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  1. What about Somer - pig feed McTavish - cute critters Wild Boars as the core of such a list? It offers some synergies, especially for out of activation attacks which can be performed by either pig feed or McTavish's Wrangle Critter attack.
  2. Hi all, I already own a pretty decent Neverborn collection including most of the available Mimics. Lucius is one Master I always wanted to get and therefore I'm searching for some advice on how to get started with Lucius in Guild. 1.) Which second crew box do you recommend? Any special synergies with Lucius? 2.) I absolutely like Ryle. Any chance of a successful team Lucius/Ryle? In MkI Ryle was part of Lucius boxed set, but now the story seems to be an other. 3.) Besided Lucius, the second Master I pretty like is Hoffmann. I guess that there is almost no overlap in crew creation between Lucius and Hoffmann, right? What would be a good Hoffmann start then? Is it a good idea to get the Ramos crew in addition to Hoffmann's crew due to the fact that Hoffmann can hire Arcanist constructs with one of his upgrades? thanks in advance ZK
  3. Hi all, in my area there is some uprising interest for Malifaux and we like to play some smaller games with Henchman led Crews for the beginners. Now I looked at my collection and noticed that I haven´t field Insidious Madness and Stitced for quite some time (not to say my last game is around 3 years back). That being said I like to field both, Insidous Madness and Stichted in our first Henchman led games, but I don´t have any clue which Henchman to choose to get anything out of IM or Stichted. Any advice? Henchmen I already own: Bad Juju Candy Widow Weaver (if there is any need to get an other Henchman, I eventually will buy it) Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi all, I'm curious about what an insignificant madel can do during an encounter. If I got it right, no interact actions of any kind. But what about strategies and schemes in which models are counted such as Public Demonstration or Ours (both GG2018)? what about Hold up their forces (GG2018)? Is an insignificant model able to fullfill the requirements? Same for Take Prisoner for example. There are a lot more, but I think you're able to catch my question. Thanks in advance. ZK
  5. Thanks all for the replies. Time is sparse these days so I´m not able to paint a whole Dreamer Crew. Though I guess this will be my next project (after Wong). Right now I´ll stay with Zoraida, we´ll see how it works. I´ll report after the tournaments. Though good advice here. I have to have a look on that Serena Bowman, she sounds nice.
  6. Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately I don't own a Widow Weaver nor Mr. Tannen. But I'll keep that list in mind for future list building.
  7. Thanks for sharing the list. I do not own Nekima and I do not plan on buying one. There are several other models I much more like and still have to paint. That being said, I´m going to run this base: 2 Teddies and Baby Kade Simply due to the fact that (1) these models brought me into the game, (2) I´ve never played that team, although I wanted from the very beginnings, and (3) it is one hell of an example for rule of cool. I´m actually painting Dreamer, though I´m rather undeciced what master to run. I can also see Zoraida (once more – rule of cool) or Pandora. Nothing of this calls for high competetiveness, but I´m way to unexperienced to dream of competetive play. I already read it. It was fun to read, though I´m not that deep into the game right now, meaning I don´t understand every move or interaction. But I will learn.
  8. Thanks all for your replies! Seems to me that I finally have to assemble and paint my Teddy Crew which I collected long ago: Dreamer, Nightmare Teddy as Lord Chompy Bits, those Puppet Wars Teddies as count-as-Daydreams, 2 Teddies and finally some Teddy Bear Bitz to convert models into Teddy Bears – maybe heading towards Alps here. I already read the stickied Dreamer´s Tactica and while I´m not interessted in Summoning Dreamer I think that some melee focused Dreamer could be the way to go. mmh, what does "new melee Dreamer" mean? Is it based on new releases which weren´t available all these former years? Or does it mean "new" after they toned down Dreamer´s summoning ability? In an other thread I read about "shooting Dreamer". What does this mean? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi all, just asked myself why I do not paint my second Teddy and have some fun running them in the same list. Notes: - I hven't played the game for two years now. - I'll participate in two tournaments in the next few weeks. - I always play the rule of cool no matter the competetiveness. That being said, I like to ask some questions: If you were to run 2 Teddies,... 1. which master would you choose? 2. which strategies and schemes would you like to face? 3. which support models would you choose? I thought about 2 Teddies Baby Kade 2 Will'o'wisps Mr Graves For some movement shenanigans (wisps can use where's Teddy) and Graves can push around, though I don't know wether this is viable at all
  10. Hi all, want to flesh out my collection and therefore need your advice concerning scheme runners. Which do you prefer? Also, since I will take part in a tournament which starts with an Enforcer Brawl I like to hear your opinions on which enforcer to choose. I´m leaning towards Gracie simply due to rule of cool. Any suggestions here? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi all, I´m about to come back to Malifaux after some years of absence. I plan on taking part in some tournaments in the next few months and therefore I like to get some advice on Swampfiend Zoraida, because my Swampfiend collection is rather big: Zoraida Primordial Magic Vodoo Doll Bad Juju McTavish 3 Silurids 2 Waldgeists Will o the wisps (still in box) Bayou Gator So I like to ask: 1. Which additional purchases should I make? Is Lillith a good addition as a second master? 2. Any advice on crew buildings and synergies I should have a look on? 3. Any strategies / themes Zoraida does well? 4. Are Bandersnatch and Widow Weaver good additions to Zoraida (though not being Swampfiend)? I really like their sculpts.
  12. Hi all, title says it all. I couldn't resist and bought the Draugr as well as the Nicodem boxed sets. This leads to the question: what should I get in addition? some Mindless Zombies? Scheme Runners? Which one? Emissary? I want to get a rather well rounded colection that allows to run most schemes and strategies to good success and I like to run Nicodem as my master for some time before I start playing another one. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi all, I recently found an old Hans model in my collection, but I do not posses a M2E card. And I couldn't find a retailer who still offers a wave1 deck. Where can I get my card now?
  14. These are also nice looking models. And I could use the Rasputina boxed set to some extent then. Now I have to decide wether I should get BoD or Ice Golem. BoD can be incredibly fast and that what I really like: fast, hard hitting models. Thanks for all your help.
  15. Hi all, some friends and me want to run some Henchman Hardcore and I thought this might be a good start for a Frozen Heart themed crew as I pretty like all of those models. So I like to go with Snowstorm and Blessed of December. What other models should I use to get a well rounded crew? Maybe some Ice Dancers? An Acolythe? Something else? Thanks in Advance.
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