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  1. Clement

    Endless Numbers: Squads syntax

    I think the wording is as convoluted as it is so that you cannot summon multiple copies of whatever squad died last turn. Here's another wrinkle: the first section indicates that you can only use this ability once per turn, but the last section seems to indicate maybe multiple squads can come back the same turn? Or is that last section some kind of awkward future proofing to allow this ability to be used over multiple turns.
  2. Clement

    Survival of the Fittest: Cannibalism

    It's worth noting that Survival of the Fittest isn't an action, so the limitations on action targeting don't really apply. Based on what we've got then, your fireteam can eat itself no problem.
  3. Clement

    Hazardous without a number

    I think that's what we're going to have to do baring intervention from Wyrd. Unless some has the old beta files and can fill in what it used to be? It should be Erratad. Either to add a strength (even if 0), or to explain the default strength is 0.
  4. Clement

    Endless Numbers: Squads syntax

    At the same time, there actually is a definition of killing a squad. It's when the last fireteam is killed. So your squad can go from round to round while wounded, and only actually be killed when the last fireteam is removed. Next turn, they can come back due to endless numbers
  5. The Chemical Foggers asset from Abyssinia has a trigger that generates hazardous terrain with no number value. Is there a default value to reference? I can't find one.
  6. Clement

    Pitched Assault clarification

    Eh, 2 was pretty simple to consistently score (kill a fireteam near a marker) and we managed to score 4 once (kill a commander near a marker. That meets the requirements for fireteam+unit+commander+near marker all in one go.) That last "Each company may score once in this way each turn" is the part that makes me really unsure about how many points you can wring from this per turn. If the meaning of this was that each of the 4 events scored independently, then that last line seems really unnecessary (the "first time each turn" part would surely handle that part of the logic).
  7. I think we got this right, but I wanted to be sure... The main method of scoring pitched assault is by killing stuff. The *first* time each turn you kill an enemy fireteam, that is the one moment that you get to score for killing things. Depending on how awesome that thing was that you killed, you earn a variable number of points (killed a single fireteam in the middle of nowhere, 1 point. Killed an enemy commander within 6 inches of an objective marker, 4 points). Either way, once you've had that scoring "event", you can't get another event that turn for meeting another condition. So I kill an enemy striped skulker fireteam and score a VP for it (killing a fireteam). Later that turn I kill the REST of the squad, one of whom was within 6 of an objective. I do not get 2 more VP (for killing a unit and killing a fireteam near an objective). Right?
  8. Clement


    While the wording could likely use some cleaning up/FAQing... it's got to be beyond the initial 2, otherwise The Broken make no sense. They have Reserves 2. If Reserves work the way you describe, there'd be no reason to write that, everyone reinforces 2 when they reinforce.
  9. Clement

    ToS and Heat

    I would likely add to that the combined arms titans for Abyssinia. I'm not totally sure on the Steel Legion one, but the Mechanized Infantry one has a bunch of weight up top and one of the leg sections of the model is pretty thin. At room temperature, I had one behave perfectly, but the other I ended up add a support rod to because it kept "settling" over a few hours. I can't imagine they'd do better when heated up.
  10. Clement

    Assembling your Alpha Crawler

    Why not use putty to fill in the foot gaps? Creat little pads to mount the feet in, they should give you plenty of contact. If you do them right, they should pretty much disappear when you base. They should also give you some thickness to mount a pin in if you are so inclined.
  11. That sequence seems perfectly valid to me based on what we've got right now. Honestly I expect if a fight were to break out over that sequence, it would be whether Charles Edmonton or squad X gets to flip to glory (or both!).
  12. In the section you skipped @solkan, there's some insight as to which way it's supposed to work. That would indicate that we're dealing with the first scenario, where the enemy fire team is actually taking the action, and it automatically hits. The wording could be cleaner, but I think it still holds. Otherwise we're suggesting that disengaging from one fireteam works fundamentally differently from disengaging from multiple fireteams... and I really hope that's not the case.
  13. Clement

    ToS and Heat

    Jebus, was it full of water? Where do you live, the Sun?
  14. Clement

    The Other Side - My TOS experience (so far)

    Thinking back on it, I may have inferred it from internet ramblings. You're very likely right about it being 1 per box. There are still 3 in ours on purpose though.
  15. Clement

    The Other Side - My TOS experience (so far)

    I think when adjuncts go to retail, they're going to be 2 to a box. In our case though we're getting "KS version" which deliberately comes 3 to a box. There's another thread warning to wash your models before priming, though normally I don't. If it's as bad as you say though, I'll definitely take the time. Thanks for the heads up