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  1. We also have all the updated cards and FAQs on BiggerHat.net
  2. We have all the schemes and strategies in the database on Biggerhat, I might be able to work something up to put them in a simple printable format pdf. I'll look into it in the next few days.
  3. You can also see all the errata on their specific cards on our website: https://biggerhat.net/characters/mechanical-rider
  4. M2e Zoraida could hire any wp4 or less model too. Including Samurai and Nurses!
  5. We also have: https://biggerhat.net/spoilers We're keeping it updated with all unofficial spoiled models in the game!
  6. https://biggerhat.net/markers Though I need to add Rift Markers to the list still.
  7. We're still working on updated versions for gg2 but we also have these over on our site: https://biggerhat.net/summons?master=asami-tanaka
  8. Our website also has all the updated cards with all the Errata attached: https://biggerhat.net/characters/colette-du-bois
  9. Hmmm. Interesting idea. I think that's something that's possible. If people are interested. How good of a "complexity" rating would you think that is? Some models may have a lot of simple actions/abilities.
  10. 5 inches seem about right. Shadow Emissary is around 4. If this is something desired I can see about adding it to biggerhat.
  11. When the project started I reached out and asked for permission multiple times and never got a response. It's not a new project though we're almost done with a complete re-code and I'm sure they're aware we exist. If the patreon is a problem we can always remove it. Podcasts and other content providers use donations and stuff like that, so I figured why can't we? Anyone can contact me with any questions. Also, thanks for the plug @trikk!
  12. https://biggerhat.net/faqs?query=Decay Here's the entry
  13. That's an interesting idea. We're gonna discuss it and see what we can come up with.
  14. Great suggestions folks. Thank you. I think we'll move to a system like this or something similar for the average ranges. We'll work on getting it updated on the site.
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