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  1. this plus 2 from the shadows Cyclops to blast burn Nicos clump. Still requires unhealthy amount of setup.
  2. Spirit beacon upgrade might be put only on Kirai. Otherwise very nice app
  3. Alt Vasilisa, current one doesnt look as high mobility model as stat card says. alt dreamer is definetly best option though
  4. maybe he is height 3 when standing on all 4 legs . . .
  5. thanks for clarification, in that case it is even worse than i thought. For summoning teddy I just have to have a 13mask no matter what.
  6. how do you guys see tannen. i saw him few times used to his "leave it to luck" buff making summoning teddy possible. What immediately come to my mind was what if I flip tomes? even if i add mask with a SS I still have -2 value for tomes and +2 value for masks. But in case I cheat masks over tomes only masks should count if i understand it correctly.
  7. Awesome job done. Few ideas caught my mind here, mainly in kirai department. I tried to play her with traditional summoning engine list and had little succes so ill gladly try out this list. Also Kirai with anna and hannah looks nice, but i cant really imagine a list using both, plus izamu, datsue ba, lost love and some upgrades and i have almoust SS used. Maybe drop datsue?
  8. Hello, great episode. I would totally be interested in example of this more "straight forward" kirai crew. I just cant imagine her without Phillip and rest of her summonig engine . . .
  9. forgive me for bad question placement, but does using My little helper means the model can be charged only by models within 3"? I dont have rules with me right now but i belive charge is action by itself.
  10. For me is carrion emmisary almost autoinclude for mcmourning. He is excellent support model for McM crew. Adding +wk aura, solid atck, marker manipulation and of course shards of kythera action granting blocking LoS and free mindless zombie for sebastian to sacrifice. If everything goes well u can summon 6ss worht model almost for free on turn 4. On the other hand emmisary is quite fragile model and its utility really depends on your playstyle. With last book My little helper is also great option.
  11. Well i used to play collodi 1,5-2 years ago and got best results with: Collodi (fated, strum, breathe) Vasilisa (little food, litte water) taxi 3-4 marionest - scheme runners lucky effigy - main buff to spread brutal effigy - buff collodi, scheme runner arcane effigy - condition removal, scheme runner 2 stitched together - main damage dealer Turn one i just activate everything but collodi, vasilisa and stitched together. that is about 8 activations so oponent cant actualy react. Then just simply activate vassilisa drag stitched together forward in 6 range with most exposed enemy model, for zero twist gamble your life, then activate collodi,move and My will the same stitched together to gamble your life with positive flip, then activate stitched together and gamble again. There is no need for high cards for collodi so i u have any 13 against model with 5 or 6 defense u dont have to worry. i usually managed to kill important model turn one like this. Obviously doesnt work against every master. ps lucky effigy buff has incredible synergy with hard to kill models, it saved me many models. + u can add wicked doll for heal&buff my will/twist target for extra positive flip.
  12. I would say Phillip on the first place, card cycling engine too good
  13. Hello guys, so what do you think about hiring Guild lawyer into McM´s crew. I understand they got no love in the past cause the synergy and need for tricks they provide was not big, but now with new models they might be viable. Talking mainly about puting HtW on squishy models like Carrion emissary and rafkin. Fees, poison, positive to horrors, pseude defense ability, slow, paralyze and finish the job (looks like wide utility) might be situationaly good, but in general lawyer has decent statline. that is theory. Lawyer brings kinda different utility than other res models. The question is do we need that kind of utility and how does the model perform in reality on the table, is it really worthed 6 ss? What do you think guys, anyone have experiences?
  14. Hello i have Vengefull spirits translucent lime models still in the sprues for sale/trade. Want Reva box. Preferably EU
  15. Would be using images from wyrds statcards on these models legal/shareable?
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