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  1. Thanks. I'll give that one a try and test it. This means no other upgrade is worth it? (generally speaking/ situational?) (loving the feedback btw. Makes the steep learning curve for a newb a bit more manageable )
  2. Given the models I own I think I'll use the following for a first game: 1st Reva Cortinas Crew (Resurrectionist) Size: 50 - Pool: 10 Reva Cortinas Corpse Candle Corpse Candle 2 Vincent St. Clair Wanyudo Restless Spirit Lampad Shieldbearer Shieldbearer 2 Any upgrades I should consider (or keep the full 10 stones?)
  3. Hi everyone, I got these in a lot and am not looking to venture in Arcanists (short term anyhow). For now I think I'll stick with Outcasts (Freikorps thus far) and Ressers (Jack Daw and Reva). (I do have most of the versatiles for these factions.) So I am willing to sell or trade these. (note that the first 2 pics are of the actual content. The 3rd is what it should look like once assembled) Make me an offer I cannot refuse. 😉 [edit; Note that I live in the netherlands. For shipping/costs this might be relevant.]
  4. I really, really think you should not bring this nonsense into a game. [edit; clarification; I respectfully disagree with you. There is nothing wrong with sexy females. And nothing with ripped shirtless male sculpts either.]
  5. Thus far I have a humble three (3!) games under my belt. Started out with Freikorps (waiting for Hannah and prospectors but the rest I got. Painted) but recently I could buy a painted Reva crew for a pretty good price. The following is on it's way to me: Reva+2 candles, Vincent, Wanyudo 3 shieldbearers Restless spirit 3 Lampads On top of the listed I went and bought the Dead Rider plus the Desiccated boxes. (also on it's way as I type) With these models in mind and the fact that I am still very, very much a beginner; What would you recommend
  6. Ideally somewhat of a "parry-strike" playstyle. In general terms; your opponent attacks, you evade (or parry, or soak) then counterstrike in the gap he (she) inevitably left in order to attack. I do like strong control elements too.
  7. Is there a place where a newb like me can have a look and find out what the playstyles of the different factions are? (and do not tell me to choose the models I like. I cannot afford all of them in one go) And yes; total newb. I never played Malifaux and am drawn in by the gorgeous models and setting. I do however have a lot of experience in wargaming. (currently I mostly play X-wing and ASOIAF but I played a *lot* more over the years) I am trying to narrow down which suits my playstyle best. Any/all help is much appreciated. thanks a bunch in advance.
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