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  1. Obviously Dashel needs a bump to bring him up to the curve of other Guild masters so he'll see some play!
  2. This original post is the first time I've ever used the "respectfully disagree" button. I do think Guild could use a few more baked-in suits on triggers and a little more trust that a powerful model in the faction is fine to leave there (looking at you, Michael XVI). I'd be happy to see Pine Box work at 1" and target the model being presently-buried, and a few other things. And Greed is just a step away from being a powerful assist to dropping soulstone users. We've got a good-but-weird toolbox and I've enjoyed playing it.
  3. Yeah, Kyle B is a frequent podium player in the central US (of Schemes and Stones fame) and was planning to switch to Guild. He lost games with Hoffman (which he knows well as a general arcanist player), but also took a Dashel loss. So that's an inexperienced pilot, but also someone who should know how to handle a purported "s-tier" master. Landon S took 4th overall in his December tournament with a 2W/1L/0D record and a +8 diff ... but he lost with Dashel round 2. Dmitry took 5th overall in his December tournament with a 2/1/0 record and a +5 diff ... but his Dashel win was only 4/3 v
  4. I've had middling success with him. It super depends on the board and scheme pool, to my mind. Factors that help Basse: High forest count (most of the crew ignores concealing and severe and picks up cover from being near it; Basse can MASSIVELY reposition a model out of the terrain, or dart back out of melee in a forest on any crow or stone to prevent big alphas) Wedge Deployment (early blast threat forces the opponent back and adds to your board-portion advantage) Corrupted Ley Lines (Basse and Reichart can create an easy front line to pressure the opponent back; 2x Bring It to
  5. Here's the full results for Guild in Nov/December vassal MWS events. Dashel literally won ONLY the game in question in this post in December, and went 2-8-1 overall. I don't mean that as a "haha!" moment to the OP or anything; I'm mostly just worried that the devs might read this and decide to raise the price on executioners or something without referencing actual play numbers.
  6. Seek and ye shall find: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CMYuBlbvqVYWdMZBFpS0ORhEoUjSuAR9HWzLc7LjpkY/edit?usp=sharing I'll drop this in the original post, too. The data set on round 3 isn't fully complete yet, and the document will likely have some marginalia if I get some time to tabulate similar results for the other factions.
  7. Hello fellow Guild Members! We've added 20 tournament games to our Guild roster (one of our highest-table players had to take a scheduling forfeit in round 3). I'll add some notes on final positions when we get one more game in, but we had Guild playing across a broad level of tables. As below, in December Guild players won 9 games, lost 9 games (+1 forfeit), and had one draw, for a basically even spread. In November, Guild had 6 wins, 7 losses, and 2 draws. Combined Nov/Dec record? Guild has won 15, lost 17, and Drawn 2 games in the Malifaux World series. My November Worki
  8. As an update: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CMYuBlbvqVYWdMZBFpS0ORhEoUjSuAR9HWzLc7LjpkY/edit?usp=sharing Hoffman 2 1 3 Lady Justice 1 1 Dashel 2 2 Basse 0 Perdita 1 1 Sonnia 0 Nellie
  9. Another thing to note about the specific game in question is that it was a Corner Deployment game, which gives Dashel the time to set up without being disrupted. And as the OP pointed out, he didn't fare too poorly against Dashel -- it was a 4-3 game with Dashel scoring 2 recover and the reveal of Assassinate and Leave Your Mark, and Yan Lo one recover evidence marker and the reveal point on sabotage and leave your mark. (This is player-reported, so I may have R/E points flipped). This wasn't exactly a stomping. Dashel Barker 2 Assassinate
  10. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CMYuBlbvqVYWdMZBFpS0ORhEoUjSuAR9HWzLc7LjpkY/edit?usp=sharing Here's my spreadsheet -- it may not be 100% accurate, but I try to keep up to speed as people report in. Cheers!
  11. Also if you need to sign up for the next tournament in January, it's here: Fun stuff with this one -- you declare a pool of five masters to use once-per-each, and there are four games total. Plus Explorers should be legal for that one!
  12. Hi all! Guild is starting a bit stronger this month on Vassal: Corner Recover Evidence, Assassinate, Leave Your Mark, Spread Them Out, Sabotage, Catch and Release Hoffman 2 2 Lady Justice 1 1 Dashel 1 1 2 Basse 1 1 Perdita 0 Sonnia
  13. I really want to find a scheme pool where it's reasonable to run 2 Guardians and Phiona and just pull friends into the loving embrace of my iron giants.
  14. I feel like we're up against the reality of sales, here. Wyrd needs to fund their operations, and their marketing strategy is pretty clearly an instance where you can start a casual game Starter-vs-Starter at a lower soulstone count, but for precision tech and meta options, you need to invest more broadly. I'm both a completionist and enjoy the competitive layer (and this game gives me way more bang for my buck than other things I've dabbled in, both in quality and in the playability of figures), so this doesn't bother me as much. I like your Hoffman example, generally, but I can definite
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