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  1. I don't know that there is a typical list. Usually about 50-60% of my Redchapel crews are pretty standard the rest is a salt to taste. Closest would be something like: Seamus w/Upgrade (2), Copycat Killer (0), Emissary (10), Archie/Sybelle/Manos (10), Dead Doxy (6), Dead Doxy (6), Nurse (7), Belle/Dandy + 4-5 stones I usually go with Archie or Manos over Sybelle depending on what I need for the pool and have run both of them in quite a few Seamus led crews with a lot of success. Like @Fetid Strumpet I usually play quite a bit of OOK with Seamus for a lot of the same reasons though he and I tend to build a lot of things differently. There are some occasions where I would consider Bete but she is a scheme dependent choice for me.
  2. Imma go a different route. If you want to play the Emissary then go with Seamus. You really do need the Mindless Zombies (or at least one or two which you may be able to get separately) but the synergy between the Emissary and Seamus is virtually unmatched elsewhere within the keywords. The Emissary gives you Terrifying saturation with Redchapel crew and Terrifying is much more effective when you have a lot of it to pressure the opposing players hand and multiple models and actions. The Emissary also enables Seamus with the MZ significantly enhancing his damage out put buy letting him shoot multiple times per turn. You can still get Archie also for just 1 additional point above cost in a Forgotten crew (though he appears to be out of stock everywhere) and have even more big model terrifying as well.
  3. I was in a hurry and thinking like in Flank Deployment where you start in contact.....not an issue and still works just slows you down a little. Deployment is key to group the Forgeling, Mei, the Pig and Golem correctly. As you said the Rail Worker can charge and toss the Forgeling and flip the marker. The Forgeling Removes Inpurity, and double walks to drop scrap further up the board. On the other side the other Gamin walks, flips, and Magnetism toward the Forgeling and drops another scrap. The second Gamin Shields Neil, Magnetism, and walks into the group to drop scrap in the center of the Mei/Neil/Pig/Golem/Rail Worker circle. Golem or Pig can then go deeper and provide the Rails for Mei and the Pig to be real deep first turn.
  4. I will jump on the Mei bandwagon. She is great for Turf war as she can bring tons of mobility and some pretty survivable models who don't easily give up marker flips. She can also get in there and disrupt and get the long range assassin runs on models to get the twofer of removal and a marker flip: Mei (0), Forgeling (0), Metal Golem (10), Mech Porkchop (7), Neil (8), Miner w/Magical Training (8) Metal Gamin (5), Metal Gamin (5), Rail Worker (5) + 2 SS First turn the Rail Worker can Pneumatic Toss the Forgeling and flip a marker. Gamin # 2 flips a marker, Magnetism toward the rest of the crew, drops shielded on Neil, and drops a scrap for everyone to Ride the Rails from. With the Forgeling and the Pig or Golem you can drop scrap pretty far out to set up the Rails for getting as deep as you need. Miner can do miner things....than Neil, the Pig going fast can go deep and with Mei can strike pretty deep in their lines to attack weak flank or go after some key targets if they have moved up any and take down couple of models flipping markers back at the end of the turn. With 9 activations you are pretty sure of being able to keep the key models till late in the turn. I would most likely take Breakthrough and Harness the Ley Line or Assassinate. The Gamin or Rail Worker can do any of the schemes pretty easily or fast Neil or the Pig can as a backup and with Mei, the Golem, and the Pig (an Neil if needed) in their face you are putting a lot of pressure on them quickly. You can really take any of the schemes even Power Ritual which I usually avoid like the plague in standard deployment but this crew has the speed to do it. The list starts a little light on Stones but with the Miner making more and only Mei using them it should be enough. I like Magic Training on Neil as well but with the Gamin there to get one of two Shielded on him when you can cheat the suit that is really all he needs to go deep and fast without wounding himself too much early. I have played a version of this in Plant Explosives with a lot of success with only minor changes and it can do Turf as easily too.
  5. I agree! Lots of good content lately. Favorite episodes? From what I hear there is more Resser content coming soon that Craig and various guests have done!
  6. @SoulGambit have you listened to the Third Floor Wars Podcast on Molly that was released two months ago? https://thirdfloorwars.com/molly-malifaux-3rd-ed-master-deep-dive/
  7. I still take a Nurse with Seamus most of the times. After the Belles I just don't have a lot of reason to take most of the other minions and a Nurse provides so much utility.
  8. yeah, you are right.....was getting my wires crossed on that one. Is still decent for stripping focus and making it harder or models to retaliate on your models with low defense.
  9. I rarely use Seduction. It can be useful sometimes to give someone Distracted before Seamus blasts into them with the .50....usually though I am primarily using them to move things around, scheme, or for their melee attack. With Disguised and the Regret defensive trigger they are pretty survivable against melee and can blunt the rush from aggressive crews. They are also great for helping position key models to maximize their effectiveness. They have a pretty good melee attack for their cost though I rarely get much benefit out of any of the triggers except the Tome trigger. Not too bad as scheme runners either.
  10. Yeah, I agree with @Fetid Strumpet on this one. I played a game last night to force myself to take Sybelle again to see how much benefit I could get out of Beckoning Call. My though was using is on my stuff to help position early and then combat with her or using Beckoning Call later to put things out of position to score or give Seamus more attacks or use her for combat since she is min 3 with good triggers. My list: Seamus w/The Whisper (2), Copycat (0), Sybelle (10), Emissary (10), Doxy (6), Doxy (6), Nurse (7), Belle (5) + 4 SS. Game was Turf War (Corner); w/Harness, Search, Take Prisoner, Assassinate, Hold Up I took Harness and Search. I ended up pulling it out and winning by a few points. I was able to get the jb done and get some value out of Sybelle in a couple of situations. The Emissary performed well as always when he makes my list. My biggest problem with Sybelle was the TN required for Beckoning call so that even when I am using it on my own stuff she was often failing the TN and I was having to choose between using a high card that I wanted to save for hit/damage with Seamus or wasting the action. It just isn't a reliable enough action with the TN to consistently top deck and I felt like it wasn't a good choice to even risk it half the time.
  11. There are good arguments for either. With The Whisper and the right targets he can get some decent efficiency and card draw. In this pool I wanted the flexibility to able to push Idols with all of my big pieces if needed. He frequently makes my Seamus crews as well. In this game with Idols I wanted the leaps and heals/regeneration more.
  12. Effigy can’t heal Seamus, the CCK, or he Nurse so rarely makes my lists with him. Bete, Asura, and the Marshall don’t either. Last night I ran: Seamus w/GST (2), CCK (0), Manos (10), Archie (10), Doxy (6), Doxy (6), Nurse (7), Belle (5) + 4SS Was Corrupted Idols- Flank, Power Ritual, Search, Harness, Assassinate, and Dig.
  13. I typically don’t walk with him either if I can help it..... sometimes though it’s worth it. Same amount of actions as Secret Passage and if it puts him in the right spot. Between Charges, Trail of Confusion, Secret Passage and the Pushes from the Doxies and Nurse and/or Ride with Me he can often get to where he needs to be without walking. Ideally I want every action of his to matter- attack, scheme, strategy, etc.
  14. More than you might think. Usually in every game with him I get at least 2-3 extra attacks out of him on critical turns sometimes more. With 2 x Doxies, a Nurse, and the Dazed trigger on his gun I have a fair amount of ways to move things around usually. I don't know if I have every played him in M3E since the reorientation without 2 x Doxies and the Nurse is a staple for me as well. The list I played at game night last night also had Archie (I know) in it so "Bowled Over" is another source (though not as reliable). Most of the time the Nurse is near him so she can heal/move/give focus and she has Daze built in on her attack so can push things to him as well. If it is something that is low defense she can hit it and push it to him so he can attack, then attack it again and push it back out so he isn't engaged and can shoot. In a game I had a couple of weeks ago with him against @Gaston's Titania/Zoraida crew on the first couple of turns I was able to an extra 2-3 attacks per turn into Knights and Waldgeists between Daze from his gun and Daze from the Nurse. Usually with the amount of mobility support in the crew I can move/Secret Passage/or push him to 4" away from a model and then if I have the cards, shoot it, Daze to push it in for the free attack to finish it off and then continue on. Occasionally you can get him within 4" of two models and he can shoot, daze, Hello Love the first model. Remove it's corpse for Celebration, shoot, Daze, and Hello Love the second one too and still have two actions left for charging, scheming, etc. I am less successful in getting the Belle to set it up for him though.....with the Doxies and Nurse it happens every game. Yeah, I Yo-Yo him a lot as he is not near as resilient as he was in M2E. Half of the CCK's job (maybe more) is just Mistaken Identity and then run back and hide to keep him safe if they have any real threats. The Nurse helps out a lot also since with positioning she can Bedside Manner him out of trouble and back behind terrain and then heal, etc later. I have thought about running 2 x Nurses with him instead of 1 and the Belle that was in my list last night but their isn't a lot of fat in my list to pay for the 2 extra points. Last night I only had 4 SS with him and couldn't see going lower.
  15. I ran one tonight because I already had 2 x Doxies and a Nurse in my list and was choosing between a Belle and a Dandy. It was Idols so I went with the Belle as she has more wounds to push a Idol with and can pull things in to trigger free attacks with Seamus (which never came up from her). As @Fetid Strumpet mentioned she is one of the only models in the game where there were turns where she had absolutely nothing productive to do. Her contribution to the entire game dropping a scheme marker in my deployment zone (Flank Deployment) to contribute to the second point for Power Ritual and she killed a Mindless Zombie on Turn 3. Any other model could have dropped the scheme marker. On turn 2 there was literally nothing for her to do except Focus and walk forward about 3"...... She only made my list because I already had already maxed out the FA on Doxies and didn't have the extra points to upgrade her to a second Nurse or something bigger. In retrospect I probably would have been better off just saving a stone and fielding the Carrion Effigy instead.....or some other cheap model that could have done the same scheming and maybe contributed more elsewhere. She was one of the only models in my crew that didn't have a purpose each turn. With most models you know, turn to turn, exactly what that models role is and how they should be performing it. With her each turn was a case of trying to figure out what she could do that was productive. On turn 2 she almost Lured my Copycat....but that wasn't really to put him in a more advantageous position it was just to do something so I decided against it as there was no gain over just Focus and moving about 3". I do have to acknowledge that from first turn on everything of significance was happening on his side of the board so maybe if I had played more reactively and let him get into my side of the board she might have been able to contribute more but that would have compromised my plan for the game.
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