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  1. After the most recent update, this is fixed for me. Nice!
  2. Was the cause for this ever figured out? I've tried clearing my cache and storage and I'm still getting the pre-errata card fronts with current card backs.
  3. The players in the batrep are holding over the old version of concealed from 2e.
  4. What's everyone's thoughts on Sly? Debating if he's "must have" or just kind of nice.
  5. That IS updated. 2e didn't have the standardized list of conditions that 3e does (or at least not as long of one). Not saying that explains why distracted isn't there, but the reason isn't because they haven't updated yet
  6. Sounds like a great feature for McMourning 2. Make them gas out poison and/or damage
  7. Would Reva have to be in an Exclusive interview aura for this to go this way? The Journalist triggers are all "target must take an interact action" with no mention of the change of control required to ruin everything.
  8. Honest question. Have you played a bunch of games with him to arrive there? My (limited) experience with Nico was that he was an OKish master saddled with a DEEPLY mediocre keyword. I'd love to be wrong on this, but I've literally never heard of anyone running any DMH master other than Collodi, and even then it was as a second (he's bonkers as a second master though).
  9. The ability to summon any puppet is a flavor win, but they JUST forced them all into larger boxes. That's going to hurt dropping all that money for a mountain of emissaries, coryphee, etc that can't be used. Hopefully there's a repack?
  10. True. My local Malifaux scene has a lot of crossover and we'd already sorted of portioned out a starter box or two. I guess I'm rooting for one more person to start playing.
  11. Annoying. This is what I get for running earth side allegiances but also Ressers I guess.
  12. I know Sonia and Kirai are going to have Malifaux rules, do we know if the others will also?
  13. The upshot to the title system over the old upgrade system is it can make MUCH larger changes than the old upgrade system ever could, so balancing the two is easier. Case in point, the new Kirai is pretty substantially different as a summoner compared to her older iteration. That wouldn't have been possible in the old upgrade system without every upgrade coming with a big line of text about "ignore whatever ability" It will be on Wyrd to make it actually happen, but for now I'll remain cautiously optimistic.
  14. Clement

    Bayou Errata

    Is there some big consequence to Somer no longer discarding cards, but rather the model taking the action? It seems like such a specific change and I can't figure out what it functionally changes.
  15. Remember Guilty have the rule Guilty as Charged where friendly Tormented models can treat them as enemies for actions, abilities, and triggers. That should get you the ability to use the trigger. Still takes two tomes though.
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