lethe's Caress. It's braindead constant damage with no real effort required other than to be paying attention enough to interrupt my opponent at the end of every action with "oh, and you suffer a damage." Edit: And I realize, as a Nephilim player, that we are the lords and masters of braindead constant damage, but that by no means should give me a pass to do even more of it.
  6. It wasn't. Mouse suffered a grand total of 4 hazardous damage, since he spent both AP and triggered his swift twice all in the aura, Captain used his Grit Dash and suffered a point there, there were other untracked instances. Because I was using it to dodge out of executed, Howard top-decked crows.
  7. At least I'd feel vindicated from the built in Onslaught triggers damaging the armored models too. Nekima might actually hop off the bench and come help rather than watching Lilith melt the whole crew this time.
  8. @Adran Name a crew I can have my foe play to minimize the aura, outside of being completely immune to it a la incorporeal, for the express purpose of seeing if it is avoidable by in-game-play, and we will play it. I feel this is more difficult than you're giving it credit for, but I can't play you, so I can at least give you the opportunity to set the terms of the trial. Edit: Unless youre in the Austin, TX area, then like, come fight me Edit 2, Return of the Edit: Or if you're down to explain to me how Vassal works
  9. Lilith can and did Tangle Shadows herself into a melee, and with her friends also present later to tarpit the foe further. And even if they weren't there to help, Howard Langston and Ironsides only have moves that close the gap, and make use of a lack of gap. They were already in their ideal useful state. And they're not even a little unique in this regard. "Leave to go fight someone else or run schemes" sounds like a cool strategy in a box, but I, the even-non-Lilith hazardous user, have ways of moving the hazardous around and/or moving the foe back into it, if you're able to actually disengage in the first place. And even if your ideal solution worked exactly as you theorize, I'm still putting out - at best case scenario - a fast action aura that robs every model within reach of an AP and a hit point, AND they can't interact.
  10. Guys, I'm serious. Hazardous terrain needs to be provoked on movement only, or once per activation, or SOMETHING! I did something like 15 damage with snapping plants in a single turn! I had to flip a single 5. Does this not scream "huge problem" to literally anyone else? Or I will walk into M3E tournaments where the TO wants you to think he's not like other uncool moms and lets DMH get in and melt everything to death with Lilith. And I'm only a big fish in my tiny little pond, I can't imagine what others might do with this. Run it off at the pass!
  11. How does everyone feel about the stacking-stone option being gone? Was this a huge issue? I personally liked the option of burning more stones to cycle out some bad cards of a crap starting hand, and thought this change for M3E was generally met with approval, but now with it's removal, I figured I'd ask for opinions.
  12. Yeah, I knew it was a bad idea when I said it... oh well. She's plenty entertaining to me as is, but I know folks at large aren't as excited.
  13. I can't remember if the friendly/enemy corpse markers concept is still present, but if she got a trigger on her Hurl Corpse that after resolving the action using an enemy corpse marker, take a Lorelei attack action and call the trigger like "YOU'RE NEXT!" or something that'd be rad. It's basically Sudden Strike trigger except the requirement of an enemy corpse marker being used lets us name it something cool
  14. Lilith player here, just wanted to expand on this and kind of, rehash the information presented a bit. Lilith more or less one-manned the start of turn 2 into an Ironsides deathball, with no fear. And the message I'm sending here isn't "Man DMH model too strong" but that Hazardous Terrain made it all possible. I melted, an Ironsides crew with Fitzsimmons in it, with one model. Master or otherwise, that's too much mileage out of hazardous terrain. Ironsides and Langston both chose not to take actions or attacks purely on the premise that it was no longer worth the damage to even attempt them. The aforementioned Ironsides player compared pre-nerf Colette favorably in light of this experience. And don't get me wrong, black blood plus hazardous made this especially uninteractive and heinous, but a wealth of experience has taught me and my opponents that black blood is manageable in a vacuum, but each time we've tested hazardous, it disgustingly and boringly melts whole crews (back when drowned had hazardous) An aside, Barbaros was an option for me in this hiring pool, and I have a paid-for-painted really pretty Alt-Barbaros model, and I couldn't really justify taking him in comparison to a Mature for 1 more stone. The problem with this comparison is I can't normally justify taking Matures in my crew, so this is not an impressively high bar he couldn't ascend over. I would at least like a reason for Outcast players to take advantage of this cool new versatile model they have instead of shrugging before heading back to their own subfaction of choice. He's squishier than a Mature, slower, and has, between Size 3 Fly With Me vs Challenge, arguably less reliable utility. I realize he's one stone less and has stone use, but honestly this is a bait; I'd be better off saving my stone use for other henchman or masters that I should have taken in the first place. Or at least that's my opinion anyway. Barbaros was kind of a busted auto take model for NB in M2E, and I get that, but he's not even a sometimes-take now, IMO. Does anyone else have any experience to the contrary?
  15. Can we not? I really don't want this thread shut down until we can actually hash this out.
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