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  1. Talthar

    First Game vs the Viks

    I took a Shenlong crew against the Viktorias, and...wow. They brought the Viktorias, Vanessa, Student of Conflict, 3 Ronin, and Lazarus. The Viks sliced their way through both my Wandering River Monks and my High River Monk, Lazarus was shooting twice a turn thanks to Vanessa and took out my Sniper and almost killed my Low River Monk. I thought the game was lost by turn 3, but Shenlong and Yu managed a comeback and I only lost by 1 VP. But hoo boy. Now I wanna give the twins a try!
  2. This is sort of a basic question, and I feel kinda dumb asking, but here goes. A lot of Guild models have the Critical Hit Trigger, with every in the duel's final total giving +1 to the damage. If the Attack has a built-in does it give an automatic +1, or does that suit not count for the damage bonus? This applies to any Action that rewards multiples of the same suit, ie, all the Infect Triggers.
  3. Talthar

    Ply for Information and Triggers

    Thank you very much. Yeah, Shenlong and Yu were waaaay too strong with +3 Focus every activation!
  4. Two questions, unrelated, and possibly irrelevant soon. 1) In the Ply for Information Strategy, it says if one crew has more models with the Gathered Intel condition, that crew scores 1 VP, then remove all Gathered Intel from all models. If both crews have the same number of models with the condition, no one scores, but do you still remove the condition? 2)Shenlong (and Sensei Yu, with the Promising Disciple upgrade) has the ability to take no damage from conditions and not remove or lower Burning, Defensive, Focus, and Poison. Now, does that mean once I pump Shenlong up to 3 Focus I'm flipping four cards every time I attack, or, if I use the Focus I've "spent" it and it drops to 0?
  5. Great batrep, as usual. I really do think you do the best batreps of all the channels I subscribe to. One of the aspects of Malifaux I like is that most games go into the last turn with neither player knowing who's going to win. Both armies looked great, and I loved the Guild's bases and scrap markers.
  6. Talthar

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I actually logged on to ask the same question, or when Beta testing will start. I can wait until next week, but I'm chomping at the bit to get started if I make the cut.
  7. Talthar

    A Proud Day for the Ancestors

    After about six or seven straight losses to Lilith-led Neverborn crews, a Yan Lo TT crew finally won. It was tight, 4-3, but the old man did it. It might have turned out different if both my opponent and myself had not forgotten aspects of our Schemes, but I will take the win! Funny thing is my crew was sorta slapped together, based on not using "crutch" models like Toshiro, Izamu, etc. Here's the list (as it was at game's end): Yan Lo w/Awakening, Follow in Their Footsteps, Spirit Ascendant, Blood Ascendant Kamaitachi Sensei To Obsidian Statue 2x Tengu 2x Tokarage Wastrel Definitely going to use some of these again.
  8. Talthar

    First Shen Long Battle

    Yeah, i think the bulk of my turns was looking at Shen Long's and Yu's cards and Uogrades. Plus, I kept forgetting the free (0) Action or (1) Interact by a Peasant after the initiative flip. I did think it was funny that, in my second game with him, Shen Long had Focus +4, Burning +3, and Defensive +3. My crew in the second game included one each of Fermented, High, and Low monks, with two Wandering River Monks. I won 6-5, and all my opponent's VP came in the last turn from his Schemes.
  9. Talthar


    I was about 95% sure that was the case, I just wanted to make sure. Thanks!
  10. Talthar

    First Shen Long Battle

    This isn't a full batrep, just a quick summary of my first time using Shen Long. I was facing the a Lynch-led Neverborn crew, heavily loaded for Under the Influence. Strategy was Symbols of Authority, opponent's Schemes were Search the Ruins and Take One for the Team. My schemes were Punish the Weak and Inescapable Trap. My crew was: Shen Long w/Words on the River, High River Style Sensei Yu w/Low River Style, Promising Disciple Shadow Emissary w/Conflux of the Dawen Peasant Katanaka Sniper 2x Wandering River Monk I tied up most of my opponent's crew in the middle of the board, using Shen Long and Yu as my primary beatsticks and the Monks as Scheme runners. They managed to nab all three of Lynch's Symbols and Shen Long killed a Depleted and a Beckoner while my opponent was only able to get the Stitched Together killed for Take One and take down one of my Symbols. Final score was 6-2. My first impression of Shen Long as a Master was, with this crew at least, offers almost too many options LOL. But I had fun, and I'm going to use a different Shen Long crew (I've dubbed it Monk-o-mania) against a Ressur crew in the next couple of days.
  11. Talthar


    If a model has the Focus condition and its value is greater than +1, must the entire value be removed at the same time, or can it reduced in increments?
  12. Talthar

    Trying New Models

    I'm trying my first 50ss Shen Long crew today, against Ressurs. I'll probably post the crews and the results on the TT forum.
  13. Talthar

    Trying New Models

    I;m making an effort to try models I haven't played and different crew constructions. Yesterday I took a Sniper for the first time, and he was darn good until Nino Ortega killed him in a sniper duel. To add insult to injury, my Sniper was the target of Nino's Vendetta. Here was my crew in that game, a 35 pt Henchmen fight: Sensei Yu w/Wandering River Style Mr. Graves w/Smoke Grenades Katanaka Sniper High River Monk 2x Tokarage Had never played the Sniper pr the Monk before. I need to try the various oni and see how they play and interact in a crew. I'm trying to get away from "crutch" models like Izamu or Tengu.
  14. Talthar

    Super buggy since update...

    Never had these problems, but I did notice that the Distracted condition is missing.
  15. Talthar

    APP and M3E

    This is my biggest question. I'm hoping Wyrd doesn't follow in Privateer's footsteps and make you essentially buy the app again with every new edition. Of course, Bad Things Happen is a helluva lot cheaper than War Room.