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  1. I think there is a huge difference...for the additional 2 stones you get +2 Def, +2 WP, +1 MV, Unimpeded, Ruthless, and Revel in Death.... Revel in Death is HUGE. Typically in most of my games you only need Ride With Me the first couple of turns after which you have the Fate Tokens to hit Soulfire every turn for the rest of the game (assuming he is still alive). Granted the Kentauroi can get +1 damage on the charge to be Min 3 then....(ish) but the Rider is Min 3 for both attacks. The Kentauroi has some other nice things about them to- being able to shrug a condition, etc but all in all for 2 extra stones everything you get in the Rider more than makes up for the additional cost. About the only place I would take the Kentauroi instead is with Doc for all the poison heal synergy that it gets there. In every other crew when I am taking something for a 1-2 turn Ride With Me but primarily to be a third or fourth big beater in the crew the Rider wins hands down. .02
  2. Generally Molly is one of my go to choices in Plant and in Turf; but she can really play all of then depending on how you build the crew. I will play her into Reckoning with an elite build and have played her into Idols as well though she isn't my preference for that unless the schemes really favor her Usually it is in the attrition games and against crews with either a lot of (+) flips to hit or lots of things that can ignore terrifying where I look for some other choices. In Ressers we have a lot of masters that can compete well in just about every strategy so you can go almost any direction but there are a few I like to complement Molly: 1) Kirai gives you a solid Idols master that can also play into Turf and Idols. I have played Kirai into Reckoning as well but she usually isn't my first pick as she gives away models in Reckoning as well. She also gives you a great choice for terrain heavy boards and gives you some anti-armor. Down side to Kirai is not my first pick for Reckoning and almost none of the models cross over so you are making another big investment in models and time to add Urami. 2) Doc McMourning plays well into Idols with the resiliency and healing in his crew. Most of his crew doesn't rely on terrifying for defense and can be a good option against crews with a lot of Ruthless and the healing is a good counter to things like Kaeris that want to stack Burning on you as it can mitigate the damage there. Doc also plays pretty good into Reckoning as well and can play into Turf and Plant though I generally don't take him in Plant unless its Standard Deployment. The Rogue Necromancy also works well with Doc and in his keyword so you get a head start from a Molly crew when you move into Doc. 3) Seamus is another good option as well. He is more and more my go to master for Reckoning and although he isn't my choice for Idols with the right things in his list either he or Molly can get it done. Like Doc a nice things about Seamus is you get some cross over as if you already have the Rider (versatile) for Molly then he works well with Seamus. Similarly if you have the Emissary to give you another beater in a Forgotten crew it works well in a Redchapel crew also. Downside to Seamus is there are other "key" models you may want in a Seamus crew (a Nurse) that also force you to branch over into another keyword or box. From an efficiency standpoint it's probably easiest to go Molly > Doc > Seamus. Since you already have Molly then get the starter box for Doc and using it + the Rogue Necro which you already have and then Kentauroi you have a good start. Add Gassers (1) and Rafkin and you are pretty much good to go. Then when you move to Seamus you already have the Rider, Emissary, and Nurse so you really only need him, the Copycat, and Doxies. Just my opinion, probably wrong, YMMV, etc,
  3. What are you looking for? A keyword that is good for the pools where Molly isn’t the first choice? For the match-ups that are tougher for her? Or something that works well with some models you already have making the expansion easier? Etc?
  4. I regularly take the Rider in Molly in order to get the taxi service- usually for the Necrotic Machine or Molly to speed them up and get the Machine in position to be my teleport anchor instead of having to use Molly, Archie, or the Rogue for the far anchor. I have played him in some Yan Lo crews as well; primarily in Reckoning and then it was in games where I could't proxy in Gokudo. Not that the Gokudo and Rider compete with each other just that in my crew without Gokudo I am closer to having the points for the Rider. Seamus crews are one of the other keywords were I pretty religiously take the Rider. They work together really well and he adds even more movement tricks to the crew on top of Doxies, a Nurse, etc. In Seamus crews I often have both the Rider and the Emissary though in most of my other keyword crews it is usually one or the other. In Albus I generally find the Emissary much more useful than the Rider and that he has better synergy with the rest of the crew. With Kirai I usually don't take either as I tend to stay a lot more in Keyword and don't often have the points for one than one out of Keyword model and it usually isn't the Rider or Emissary. In a McMourning crew I usually don't have room for either. There are matches where I might want the Rider but generally I get what I need from 2 x Kentauroi and can't afford the extra cost of the Rider. I don't play Jack or Reva so can't really comment on how useful or critical either is with them.
  5. good deal. Molly and the Forgotten are a great flexible crew that is a lot of fun and can be competitive in about any pool. They aren't always my preferred keyword but usually it's match/opposing crews that really help decide it for me as much as the pools themselves. Elite Molly can compete pretty well against most of the hard hitting crews and just about any form of Forgotten can counter scheme with the best of them. this is usually a good idea. Play, play, play as many of the models as many times as possible in multiple games and matches in order to really figure out the different ways you can use them and how they can adapt to each situation. When you look at the synergy and potential also be sure to look at the scoring conditions how/what actions you need to score and deny scoring as well. Look at the timing of actions and how you can use things like the Necrotic Machine and Molly's abilities to enable discards to let you hit Fading and how you can gain control in a scheme heavy game with reactivations. While you may want to keep a Crooligan in the crew don't feel bound to keeping all unless they re needed for the scoring conditions.
  6. Albus can only make him Fast if he has an upgrade which makes him really expensive..... and Albus cannot put a summon upgrade on him since he isn’t Transmortis.
  7. Depends- if it builds on the previous content then go for it. It it starts fresh and is a more systematic analysis of Doc’s keyword and discussion do a new one and I will link it. one of these days I will get around to doing something more comprehensive with Doc. I have used Experimental as a keyword and Dr. Dufresne as a second master in several games though not as much as my other masters. I have used her in a tournament as well. Haven’t solo’d her or anything but though she has bad matches (Brewie) I think she has legs for most pools depending on deployment zone.
  8. TFW posted the Redchapel episode this week: https://anchor.fm/thirdfloorwars/episodes/Seamus-Resurrectionist-Deep-Dive-with-Steve-Bynum---Episode-47-e8sc57 will add to the index as well. Check it out and post up to add to the discussion on the Redchapel keyword.
  9. I don't use him with her often either...but for someone with a limited model pool he can stand in for another beater in an elite build. I might bring him in against some Arcanists just for Terror saturation.
  10. If you are set on Seamus and will be getting Archie and the Emissary then I would probably go with Molly. She can get double duty out of both of them and they can both use the Rider well also. They also give you a great spread of abilities to cover most of the possible strategy and scheme pools possible.
  11. there are a ton of combinations that work. I think Albus/Seamus/Kirai can cover anything....Albus can run everything (though I prefer Kirai for Idols). KIrai can run certain boards or matches with a lot of negative terrain/Pit Traps/Pyres or just really connected terrain. She can cover everything as well in the event you have a match you don't like with Albus. Seamus can cover everything as well though I like Albus better for Plant but Seamus's crew gives some great counter play for a number of matches. Moly/Doc/Kirai is another good combination. They can all do Plant so you can pick depending on schemes and opposing crew- Molly does Corner Plant the best though In the other deployments they are all good. Doc and Kirai can do Idols well and let you pick which based on the match and schemes. They can all three do Turf really well in any of the deployments and elite Molly and Doc can both do Reckoning too though maybe not as good as Yan or Seamus. There are other combinations as well. Really we probably need a separate thread at some point discussing masters for matches and pools.
  12. the way I do it you don't need any of the cards for Lead the Way......you only need to be within the Aura or the Emissary and Assistant and need 1 x 7 and 1 x 6....plus a card for Valley Girl to Flurry.
  13. @SoulGambit when Valley activates within 3” of the Assistant she gets +1” move for the remainder of her activation from Move Along. If she is within 6” of the Emissary she also gets another +1” from The Flesh Crawls. She gets Fast from Albus. These abilities stack as they are different abilities and both confer + to movement. This takes her to Move 7 for the activation.... so push 2” from Albus, walk/fly 7” for 9 total, charge 7” with 1” reach for 17” threat with another AP plus Flurry and triggers available. Or walk twice and charge for 24” threat plus triggers and Flurry. Lead the Way or Take By the Hand would further increase it.
  14. @Paddywhack YMMV; I don’t get it in all games but probably have gotten a first turn summon in 60-70% of my games.. Fast Anna activating near the Assistant and Emissary can walk 7 and then Spirit Barrage twice at 12”, with one of these focused so a 19” threat range for two shots, 26” for one. Terrain isn’t as much of an issue with Valley as she has flight and even if the model is in cover it usually doesn’t hurt Anna as cover benefits defense not WP and Spirit Barrage is vs WP. Once again, YMMV, this is a generality based on a bunch of games not a guarantee for every game, board, and opponent.
  15. That's easy; you only need a 6x to get out the upgrade with his bonus action and 2 x 6’s and a 7 to push everyone else keyword within 6” of him 2” and give them focus, then make Valley Girl and Anna Fast. You can have her with a 24” threat range and 2 attacks (including Flurry, not including Shove Aside) with one of them focused also...... or if you put the upgrade on Anna she can bat cleanup. if they are 17” of closer then Valley can get 3 attacks.....
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