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  1. In Guild, Printing Press or Scribe are tough to beat. Bernadette is fine if being significant isn't a liability. Purifying Flame is a perfectly good free unit for Sonnia (possibly a bit better for new Title Sonnia). Enslaved Nephilim and Scales of Justice are both basically there to try to draw a card at the correct pacing. Mech Attendant has several jobs in a Hoffman crew and can sometimes land a surprise slow late in the rounds. Dashel's totem is really strong for his crew's early card draw, and has a good aura for Guard models, but isn't a generally useful model.
  2. One reality of Lady Justice is that she can score quite a few points because of her high AP count and the leap (which can leave engagement without disengaging, key to the interact action for many points). Ideally, you want her to hit things with a greatsword on pos-flips 3-7 times, but this is an 8-point game, and if she can leap to a symbol and pick it up without getting focus-fired down with her DF-5 and Hard to Wound defenses (and, yknow, the Lead Lined Coat you put on her, right?), that's 12.5% of your possible points out of 2 of her AP, and it's not at all uncommon for that to be the best
  3. For fun, here's the Video Intro for the May Tournament ... ;D https://starwarsintrocreator.kassellabs.io/#!/DMZmba1hTsfcGU_XasW5
  4. Thanks @Whut -- good questions. I'll be adding the following to the tournament discord to help clarify them as well: Map clarifications for Round One: - the central platform is ht 3, blocking, climbable at corners. The entire platform (corners, center, etc) is one terrain piece. Each stair is then a separate terrain piece - the four stair sets are all ht 1/2/3 (base/middle/top). A model gains the Ht 1 if it is also in base contact with the grass, ht 2 if fully on the stairs (or overhanging from them), ht 3 if it is in base contact with the top platform. The white "railings" at the
  5. I'd love to see a Nellie title like "Rising Editor" with an ability that gives Don't Mind Me to friendly journalists within 8". Right now a Nellie crew depends so much on her for scheming, and the other models are a bit fragile, so it would be nice to force them to work in her bubble of influence, but have some better options.
  6. Hi friends -- currently there seems to be an issue with uploading our packet to the Forum. It has been posted (and pinned) in the #general channel of the Malifaux Vassal LFG discord channel, which is heavily used for coordinating and reporting matches: https://discord.gg/GDMhmFUc If any registrants or players need help getting oriented to the discord or have trouble accessing the packet, please feel free to drop me a message here or on discord (with the latter being significantly faster to catch my attention). Cheers!
  7. I would attach a screenshot of the issue. But, well ...
  8. I'm hitting a snag uploading a player packet for the vassal tournament. My error message notes that I have "used all of the attachment space you are allowed." I have deleted attachments from my original posts where they appeared, and I can access a library of my attachments, where they seem to continue to reside, but there doesn't seem to be a means to delete them from there. Am I missing something obvious, here?
  9. Thanks for the heads-up; I've made a note of it in our registration list.
  10. I would read the "and" as implying that yes: Nellie may: {draw a card and gain focused} or {decline to draw a card and gain focused}
  11. @Ceodoc -- you should be able to re-register and use the drop down now. If that doesn't work, let me know and we'll get you in manually on the back end, but I want to make sure the problem is fixed for all events, and if you can successfully register, it should be. Cheers!
  12. You could have been an Arcanist playing December and done "Return of the Yeti" ;D
  13. Thanks -- I'll ask our registration guy to work on that and we'll get you registered.
  14. "Don't be so proud of the technological marvels the Guild creates ... their power is nothing compared to the power of the 'Faux." ~ James Earl Jones, probably Welcome to event number seven in the Malifaux Vassal World Series: May the 'Faux be with You! This is a 3-round, GG2 tournament, 50 SS and STANDARD format for Masters (eg., additional masters may be hired using the new April errata step during hiring), with no other special restrictions. Registration ends at midnight May 1st, GMT - 6 Round 1: May 2nd – May 9th Round 2: May 10th – May 16th Round 3: May
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