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  1. I don't completely disagree.....I definitely wasn't arguing that they are "oh so great" choices, rather that I could justify one..... I agree. generally I think the Autopsies are much better choices and much better scheme runners with Creep Along.
  2. I think one is worth having...he starts with poison if the Dr. is your leader, he can spread 3 more poison out to large sections of your crew first turn if he doesn't move and just spams his tactical action and gets his end of activation action. Then he can either be a poor man's scheme runner (and not too bad if you have any expendable 5+ of Masks) or he can be cannon fodder as needed to get some poison on the opponents stuff and block something that matters for a turn.
  3. glad you enjoyed it and got some benefit out of it. Craig is a great host and puts together a good product no matter who his guest is on an episode. circumstances dictate everything and there are no hard and fast rules- the pool, board/terrain, opponents list, and play style will heavily impact how you approach every game. Against another maneuverable crew or crew that can influence large sections of the board it is about massing affects on one area to isolate and destroy key targets to let you gain a position of relative advantage that you can then further exploit. Still look to set up objectives early, focus on the models that she can't bring back, try to keep Ikiryo out of position and don't kill her if Kirai is still around, and then of course given the opportunity take down Kirai.
  4. A little dated but this thread wasn’t up a couple of months ago. For several games including 2 x games of 3 at LVO: Lady Justice w/LLC (2), Scales (0), Judge (10), Peacekeeper (10), Pale Rider (11), Death Marshal (5), Death Marshal (5), Effigy (4) + 3 SS a little lighter than I like on the stones but the Jusge can make more..... This worked pretty well for me against a variety of opponents both pre-LVO and during LVO. I took second in the M3E Beta there running this in Round 1 and Round 2 against Misaki and Nekima respectively. Third round I lost (4-5 IIRC or 5-6) against a Viks & Von Schill list was a really good and close tactical game though. Didn’t play this exact list in that had some changes to what I played.
  5. I mentioned in the other thread but....if you haven't heard Craig's Third Floor Wars podcast check it out. There is a whole episode dedicated to a way (A not THE) way to play Molly. I play a much more elite oriented style of Molly without Rabble Risers in most games. It works much more effectively (IMO) in Reckoning that a traditional minion based Molly crew. I also find Plant Explosives to be one of the best strategies for her and feel the same way about Turf War. Here is the link to Craig's page: https://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail/uwxm8-87b4d/TABLETOP-TALK---A-Third-Floor-War's-Podcast That episode is specific to Resurrectionists but a lot of the other episodes are pretty good too.
  6. I agree with @Fetid Strumpet on this one....P&N just isn't useful to me either in or out of keyword. If you listened to Craig's Third Floor War's podcast episode on Molly (https://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail/uwxm8-87b4d/TABLETOP-TALK---A-Third-Floor-War's-Podcast) I laid out my thoughts on P&N there. Lethe's only works when Molly is the leader so isn't really applicable out of keyword. Manos is a utility piece for me. He helps me preposition strategy/schemes early. He is extremely maneuverable and can feint or serve in a deception role to pull opposing models out of position. He is a good second string beater and awesome at mid-range or scheme runner hunting. And he is a great tech pick for shutting down demise abilities and blunting the point of alpha strikes with extended reach.
  7. Manos is awesome in and out of keyword..... I even occasionally/often if not running a second master take him in a Forgotten crew.
  8. Do you listen to Podcasts? My understanding is the same guy that was the guest on Third Floor Wars a few weeks ago for the Molly deep dive was recently on again to talk Marcus. I believe I heard the Marcus episode is going to be released maybe next week. https://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail/uwxm8-87b4d/TABLETOP-TALK---A-Third-Floor-War's-Podcast https://thirdfloorwars.com/page/2/
  9. Yan Lo is one where you have to choose schemes carefully as you (at least I) don't tend to have a lot of extra models or actions to devote to scheming. I like using the Gokudo or Komainu to scheme. I also frequently use Manos to scheme first turn or late turns as well and occasionally will even use Yan Lo on turn 1 to set up schemes for later. It is definitely a crew where efficiency counts. Things that can minimize the amount of models and actions you have to spend on scheming can make all the difference.
  10. I like Yan Lo for Recokoning also....he can field a pretty resilient crew that is pretty hard to take down.
  11. Definitely a small sample size. I am not sure where I stand on the assessment of top 3 but I do think the gap between our tiers is a lot smaller than in M2E. I also stand by some of the other masters (Marcus, Mei) can be fairly competitive in a wide range of pools as well. Almost all of our masters can do well in multiple strategies as opposed to having a clear choice that covers all and only rare occasions for the others.
  12. No he has a lot of original content on there that isn’t on his other platform. A few weeks ago Craig also mentioned he recorded a Kaeris episode with one of the UK guys that is coming out soon. i think he said he might release the Marcus episode back-to-back with it.
  13. Do you listen to Podcasts? Have you checked out Third Floor Wars? They (Craig) had a dude on a few weeks ago that did a Molly “deep dive”. Did you like that episode and format? Rumor has it that in a few weeks Craig will be releasing a Marcus episode in the same format. 😀
  14. don't discount Marcus. I have had some great success with him. Especially in things like Plant and Turf War- the crew is just so fast you can hit the strategies really quick and the put the opponent under some serious pressure. I like Mei in both of these as well and go back and forth on the two of them depending on what I think I am likely to face- generally I can pound more damage in with Marcus's crew but Mei's is better for me when I need a larger crew and just a few tanky pieces to hold some key places. So do I. There are a number of masters and crews in Arcanists that can do almost every strategy pretty well.
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