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  1. What? Pretty much all tokens I know are bound to a keyword, and if you want to put out those you'll need to bring in a model from that keyword. Moreover, they do _nothing_ on their own, unless someone can use them (again same keyword). meanwhile conditions are generally spread out amongst the faction, and do something on their own. Seems special to me.
  2. Well, I hope that the store software keeps track of stock and this is not gonna be a problem...
  3. Hi, Is there any estimation for when the black friday sales will be shipped? I received the order confirmation, but nothing about shipping.
  4. I'd be with you, except for one simple fact: Those splits are being done in all sorts of places. There's A LOT of models which are single in their box which have 2 keywords in same faction. They could have been combined in, but they weren't. It could have been done here too
  5. I do own Yan Lo, but I still find others useless. I'm not gonna start playing Yan Lo in TT, when all my other models, are Resser. If I'm going to a tournament, pretty much all tournaments are Faction locked. And you're making a great point and showing the big problem - TT players will want Wanyudo, as such they have no good reason to buy Minako and Katashiro, as that just leaves them with the same problem I had originally.
  6. Same. It's really annoying that Wanyudo was added in with multiple other models which are useless. A lot of multi-keyword models are getting their own boxes, and I thought it's so you're not forced to buy models. Seeing a multi-faction model forces in with a bunch of models for only one faction is really disappointing.
  7. Talons, Into The Vortex ability says "Any models the Dust Devil Marker comes into contact with during this Push and gain Staggered. " It feels like during betas there was an additional effect there and it was deleted making the current sentence nonsensical. I assume it's meant to say "Any models the Dust Devil Marker comes into contact with during this Push gain Staggered". Didn't saw this posted anywhere, so thought I'll post.
  8. Can a Changeling copy a Mimic'd ability? Changling says that he can take an action which another model could take. Mimic says that THIS model can treat an ability as printed on it's card. So can Changeling copy it? A) Changeling can copy it, because his ability says that he can take an action available to another model B) Changeling cannot copy it, because Mimic says that that model may treat it as printed, as such, it's not available to Changeling who is not that model.
  9. Biggest value he gotten me in Molly games was actually Ride with me to put molly forward, walk forward, charge something, Reap and push backwards placing the thing closer to the crew and then having Archie jump in and smack the poor target. This works especially well because Molly can outactivate the opponent so there's no activations left, which usually means that start of turn 2, you've deleted some model from the board, and have archie/dead rider ready to smack more face.
  10. "A model can only take an Action or Ability that is once per Activation once during an Activation." I know that this could possibly be interpreted otherway, but I choose to interpret this as the limitation saying that you can only do it during an activation.
  11. Can you declare triggers if you do not meet the requirements? If you do not meet the requirements in Italics can the trigger be declared at all? This is relevant for Prof. Von Schtook.
  12. The Bury section does not say anything on the topic. The movement section states that "Any time something changes location it is considered to have moved". Since being Buried changes your location (you're no longer where you were a second ago), that would mean it's a movement. However, I really do not think that's the intent of the rules. This is relevant for Planted Roots and other movement preventing effects, as if it is a movement, then Planted Roots give you immunity to being Buried.
  13. There's a vast divide between a forum thread being inaccessible due to lack of skill, as people discuss more advanced concepts, and it being inaccessible due to negative outlooks. Also, Malifaux is far too small to have the divide of friendly/competitive very hardly drawn. A bunch of people go to tournaments for fun and to just dedicate a day to playing a game they like. Of course, that divide does happen, but in a tournament it's probably more along the lines of "top 5 tables/rest of tables", and not "in tournament/out of tournament"
  14. I managed to mess up the first NDA I submitted by imagining it's year 2020 already, as such you'll see two applications from me. One of them has no time travelling involved
  15. If it's for your TtB campaign, just decide what you want to have her be doing and go with that?
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