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  1. Thank you this was very helpful as I wasn't sure if Archie would work in a Kirai crew. Also I don't own the wave 4 upgrades can you run me through what my little helper does?
  2. So i've recently started ressurs and I currently own three crews (Yan Lo, Kirai and Molly) I don't own any enforcers or henchmen that aren't ancestors or crew included models. I'm considering my the 13ss Goliath named Archie for multiple reasons 1. He can fill in the limited range of models I own. 2. I find ours very difficult but with a 13ss model it could be easy. 3. I don't have a non-summon based beater that's fast. Would it be worth buying archie although he only synergies with Molly with the horror upgrade? I'm considering flesh constructs as well.
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