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  1. Hello. I do love the sculpting of the Butcher Executioner. Here is my question: In which crews can I field him to gain the maximum performance? Where are the meanest synergies hidden? And which dirty tricks do u use on him to get the best afford? Best regards, Tobi
  2. Hello everybody. I am an Arcanist player for almost 3 years now, but I never played Ramos so far.. Now I am going to field him in a tournament game. Strategy: Squatters Rights Deployment: Corner Schemes: will be selected before the game Some general advice would be nice. -The crew -The upgrades to take -The playstyle etc. .. In my opinion 5 markers to conquer are a very nice setting for the spider sommoning Ramos and his itsy bitsy mechanical friends. Thanks a lot Tobi
  3. Some players of our local Malifaux crew express the following wish: -we want an own 'Codex' for each faction- It's more clearly to find something (if you have just only one faction to play). And may be a little representative... But may be a bit complicated (Mercenaries, Dual Faction, etc). Does anybody out there like this? Is there any hope for them?? Greetz
  4. On the 29th of July 2017 there will be our first Malifaux event. Its a 3 round , fixed Faction , 50SS tournament. With trophies for the top three players and best paint although. Hope to see some of you there You can find it here: https://www.tabletoptournaments.net/de/t3_tournament.php?tid=19285 Tobi
  5. Hey all. I do love Killjoy So what are the best ways to arrange the Killjoy Bomb when playing Arcanists? Best regards, Tobi a.k.a. Frozen Feet
  6. Very nice ones, so far. Here is mine: -Sandeep Desai ; Unaligned Sage, To behold another World, Seize the Day , 5SS -The Valedictorian ; Warding Runes, I.E. -Mechanical Rider ; I.E. -Oxfordian Mage ; Temporary Shielding, Blood Ward -Oxfordian Mage ; Temporary Shielding, Nemesis Ward -Oxfordian Mage ; Temporary Shielding, Doom Ward -Silent One Sandeep, the Valedictorian and the 3 Mages (+Banasuva) to protect the Stash Markers.. Silent One as Healer and engagement caster.. Mech Rider and summoned gamins to run the schemes (leave your Mark and probably claim jump)
  7. Hi Fellas. I do frequently play Raspy, Marcus,Sandeep,Kaeris and sometimes Colette in a more or less competitive way. But when i do, there normally is no space for the big smashy Golem in my lists. He is so damned slow and needs all 3ap to do his devastating Smash attack. So, what do i have to do, to take him with me into battle? His impact feared by almost everyone. And there is a big sign above his head: Kill me as fast as possible.. How do i have to play him, to gain the biggest benefit of his tremendous power? Greetings
  8. Sphinx. A tarpit with high armor , something like a truth or consequences game to pin down her enemies an some clairvoyance for card control. Nephilim.
  9. Played lots of times against Douglas and his crew.. His poison/expunge/summon circle can be very disgusting. In my opinion the keys against him are his low DF & WP stats. And Douglas is 'only' Hard to Wound. Beaters with a high 'Weak' damage can drop his wounds down very fast. And if Raspy is out of her cave, searchin for trouble. She might love to paralyze the mad Doctor..
  10. I am confused about a statement of a fimiliar player of mine. He said: Enrage lasts only for the turn Ototo is reduced to 6 or fewer wounds. Because of the wording, he said! Wut??? Is he right? I thought this ability is always active if Ototo is on 6 or lower wounds.
  11. Had my first game with Sandeep yesterday. Encountered Molly, never met her before. GG2017 Interference Lost 7:6 in Rnd5. The Crew: Sandeep -Command -Unaligned Sage -Enlightened , 5SS Valedictorian -Warding Runes -IE 3x Oxfordian Mages with full Load out. 3X Fire Gamins (i do not own any Wind Gamins at all....so far..) Gun Smith Molly was Horror Molly, with Philip and the Nanny for card cycling, Chiaki, Dead Doxy,Crooligan, Necrotic Machine, KILLJOY and a Nurse.. The Game was quite a lot of fun. My first hand was real crap. Molly managed to summon 2 Punkzombies near my models..Sandeep summoned Banasuva engaging the 2 Punks and Molly also. Rnd 2: Killjoy unburied and charged Sandeep killing him in one Charge.. Rnd3: Valedictorian Charged Molly left her with one wound.. She healed up.. Rnd4:the Oxfordian "Brawler" Mage killed Molly in Close Combat.. Rnd5: My crew killed several low wound summoned and some hired models.. No Rnd 6... I lost.. my Survivors: Valedictorian , the three Mages!! , one Fire Gamin. I am sad about loosing Sandeep early against Killjoys lucky and brutal attack.. My model of the Game was the Valedictorian with Warding Runes. Because my enemy was unable to kill my Mages, the Valedictorian ate a huge amount of AP and survived. Banasuva killed Killjoy to retaliate his deceased Master. Satisfying.. Hope to get more practice with Sandeep soon.
  12. Frozen Feet


    The Judge may also target himself with theCombat Effectiveness action, as it is a tactical action. Don't know if it is worth the SS.
  13. December says: I do love shows on ice.
  14. Playin Malifaux is a lot about activations and actions. Thats why i thought about MODELS or COMBOS that cause a max quantity of those actions/activations.. For Example: Arcane Emissary with the Flaming Conflux in a Kaeris Crew.. The Emissary itself generates 2AP and one 0 Action + his ability Flesh and Metal, to give target non leader an 1 action + Flame-o-taur, Kaeris may use a second 0 action. This is a max. amount of 5 (4 are important) actions -on a relative high powered level- caused by one 10SS activation.. Any ideas? Greetings, Tobi aka Frozen Feet
  15. There he is: https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2017/2/6/monday-preview-a-stitch-in-time
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