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  1. Ubeltaeter

    Henchman rights

    Hello to everyone. Dunno if similar question is for this section. Our local hechman declare next tourney as using GG2018. But some changes are ridiculous. Players get Tournament Points (TP) as always (3 for win, 1 for draw, 0 for lose) but then player can get up to 3 TP for painting (pretty subjective factor) and then after all 3 rounds each player rate each other opponent on scale 1 to 5. And after all player with lowest summary number get -2 TP, with highest number get +2 TP. So winning all 3 rounds you can easy lose to player who won single match ( 9-2 TP and 3+3+2 TP) Question is so: henchman can do anything he want or he must have some constraints? Next time nonsmoking player can get - 5 TP, for example.
  2. Ubeltaeter

    The New Seamus

    Dead doxy have 1" engagement