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  1. Sadly everything has been bid on already. I also don’t really know the real market value of these items so I like eBay for keeping it fair.
  2. Auctions on eBay under user godswearhats. Everything starts at $5 plus $5 shipping no reserves. Mostly still on sprue, some assembled. I’ll combine shipping for anyone buying more than one thing. Lady Justice crew Ortega crew 2 Austringers ($1 starting) Ryle, Rifleman, Witchling Handler Peacekeeper LE Francisco Alt (new in packaging) LE Through the Breach Fate Deck
  3. I won't be updating the guide. If anyone else wants to take over maintenance of it, they are welcome to. I'm not actively playing Malifaux any more.
  4. True. It's why I bring the effigy. I think McM really needs the Lure to effectively manage the enemy positions too. It's not hard to get a single model outside of all the auras. The Carrion Emissary helps a lot when enemy models bunch up - activating early and dropping Shards in front of them will really slow down your opponent. If you have trouble engaging, likely they do too. If most of the schemes require engagement, then you can prevent points. You don't need to score 10 to win, you just need to score 1 more than your opponent. Biggest piece of advice: stop worrying about killing your opponent's models and think about how you score your points. You have a limited number of activations and AP: every single one of them should be about scoring you points or preventing your opponent from scoring.
  5. Carrion Effigy and Chihuahua can both remove immunity to Poison.
  6. You can read the crew I take in the Beginner's Guide to Ressers in the Ressers sub forum (on my phone so can't easily grab the link)
  7. Sounds like you have multiple problems. I'll try to brain dump as many advice nuggets as I can, without asking too many questions. If you have more models than your opponent, you automatically start out with activation control. As you summon models into the game, you're aiming to either maintain or increase your lead in model count. A simple strategy is to activate your weak models first (peons and minions) and then activate your strong models last in order to react to what your opponent is doing. It obviously gets more complex than that, but it's a starting point. McMourning can summon two types of models - Flesh Constructs (one per turn) and Canine Remains (depends on how many models die from Poison). Try to identify targets in your opponent's crew that you can kill in one Activation with McMourning and do that to create a Flesh Construct. When you are able to do that, you create a big swing. Assuming you kill the totem (probably the easiest model to kill in any given game) that's a 9SS swing in your direction - they lose 3 and you gain 6. Use Rotten Belles (I'd suggest two Belles and one Nurse with McMourning - see the beginner's guide on tactics for him) to Lure in your target. In the case of Mei Feng's Vent Steam aura, you can have the first Belle focus before trying to Lure (to cancel out the flips, and then the second Belle can Lure twice because the model will be outside of Mei Feng's bubble). Killing with McMourning is pretty easy: surround a model with Undead, either directly or by moving McMourning within 3" of a bunch of models, and then cast Rancid Transplant as many times as needed before hitting Expunge. Rafkin punches above his weight, but he dies very easily if you try to go toe-to-toe. Use another model to put Poison on something and then Rafkin really shines, getting a 1 AP charge, followed by another 1 AP attack and a 0 AP attack (or two 0 AP attacks if you have My Little Helper), with 3/4/5 damage track because of his own aura. Make sure and load McMourning up with Poison as your first action. You can have a Nurse just attack him and he will relent and get no damage and Poison +4. She can then do the same to Rafkin, because he heals from Poison. Then, assuming McMourning activates within 8" of Sebastian, he will tick one poison and push 5". He will also push 5" at the end of the turn, which can really help get him out of trouble if your opponent has been moving him around. Nurses are a nightmare to deal with. Having a Ca 6 action with an 8" range that can Paralyze is devastating. If you get a 13 in hand (or Red Joker, or very low and a 13 of anything else), use it to paralyze a big model of theirs before it activates - there are only a small number of models with Wp 7, so as long you don't target one of those and you have a 13 in hand, you'll either get the Paralyze or you'll pull the Red Joker from your opponent's hand. I often use this on enemy Masters. If Mei Feng has her aura up, just have your Nurse focus first. Likewise, if your Nurse is too far away, you can use a Lure or McMourning's Injection to get her to where she needs to be. Don't hire a Flesh Construct with McMourning. You're much better off trying to summon one. Bring the Carrion Emissary. See the beginner's guide on why this model is essential for any Resser player. It does so much with McMourning and is great at messing with Elite crews because it can place two 50mm barriers that their elite guys just can't get through, meaning that you influence more control over the battleground. Oh, and you get a nice little zombie too, to help with activation control. I know this is a scattergun approach to advice, but hopefully some of it will be useful! ~gwh
  8. In this episode: Introducing our new co-host: Anthony! The Pit: Howard Langston vs Yasunori Know Your Enemy: Kirai Ankoku Scheme Spotlight: Frame for Murder The Foundry: Tournaments and Painting I Pay Better: Anna Lovelace
  9. Carrion Emissary is very good with McMourning. I put it in my beginner's list for McMourning (see the guide that's pinned in this forum) and I've won tournaments playing that fixed list. See that post for more info. In any given game, the Emissary will create shards / zombies, give things Poison (either through it's 10" grenade on the McMourning Conflux upgrade, or through it's Infect trigger on Rot and Rend), get to attack anything already poisoned (McM Conflux), turn corpse markers into scheme markers and occasionally summon a minion late game.
  10. Frame targets are very opponent dependent. For example, if my opponent hasn't taken a killy master or Henchman, I won't take the scheme. Part of the reason to take McMourning is to avoid losing points to Frame (because the model will die to conditions). I'll generally take Frame on the Nurse, because you have to deal with a Nurse or she will ruin your day. I'll make sure she's positioned centrally. However, sometimes it can be worth taking on the Emissary - I have an opponent who never lets the Emissary live beyond turn 3 if he can avoid it, because of how much control the Carrion Emissary gives. We'll be talking about Frame for Murder in our next podcast episode. As for additional insights vs Sandeep, we actually did a whole segment all about that in episode 6 - I think we talk for about 40 minutes, so there's a lot of useful info in there. Briefly, attack his hand (through simple duels like Terrifying), ignore the summons if you can, and don't try to kill Sandeep your opponent makes a mistake (e.g. activating him early and leaving him charge range of multiple of your models).
  11. Yes, I've played against Sandeep a bunch. I take McMourning into Arcanists most of the time now - 100% of the time if Frame for Murder is in the pool.
  12. Another sponsor announcement: Sparkle Party Death Mats will be providing mats for us to play on and a bunch of them for lucky raffle winners to take home to game on too :-)
  13. I'm pleased to announce the Secret Weapon Miniatures has been added as a sponsor! We'll be giving away a nice set of matched bases as part of the prize raffle.
  14. Some feedback: Under Kirai, the most commonly taken upgrade is probably Unforgiven, which allows her to summon minions without Slow and gives her a +1 to damage trigger on her Ca attack, making it 3/4/5 (which doesn't randomize into combat). I'd also mention Datsue Ba with Kirai, because she's a very common companion. Under McMourning, he doesn't tick his own poison damage when he activates, unless he's also near Sebastian - the ability reads 'Other models within 8."' I'd also mention Rafkin under McMourning, who has a 6" aura where everyone Poisoned takes +1 Damage from Attack actions, can 1AP charge anything Poisoned, and has a 0 action extra attack against Poisoned things. With My Little Helper, that can be 5 attacks against a Poisoned enemy, 3 with 3/4/6 and 2 with 2/4/6 damage tracks. Under Yan Lo, you should mention that the Carrion Emissary gains fast whenever a model attaches an upgrade - Fast Emissary is scary. Good summary, thanks!
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