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  1. This is correct, but I think that's not the significant part of @solkan's definition -- the "damage suffered" is the reference point for Corrupted Idols when it checks for the distance, and Jack Daw's ability actually changes the value of "damage suffered," as follows: "When this model 'suffers damage,' it may discard a card. If it does so, the damage this model suffers is changed to 1 irreducible damage." So Jack Daw's ability literally changes the value of the reference point for the Corrupted Idols resulting toss, and they're going to be the same. If the Daw player wants to throw it farther (with Daw), then s/he will have to take more than 1 damage on Daw to do it.
  2. Curious what you're using for the damage output apart from Basse/Reichart, and I'm curious what those "few schemes/strats" you wouldn't take Basse into are?
  3. I think it really depends. If your opponent is bubbled enough, sure, pay one more ram and give a bunch of things slow. But if you get off the charges, the extra movement for Lady J and the Judge can help a lot, and one nice thing about the charge bubble is it’s threat range is your bubble + the push of your models. Even the Death Marshals are no slouches at melee, and you can go with them first to try to burn out your opponent’s hand dealing with them, or reposition them for a late claim of Hold Up Their Forces or something. Anyway, it’s more that the ability shouldn’t be auto-ignored, even if it isn’t always the highest damage output.
  4. Yeah, that was me. I usually take the piece, but it was both funny and dispiriting to realize there are advantages to leaving your totem chained up in the yard at home.
  5. I’d agree on the Jury: obeys, reflective damage, and circumstantial work out of the false accusation and into dust trigger to make/kill undead models. Lady J’s crew can also outrange most opponents: it’s not hard to stall activations by focusing Death Marshals or Exorcists round one, and Lady J can “bookend” activations by going in late and striking a flank, then starting a round to kill one or more pieces. The Lone Marshal has very powerful ranged threats and a ranged startle that can help keep threats from advancing (startle is very strong vs things like Viktorias, with lots of out of activation movement). Of note: Lady J’s 2” engagement range means that you can engage a 1” engagement model and it has to either disengage or walk/attack you, which is sort of like giving it auto-slow, since it can’t charge/attack. The Judge has strong attacks at range or melee and the card cycling ability is good, especially if you have the Guild Steward or a Domador to offer healing in early rounds on and mitigate the damage risk. If you’re in wedge or something, building into Lady J and the Judge as a charge, then having exorcists to ignore friendly fire and domadores to heal your units and damage the opponents can lead to a powerful set of advantages in a melee scrum. This is also definitely a crew that loves the Pale Rider’s “everyone charges” bubble, possibly more than the slow/burning bubble: Lone Marshal, Lady J, and Judge all get big attacks off that, and even death marshals or exorcists do fine with it in the right positioning.
  6. Austringers are great Vendetta models too - 14” bird attack at stat 6 ignoring cover concealment and los means it’s easy to plink a damage at range vs a target, and then you can hang back to stay safe for the second point, and ditch the upgrade to take a hit if need be (and possibly reattach it on your activation with a melee attack, though you’ll likely need a high tome for it). Also I think Basse is a solid option as a second master beater if you need one.
  7. I think it needs to be narrower: using up an AP or resolving the forced interact from the attack is a change to the game state, so in the first place, it doesn’t solve the issue. But even if you wanted to contend against that, if Nellie forced the interact with her 8”-range One More Question attack, then even taking a “pick up zero marker” interact will set off Nellie’s Breaking News 8” bubble, causing her to gain focus and draw a card, which is a change to the game state. It may well also trigger the Chasing a Story 8” bubble of other reporters too. If Nellie is actually intended to be able to force enemies to drop enemy scheme markers at range as part of the synergy with her crew’s Slander triggers or tax-in synergy with Guard models, then the rules change needs to be something closer to adding Scheme marker in base contact as a cost, or something. Edit: that said, I’m all for future-proofing, and I’m curious if you have any other current examples in mind?
  8. The idea was to put the Peacekeeper on the Claim Jump area and just hold it, backed by Hoffman heals and Phiona there to yank attacks off if need be -- an overprotection strategy for my claim jump points, basically, while the Watcher and Mech Attendant ambled off to Outflank supported by Langston and Joss. Because Phiona can lure Hoffman in to heal-hit her, the ability to dump a hit or two onto her in the middle as Joss and Langston pincered in seemed like a good general set of tactics. @Davos threw Phiona into some terrain off in another direction (probably should have brought a LLC for her!) and the big Hannah hits came in meanwhile.
  9. I don't have any sour grapes about it, but yeah, I'd love to see a real errata there. I don't exactly remember, but I think he stoned for an extra ram and took the siphon power ram on one attack, and there may have been red joker damage in there. Can't recall if he had a focus to get a red joker cheat in, but yeah, it was potent. @Davos, do you happen to recall exactly how you did this? The Peacekeeper might have been down one wound to begin with or something.
  10. I mean, this is one of the more controversial debates at the moment over in the rules forum. As I wrote: we played it as if allowed, but even my opponent agreed it probably isn't the intent of the ability.
  11. So, I went to the Des Moines tourney on Saturday and finished 3-4-14. Bans format. Briefly: Round One: Turf War with Power Ritual/Harness/Claim Jump/Hold Up Forces/Outflank. Wedge. 5-3 loss Took Hoffman into Von Schill (Brian from S&S podcast) I banned Amalgam; he banned Marshal We played where Hannah could copy her own charge and she dropped the peacekeeper (which had claim jump) in a single activation, largely because Phiona had been tossed out of position into terrain so she couldn't take the hits. We both took claim jump (he had a librarian) and outflank. I scored outflank once and turf war twice; he scored outflank once, claim jump twice, and turf war twice. Round Two: Plant Explosives with Assassinate/Vendetta/Hold Up/Dig Graves/Detonate. Flank deployment. 5-4 loss Took Lady J into Von Schtuck I banned Forgotten; he banned Journalist We each moved sideways off the flank towards safe drop zones. Valedictorian flew in and dropped Lone Marshal with a red joker damage flip on the hard-to-wound minus. Lone Marshal was my Vendetta figure, so out two points. He forgot to use his Academic Zeal upgrade, and given my secretly lost points, I called missed opportunity (he was a good sport about that). Lady J dropped Valedictorian for the first point of Dig Graves (I expected to just get one from that). On my own side I forgot I'd taken a LLC on Lady J, resulting in him scoring first-assassinate: we decided those mistakes roughly canceled. We each scored the strat three times, but he got the first Vendetta point with an undergraduate By-Your-Siding into the Judge after my seven stones were gone. Round Three: Corrupted Idols with Search Ruins/Detonate Charges/Claim Jump/Deliver a Message/Take Prisoner. Standard Deployment. 7-0 win (newer opponent) Took Nellie into Titania on a board with a lot of severe terrain. I explained Nellie and Deliver before he chose schemes. I spread Nellie, a Field Reporter, and Allison out with Nellie and the Pale Taxi in the middle so that each could cover one drop area. Opponent controlled the drop and put it near where some minions (ook Razorspine Rattler, ook Candy, and the Gorar) could advance towards it. I used the P Press near there to shove them back and apply burning with Hot of the Press and shuttled Nellie towards it with the Pale Rider, who got some shots into Aeslin as well. I had taken a Peacekeeper to anti-scheme and prevent Claim Jump, and it finished Aeslin with a harpoon gun. Round two the Undercover Reporter replaced an Autumn Knight to de-position it. Meanwhile he tossed one idol over but Nellie arrived and double-tossed it 2" + 2" with free interact heals and covered the interaction with her Exclusive Interview bubble. My opponent had taken Detonate and Search and wasn't able to get them down. I took Deliver and Search and scored them both, with the Undercover Reporter helping me drop markers via minions in the early rounds. It was a pretty advantageous pool/list, but it's nice to remember that Guild DOES have some tools that really shine. The two close losses and the large game 3 diff gave me 7th, I think, with, I believe, a tie for second best diff at the tourney. I also won 2nd in the Painting Contest (theme Socialite) for Lucius, who matched that theme quite well. My play in games 1-2 wasn't perfect, but I do think each game was competitive and winnable, and losing the Lone Marshal to red joker damage round one was hugely significant in game two. I'm optimistic about future Guild work at tourneys.
  12. I've been thinking about how the Guild has really solid tech picks against Tara between the Jury and Death Marshal Recruiters. One of my local Outcast guys doesn't even take Tara into Guild at this point. I've been trying to think through whether there are factions that have just too big a toolbox for any of our masters? Or are there matchups you've had that went really poorly? E.g., I don't think I want to run Nellie into Ten Thunders, because Shenlong's ability to reverse manipulative and distracted means that he'll just hard stop a lot of the defensive tech in journalist keyword. And I don't think I like Hoffman into Neverborn because there are so many willpower duels they can threaten, plus things like Black Blood damage that can chip away the lower health of armored models awfully fast. Arcanists -- I think Collette can out-manipulate Nellie unit-for-unit, so in a schemier pool it might be worth using some other master. I think we've got great tools against a summoner, since we can always take the Agent-46/Exorcist combo even o-o-k for two extra points and uncheatably headshot big summons for a soulstone. Bayou -- lots of explosions and tests, so maybe want a more elite crew? Could be hard on Hoffman, too -- lots of small plink damage can drop armor units over time. Explorers -- at the moment, I don't think they have strong matches against our usual plays. Guild mirror -- I guess Dashel is weak to our summon-killing combos. Hoffman is weak to all of our armor piercing and execute tech. Perdita is weak to our ranged damage. Maybe a Lady J crew is fine here? Or Nellie teched out for control? Neverborn -- Hoffman's crew is weak to willpower duels and plink damage. Otherwise, we're both kill-first-scheme-later factions, and we have the advantage of distance. Outcast -- We're strong against Tara and Jack Daw with tech pieces. Not sure we have bad matchups here? Resurrectionists -- hard to imagine NOT picking Lady J here. Even if they try to get a Living crew out of Seamus or Von Schtook, the Emissary or Dead Rider or Archie or Necropunks are all undead pieces they're going to want to bring in. Plus Lady J is great at running down Seamus. Ten Thunders -- Nellie's crew has bad defenses against Drunken Kung Fu inversion. Curious what other people have seen?
  13. I like Lone Marshal for the stat 7 and two solid triggers, though the execute from Riflemen seems pretty solid too. I’d be less worried about getting puncture from frontiersmen since you have decent odds of just winning the damage spread via your cheat/no-cheat advantage.
  14. Watchers are also a point more expensive than hounds, which are also super fast and stay within that 3-4 stone schemer range. Once you're up to 5 points for a watcher I think it's pretty board dependent to take that over a keyword model with some synergy (like, if you're playing Family, that's a stone away from a Monster Hunter). Yeah, I think Marshal is actually our deepest toolbox. Exorcists deal with a LOT of defensive tech and have some potent spike surprises. Domadores are healers and suited obey'ers for anyone nearby. The Jury is a potent inexpensive henchlady with a suited obey, good attacks, and defensive "get what you dealt" tech. I hadn't ever thought about taking the Judge ook for the card draw, but spending a 5 for up to three free cards at the risk of some recoverable damage really is pretty good -- though I'm not sure you buy her ook before the Pale Rider. Honestly Death Marshals themselves are the perfect pawn at 5 stones, too, and bumping them to 6 probably fills in holes for a few of our other keywords. In Elite, Investigators are pretty good models for certain schemes (Claim Jump), as are False Witnesses (Harness, Detonate Charges). And Agent 46's un-cheatable attack is powerful, especially if it gets a good gun to copy out of some other in-keyword model and can fire at range ... though the best gun is probably either Santiago's or the Lone Marshal's, which points back to Marshal again a bit. The other GIGANTIC tech pick in Marshal is Lady Justice herself. The fact that she's worth considering as a 5-AP beatstick for 17-stones is fun on its own ... but the real potency is picking her against a poison or fire master and leaping in to use "Restore the Natural Order" at the end of round one to instantly remove the 35 poison they spent all their AP putting on their models.
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