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  1. So does this mean we can now stop quibbling over changes and get on to discussion of lists, tactics, and matches?
  2. But balanced with the rest of the crew and the rare limit of 1 (since Enforcer).... if you could have had multiples maybe..... but with only one of them just a good value to balance out the other choices in the list which weren’t good for their cost (Order, Cojo, Hoarcats).
  3. I am just glad there were no significant changes..... I am a little disappointed with the cost increase to the Blessed..... they fit well in the 7 SS range.... would have liked to have seen Order Initiate come down a stone.
  4. I remember this topic coming up near the end of the closed Beta in Blue and at the time the Dev response was a resounding “they are already costed where we want them”. Master costs aren’t all the same across all the factions and the master cost is also balanced by the strength of their totem which you get for free when you hire them as your leader. Masters are also balanced by their keyword and I don’t think costing or adjustments are as simple as looking at the master at face value and adjusting cost even as a second master.
  5. I am so with you! People need to quit asking for a kick in the stones..... if we have a couple of models that need help (Order Initiate & Mauler) that ask for them to get help- test them and discuss how/why they don't measure up. Don't give away the goodness we do have because you want something else to change.... give the Mauler Armor +1 and he is good to go and then drop the Order Initiate by 1 SS and he is probably good then too....the Hoarcat needs even more help though.
  6. In Beta Blue the bigger argument was back when Lethe’s was a blanket prohibition on duplicate actions- period. We had people that it shut down movement, etc when my position was simply walk once, charge once..... people argued that their single attack models (Matures) got shut down- my position was you know the master before you build your crew, hire models with multiple attacks. Diffetent rule- same argument; I am always in favor of leaving things alone that can be mitigated through other means- list design, play, etc.
  7. That is why I would advocate for Manipulative instead... it makes you choose what is more important to you. I like trade offs and their impact in decisions.
  8. Yeah, obviously an exaggeration on my part meant to illustrate a point. My bad if that was you in Beta Group Blue......however, while I don’t remember the exact crew composition, I do remember the outcry from the Nekima players about how Lethe’s was OTT because it “shut” down Nekima and their 2 x Matures......completely different rule same situation- I was in the mitigate it through list selection and play camp as opposed to change the rule.
  9. No offense intended if you took it that way. It wasn’t an indictment on your ability to play but people’s resistance, in general, to new or change. I don’t count myself as part of the group that would simply say “learn to play” or “get good” and call it a day. With any of these (global type of abilities which I think are awesome new space) I have always tried to discuss how different crews could counter their impact or play against them. Even back in the closed during the late Lethe’s unpleasantness I would walk through the master, crew, faction and discuss how a crew could mitigate the impact. However there were always people that were going to play Nekima and all Mature Nephilim and refused to play anything else and we’re just determined that the problem was Lethe’s not their own rigidity of though and list design. I concede we have different views on this and neither one of us our going to change the other ones mind. At the end of the day I am going to play regardless of where the individual ability settles and I am not a designer so my opinion probably isn’t relevant anyway. I just don’t want us to ad a community to crush any attempts to make new rules or ideas or abilities when they haven’t sufficiently IMO shown to be detrimental.
  10. That is the root of the problem.... many of you are unwilling to accept that the designers are looking at new space. It isn’t our role to determine what is acceptable design space. The point of the beta is to show where there are mistakes or issues of balance. Had there been global abilities in M1 or M1.5 or M2E we wouldn’t get the nashing of teeth that we currently are....in none of the cases of global abilities has anyone been able to demonstrate how they are too powerful, out of balance, break any mechanical aspect of the game. In fact ones like this (require LoS) are the easiest of the global abilities to counter but instead of looking at actual impact and then assessing the ability so many people attack them because they don’t like global abilities. Don’t box in the designers. We have already hamstrung a number of awesome things they have tried during the beta with design by the unjustified outcry over a new rule or concept existing even if it did nothing to hurt the balance of the game. Let the game grow and develop into new areas. Unless something actually demonstrates that it had a breaking affect just learn to play against it.
  11. I don’t know about that. I don’t stick with any master or crew long enough to really be competitive with anything and you are definitely one of the best of the players I have played in that area. I agree with your assessment of the difference between our perspectives. I am completely in the camp of- if there are ways to mitigate something or it can be played around then it’s fine. I tend to view the other camp (right or wrong) from the point of view that they are just unwilling to play properly against something and fail to realize that balance is a mechanical function and has nothing to do with prefererred play. IMO the game is about trade-offs and decisions and there is as much validity in forcing an opponent’s decision as making one of your own. I got that we see it different and I am good with that..... I just don’t see the accuracy of a balance argument when it’s based on play preference rather than whether or not something mechanically breaks the game (a la M2E Nico card draw).
  12. Or not..... I have yet to see all these Amina dominated games in the battle reports.
  13. Yes. So if gives you the choice. It’s about trade-offs and resources allocation which if what I like and about her and so much of Malifaux. You candedciate the resources (positioning, protection, cards, maybe healing) to enable her to generate additional stones which can then be used to either make her more effective or support the rest of the crew and leave her in a support role. Seems pretty close to perfect for a utility suppory model. I know some (maybe not you) are opposed to the unlimited range out of principle not out of an a reason of balance. On this model, or Kaeris’s leader ability, or others I think they have balanced it well and I am excited to see new design space. Aura abilities are easy to circumvent.
  14. I think makes up for her suit not being built in on her Obey and her having no other way of getting the suits except for stones. Bottom line is I think she is fine and balanced when you look at her as a whole and the crew as a whole. Especially compared to many of the other things out there.
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