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  1. im trying to get better at picking the right master for the job. I only have two masters so its not much to pick from. but im wondering what are mcmournings favourite strat and scheme combos. I love his play style but I can't seem to find a place where he best works.
  2. theres lots of mention of thematic crews, Im hoping that the masters crew boxes will not change from what we have already. I will be very annoyed if I have to re-purchase my masters so they have the correct crew with them....
  3. yes very true, when this happened I had no stones or diamonds but sadly could not use it. but yes good point worth keeping some handy when against him.
  4. another game, another valuable lesson learned, don't summon shikome in front of marcus, things don't go well after doing so. and also having kirai taken over by the opponent to then sacrifice datsu ba while sundering my flesh construct is a little humiliating. So bigger lesson learned, Marcus is not on my christmas card list by cricky this master is going to take some learning.....
  5. cool thanks for the advice. ectoplasm seems like it will be a good shout. will certainly give me a bit of breathing room while i learn the crew
  6. cheer for the pointers, I don't have night terrors or anna yet, but will put them on the list. Need the hanged and possible gaki first though I think. then I need to stop buying models for a bit as this crew has given my wallet a bigger beating then I got last night
  7. I had my first go with kirai yesterday, which was also my first game with a different master to the one I started with. It was an enjoyable game but I got completely trounced score was 10 - 1. we were playing ours for the strategy on corner deployment. which meant that i had to spread out quite a bit so could not keep many things in range for the malovence to work. I had izamu the armour in my list but did not get much use out of him as he was having to stay in a corner. investing all my points into a few models and then having to keep them in my corners made for a tricky game. So for the most part it felt like I was on the back foot. But really in hind sight I should have pushed to keep a strong formation in tact really and really concentrated on holding my corners. One think that i noticed throughout the game though, my opponent spent allot of time killing my seishins. which meant that my movement shenanigans and other tricks were really hindered. So i reckon I need to find some ways on how to keep them a little safer. I was tending to move them forward to set up for a swirl spirits, but they would be killed before the swirl spirits happened. So yes any tips on how to get the most out of these will be appreciated. but yes on the whole she seems like she is going to be a fun master to play. but is going to take some learning.
  8. well i have the dog to dig up a corpse counter, so i have a turn one corpse counter. then i sacrifice the dog for a soul stone and make another dog using sebastian. so if i were to add in the upgrade i need something that can die on turn one so i can get the corpse counter. but then again, thinking about it doing this would loose my infinate soul stone loop potentially. so perhaps I will need to tweak other things. yes more thought is required. still an interesting concept
  9. Ooh nice, that would be pritty nasty. I’m pritty sure I can’t spare the stones though . Unless I can find some thing cheap to swap my canine remains for that can easily be killed turn one
  10. i will have to looking into this, cant remember what the upgrade does.
  11. if the model you are summoning from has only one wound left (probably because other models have already been summoned) can kirai still use it to summon from, even though it does not have enough wounds to take half damage? I seems to me that it will work, but i want to be sure. thanks for your help.
  12. i agree with all thats said so far. its an expensive endeavour getting these cards delivered from the states. But I also think its wrong that the erratered cards are not included with new purchases. Why are the models models shipped with obsolete cards? its completely pointless, avoidable and a right PITA IMO
  13. Ah right that makes more sense. I knew I was missing something obvious, the ability to read the card properly it seems. Inteally seam to struggle with the language on these things sometimes. Thanks for your help and apologies for the daft question
  14. I can’t see a reason to use this power. It says the the enemy gets is insignificant until it’s next activation . But what’s the reason for it if when the model next activates it becomes significant again and can take interacts ect.? probably somethings obvious I’m missing but please enlighten me. Thanks
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