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  1. Doc can heal only living Model but Jack isnt.
  2. Another Poll with our Masters. Which Master(s) in Resurrectionists do you think are better suited for each Strategy? Multiple choices allowed
  3. What about Aura of Decay Until the End Phase, enemy models within range cannot Heal or reduce damage with Soulstones. or Mark of Vengeance Until the End Phase, the target cannot Heal.
  4. Since the other factions are doing it (stolen from @retnab) Discuss below if needed
  5. Hucster's FSales Pitch 6" 5 Wp - Enemy only. This model and the target both discard the top card of their Fate Deck. If this model's disarded card is higher, draw that card. If the target's card is higher, they draw that card and this model adds a Soulstone to its Crew's Soulstone Pool. Typo Discarded
  6. It's not always good thing, he can be used for enemy's scoring Need 6+ Great post!
  7. Same with Bete Noire Poisoned Fate 6" 6 Wp 12 Until the End Phase, after an Action resolves in which the target Cheated Fate, the target suffers 2 damage. cDeja Vu:Discard a card.Draw two cards.
  8. Jack trigger on Noose now look so: cExecute:When resolving, increase the damage of this Action to 2/3/4, ignoring Hard to Kill. Add one Soulstone to this Crew's Soulstone Pool for each enemy model killed by this Action. Typo?
  9. If model cant unbury normally, she just unbury in own deploy area.
  10. CCK cost 3SS if Leader isnt Seamus.
  11. Hello to everyone. Dunno if similar question is for this section. Our local hechman declare next tourney as using GG2018. But some changes are ridiculous. Players get Tournament Points (TP) as always (3 for win, 1 for draw, 0 for lose) but then player can get up to 3 TP for painting (pretty subjective factor) and then after all 3 rounds each player rate each other opponent on scale 1 to 5. And after all player with lowest summary number get -2 TP, with highest number get +2 TP. So winning all 3 rounds you can easy lose to player who won single match ( 9-2 TP and 3+3+2 TP) Question is so: henchman can do anything he want or he must have some constraints? Next time nonsmoking player can get - 5 TP, for example.
  12. Dead doxy have 1" engagement
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