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  1. But at 1 model it is definitely pretty meh for a 5 token trigger especially compared to Guild’s 4 token trigger. Meh Rider is definitely not worth 11 SS right now..... not even 10 SS.....probably not even 9 SS..... now if it was discard X number of scheme markers within 6” or scrap markers within 6”.... still wouldn’t be worth 11 SS but would be better than it currently is.
  2. In all 5 pages of battle reports: Marcus 3 Round Tournament- G1- Cerebus MVP, G2- Cerebus or Blessed, G3- Blessed Marcus vs Parker-Cerebus MVP Marcus vs Von Schill- Cerebus (also Cojo) Marcus vs Sonnia- no MVP listed but said Cerebus was only decent- more indictment of other beasts IMO Marcus vs Hamelin- Marcus & Cojo MVP really not that much data to do any real analysis. Also needs to be considered in conjunction with the overall crew composition and the strat/scheme pool. Out of 6 games (since one didn’t list MVP) was listed 4 times but shared the spot twice with either Blessed or Cojo. By himself he was MVP 1/3 of the time. Blessed and Cojo were also listed multiple times but Cojo was also discussed in terms of underperforming in some as well. Think the issue isn’t the Cerebus but rather that the Mauler, Scorpious, etc need a little love. I would also be curious to see Marcus played in Neverborn to see if any of their beasts offer anything else useful.
  3. With this limited a pool in keyword something is always going to be the MVP more often than other things. Once we have more play and new combinations discovered as well as new models added it will probably level out some. Plus once people get settled into lists and start substitution within their lists for the start/scheme pool we will probably see other models crop up (Blessed)...... opening up the versatile beast hiring to across factions would help with that too.
  4. I am definitely in the camp of its bonus needs to change..... sure it sounds cool in theory but without other ways to generate or save pass tokens it never comes up. i second the option above that an alternative would be letting the models take an action or something with bonuses to differentiate from the 4 ram Guild ability. He most certainly is not worth 11 SS currently......
  5. The fact that things are being used or being useful does not work ndicate that they need to be nerfed...... almost every keyword has go to models that are frequently/always used in the keyword. That is a result of keyword design more so than an indicator of overall balance. Marcus uses Cerebus, Molly uses Archie, McMourning uses a Rogue Necromancy, Dreamer uses Teddy...... when you narrow the hiring pool with keyword selection and additional costs for out of keyword then you are going to key choices more frequently taken- if there are only 4 beaters available instead of 20 then you are going to see each of them more. If Marcus could still hire out of faction beasts then you would see more other things pop up..... I would still hire a Dawn Serpent if I could.....
  6. Please no..... no changes to Serene. Maybe Colette doesn’t need it but the ability needs to stay as is for a ton of other models that have it as their only defense.
  7. or.....we could just leave well enough alone on the front of her card and make a few small tweaks on the back which is all she really needs. My wish list is: 1. Trigger for every suit on her MI attack- adding a Mask trigger for Onslaught or Swift Action to give her more attacks since her damage track isn't that high 2. Changing her MI attack to automatically give her 1 Adrenaline/successful attack a la Shenlong's Chi generation with those things I think she would be worth testing a few more times. If anything else really all she probably needs is a tactical action similar to her old Challenge.
  8. definitely kind of interesting but I really don't want to see them go up in cost. I would be happy with them as is or at 4SS (know that won't happen) rather than see them go up in price. We already have a ton of expensive options I want to see up keep some good/competitive options in the 5pt range.
  9. I agree. I have taken him in a few test games for the heal.....and the condition removal but generally feel like the Effigy would do me better for less if could heal Urami....
  10. Completely different..... this is surely a post in jest. Load Up is only one thing he does..... his attack are good with good triggers, his bonus actions are good, even if he was restricted to just loading up minions it would be still be great. Pretty much all Lady J and Perdita do is sword/gun to the face and Lady J already got about 5-6 nerfs through the process.....
  11. I just recommend that for consistency.... Marcus has that limitation. If VS is non-master only and not Keyword then maybe Marcus should get the same and get the ability to put his stuff on anything.
  12. I don’t know but it seems like keeping it on Ironsides gives her some synergy with her crew and benefit in fielding her instead of just them. that was one of the biggest complaints against Shenlong in the closed Beta was the lack of any reason to actually field him AND the monks since they didn’t do anything for each other.
  13. My only concern with doing it that way is the mini- MSU contingent getting it inside another crew.
  14. Just make it Keyword like Marcus’s similar ability and it will be fine.
  15. She really needs to keep Injured Workers Act.... at least with it on her card Amina isn’t mandatory (though still likely) and gives you some options for crew diversity. If this was taken away from Ironsides we are just limiting the possible crew builds even further and not moving her towards a better spot but rather a worse single mold spot. I would advocate a much more conservative approach- give her the Onslaught trigger on her Brass Knuckles on a Mask (or Swift Action), change Follow Through to a reposition, and change the tome to Irreducible and you could be pretty close to calling it a day..... maybe give it a built in/automatic Adrenaline for good measure if that isn’t too much.
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