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Found 18 results

  1. The list i'm using to learn the sinergies of McCabe. What do you think? Soul Stone Cache: 1 [Masters] - Lucas McCabe, Relic Hunter, Leader [Henchmen] - Sidir Alchibal - Desper LaRaux [Enforcers] - Luna [Minions] - Huckster + Trained Ninja - Huckster + Trained Ninja - Ruffian - Samurai + Silent Protector The deployment is with hucksters as close as i can from enemy deployment area but close to terrain for his amazing movement. The rest of the gang around Luna waiting for her activation. First turn Luna drop a scheme market and
  2. Familia Ortega has join my Guild's crew and i'm thinking a 50ss basic list for first games. Option A) Soul Stone Cache: 4 [Masters] - Perdita Ortega, Leader + No Prisoners [Henchmen] - Francisco Ortega [Enforcers] - Enslaved Nephilim - Santiago Ortega + Lead-Lined Coat - Nino Ortega - Abuela Ortega - Pale Rider + Lead-Lined Coat Option B) Soul Stone Cache: 4 [Masters] - Perdita Ortega, Leader + No Prisoners [Henchmen] - Francisco Ortega [Enforcers] - Enslaved Nephilim - Santiago Ortega + Lead-Lined Coat
  3. Hello fellow im just curious is to how would you guys go about making a competitive Arcanist list so we can wear our proud blue color around to the Malifaux events. I'm aasking as a newcomer and have only tried out 1 box and i love your game so much i want to get into the comp side of Malifaux but kinda need your help to get started
  4. I played a little Malifaux a year back and want to get back in the game. I love the Japanese style and sad story of Kirai. What boxes do I need to field a 50SS Kirai Crew that would give me a solid base to build on?
  5. Hi guys, recently I am joining a local tournament, which require player to provide a 75 ss list, and select 50 from it, and play 3 matches. The tournament also allow us to select up to 3 masters, their upgrade (limited to them), and totems (limited of them) are all free of cost. I have a couple things in mind but not really sure I am heading the right direction. Henchman: Maddog 9ss + Lucky Poncho upgrade 1ss Will switch him in If I need blast to clear out hordes. Enforcer: Johan 7ss (a decent hard hitter) Hans 7ss + 0 ss upgrade advance sight (s
  6. Using Malifaux's Vassal program and own personal experience I have compiled an excel document that lists all base sizes for all the miniatures so far. Each page is its own faction and it's sorted by size then rank. Hopefully, this will help those in the future? It was kind of a personal project but I was told it might help others. Please let me know if: I'm missing a character A base size is incorrect The number of characters is incorrect There are alternates Anything that needs to be fixed really I want to make this as accurate as possible.
  7. Hey there brothers, I fell in love with Malifaux's models a few years back and jumped in a couple of years ago getting a few second hand (wave 1) miniatures, and then bought some Ten Thunders based on recommendations I found here! So thanks a lot, I had only a few games, but it was a blast, and now that I am back, I realize something and I need your help! I bought a TT box with Mizaki, katakana snipers, oirans, Yamaziko, and the wonderful Izamu! I had a blast with those models, and now that I am back, I joticed that appart from a very few occasions, the only unit from that list that
  8. http://bythetree.net/?f=5&s=50&l=56|92,88,93&t=37|2|0|&m=40|0|73*115|19|*115|19|*182|0|92,95 Doxy for anchors and assisting Leveticus' (and Waifu/A&D) mobility and disruption. Alyce for obvious reasons. Really looking forward to using the scrap marker via From the Aether to move A&D across the board first turn: 6 deployment + 10 Whirlwind of Scrap off of Alyce's scrap + 6 Move (or 6" via Doxy so he can get another AP for attacking: Alyce moved 6" via Doxy before Alyce and A&D activate) + 9 Charge (31" not including 'Hi my name is Doxy'); or 6 deployment +
  9. Here's a list that I took in a recent tournament. Ran it for 6 games, 2 wins, 1 draw (only because I stuffed the schemes) and one loss I built a base list of: von Schill + I Pay Better + Survivalist + The Shirt Comes Off Bishop +Oathkeeper Librarian +Oathkeeper Strongarm Suit + Oathkeeper Ronin Ronin SS Pool - 6 The idea is I almost certainly won't run 2 Ronin - I might swap one out for Johan, Hans, Trapper or a Convict gunslinger, or a pair of Freikorpsmenn, etc. Just depends if, for instance, Disguised
  10. So I've been trying to work out a list for Zoraida with the Hooded Rider as I am ywt to hire him for a game. This is what my 50ss list looks like minus upgrades as those would be scheme dependant: -Zoraida -Bad Juju -Hooded Rider -2x Waldgeist -Silurid -Iggy What do you guys think? It feels a bit expensive for a 50ss list, my thoughts would be that Bad Juju would have to drop out if I want to keep the rider? I almost always take 2 Waldgeist and 1 Silurd regardless of schemes as they are just so awesome and synergise so well with Bad Juju, but dropping him may
  11. Hi, I want to make a list that focusses heavy on the marshal-theme, but I'm having some problems. For starters I want to include LJ + brutal Emmy + judge as the hard hitting core. In general the idea is to let brutal and LJ hold the middle of the board and have LJ box port to where she is needed around turn 3 or so. Judge takes care of 1 of the 2 flanks andmarks 1 enemy for the kill . As this is supposed to be a marshal list DM are mandatory (at least 1). this results in: *Lady justice +last stand (-1ss) => 53SS crew pool *judge (-9ss) *brutal em (-10ss)
  12. So my play group is rebooting our league, and I was considering running Daw for it. As we are starting with henchmen, I was curious how viable montressor is on his own. I've heard he has survival issues, especially without support from Daw, and i'm wary about doing an almost strictly melee crew. So I was hoping for advice. The List as it stands is Montressor - Fearful Whispers, Survivalist Guilty X3 Convict Gunslinger, or Freikorps Trapper, or Hans (leaving me with 5, 6, or 4 stones respectively) Thank you for your feedback!
  13. I am not sure if there is a running tally of condition removal by factions but I saw no reason not to start one. I do not play ever faction nor do i no them all but that is why there is a forum, I will start it off. Neverborn: Dreamer Ten Thunders: Monks of Low River, Chiaki Guild: the Family Arcanists: Arcane Effigy Outcast: Johan, Freikorps Specialist Resurrectionists: Chiaki
  14. I don’t think it is out of the question to say that Alpha is one of the most powerful abilities in the game. It's really difficult, but with the advent of the Night Terrors, which can lower the Wp of a model with a no-resist spell trigger and the Freikorp Librarian, which can give your Marcus a plus flip to casting, things are getting easier. The raptors give us a a second way to enbeasten opposing models, and with the arcane effigy that will come out, Marcus now has the potential to (1) Howl or walk before casting, making life easier. I’ve never found it too unmanageable to alpha, just dif
  15. So I'm quite new the Malifaux (2 days) and old hat at mini gaming (Don't want to say ). I've been looking for a very small skirmish style game where you play a flavorful squad and well here I am. Now I tend to prefer very aggressive high risk and high reward play styles with a strong emphasis in positional play ( I'm an avid gambit player in chess ) So digging around in Malifaux I took an interest in Von Schill and the Victoria sisters (especially with the new avatar). I hammered out the list below based on my read through of the books. And am looking for advice on the follow: 1) will
  16. I am thinking about getting collodi and his puppets soon, and was looking for a good crew list, this is my proposed list: Collodi 2 stitched together 4 marionettes 3-6 wicked dolls this is a 27 - 36ss list so i guess you would use it in 30 - 40 ss games, but im a bit of a noob(not yet played a proper game) and i am not sure were the hench resourcse is stated so someone please help! Anyway, my general tactic was to use the stitched together in front as a sought of meat shield and keep collodi and the marionettes behind and keep the wicked dolls on the flanks. Any other ideas for a list or
  17. Im brand new to the game and A friend of mine has been trying to get me to get a list based around an idea of his. It uses Nicodem and a desolation engine to summon powerful minions to do my opponent in. it sounded viable at first but after looking over the stats of the characters somthing seemed a little off like perhaps theres a better way to . what do you guys think? heres the list: - Nicodem, the Undertaker - Mortimer, the Gravedigger - Nurse - Desolation Engine Also if you do think this sounds like a valid idea then if you could give any suggestions on how to expand it into a no
  18. Are there any? If not could someone make them. I love the game and I am about to expand to another "crew" but I would love to be able to write my lists easily and print them out using Army Builder. Thanks in advance
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