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  1. Mårten

    Beta Invites Live

  2. Mårten

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Will I be able to use my Carrion Emissary for all masters?
  3. Yeah I realy need to use my Rotten Belles better. The Dead Doxies need to wait for now, but I will get Asura Rotten
  4. Mårten

    Reva Tactics and Samples

    I wrote the masters meaning the whole box. Sorry for the confusion
  5. Mårten

    Reva Tactics and Samples

    Just WOW. Really appreciate this. So, I will have to go through this a couple of times. I'm gonna be honest, I don't fully understand it all. When it comes to faction, for now I'm locked in. I simply can't switch for because of the cost. Usually I just go for what I believe to be the "best", but in this case I didn't think I would actually start playing competitively so I choose the faction I liked the most. I will go over this post again with fresh eyes next week and see if I can make out the whole Ht thing Again, thanks.
  6. Mårten

    Reva Tactics and Samples

    First off (of?), thank you for this. As a fairly new player (only have 5-6 games) who is heavily invested into Ressers and looking to play Reva this is pure gold. I have asked here, but I always want more input. Looking for what to purchase to make Reva as competitive as possible. Here is what I own: Reva McMourning Seamus Nicodem Flesh Construct 3 Canine Remains Carrion Effigy 5 Mindless Zombies Carrion Emissary Rafkin What I'm thinking in terms of buying: Asura Rotten (seems to be a simple YES. Seems almost a bit OP?) Yin (fallen out of favor? seems quite good still?) Datsue-Bae (quite expensive, so if I can run something that I already have would be great) Bete-Noir (also fallen out of favor?) I'm still trying to learn how to build lists. So far what I have done is do some reasearch to see sample lists, what works together and maybe just switch out a model if I dont have it. It seems from your post Sybelle with Rotten Belles is good so that is what I will try when go pick up my painted Reva crew.So your Sample crew but with Sybelle instead of Datsue-ae. Thanks in advance
  7. I should have been more precis. I'm planning to focus on Reva and to some extent McM.
  8. We don't know where Nico will end up, but he is worse after the nerf. I understand that you can't make a black and white, this is the truth list, but how you would sort Ressers in terms of tiers? Tier 1 Reva? Kirai? Tier 2 McM? Nico? Tier 3 Seamus? I own Seamus, Nico, Reva and McM. Wanna know what I should focus own to learn and also what to boy. Plan is to start playing a league this autumn so want some kind of plan. Asura Rotten seems to be a must buy. Anna Lovelace is nice? P&N? Yin? I wanna keep my buys down but still get the best I need? My plan is to focus on Reva and McM. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IjtbEh3YvTSC3eoscJAOMvBrQyiqs3gagOLG6j5iErM/edit?usp=sharing
  9. It was more a comment on master boxes lol. Anything useful for nicodem from Seamus box?
  10. Didn't really think this through. Need a whole master box to get Philip and the Nanny. Already bought Nico, Seamus, Reva and McMourning
  11. I didn't fully understand. Maniacal Laugh and Undertaker mandatory? Did I miss something? I can't follow, its too fast. Would it be a huge ask for a list of all the things he goes through, upgrades? Anyone have them by heart? Would love a basic list to work from.
  12. Mårten

    Advice on next buy

    I made a 3rd sheet, List of Products. Would anyone be willing to help me complete it? Seems it's missing things?
  13. Mårten

    McMourning and Co. Tactica

    8 soulstones? As Guild?
  14. Mårten

    McMourning and Co. Tactica

    So you need to put 10 poison on it for it to work?
  15. Mårten

    McMourning and Co. Tactica

    Please note, I have only played 3-4 games, dont have the card in front of me. Trick number 1 - I only use this if no other option is possible but if your opponent has no way to remove the poison condition then Expunge is a great way to kill Hard to Kill models (that have 10 or less wounds). If you put at least poison n (n= targets number of wounds +1) on them then they are as good as dead. - This trick assumes there is no healing or condition removal which is why I only use it as a last resort. Doesn't expunge always spend ALL poison?