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  1. Yes, assuming the trigger is from that action that moved them in there. So for example Zipp hits something with the Zipp Zapper and gets the convulsions trigger. the Zapper moves them 1", then the trigger moves them 3", then maybe 3" more (if they choose not to discard). The first move "triggers" the hazardous terrain, causing the victim to take the damage at the end of the action. The other two moves don't "trigger" anything because Hazardous is a "maximum of once per action".
  2. Hope so, especially on this one. My LGS isn't really "LGS Promotion compatible" (their Point of Sale system is ancient), and this is the only way to get 2 unique Spit Hogs.
  3. Clement


    This looks like a job for the internet wayback machine! https://web.archive.org/web/20180128183406/https://www.wyrd-games.net/homefront/
  4. Clement


    If you're running him in Tricksy, he can bring the pit trap game up to 11 if you can get him a source of scrap. Since the scrapyard mines make scrap work just like a pit trap, but not BE a pit trap, they stack with pit traps.
  5. when a condition is "canceled", it is immediately removed. (pdf pg 29) So when Sloth casts Rigor Mortis on the Slow model, giving it fast, the fast and slow both fall off. Then if he casts Rigor Mortis again, the model is now fast.
  6. Rabble Risers really depend on what schemes/strats you're dealing with. If you have to hold a zone and do some fighting, they'll work well for you. They don't "scheme" very well, since they're kind of slow (at least compared to Molly's other minion options). As someone just starting out, they'll be OK. Manos is fun to have around not because of what he brings to Molly, but what he brings to Archie. If Manos dies and Archie gets his reliquary, your opponent can pretty much forget killing Archie for the rest of the game. Molly can be a bit tricky to field for maximum effect, especially in the face of Lady Justice who is REALLY straight forward. The good news is that Lethe's caress will slow down Lady Justice's murder spree (it will not stop it though). I'd suggest a podcast on Molly to get some basics. The one linked below goes VERY deep into his VERY specific crew composition, which is kind of beyond where you look to be right now, but tactically it offers a lot of help.
  7. Is there something to be afraid of Z getting her mitts on it beyond "it hits very much hard"? I guess having it Hurl corpses at the grave digger (and get the clinging dead trigger) would really suck for the grave digger.
  8. It would be helpful to know what OS/Phone you're using. At least on Pixel running Android 10 and build 1.0.6 of the builder, I'm not seeing what you're seeing.
  9. By this parsing (where a "bury effect" is literally just the bury part of whatever ability), Grave Golem and Killjoy are effectively immortal, right? Because no amount of additional damage done to them while buried can get past their "Immortal Soil" demise ability (short of ignoring demise abilities or some sort of execute trigger that works on buried things).
  10. We've been interpreting "without any" as "with none", so models can hang over a side and continue. The keeps it consistent with the mechanics of the climbing rules also. Otherwise you can get strange interactions with large bases trying to maneuver around walls/climbing.
  11. Storyline-wise, all the avatar stuff came to an end with the creation of the emissaries I think. Rules-wise. In 2nd ed, the hodgepodge emissary when taken with Levi let you back door in the all riders list (Ironically sacrificing the avatar levi model to make the 4th horseman, so he STILL didn't get to ride with them). With the Horseman all sharing the Horseman keyword there's technically a glimmer of hope that a future Levi version has that keyword and brings them all together, but that's strictly speculation for now.
  12. The replace rules specifically say the new model becomes the target of any effects that targeted or chose the original model such as Schemes, Leader designation, or lasting game effects. The new model is always considered a legal target for those effects. Because it always has to be a legal target of the effect, it has to be able to give up points/bombs etc. when it dies. I know this got kicked around back on the beta forums, but we can't get there now sadly.
  13. 1) Correct, she's not a henchman after she transforms by the replace rules. Of note though, by those same replace rules she IS still a leader. So she might be worth 3 points if the beast dies. 2) Correct also, for the reason you stated. 3) Yes* Note that schemes like vendetta do not suddenly become invalid once you change over though, you are still the vendetta target because replace specifically says you are always a legal target of that effect.
  14. I feel like the bulk tracking of poison here and any other mass condition crew (kaeris and burning) really highlights the way conditions are tracked. If I had to update dice on 9 models, I think I might cry. Card marks or the app though? No big deal (very grateful the app can have a condition at 0).
  15. Technically the stat is just 5 and the and are fate modifiers that are always added to the duel total. It really only comes up with abilities like Ophelia's Flinch that compares which stat is larger between attacker and defender. If you build the into it, you now have to unpack the the question of which is larger, 5 or 5.
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