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  1. Remember Guilty have the rule Guilty as Charged where friendly Tormented models can treat them as enemies for actions, abilities, and triggers. That should get you the ability to use the trigger. Still takes two tomes though.
  2. I think it works, it's going to take some extra work to make it really shine though. (2 tomes to get the triggers on the Dead Outlaw, someone to drag the prospector forward so it can spend its turn interacting) Nice find.
  3. Taking on to this, how many war pigs is "enough"? Are you all routinely getting all 3 out? Or would 2 suffice...
  4. I get the argument for being forced to discard the card so that you can declare the trigger. What's the argument the other way though?
  5. Ran into this over the weekend and couldn't find a good answer in the text. What is the specific timing on red joker suit declaration? This is actually relevant because of the Transmortis ability Studied Opponent. In an opposed duel does the joker flipping model get to see the opponents flip before declaring their suit? Or do they have to declare it "blind". Does it matter if they're the active model or not?
  6. I feel like this awkward moment was the reason GG for a few years required the cutting of decks. It's still a required step to offer the cut every time you shuffle, no matter what. If your opponent pulls a power play like "Nah, let's not do that.", you are WELL within your rights to insist. If they respond with "What? You don't trust me?" I think I'd come back with "How else can I make sure that all your garbage cards are on top?"
  7. kind of an issue with the web version (and I use the term "issue" strongly, it works fine it's just weird). In the app I can sort by cost/etc. but not in the web version. Is that a deliberate difference? It's a handy feature in the app and I miss it dearly when I'm stuck on the web tool.
  8. In the "rim-to-center" and "rim-to-rim" scenarios, they just wouldn't go anywhere. There's no direction that can get them closer because they are already 0" away.
  9. Clement

    Fae T-Rex

    My question is if it's going to be on a 50mm base or is this something "bigger". At one point they had been toying with an 80mm "dragon" Shen Long back when they were testing avatars in 2E. Maybe they'll revisit that base size? Edit: according to the one shot (thanks @Kyle) it's 30 ft long from nose to tail and 13 feet tall at the hips. I hope this model is MASSIVE.
  10. It's for TOS mainly, so I'd be shocked if there's new Malifaux models in there. There's hopefully going to be a bunch of "counts as" type substitutions beyond Kirai/Sonnia, but nothing confirmed that I know of. We've seen some stuff, Gatling Gunners, Guild Mages, Gwisin, and other stuff is assumed (it would be weird to not see the Ikiryo).
  11. Correct. You select as many or as few models as you want, then discard ALL the tokens from those models. So you could remove all the Jorogumo tokens and none of the katashiro, but you could NOT remove all the Katashiro and only 1 Jorogumo token.
  12. I ended up turning the 2 zombies that come with Asura into extra zombies.
  13. Looking at the new Fields of Glory document, and I *think* I understand what it's saying, but this is a new definition for a Wyrd game so I wanted to confirm. From Slaughter Fields: During Scouting, divide the table into four equal quarters (divided by the centerline and an opposite line intersecting at the center of the table). Does that mean that when playing a setup with a diagonal centerline that the "table quarters" are triangles?
  14. Wong vs. Pigapult. They have similar but different wording. Do they actually work the same way? Which way is that? Are start of activation effects triggered at *any* point during a model's start activation phase? Or does the triggering event happen once, then everything resolves in whatever order (see Vogel vs Beast swapping back and forth) Crooligan start of activation timing is confusing. This sort of builds off the "what is an effect" question, but if it could be spelled out if the marker is removed before or after the place, it would help a lot.
  15. I think I'm just dense, but I'm not sure I get what you're saying. Spelling it out to make sure because this is bugging me. Under the "traditional" understanding of how cards leave the conflict, the attack duel card leaves the conflict when the duel is completed, but BEFORE the effects of the duel are applied (so step C.2.d.VI of detailed timing). Those effects include the damage flip. So after the first action, the discard pile has the attack flip card below the damage flip card. Under this "new" understanding of how cards leave the conflict, the attack duel card leaves the con
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