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  1. FunWithKnives

    Malifaux video game

    Rogue-like would be perfect because roguelikes are all about bad things happen
  2. FunWithKnives

    Tara Matchups?

    Go for levi, he is killy and good against casters. You could also buy some freicorps, guys are good against ressers and nevers
  3. FunWithKnives

    Talos: Where does he fit?

    You could also take Jack to twist and turn them into their graves
  4. FunWithKnives

    godswearhats' Beginner's Guide to Ressers

  5. FunWithKnives

    Freikorps theme

    Good option! I like libr's cast because it allows me to kill some obnoxious incorporeal model (primordial magic) with a moderate card.
  6. FunWithKnives

    Freikorps theme

    Whoops, fixed
  7. FunWithKnives

    Freikorps theme

    Not fully thematic, but still: VS (Engage at will, Nythera, survivalist + shirts) Lazarus (oathkeeper, chain trinket) Hannah (IPB, regen trinket) HPE (conflux) Librarian 2 Desperados Turn 1 - equip HPE stuff, attack lazarus to lauch him 12" into shooting position , chain activate. Move Hannah twice, focus, steal libr's cast, try to snipe some weak model. Turn 2 - throw away foes from lazarus, shoot them, tear your shirt, chain activate, shoot more. Use desperados as scheme runners, although they are decent in melee
  8. FunWithKnives

    How’s Seamus these days?

    Mobile assassin cannot be bad
  9. FunWithKnives

    Starting out with Kirai

    Don't you guys think that Rider>Izamu? I'd love to hear your opinion about graveyard spirit btw
  10. FunWithKnives

    Datsue Ba and other masters

    I'm planning to go ressers, do you consider Datsue a must-have model for Kirai in current meta?
  11. FunWithKnives

    Von Schill

    So, no hard to kill penetration?
  12. FunWithKnives

    Von Schill

    Guys, a little question about strongarm wording: Charged fists: this models MI attack actions deal +1 damage. Is it separate 2+1/4+1/6+1, or just flat 3/5/7?
  13. FunWithKnives

    Why is Tara considered so good?

    1) Move tara her to cover as much as possible friendly models and one enemy in 6" bubble 2) Give out fast for everyone. Enemy model with fast receive -2wp and ++ on wretches dmg flips 3) Wretches wreck stuff
  14. FunWithKnives

    Wave 5 Viks

    Nah soaring dragon drains too much cards. Restriction for chain activation ruins it completely
  15. FunWithKnives

    Four horsman levi viable now?

    Hans maybe, for some early pressure