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  1. We're still working on updated versions for gg2 but we also have these over on our site: https://biggerhat.net/summons?master=asami-tanaka
  2. Our website also has all the updated cards with all the Errata attached: https://biggerhat.net/characters/colette-du-bois
  3. Hmmm. Interesting idea. I think that's something that's possible. If people are interested. How good of a "complexity" rating would you think that is? Some models may have a lot of simple actions/abilities.
  4. 5 inches seem about right. Shadow Emissary is around 4. If this is something desired I can see about adding it to biggerhat.
  5. When the project started I reached out and asked for permission multiple times and never got a response. It's not a new project though we're almost done with a complete re-code and I'm sure they're aware we exist. If the patreon is a problem we can always remove it. Podcasts and other content providers use donations and stuff like that, so I figured why can't we? Anyone can contact me with any questions. Also, thanks for the plug @trikk!
  6. https://biggerhat.net/faqs?query=Decay Here's the entry
  7. That's an interesting idea. We're gonna discuss it and see what we can come up with.
  8. Great suggestions folks. Thank you. I think we'll move to a system like this or something similar for the average ranges. We'll work on getting it updated on the site.
  9. Good idea. That might be something we look into doing.
  10. Appreciate the feedback! I'm actually the site dev and admin along with @Beeray. We're gonna work on fixing the averages to be a little better representative. It was already in the works. Definitely do appreciate the thoughts though and feel free to let us know anything else in the future! Site is about 85% ready towards a soft launch. Lots of stuff I want to fold in after that.
  11. It was an excellent shop. Lots of malifaux games. Tons of malifaux for sale and the owner seems committed to keeping it fresh and in stock. Very refreshing since we haven't had a shop supporting the game in the area in a very long time. Definitely recommend going Sunday afternoons. We even spoke to the owner about eventual tournaments and he seemed keen to host them as well.
  12. Our group has just discovered this as well and is heading out there today to check it out!
  13. I can try and set up a printer-friendly non-picture option for printing cards from our database. It's a little low on the priority list but I'll get there.
  14. Hey there! We have a small group in the area that plays occasionally (pandemic has slowed it down) and talks often! We have a group called "Florida Malifaux" on Facebook and we have a couple facebook messenger chats going for Florida and the more local area! Always happy to have more players/discussion! Several of us also hang out in the Swampfiends Discord: https://discord.gg/TKD78Rw If you want to join us there.
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