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  1. ChrisB76

    [Germany] Open Demos in Düsseldorf

    Still here...
  2. ChrisB76

    The Dragon King (Kingdom Death: Monster)

    Very good brushwork! How did you do the lava?
  3. ChrisB76

    Seamus toys

    Thank you, you two! Hanged are indeed the Horror for Seamus I am the only Rezzer player in our meta so sometimes I forget that these guys can show up on the other side of the table. And more WP duels is always good.
  4. ChrisB76

    Seamus toys

    Why is Chiaki especially important in a seamus crew? I like her in general, just wonderin why she is a must for tournaments with seamus in your view.
  5. ChrisB76

    [Germany] Open Demos in Düsseldorf

    And there will be demos in February too
  6. ChrisB76

    M2E Scheme Cards - Print & Play

    @crikeymiles I would love to make the GG18 Cards with your template @gribble Did you get any feedback? I don't think there is any reason against releasing your own design if the cards
  7. ChrisB76

    Alt Lazarus Arrives!

    Thank you kai, top notch support
  8. ChrisB76

    Alt Lazarus Arrives!

    I did check that box. Will try again tonight.
  9. ChrisB76

    Alt Lazarus Arrives!

    Wohooo, soooo good I checked the Send Confirmation box and didn't receive any email. Should I try it again @Kai?
  10. ChrisB76

    M2E Scheme Cards - Print & Play

    Can we hope for a 2018 Version? We really like to play with your cards
  11. Hey Weirdos, The 3rd round of our tournament series lies ahead. On the 14th of April 'Cheat Fate or Die III' will be held in the new Drachental shop: Drachental Games & Magic Wagnerstr. 14 40211 Düsseldorf We will start at 10:00. More infos: http://forum.drachental.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=478 Cheers, Chris
  12. Thanks mate! I will check it out. A full car of Malifaux-Player? Sweet The tournament will be on the 14th of April. So save the date https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?tid=20960 Cheers
  13. Sounds like a great event! Can you send me the YouTube Chanel of that Gremlin Player? We will have a Tournament in Düsseldorf in April, would love to meet some new Malifaux Players
  14. Hey Wyrdos, We will start a Achievement League at the Drachental Games & Magic. When: 31.01.2018 - 30.05.2018 Where: Drachental Games & Magic Wagnerstr. 14, 40212 Düsseldorf League Day is Wednesday from 5 pm More infos: http://forum.drachental.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=473&p=2274#p2274 Cheers, Chris
  15. ChrisB76

    [Germany] Open Demos in Düsseldorf

    Happy new year to all of you. If you want a Malifaux demo, just come by and enjoy the atmosphere of the new Drachental gaming room Cheers, Chris