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  1. Good report and analysis of the models involved. Is that modular terrain? It looks good and would be very similar to what I would like to do.
  2. 35 ss battle between Arcanist Mei Feng and Guild Hoffman. Attacker: Arcanist Mei Feng, Kang, Forgeling, Metal Golem, Metal Gamin w/Magical Training, Arcane Effigy w/Effigy of Fate, 3ss Defender: Guild Charles Hoffman, Mechanical Attendant, Peacekeeper, Guardian, Hunter, Watcher, 4ss Deployment: Corner Strategy: Reckoning Schemes:Detonate Charges, Breakthrough (A), Assassinate, Deliver a Message (A & G), Vendetta (G, Hunter vs Metal Golem) Final Score: Guild 4 (1 on Strategy, 1 on Deliver a Message, 2 on Vendetta) Arcanists 3 (1 on Strategy, 1 o
  3. Aargh...another tie! We really need some way to break ties. I liked the M2E variable length games. so maybe playing one or two "sudden death" turns would solve the problem. I would suggest comparing crews and the player with the most points wins, but that seems to go against the spirit of the game. Maybe compare how the crews scored points, with the crew that scored points on more of the strategy and schemes winning the game?
  4. Strategy: Corrupted Idols Deployment: Standard Schemes: Deliver a Message, Vendetta, Seach the Ruins, Dig Their Graves, Power Ritual GUILD Lady Justice, Scales of Justice, The Judge, Brutal Effigy w/ Emissary of Fate, Guild Stewsrd, Domadore, Death Marshal Recruiter, Death Marshal x2 RESSERS Yan Lo, Soul Porter., Chiaki, w/ The whisper, Sun Qaing, Manos, Yin, Necropunk x2 Thoughts: Only got in thtee and a half turns before we had to stop playing, but it was am eventful game. The Guild is a hard nut to crack; Lady Justice killed Chiaki and Sun Qiang, and Mano
  5. Good tip. Next time I play Yan Lo as a Resser I'm going to give it a try.
  6. The stealth preview of Misaki is incredible. Both it and her current sculpt make it look like she is a whirlwind in motion, which suits her style of play.
  7. LOL No, it was just good ol' Greatsword upside the head with on the damage flip since she never Charged.
  8. Attacker: Neverborn Defender: 10 Thunders Deployment: Flank Strategy: Reckoning Schemes: Detonate Charges, Breakthrough, Outflank, Deliver a Message, Vendetta NEVERBORN: Lilith, Cherub, Angel Eyes w/Ancient Pact, Mature Nephilim w/Inhuman Reflexes, Lilitu, Young Nephilim, 2x Terror Tot Schemes: Breakthrough, Deliver a Message 10 THUNDERS: Yan Lo, Soul Porter, Izamu, Chiaki, Misaki, Lone Swordsman w/Trained Ninja, Gokudo Schemes: Breakthrough, Deliver a Message FINAL SCORE: Neverborn 4 (2 on Strategy, 1 on both Schemes), 10 Thunders 3 (1 on Stategy, 1 on both
  9. The card reads: From Shadow: At the start of this model's Activation, if it is Buried, Unbury it in base contact with a friendly Shadow Marker, then remove that Marker. For every two Friendly models that have activated this Turn, this model has -1 Mv until the end of its Activation." So I'd say the penalty to Mv only affects Misaki if she begins her Activation Buried for whatever reason.
  10. When the Dreamer Summons a model, is the only way it can unbury the method described on Waking Dream, ie, when an enemy model fails a Wp test?
  11. Because I apparently left my brain somewhere when I made the crew...I forgot totems were free. D'oh!
  12. Just finished a game with Shenlong and I totally agree. There wasn't a lot of synergy between Shenlong and the monks. I didn't take any students, so I can't speak to that; I had a HRM and two WRM. Everyone sorr of went their own way and did their own thing.
  13. Steategy: Turf War Schemes: Detonate Charges, Hold Up Their Forces, Take Prisoner,, Outflank, Vendetta Time: 2 hours, 4 rounds Final Score: 10 Thunders 4, Ressurs 2 10 Thunders crew: Yan Lo, Soul Porter, Izamu, Chiaki, Gokudo, Konainu; Outflank, Take Prisoner 1 VP Ressur crew: McMourning w/The Whisper, Sebastian, Flesh Construct, Nurse, Kentauroi; Outflank, Take Prisoner 1 VP Thoughts: Poison didn't play a huge factor in this game, mainly due to poor flips by the Ressurs. Not many crows. Beyond that the Ressur crew played well, they just went after VP's too late
  14. I took a Shenlong crew against the Viktorias, and...wow. They brought the Viktorias, Vanessa, Student of Conflict, 3 Ronin, and Lazarus. The Viks sliced their way through both my Wandering River Monks and my High River Monk, Lazarus was shooting twice a turn thanks to Vanessa and took out my Sniper and almost killed my Low River Monk. I thought the game was lost by turn 3, but Shenlong and Yu managed a comeback and I only lost by 1 VP. But hoo boy. Now I wanna give the twins a try!
  15. This is sort of a basic question, and I feel kinda dumb asking, but here goes. A lot of Guild models have the Critical Hit Trigger, with every in the duel's final total giving +1 to the damage. If the Attack has a built-in does it give an automatic +1, or does that suit not count for the damage bonus? This applies to any Action that rewards multiples of the same suit, ie, all the Infect Triggers.
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