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Found 3 results

  1. Fantabulous Friday Breachers! Apologies for the lack of an article last week, the pollen this spring has really done a number on me. Armed with better allergy medication and far too many energy drinks, I have a heckin’ large chonk of an article for y’all this week. With the Wyrd Easter Sale making the TTB Kickstarter-exclusive Hannah included for orders of 300$USD or more, I thought now is an apt time to look at converting Malifaux Cards to TTB Fatermaster Characters! Strap in, because this is going to be a long post folks. So maybe you or your players have a specific Malifaux character that they’d love to see in your campaign, but there aren’t stats for them in any of the materials. So you decide to convert them, but don’t know where to start! Well I’m going to go through the process of converting a Malifaux character for TTB, and by the end perhaps you’ll try it yourself! The first thing I did was take a look at the Stats Card for Hannah, the Freikorps’ Head Librarian. I also looked at the Freikorps Librarian and Von Schill cards and their TTB Stats in the Through the Breach 2e Corebook. From there, I compared the Malifaux Stats with TTB stats to get an idea of adjustments. I based values like AV on the values from the card, along with talents and actions based on the card’s list of abilities and actions. Some things translated well, like Armor, but others were a little more custom. Finally I considered what skills the Head Librarian of the Freikorps would have to become Von Schill’s right hand, so I emphasized her intelligence with skills focused on that. With that completed, here’s what I came up with for my first pass. Adding a Freikorps Suit was a no-brainer, but I wanted to give some of the flavor of her card, so I made Siphon Power, and gave her Sense Magic, yanked from the TTB Corebook. Now, at this point suggest having a friend look things over. I cheated, and asked @MattM to take a look at these Stats. While you may not have the Narrative Designer to subject to the torture of your homebrew, another set of eyes can help spot things you missed in your initial conversion. In my case, I may have forgotten that in Malifaux, characters are always prepared for a fight, so my original Hannah Stats made her a little too aggro. Matthew helped me take her down a notch, and to be more approachable in non-dramatic time situations. Here’s what Matthew gave for feedback. Matthew's changes reflect some things I overlooked, such as the fact that she won’t be in her suit all the time (which was obvious in hindsight!) and evening out her Stats a bit as a result. He also changed Siphon Energy, turned it into a (0) Action, added a Talent called “Head Librarian,” and another Action called Dispel Magic. Now taking the feedback, I’m going to make some very slight changes to the Second Draft. I’m adding some magical skills to give her a small aptitude for the Magia changing the A New Chapter trigger to give the choice of a Immuto or Trigger. Now that I’ve got Hannah where I want her, I’m ready to use her! For an extra fancy touch, I’ve converted the Stats to look like one of the Bestiary entries found in TTB books. My wonderful fiancé, Taylor (on the forums at @stump_chunkman) helped with it to make the entry look it’s best. Here it is! Now, that was easy, right? What Malifaux (or other IP’s) characters have you converted for TTB? Hannah Conversion - Sheet1.pdf Hannah Conversion - Sheet1.pdf Hanna TTB Card
  2. So my friend and I recently got into Malifaux, sadly the current situation has made games practically (and reasonably) impossible but we didn't let that stop us so we decided to carry on learning the game together over Vassal. Anyway, we were joking around with the idea of doing a game of Malifaux in which social distancing rules apply, and off the back of that we decided to have a go at making our own Strategy to reflect the times. So, here it is. I want to point out that we're both very new to Malifaux, neither of us are game designers, and we haven't actually tested this yet (we're going to try it out some time next week), but I thought I'd post it on here to see what other people's suggestions might be. No idea if this is in any way balanced, it's just for a bit of fun. Bog Roll Brawl After the Attacker chooses a Deployment Zone, but before Deployment, starting with the Defending Player, each player alternates Creating four neutral Strategy Markers centred on the centreline, at least 2” away from another Strategy Marker. Strategy Markers are Impassable. A friendly-controlled model in base contact with a Strategy Marker can take the Interact Action to remove the Strategy Marker and gain a Bog Roll Token. A friendly-controlled model with one or more Bog Roll Tokens can take the Interact Action to discard one Bog Roll Token and Place a Strategy Marker within 1”. After a model with one or more Bog Roll Token(s) is killed, it discards any Bog Roll Tokens and the opposing player must Drop an equal number of Strategy Markers into base contact with the model. If a model with a Bog Roll Token would be Buried by a friendly-controlled effect, it discards any Bog Roll Tokens and the opposing player must Drop an equal number of Strategy Markers into base contact with the model. If a model ends its Activation within 1” of one or more friendly or enemy model(s), the opposing player may have that model gain Poison +1 or Distracted +1. At the end of each Turn, a Crew gains 1 VP if there are more Strategy Markers in this Crew’s Deployment Zone than this Crew has earned VP from this Strategy.
  3. Leader Nekima upgrades So, I had some ideas as to make Nekima a viable leader without changing the current Henchman model… The best way I could think of to do this would be through an upgrade similar to what Wrath got. So without further ado, Designer’s Notes: So basically, this is just to make Nekima the Leader she was born to be, the leader we deserve & the leader we need! Basically, it just gives her the effects of Birthright without the bother of killing the Master… I upped her cache to 3 to try and put her on par with other masters… I kind of used Lady J as a guide here as she has a similar damage spread and is also focused on combat. I made it one less as Nekima has 1 extra AP for attacking, but is less flexible (3 general AP vs 2 general AP +2Ml master AP). Another upgrade I thought would be cool and make her a bit more well-rounded. Designer’s notes: This is to give her synergy with all the human-nephilim hybrids she’s been creating. Giving them Fast makes them much more desirable, especially Bloodwretches & Angel Eyes as they can gain them back by killing. I also wanted to make a Henchman Black Blood Shaman for her, the one who stopped her from killing Tuco & created the first half-breeds. Morphran A particular ugly, yet gifted Black Blood Shaman, Morphran once had a seat of great power within the Brotherhood and personally held Nekima’s favour. Like Nekima, his rising star fell from grace when Lilith usurped the throne. Abandoning the brotherhood, he now serves as Nekima’s chief advisor. Since the capture of Tuco and witnessing his transformation into the first human-Nephilim half-breed, Morphran has become obsessed with experimenting on humans by corrupting their blood. Despite his mistress’s initial misgivings, he has created a number of Half-breeds for her growing army. An army that will once again see her as the rightful ruler of the Nephilim and grant him power over the Brotherhood. Not trusting the other Black Blood Shamans that follow Nekima who still hold true to the Brotherhood, he has never taken on an apprentice, thus he is one of the longest-lived shamans. Instead, he has taken those half-breeds that show the greatest aptitude in the Nephilim Blood Magic under his wing, granting them further secrets into their arcane craft. Designer’s notes: Morfran is the great crow in Welsh mythology. It’s said that he was so ugly that his mother compensated for it by instilling great wisdom in him. Wanted him to be a bigger version of the Black Blood Shaman, and again have some synergy with the Half-breeds he creates, especially the Bloodwretches as well as just other models with Black Blood. And an Upgrade: Designer’s notes: This ties him in with the Scion, making their Blessings of the Blood Ability much more user friendly and allowing him to create another one from a Bloodwretch. So what do you all think? These guys haven't been playtested at all, but I don't think they'd be too powerful... I'd love to know what your thoughts are! Although if you don't approve homegrown rules or models, that's fine (I perfectly understand), just I'd much rather constructive critique on my talents (or lack of!) as a designer. Cheers! Ps. I'd also like to make a totem, but currently don't have any ideas...
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