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  1. thewrathchilde

    Pandora- First Game Request for Feedback

    I had only brought 4 so was out of stones.... first turn I had to use two for damage prevention flips and two because of the assassinate trigger on Misaki’s Bisento.
  2. thewrathchilde

    Pandora- First Game Request for Feedback

    got another game in recently with Pandora against the same opponent. This time he was running Stalking Bisento Misaki. I did swap around a few upgrades and dropped a second Will O' Wisp in order to get Baby Kade in the list as well. Didn't work out so well for me this game......I didn't clearly communicate intent with my opponent so ended up thinking I had Pandora hidden behind a tower where Misaki couldn't see her. He said he could (and did by about a mm of clearance) so ended up getting a charge against Pandy on turn 1 with Misaki after stalking her. I had ended up behind the tower after a push and had plenty of room left on the push where I could have went the mm or so further right to ensure she couldn't be seen. Oh well, my fault for not clearly checking with my opponent as I did the push to make sure this wasn't going to come up. Shouldn't be an issue though as I had a 13 and a 12 in my hand. First attack I cheat in the 12 and he cheats in a 13. I stone against the damage and prevent the damage. Now I am pretty confident I can cheat in the 13 and push out.....I flip the Black Joker so can't cheat in the 13 and end up taking 6 damage and having to discard 2 stones to prevent the assassinate. I cheat in on the next attack and manage to push away. He is out of activations at this point so I end up positioning Candy for turn 2 and Lure Pandy away from Misaki to get her where she can get away and start summoning and beating until I can get her healed up with Candy. The plan going into turn 2 is that I can cheat initiative if I need to with Doppeganger to ensure I go first and focus Incite on Yas to set up the paralyze. Force Yas to activate first for my opponent so he is paralyzed and I immediately get another activation (Pandora) to get out of dodge start attacking the other side. Solid plan and should neutralize his other biggest threat, get me away from Misaki, and position me to kill off a couple of his smaller models and start getting control with a Poltergeist and some Sorrows to augment the rest of my crew. Draw up my hand.....not a card above a 6.....flip initiative; he gets a 4 and I get the Black Joker......so I can't cheat, have no cards high enough to protect Pandora from Misaki, and can't force him to activate Yasunori first.....needless to say the game was over in about 5 more minutes with Pandora, Candy, and anything else that mattered dead in my crew. Didn't really get any play value out of the game so no further decisions on changes or modification. Next time I play it I will probably run virtually the same crew as in game 2 and see how it performs. The only thing I did get out of the game was a reminder that against this opponent to explicitly state everything ahead of hide with intent to ensure that if I think something is out of LOS then it is out of LOS. I thought I was being obvious the way I was positioning her.....but I never explicitly said I was placing her where Misaki couldn't see her or vice versa or asked if this hid her..... I usually don't get salty when I play win or lose but this game put me off and I just packed afterwards and didn't play anything else that night. Maybe tomorrow I will get another game in with her. Typically when I am playing something new (to me) I run that master for better or worse no matter if it’s a good pool or not to start getting a feel for them. With Pandy I think I will probably be more selective. Do any of you solo get or run her all comers or is she always a situational pick?
  3. thewrathchilde

    Pandora- First Game Request for Feedback

    I don’t think I ever got both Sweets and Sours in the same turn though I did get each of them at times. Sweets was definitely more important in this game fore the paralyze on Yas. By itself it isn’t too hard to get off- a focused Incite on Yas after he activated on turn one and then Candy stands next to him as my last activation. For sure against most players you aren’t going to be able to lock down a lot of models with her easily but with Lures from Lilitu or others you can pull their models into her engagement after which she just becomes the first model you activate to cast Charm because she doesn’t need to do anything else. You can’t do this is a game of Ply because they could still Ply her but with another strategy I think this would work. I do agree that I might need another beater in the list though but might just try to slip Baby Kade in and see if he can halfway fill the role and give me some more flexibility. I think I can address some of my concerns by just altering play style. In this case I was focused on denying Ply when I should have let him get Gathered Intel on someone early (as long ad I could get more later) and then start summoning off him fast and then switching to the Incites, Self Loathing, etc after I had a few Sorrows out. Probably I need to get a few more games in and then start swapping a model here and there to see what works. The downside is my one regular opponent plays Yasunori like he is a required choice so my games are always going to be a little slanted by the presence of a big anti-WP attack model.
  4. thewrathchilde

    Pandora- First Game Request for Feedback

    I will look at this as an option next time I play here and try it out. I had taken Fugue State for the WP 15 duel whenever the opponent's crew interacts within 8" for more passive damage thinking that, with Sorrows, it could potentially be several damage every time the opponent Plys. I will look at the Emissary as well. I have it but as of yet have not assembled or used it. I could also see the benefit in copying the Poltergeist or some other abilities in a Pandora crew as well. My thought process was with activation control from summoning I could still control the Ply game anyway. Additionally in Ply they are putting conditions on their own models which should make the summoning easier. While they can't summon the turn they are summoned Sorrows can still summon and then "teleport" (Misery Loves Company) into a better/safer position where they could continue to provide benefit from Misery or just tie up something until another model comes in to Ply as well. However, to Paralyze would have still "cost" me two AP (most likely) to Focus and Cast or at least a Stone (for the + Flip to get even) and a cast from Pandora. The way I ended up doing it I could also focus and Incite from Iggy saving Pandora's AP for other actions and Candy was able to Paralyze him without using AP and Ply and then cast Melancholy at other models and get the passive damage from Fears Given Form. With Lures, Incites, and Melancholy the dream was for Candy to tie up multiple models, paralyze, Ply, get damage from Fears Given Form and get damage from Sours.....I wasn't able to get it fully in place but she was adding value for me with Ply and Sweets for sure. Candy may not be the optimal choice and once I get my Emissary put together an painted I will try some games with it instead but I do think she is better than some people give her credit for. Primarily I am interested in running Summoning Pandora but will probably try out a game or two with Paralyze as well. I am not really looking to be able to solo her in all games/pools but think she is cool, wanted to get a few more Neverborn masters, and have another good option for events that encourage the use of multiple masters. other thoughts and comments from the group?
  5. thewrathchilde

    Pandora- First Game Request for Feedback

    interesting. I haven't really looked at him with Pandora. Typically I have been looking at her for things like Ply and Symbols where the opposing crew needs to interact so I can also take advantage of Fugue State and the need for the opposing crew to close with mine or at least with the symbols. His condition is pretty interesting and I really like the discard to cheat aura but I don't have anything (yet) I am ready to swap out to try him....just not convinced he is a good swap or better than the things I am already using. The biggest issue is that Yas is Stubborn so all WP attacks against him are at a (-) flip so it effectively cuts my AP in half as I pretty much have to focus to force anything to an even flip where I can beat him or cheat. Additionally he is HT 3 so can see over pretty much everything in my crew, has Armor + 1, a boatload of wounds (12), and a charge of 10".....plus gets a ton of attacks with his triggers to attack again. When you put all this together he effectively cuts in half the AP of any model attacking with a WP attack since you need to focus (unless you have the Poltergeist sitting next to him maybe) and then even if you are hitting him with Self Loathing with the Armor you are probably only dealing 2/3 damage per attack plus Misery so probably takes at least 3-4 attacks to take him down which means 6-8 AP to get focused and that's only if he doesn't have the cards to out cheat you. Meanwhile he is wrecking anything close to him with his attacks and with the Emissary there to push him around and give him Fast he is even more of a threat. In my game I didn't have a good answer to try to kill him without committing an insane amount of resources so instead I would hit him with a focused Incite and park Candy next to him to paralyze him. This worked but only if I have Candy (which I like though others don't) in my crew but I am sure that other people probably have their "go to" solutions for dealing with things like Yas, Riders, or other models that are either Stubborn or just difficult to attack with WP based attacks.
  6. so.....I was primarily a Guild player but recently picked up Pandora. I have played one game with her and welcome some feedback. I am posting this separate from the Pandora tactics thread to avoid clogging that with discussion that may not be relevant outside of the list/pool I played. The game I played was: Flank Deployment, Ply for Information, w/Surround Them, Undercover, Covert, Inescapable, and Public Demo. I took Undercover (Pandora) and Covert. I also strongly considered Surround Them as an option as well but decided that Undercover and Covert were my best options and things I could score incidentally without dedicating any/much AP to them instead of shutting down my opponent. My list was: Pandora w/Woe is Me, Fugue State, and Depression; Candy w/Best Behavior and Thousand Faces; Lilitu; Doppleganger; Lelu w/Satisfying Punishment; Iggy w/Enraged Tantrum; Will O’Wisp x 2; Cache: 6. In this game I took Fugue State because of The number of interacting strats/schemes. The Wisps were there for conditions, to stop charges, and copy the Sorrows and Poltergeist’s (2) actions. Most of what I took was designed to give WP checks or apply conditions so Pandora could summon. My opponent played: Lynch w/Cheating Bastard, Woke Up With a Hand, and Wanna See a Trick; Huggy w/Peaceful Waters; Yasunori w/Recalled Training; Shadow Emissary w/Conflux of Hunger; Terracotta Warrior; Beckoner x 2; and a Monk of Low River. I had a lot of trouble with the Emissary and Yasunori though and never could get the summoning really going. I got the Poltergeist out multiple times but only got 1 sorrow in the first two turns which really slowed me down (I think). I would welcome some inout on how you deal with things like Yas- my answer was a focused Incite and have Candy stand next to her..... Some people don’t seem to like Candy but I thought with the Lures, Copy (Doppleganger), and Incites that I could use her Sweets/Sours to benefit. Plus it was Flank deployment to I could use her (0) to rapidly redeploy her from virtually one side of the board to the other if needed. In practice she got a few Ply/Gathered Intel for me and was really my only way to neutralize Yasunori with the Paralyze from Sweets and a focused Incite to make her activate first after turn 1. Overall I didn't feel like I was able to capitalize off of what I thought would be her strengths in this type of list. I almost never was able to summon- in the first two turns only getting out 1 x Sorrow- though I did get the Poltergeist out twice. I welcome your feedback and general thoughts. Also I would appreciate some tips and discussion on how you deal with models like Yasunori or any models with abilities that make Willpower duels less effective. thanks,
  7. thewrathchilde

    Barbaros looking forward

    I thought he already worked for Guild as Perdita’s totem....
  8. on September 16th at the Thunder Mountain Gamers monthly game day I will be running Malifaux demos, have multiple table sets for open Malifaux play and will be running an Enforcer Brawl at 3:00. W: Me on behalf of Thunder Mountain Gamers W: Demos, Open Gaming (Henchman Hardcore & GG format games), and 3PM Enforcer Brawl W: 16 September 12:00-5:00PM W: Cochise College, Sierra Vista Campus, Student Union Building Community Room, 901 Colombo Ave, Sierra Vista, AZ, 85635 W: to provide demos for new players, encourage players to come out and play, and provide an opportunity for new players and interested gamers to try out the rules/mechanics in a low key, fun, group environment. I will bring a variety of Enforcers from several factions for interested gamers who may not have their own models yet. If you are in Southeast Arizona come on out and have a good time! We will be running Neerborn vs Ten Thunders in the demo but if you have other requests let me know.
  9. thewrathchilde

    How to be a better Opponent?

    sometimes that happens. A lot of times an opponent gets upset not because of something you did but because they are upset they made a mistake or didn't make a good decision. In cases like that there is really nothing you can do about it. In cases where they they feel like it was a "gotcha" moment (whether it was or not) the only way you can prevent this is to talk through things with them before they make a decision. You can't always do this and some players don't like it because they don't want your input but whenever it is a BAD mathematically unsound decision I try to politely point it out, talk through why it isn't a good decision, and alternate options they have. At that point if they do it anyway and it doesn't work out they are more likely to not get upset as they "knew" it was unlikely to work. In your example it seems like you couldn't have done this as you weren't tuned in to what they were doing until it is too late. The other thing I do (trade secrets revealed) is I always try to talk up what my opponent is doing when they do something good, sympathize with them when something bad happens, point out how close something could have been, etc to keep them feeling positive and that if something bad happened it was just poor luck and there was nothing that could be done....people tend to feel better about bad situations if they feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel or the situation is no fault of there own. Reinforcing that the bad situation is a result of their own poor decisions just tends to make them more upset. Some people would be down on taking this approach as it isn't how I genuinely feel about the situation and that I am trying to manipulate my opponent. However, I don't see it that way...I am just trying to ensure everyone is in a good mood and has a good game no matter what the result is. People are more likely to continue to play, participate, etc if they have fun and/or have a good time win or lose than they are if they are down on themselves and miserable about the game. always good in situations like this. sometimes I am guilty of this too. I can play a fast game when I have to but prefer to have time to analyze and make the best decisions. However if you want to see dup play there are a few recommendations I would make. Speed is based on in depth understanding of your models, their interactions, and how to use them in multiple circumstances. The few options and greater the familiarity you have with them the quicker your play will be. Though a lot of people don't like smaller games in my opinion the key is to play more games at smaller points levels using the some of the same models you use in a bigger game. In the smaller game there are fewer variables so it becomes easier for you to see interactions, patterns, and develops set of common approaches to dealing with certain situations. Then incrementally step up the size adding 1 more model, playing more games, 1 more model, playing more games, etc until you are up to your standard 50SS game. The more mileage you get with the same models the quicker you will get at assessing the situation and making decisions about how to employ them in a variety of games. This is hard for a lot of people to do as they get bored with the same thing game after game....fortunately in Malifaux even if you are playing the same thing the changes in strategies and schemes and opposing crews can keep things fun even if you are using the same crew over and over. When you do swap things out minimize how much you change (1-2 models tops) so you can still use your default TTPs with the majority of the crew utilizing your previous experiences and practice. I used to be the same way years ago in competitive warhammer and would tunnel vision on the game in order to focus, assess, make good decisions, and win. The down side was my soft scores suffered and I would often get middle of the road on sportsmanship..... I wasn't being rude or unfriendly, I just wasn't making the effort to be social and was focused on the game and winning. While maybe it shouldn't matter a lot of people tend to enjoy the game more if their opponent is friendly and social rather than all business. Once I realized this I started making the conscious effort to socialize throughout the game (easier in person than online) this tends to make people feel more engaged and enjoy the game more no matter how it goes. I generally try to focus a lot of the side bar discussion on the game, what I am doing, what they are doing, etc. It generally avoids a lot of confusion and issues with conditions, effects, measurements, etc when you talk through intent while you are playing and moving. This also allows the disagreements about anything (LOS, range, etc) to occur while you/they still have time to compensate and adjust rather than once it's too late to go back and then makes them feel "cheated" out of a chance to do what they wanted. there isn't anything wrong with this at all. Everything should be done exactly. However, it can lead to a negative experience when everything you do is questioned.....instead what I have started doing is just being exact myself and then clearly communicating with the to avoid issues or mistakes on their part. For example, instead of micromanaging their movement to ensure they can't range an important model of mine and making the argument about their movement, I just measure carefully between us when I move my pieces and clearly articulate the distance and the fact that their model will not be able to get within range. If you establish this up front it avoids the issue. Same with multiple models- I will measure between them and discuss which of theirs can/cannot get to me, range me, etc.... Just my .02, hopefully something of value in there somewhere.
  10. thewrathchilde

    Help wanted...

    @Teluriel12 it would require some purchasing but a decent amount of that could be used with Dreamer..... you would need the Dreamer's box (Hide and Seek) but Doppleganger, Widow Weaver, the Stitched, and even the Bunraku and Beckoners could work well with him. Might not be the most optimal way to run Dreamer but he can buff/enable minions, Widow Weaver works well with him and so does Doppleganger for cheating initiative so you can activate Chompy, chain into Dreamer, and then pop Chompy back out before they can react. Down the road you would want to get Lilitu and Lelu, Serena Bowman, and maybe even a Teddy but just by getting the Dreamer box you play with a number of the other things you have. Maybe Dreamer w/Upgrades, Doppleganger, 2 x Beckoner, 2 x Stitched, 2 x Bunraku.....or drop 1 x Stitched and add Widow Weaver.
  11. thewrathchilde

    Help me pick a list for my game in 5 hours.

    Lady J and Pals........if your friend hasn't played in a while then something more straight forward that probably uses a lot of Wave 3 and pre models would probably be better than them trying to put all the pieces back together plus playing against something that is trickier.
  12. thewrathchilde

    Last list you played: arcanists

    My son (Aaron) and I played in a Malifaux team tournament in Phoenix on Saturday (18AUG) at Games U ran by the Phoneix Henchman Richard. My son played Jacob Lynch using some combination of Lynch, Hungering Darkness, Shadow Emissary, Izamu the Armor, Low River Monk, and 2 x Beckoners. I played Toni Ironsides (and had a busy painting week getting all of it except Miss Step done in the 3 days prior to the event) using some combination of Ironsides, Union Steamfitter, Medical Automaton, Kandara, Cojo, and Miss Step (alternate Howard Langston) in each game. It was 60 SS crew, 30 SS each, 1 Master each, fixed faction/master- but not fixed list, each half of the team could be different factions. Shared cache, fate deck, separate hands, alternating activations. Strategies & Schemes: RD 1- Strategy: Extraction (Flank Deployment), Schemes: Surround Them, Eliminate the Leadership*, Covert Breakthrough, Hold Up Their Forces, Search the Ruins RD 2- Strategy: Public Executions (Close Deployment), Schemes: Eliminatethe Leadership*, Dig Their Graves, Undercover Entourage, Inescapable Trap, Show of Forces RD 3- Strategy: Supply Wagons (Standard Deployment), Schemes: Guarded Treasure, Eliminate the Leadership*, Covert Breakthrough, Hold Up Their Forces, Search the Ruins *Eliminate was “adjusted” so you score 1 x VP for each enemy leader reduced to 0 wounds, killed, or sacrificed and then 1 x VP if there are no enemy leaders in play at the end of the game for a max of 3 VP.  Battle Reports (abbreviated): Game 1 we took Covert Breakthrough and Search the Ruins. Our thought process was with 60 SS plus an extra master the games weren’t going to go full five turns so we wanted things we could prep immediately to score. I played Ironsides w/Union President, Veteran Fighter, Recharge Soulstone; Kandara w/Human Guise; Cojo w/Well Rehearsed; Union Steamfitter; and a Medical Automaton. Cojo was a defensive tech piece to push them away from the Extraction marker, etc. Aaron took Lynch w/Cheating Bastard & Woke Up With a Hand; Huggy w/Smoke Grenades; Shadow Emissary w/Conflux of Hunger; Izamu w/Hidden Agenda; and a Beckoner. They played semi-rat engine Hamelin and a sniper and Collodi changeling copy the sniper spam with the Emissary for more plus flips..... probably would have been really nasty had Ironsides not balled up with 3-4 of their models blocking the shooting lanes early before they could pick everything apart. Short version is Steamfitter gave Ironsides armor. Huggy pushed Kandara and made her fast, then pushed Ironsides with the (0). Ironsides triple walked to pin them in their deployment zone (corner) and put up her Challenge aura. Kandara went back to start dropping markers for Covert. Everything else advanced and positioned for turn two or dropped markers for Search. Rest of the game was Ironsides tanking (armor + 6 stones + using all my cards defensively since I didn’t need them for offense) to keep them pinned in and our other stuff positioning and dropping markers with Cojo pushing models out of the Extraction zone that got around Ironsides so we would control moving the marker. With the amount of models they had with making rats, re-activating rats, etc and all the Collodi tricks and leadership checks from the challenge aura + Ironsides tanking and hitting back we made two turns. We could have started a third but wouldn’t have made it more than maybe half way so stopped after two. End of game we won 7-1. We scored 1 for Extraction, 3 for Search, and 3 for Covert. They got 1 pt. Aside:I was really concerned about the amount of turns we got in and talked to a number of the other teams and it appeared that almost no one made it past turn 3 and the average was 2-3 turns. In a normal event I would be really disappointed and think something was wrong if I found out a game only went 2-3 turns but in this case with 60SS + a second master, 4 players, 2 hands, etc I just don’t think 2 hours was enough time. I didn’t feel like anyone was slow playing an although in our game the rat engine stuff on the other side obviously adds to the time but even then I don’t think that was the issue as much as the additional complexity of the team and multiple master dynamic. I players had a lot more experience playing this style of game it would probably go quicker but for most of us it was probably the first time we had ever played something in this format. My son and I had at least set down with our table at home prior with randomly generated terrain, put our models on the board, and talked through the strategies and schemes (though at that point I was planning on playing Ressers) so we at least had an idea about how we wanted to approach each game but it still isn’t the same as applying the plan against two other players. Game 2 we didn’t stick to the plan. All the schemes except Undercover and Public Demo were incremental so we should have taken those two schemes and with the Beckoners probably could have got the Public Demo easily but instead we took Undercover Entourage on Kandara (good choice) and Dig Their Graves (Bad Choice) but it didn’t end up hurting us too much in the end. I played Ironsides w/Union President, Veteran Fighter, and Recharge Soulstones; Kandara w/Human Guise and Imbued Energies; Miss Step w/Well Rehearsed; and Medical Automaton. Aaron played Lynch w/Cheating Bastard and Woke Up With a Hand; Huggy w/Smoke Grenades; Izamu w/Peaceful Waters; 2 x Beckoners, and A Monk of Low River. They played a blasty Rasputina list and an Asami list with Betty and a lot of Yokai.... I think their plan was Inescapable Trap and Public Demo tricks with the Yokai while Raspy blasted for the Public Executions but they never scored/revealed anything but Inescapable. They split forces so we played a variant of our game one approach. I blitzed in with Toni and tied up all the Raspy crew without attacking anything that could freeze her. Aaron drug in Asami with the Beckoners and knocked her down so she was an easy kill first activation round 2 for the Strategy and a point of Dig Their Graves. Kandara bypassed the Asami crew after they advanced forward and headed for a hidden position in the back. The Raspy player blocked LOS to Ironsides to get a Blessed free but overextended it and Miss Step killed it for another Shed Blood. Ironsides tanked some more and killed a Silent One for more stones to tank with. The LRM started removing Flicker on the Yokai and Lynch annihilated Betty with Final Debt and shooting. They wanted to call it at that point as we had pretty much decimated all their key models and they would be starting turn 3 with basically Raspy, Snow Storm, and a Yokai and we had all our crews full up. In normal circumstances we should have either forced the concession or another round to increase our differential but went ahead and ended it winning 5-3. We scored 3 for Undercover, 1 for Dig, 1 for Public Executions. They scored 3 for Inescapable. Game 3 we were going into the last round facing the only other undefeated team playing a combination of Zipp and Perdita. Back on track we chose Search and Covert for our schemes. I played the same Ironsides list I played in game 2 and Aaron played his Lynch list from game 1 substituting Yamaziko in place of the Beckoner. We had planned this out prior and with Yamaziko and Huggy (after Fast and the extra (0) push from the Emissary) he could push the wagon across the line just with them and everything else could start dropping markers, running interference to block them from our wagon, and keep theirs across the line while we controlled the center. As you could guess from the previous reports I played aggressively with Miss Step killing a Death Marshal and trading her for AP from multiple models. I probably should have held her longer until I could get the Automaton in position to use Bedside Manner to pull it her out of danger. Meanwhile Aaron pushed our wagon deep and then I launched Ironsides into the middle of their crew to prevent them from being able to do anything with about half the crews and stopping them from moving their wagon. The Automaton and Kandara had dropped markers and Izamu moved up to control the center keeping LOS blocking terrain between him and Perdita (plus the big Ironsides combat helped reduce firing lines too). The next turn played out about the same- Huggy almost killed Zipp who retreated, we dropped more markers, picked off a couple of more models, and Ironsides tanked all the way to the end of the turn finally dying on Perdita’s last attack.... she had done her job though and their wagon was still in their deployment zone. On turn 3 Kandara went in and took Ironsides place with a double walk after Perdita’s activation tying everything back up again with the (-) to attack her from Human Guise. Zipp got to the back corner and dropped one scheme marker. He had brought someone else with him but the Emissary killed it before it could drop any more markers. Game ended at the bottom of 3, we won 7-2. We scored 2 for Supply Wagons, 3 for Search, and 2 for Covert. They had 1 for Covert and 1 for Guarded Treasure. All in all it was a great game and felt much closer than the score would indicate. Chris and Joe were great guys to play against but just couldn’t get their wagon across the center or get in position to score more from Guarded. The way we played forced them to spend too much AP reacting to us and on things like trying to kill when it wasn’t scoring points for them.
  13. thewrathchilde

    Last list you played: arcanists

    played a kind of odd ball list yesterday- Strategy: Extraction, Schemes: Surround Them, Undercover Entourage, Take One for the Team, Public Demonstration, Inescapable Trap I took Surround Them and Undercover Entourage (Kandara). My list: Ironsides w/Union President, Veteran Fighter, Recharge Soulstone Kandara w/Mantle of Flames (prepped to attack then switch to Human Guise) Cassandra Howard Langston w/Imbued Energies Cojo w/Well Rehearsed Union Steamfitter Medical Automaton My opponent played: Jacob Lynch w/Endless Hunger & Woke Up With a Hand Hungering Darkness w/Peaceful Waters Yamaziko w/Smoke Grenades Shadow Emissary w/Conflux of Hunger Izamu w/Recalled Training Beckoner x 2 Monk of Low River I know I don't have Mages in the list.....that's ok. The intent was that first turn the Automaton and Cassandra could drop markers in each of my corners (yes, I know I can only score from one of mine, it's a defensive play because the opponent is not likely to be able to get to both), the Steamfitter armors up Ironsides, Howard only attacks if something gets too close, Cojo preps for the turn two push, and Ironsides goes in near the end of turn to prep for turn two when she will try to lock down as much of his crew as possible. Turn two and later Ironsides would lock up as much as possible, Howard would kill key select models, Kandara would pick easy targets and work towards the back field, and Cassandra would either work towards the opposing corner or reinforce in the center if needed. The Automaton would support and keep things out of trouble and Cojo would push his stuff away from the extraction marker..... The reality was after armoring up Ironsides the Steamfitter got lured all the way across the board where she was obeyed to Sheet Metal up Izamu and then killed by Huggy. Cassandra and the Automaton dropped markers in my corners and moved inwards to support the crew.....should have used Kandara for the second corner not the Automaton; using him left him far enough back he wasn't going to be able to support my models in the center until turn two. I was intending to play fairly conservatively first turn anyway so not that big a deal. We burned through activations with the only other notable action being that his Yamaziko dropped markers in his corner and he overextended the LRM where Howard could get it in safety. Ironsides blitzed in on him did damage to a Beckoner (down to 1 wound), got some adrenaline, and then used Rush 'Em to teleport on the back side of Huggy so Izamu couldn't counter charge and would have to walk attack reducing his potential attacks by one. He attacked twice with Izamu, did minor damage, I stoned once, gained adrenaline twice, and did a couple of points of damage back. Cojo double walked and used Rude Sign Language to push a couple of more of his models by Ironsides in preparation for next turn. He took Cojo down to hard to kill with Lynch. Turn two he activated first and went after Ironsides with Izamu instead of finishing off Cojo. Ironsides activated after gaining adrenaline was up to 10 adrenaline and went on a killing spree. She killed off a Beckoner and Huggy and ended up charging Lynch and putting him down to half wounds and put up her Challenge aura. He poured more into Ironsides with the other Beckoner and the Automaton came up to heal Cojo (walk, Code Red, Fix You Right Up) and position to be able to use Bedside Manner on Ironsides if needed. The Emissary made Yamaziko fast and pushed over to attack in support of his other models. Kandara moved up and threw a knife at the Beckoner and switched into Human Guise. Yamaziko walked, Nimbled, dropped a scheme marker. Cassandra pulled back to attack Yamaziko, Lynch went in on Ironsides, the Automaton yanked her back where Lynch couldn't see her and with his last attack Lynch dropped Cojo back to Hard to Kill. Cojo walked and pushed his shoving Izamu and the remaining Beckoner away from the extraction marker and Howard finished off Lynch. End of turn I score 1 pt for extraction and move the marker. Turn 3 he is pretty disheartened as he is down Lynch, Huggy, and a Beckoner and Izamu is out of position blocked by his Beckoner where he can't do anything until at least second activation. Automaton heals Cojo back up above Hard to Kill and casts Fix You Right Up on Cojo and on Ironsides. Izamu is out of range of the Emissary's fast and the Emissary comes back to reinforce and try to bail out Yamaziko but can't reach Cassandra with his cast (turns out Yamaziko was his Undercover Entourage target). The Beckoner goes down to Ironsides who moves back to block Izamu but be in position to be able to be pulled back by Bedside Manner. Cassandra lives through Yamaziko (he burned a lot of cards but I had stones left) and Cassandra finishes her off in return. Kandara moves up to make the sprint towards the other board edge. Howard drops markers in the corner. End of turn 3 I score 1 more point for extraction, move the marker and have markers down for 2 of 3 points for surround them. He has markers down for 2 of 3 points for surround them but if I win initiative I can Nimble, pick one up with Cassandra, and then run from the Emissary behind terrain. Turn 4 he is down to Izamu and the Emissary so after initiative when the writing is on the wall we call it. He had taken surround them which I would have been able to fully deny and he had taken Undercover on Yamaziko which I had killed. I had taken Undercover on Kandara which I was able to score 3 pts for as well as 3 pts for Extraction (turns 2-4) and we agreed that I would be able to score it again on turn 5 as well as get Kandara back to the last corner to place another marker and score 3 pts for Surround Them. Extrapolated out it was a 10-0 win.... I felt bad for him because it was so one sided. He underestimated how well Ironsides could tank with armor, stones, the ability to get more stones, and the trigger to heal on her attack from Veteran Fighter. The Medical Automaton was definitely an MVP in this game. Bedside Manner is amazing if you are able to position where you can take advantage of it. Code Red was incredibly good as well. This dude is so good for his points. Don't think I will play this opponent again without the Automaton being a higher priority target for him.
  14. Buy Now, Buy Now, Buy Now........even if you end up wanting to get the new ones down the road you still get the Guild Guard and Lawyers and you can use the current Dashel and Lucius for the next year (speculation) till the other stuff is out. Even if the new rules drop sooner what is the likely hood that the models will actually be released any sooner that a year.
  15. thewrathchilde

    Has anyone tried a doxy with the jury? How did it go?

    I don’t know...... don’t mean to be the voice of dissension but it seams like a lot of effort to make sub par choices work with resource intensive masters instead of just taking more self sufficient better models. in this case I know a lot of people love the Jury but I almost never take her. For the points I can get Phiona who comes stock with hard to kill, unimpeded, and plus flips against models that have already activated. The “main” thing she is giving you is the Masks for your other models to get their triggers. Getting the masks requires discarding when pretty much all the masters and good models in Guild already want your good cards and rapid fires, flurries, and passing activations with Nellie are usually better candidates for your bad cards. Unless you are going family heavy for Ply I generally think there are better choices than Santiago too. In this list you have Jury, Santiago, Domador, and a Doxy plus possible upgrades where usually I think you could just get more mileage with Phiona, Monster Hunters, and whatever. Now at the end the discussion is getting the Doxy killed to make Perdita fast....when the Domador cost 7 and the Doxy cost 6 for a total of 13 SS. At this point just buy the Student (which most people always argue is a terrible and overcosted choice) and the Judge or Phiona and just call it a day. No offense intended, just seems like much ado about nothing.