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  1. This may be well known, but I found myself a couple times today cheating in a low ram on the Pale Rider to get the defensive trigger and reduce damage when the flip was already going to be at a minus from Hard to Wound (Eg, he couldn’t cheat it anyway).
  2. I’d agree — I started with Lady J and Nellie and they can work for two strats apiece pretty well. Hoffman or Sonnia each play pretty differently from Lady J too ... Hoffman is an armor ball who’s great at working on one area, while Sonnia is hyper aggressive and incidental summoning.
  3. As a new player In M3E, I’ve been catching up on the fluff of the Breachside Broadcast podcasts ... Theres a short story in there (episode 20-21 or so - I was listening in the car and didn’t check it exactly) about a Sir Arthur Mumbles, who raids a tomb and discovers a giant set of chairs and various idol statues. I think his team carries one off. So ... Sir Arthur Mumbles, anyone?
  4. The ol’ “stop grenading yourself!” build. Papa Loco is an auto take! Honestly, it’s sort of fun to imagine burning out a hand to just plain spam 5-6 grenades round one on a monster hunter ...
  5. That makes sense — so it’s legal, but not helpful, as it still counts against your bonus action limit for the activation. Eg a pathfinder couldn’t move/charge-grenade/set the trap, or something.
  6. Mostly confirming here, but the Guild upgrade “No Prisoners” gives minions access to run and gun (charges can generate ranged actions as well as melee), and a bonus-action ranged attack in clockwork grenade. Can you use the grenade as the attack generated by a run-and-fun charge?
  7. Happens to all of us! I've got to admit that I'm charmed by the idea of a four foot rule, though ... I'm going to hunt down a misprinted rulebook and show it to opponents during tournaments when they try to set up Harness the Lay Line or something.
  8. Also I never use the four foot rule when I interact, finding it prohibitive to my diabolical plans! ;D
  9. Yeah, that's for sure! I think Guild is definitely a faction that rewards knowing where to spend your high-weaks and low-moderates from your hand, and I want to make some kind of in-depth study of that at some point.
  10. At the risk of removing another of your thoughts ... keyword “Tome Raider,” surely? And perhaps Big Game Hunter could be “Raiders of the Lost Mark” while we’re at it ...
  11. Here’s an interesting one: Phiona Gage: more a tech pick than anything, but she’s good vs Undead (hard to wound) and bubble crews (Bring It lure), particularly M&SU (ignores positive flips to defense). The issue is that she’s got 2/4/5 melee damage ... but grit takes her up to 3/5/6, and she gets plus flips to duels if you have a scheme marker near her. Take the Hit lets her get into Grit mode a bit more at your choice than the opponent’s, and a Lead-Lined Coat can allow her to keep her initial position rather than move around. At this point I mostly envision using her as tech vs M&SU, Yan Lo, or Leveticus crews that need particular positioning, but I like the figure more and more.
  12. Thought more about this: it could be fun to have the airwaves be a shared resource. Like, the more the airwaves get used, the less useful they are, because it gets confused and staticky. You could also use the Projected Voice ability from a number of models, and possibly an Obey somewhere in there as theme fluff with the whole idea of propaganda broadcasts. Though I also like the idea of the whole faction operating just beyond Guild control and slowly breaking free of it.
  13. I had a stray thought today that I’d love a crew based more around aethervox radio. Dashel’s totem is connected to that and I was listening to the Breachside Broadcast and thought it could be great to have a foreign-reporting themed crew where their abilities all get sent through airwaves to each other, similar to Nino Ortega’s aura being able to affect Family models wherever they are. So a couple radio models of some kind, maybe some photography abilities a la Nellie’s crew, and a Master who’s the Voice of the Frontier or something. I may look into this for some kind of local event!
  14. I'm not sure you're right, here: From the Rulebook, p 33: Some effects within the game provide a model with a choice, such as “discard a card or gain Stunned.” In cases such as this, the model making the choice may choose either option, provided they have the capability to resolve that option. In the case above, if the model had no cards in its Control Hand, it could not choose to discard a card; if the model already had the Stunned Condition (or could not gain it for some reason), it could not choose to gain Stunned. If a model cannot resolve either option, the effect is ignored. Interact reads, p 22: Do one of the following: 1) Drop a Scheme Marker into base contact with this model and not within 4" of another friendly Scheme Marker, 2) remove all Scheme Markers in base contact with this model, or 3) resolve a specific rule that refers to an Interact Action. So you could not choose "3" if there is not some specific rule that refers to an Interact Action, and you cannot Drop a Scheme Marker into base contact and not within 4" (if there is another such marker there), and you would be forced to remove all Scheme Markers. Of note: you CAN choose option 2 at any time, because "zero" is a legitimate "number of scheme markers." (Note: this is not a "failing" action) My sense is that the "This or That" rule from page 33 requires of you to choose an option that you "have the capability to resolve," and you do not have the "capability to drop a scheme marker in base contact and not within 4" of another model" if there are no such models. Wrastlers can take an attack with no target that explicitly fails in step 3: targeting (page 23 of the rules: "If the Action requires a target, the target must be declared at this step. The target must be within the Action’s range as well as within LoS of the model taking the Action, unless specified otherwise. If an Action has no legal target, it fails; skip steps 4 and 5."), but it isn't governed by the This-or-That rule that requires you to choose an action you are capable of completing in the Interact action, so it may be legal while choosing an incapable-of-completing interact choice is not.
  15. Yeah -- that's the kind of precedent I'm wondering about with Start of Activation things like the Vogel/Beast Within back-and-forth. Edit: to be clear, it isn't an exact precedent and it doesn't deal with the same timing -- just one way of trying to get at what the designers intend to be the formal way to deal with timing windows in Malifaux.
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