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  1. We've got a debate going locally about Blood in the Water, the ability of the frenzy that says: Blood in the Water: After a Fireteam in this Squad resolves a Action, it may discard a Reinforcement Token to take the Action again. The question was if an attack is generated by this ability, is that extra generated attack subject to the limitations on extra attacks? Reference: Some Actions (or their Triggers) are capable of generating additional Actions. If a Fireteam is unable to take an additional Action (perhaps because there are no targets within range), the additional Action is ignored. As a further restriction, additional Actions cannot create additional Actions of their own. If they would do so, any subsequent additional Actions are ignored. The question is if the clause on additional Actions not making additional Actions is tied to the part about triggers and actions, or if it's just any additional action at all.
  2. The "One Commander" garrison containing 2 commanders is very confusing to a quick read. Good to know it will only be 2-3 Rhinos I guess...
  3. Isn't there a cap on Rhinos in tournament play to 1 per commander? Or does Cult have ways of making/summoning more Rhinos... I don't know Cult at all. Not trying to detract from the overall point, just terrified of visions of a field of Rhinos coming across the table at me.
  4. You should see dig their graves into anything with Walking Forge. It's even more trivial.
  5. Big billboards. Totally get in the way but only of tall things I could also see things like "blocking[high] Concealing [low]"
  6. Focused effort can give you an inspired token for +2 AV on a duel. That neatly cancels out the -2 AV for shooting at something in cover. Elevated terrain is VERY good for ranged units in general, improving their LOS by seeing over other non-Titans. It also provides some protection for when/if melee squads come to fight.
  7. Eh, the LoS thing is certainly an issue, but it should be spending every turn Focusing Effort to mitigate the cover it's likely shooting through given it's impressive range. That puts it on an even flip or maybe up 2 if you can actually get a clean shot. Getting access to a convenient hill or raised platform of some kind will also help him a lot with the whole LoS problem. If you need it to actually MOVE somewhere, likely a lot of things have already gone wrong. He's REALLY slow.
  8. The whole forest is a single "Object" as far as Line of Site rules work (assuming you didn't break it up into smaller forests or something). Since your squad is within 2" of the forest (being inside of it) it would be ignored for determining cover. So Model B would not get cover from Model A.
  9. I'm not sure the logic holds... without instead of, you'd get to take a AND a action on the rush order. "Instead of" stops KE squads from attacking twice at the end of the rush. I think the reword you mention could have been done more easily with just "King’s Empire Squads in this Company that receive the Rush Order may discard a card to let every Fireteam in the unit may perform a Action instead of a Action." Here's hoping we get this on an FAQ. Maybe more often then every 6 months? It's a new game and all, it's bound to need more attention.
  10. "non-competitive Sandeep".... ??? I don't get it. Pretty sure he could pick his crew with darts and he'd still turn out a pretty workable list.
  11. Really wish we'd gotten some clarification on if there's a mechanical difference between "squad takes an action'" and "fireteam that's part of a squad takes an action". Maybe on the next one.
  12. eh. Bayou Gremlins are insignificant, have objectively bad stats, and need to work as a group to be even moderately successful at doing anything other then occupying a 30mm base. In a world where massively out-activating your opponent isn't as strong as it used to be, I'm not that worried.
  13. This. Since they're the only squad based commander, they get to combine the extra actions and durability of a squad with the strength and durability of a commander. They're an AMAZING piece of supporting your army and getting things done. Stormsiren is great and all, but she just can't keep up with The Frenzy, honestly I don't think anyone can. Maybe Margaret Belle, but that's only because she's so good at using your own actions against you.
  14. No. Terrain marked as Hazardous (2) [low] would only affect non-titan fireteams. That's the point of the [low] designation. If the terrain was just Hazardous (2), then it would affect everyone. From the terrain section of the rules: So looking at the example terrain traits, Dangerous Flora (Hazardous (0) [Low],Difficult [Low], Concealing [Low]) has literally no effect on Titan Fireteams, they just ignore it. A Minefield on the other hand (Hazardous (3)) would absolutely affect Titans (and non titans for that matter) because it lacks the [low] or [high] designations.
  15. She still has the Ancestor keyword though. So Yan Lo can hire her if he's Reser or 10T, but she can't show up in 10T lists without him.
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