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godswearhats' Beginner's Guide to Ressers

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Great write up it is a good balance that strikes fear on the table but not on the wallet. I was lucky to purchase a large lot of Resser models on ebay for a reasonable price but even then going in to the local store and grab a few things i figured I wanted really added up. That intimidation can lead to decision paralysis so having a guide like this I think will really help many players dive in to characters or models they like in the "easiest yet still effective" way.

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Awesome job done. Few ideas caught my mind here, mainly in kirai department. I tried to play her with traditional summoning engine list and had little succes so ill gladly try out this list. Also Kirai with anna and hannah looks nice, but i cant really imagine a list using both, plus izamu, datsue ba, lost love and some upgrades and i have almoust SS used. Maybe drop datsue?

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This article is fantastic! Some really comprehensive, useful advice there. It's very clear that you have devoted an awful lot of time to thinking this out and articulating your thoughts. 

Might I suggest that you review your Tara section, though?

I'm not sure that your Tara list adds up correctly. You have proposed a 50ss Tara list, with a Soulstone cache of 7.

By my reckoning your list total leaves a Soulstone cache of 9 (too many).

Your description of the list seems to indicate that Anna Lovelace is present instead of the Rotten Belle that you have stated. By making these changes, your list will have a cache of 5 Soulstones.

Additionally, I think that you should list Guild Autopsies, The Drowned and Punk Zombies (and maybe Death Marshals) as summoning options for the Tara list (for Karina's 'Faces Of Oblivion' upgrade).

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