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  1. I would have hoped for a little more for Reva myself. The Lampad change makes me want to try one but it still seems a lot (8) for what they do. We'll see. (hopefully sooner rather than later)
  2. Would it not be a lot 'better' (for balance) to go the opposite route? For example; 2 'generic' upgrades for a faction as a whole. (ideally a weaker 1 pt and a solid one for 2 pts) Then 2 more 'master-specific' upgrades. Just spitballing thoughts and ideas from a newb.
  3. The only real downside is that there already is someone playing Euripides locally. And I'd rather lean into masters who no one plays. (yet) (unless something cheap/2nd hand crosses my ever eager path 😉 )
  4. I really like the model. Does that count?
  5. What does she add? I had a look at the card in the crewbuilder but it is not obvious to a newb like me what she has to offer...
  6. I had a bit of help. Experienced/skilled hands to boot. I do a lot of my own painting but after assembling Chompy I decided I needed help with that.
  7. I already have/own a Sonnia crew so... (also bought 2nd hand. I seem unable to resist anything Malifaux ever since I got addicted.
  8. So I got me a Dreamer crew for Xmas and recently could buy a (painted) Pandora crew 2nd hand. Pandora was on my wish-list given the overlap between crews. Now with the end of my 'to-paint' in sight for the Dreamer crew I am pondering where to go next. Which crew/keyword would add new gameplay/style to Woe/Nightmare? Thanks a bunch in advance. Pic added of my (WIP) Dreamer crew. Because... reasons.
  9. Given the fact I started (Malifaux) a mere 6 months ago I have some doubts I am able to stop any time soon...
  10. Just an update. A picture of the painted Malifaux stuff I have. I am addicted.
  11. How about some "honour" strat? You are not allowed to focus attacks somehow on anything cheaper than you are? (just spitballing here. I am a newb. Feel free to ignore me. 😃)
  12. Same. One is a given with Daw. Excellent support piece for a humble 6 points.
  13. Even with HtW I'd be hesitant to include a Lampad in my Reva crew. 8 SS is a *LOT*. It is henchman territory. But whatever is done to Lampads to buff them; it needs quite a bit. Lovely models and now all 3 of them gather ongodly amounts of dust...
  14. Hi everyone, As a genuine plastic addict i could not resist a 2nd hand Sonnia Criid crew. With 2 additional (versatile) purchases I now have: Sonnia core set Witching Hour Pale Rider Steward Which gave me solid start (I think?) into Guild. The lot was half-painted already so I ammaking very good progress and will have a painted crew after this weekend. Which leads me to the question in the topic title: "Which crew would you recommend as a 2nd crew within Guild after the Witch Hunters? " (and why?) (pic attached to show progress. WIP mind you)
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