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  1. Not yet but I will work an adding a faster way directly from the collection area. Should be updated this week.
  2. I actually have a thing for this. Our site is still not officially released yet but the collection tracking works, my collection for example: http://www.biggerhat.net/profile/hermit/collection It also shows you statistics on what % of each faction and keyword you own!
  3. That's my site. We're currently in the process of finishing up a few new features before official launch, including being able to submit tacticas for models.
  4. I've got a project near release that will allow for user submitted tacticas and info along with a searchable m3e database. Shouldn't be long before it's ready for initial release.
  5. I like to bring 1 death marshal because I love the models. They occasionally come in handy as scheme runners or to pine box some other models but mostly I just enjoy the aesthetic
  6. Emptiness allows you to take any number of upgrades with the restriction of Tara. You can take ALL of her upgrades and then 2 general upgrades if you wish. (Though that's a bit expensive)
  7. This sounds really fun/frustrating for the format. I wish I had more of the models involved besides Yin. I plan on picking up the Transmortis box once it's back in stock and I'll give this a shot after that!
  8. Yeah, Marshal was mostly due to what I have as models. Chiaki + Upgrade could work as well. Area pulse push away and handing out slow with Pull of the Grave doesn't seem bad. Brings down my damage potential though.
  9. I was going to go with: Anna Lovelace w/MLH 2x Doxie Forgotten Marshal My goal was to keep enemy models out of the middle to keep from the scoring Turf War while being able to shoot them with Marshal and Anna. I'm not 100% sold on the Marshal, but my Resser pool of models is not huge.
  10. I've got a HH tournament coming up next month and I hadn't seen any recent posts on the subject so I figured I would ask, what are your "go to" HH lists? I've got mine mostly nailed down for the event, but I wanted to see what everyone else thought. It's difficult in a faction where summoning is a big part of what you do to try and make a team where no summoning can be done. What do you bring? How has it worked?
  11. I think the Yan Lo synergy comes more from the Soul Porter (being able to give others Chi) or Chiaki who can gain Chi herself and pass it to other ancestors (if he happens to be one).
  12. As to your intial post and your inquiry of Low or Wandering River Monks, I would go with Low River Monks. They're really great for their cost and with the upgrade they can hand out healing and scheme markers. I like Wandering River Monks and picked them up myself early on but for 7 stones in a faction already low on activations, you generally need more than a scheme runner. Having the 10T Brothers should be plenty for your scheme running needs with their mobility and versatility. Low River Monks are great utility and when you pick up the Shadow Emissary eventually can be used to draw 3 cards per turn with the Emissary/Shenlong.
  13. Nice to see Tara rated fairly highly. Wave 5 upgrades helped her a lot and I've been playing her for a few weeks now and the AP manipulation along with the general mobility of the crew seems really well suited to GG18.
  14. I like using the Samurai with Lynch as card flippers. The damage spread and triggers are decent and they flip a ton of cards for Lynch to pick up Aces from. I've yet to really utilize them with Shenlong as I usually want to take other things. My last game with Lynch used Graves/Samurai to get them up the board and shoot into a crowd of my opponents models. Aside from the copious flips, Snipers seem like the better ranged option.
  15. To my knowledge, Glimpse with the Upgrade can still only bury 1 friendly and 1 enemy. Things getting buried via other means (pine box, talos, hannah, scion ability) don't count if the Glimpse model was buried first. Glimpse is the only one that checks for other buried models. So you cannot bury 3 friendlies with Glimpse at once.
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