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  1. Dont forget, the heal also works off dust markers so its not as hard as it seems.
  2. Effigy and Emissary have their Aura. And Hopeful Prospect on a Rams trigger on their Safety Precautions. Could be solid in Frontier as well, turning into a rough rider after killing a model. Lamplighter honestly could be good with unnatural glow and terrain markers.
  3. I also have Ullr who will flush them out Cooper to push him 4 and give him focus.
  4. I think there are only 2 fixed models for me. A hopeful prospect and ullr. Everything else is pretty flexed.
  5. Gotcha. I'm definitely going to try him out, but the few times I've played armor 2 models (Coryphee in colette for example), I have learned I get very salty fast when they die fast and with my opponent having 1-2 anti armor basically every game just by accident....Its rough.
  6. To be fair! I play against a lot of manipulative models with nellie and lucius across from me, so Ruthless could help! You'd have to be pretty close already so that Model 9 can not be engaged when he throws knife after the charge. But I guess I see the point there. I guess I'm just used to Rezzer and Neverborn 9-10ss models.
  7. I'll chalk it up to my view of the game through a Majority Guild Opponent eyes, Lol. I definitely play the game and pick models differently when I play against majority the one faction. I gotta remember that when looking at things, lol.
  8. I guess for me. I play against anti armor basically every game. Play into Guild mostly and I see Hoffman, Perdita, Rifleman, Agent 46, Peacekeeper, Joss and Melissa Kore quite often enough. So that armor 2 basically doesn't exist.
  9. With a rams, cooper in fact does ignore hard to kill and demise.
  10. I just feel like....we are a pretty shoot heavy crew. I think I can do those things decently well at range without devoting a mediocre 9ss to it to MAYBE kill them. To predator instinct, you need to have a positive on the attack. If you don't have that you cant predator instinct for the severe. But I mean, even if you do. That's 9ss, win the duel, cheat severe, and then win a second duel to kill a scheme runner that Cooper can 1 shot with his severe. His bonus is okay but most of your models that want to be in melee have hunting partner. You can also just ignore it using the adversary like you
  11. I'm having trouble figuring out what Model 9 does. Obviously he is a mobile attacker, but his damage is mediocre. No real way to get extra attacks outside of the mediocre 8in shoot on a mask thats most likely doing 1 damage. His tactical is neat but nothing spectacular, and 7 wounds, even with armor 2, feels rough. (Maybe I just play against a lot of anti armor accidentally). So I guess I'm just having trouble seeing why I'd bring Model 9. At 9ss, he seems fairly weak. Am I missing something?
  12. Huh....thats...hmm...I can't imagine that was meant to be so.
  13. That's probably because he isn't guild anymore. He is 10t/Explorers
  14. Nocturnes can Displace English Ivan if he is within a shadow marker or a model with Born of Shadow. To move him 3" and give him distracted, which is good for Ivan.
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