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  1. Clement

    Backdraft box models

    I'd expect them to show up in the next released book. We had the same deal with university of transmortis and sort of the 2 player box (transmortis was came MUCH earlier before they showed up in a book, while the 2 player box beat the book by like a month maybe)
  2. Clement

    Old Models

    It might be helpful for you to go the appropriate faction forum with a list of your old models, since there are a few models that got renamed on the move to m2e (Steamborg Executioner is now called Howard Langston for example). Whatever forum would also likely make suggestions about whatever upgrades you might want/need.
  3. Clement

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    You would use the blast to arc healing onto a second model. So Nicodem's turn could be Summon+Summon+Heal both from the brink. I'd agree getting 2 damage onto an enemy model is gravy.
  4. I'd actually go against Yin in a Reva crew. While Yin can set up a beautiful spike when she lands her debuff, I often find Reva doesn't really need the help. Yin isn't bad per se in the crew, just that eventually you may find the stones better spent elsewhere. Models I *would* recommend wholeheartedly though are Rotten Belles and a Dead Doxy or two. Most opponents will try to stay well clear of Reva's corpse field, and these two models are great for forcing your opponent into them. Dead Doxy has the added bonus of giving the same terminal debuff as Yin on the right suit also, though it's not something I'd think you'd need to focus on.
  5. Clement

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    I was going to make a crack about Yin being a singularly terrible choice due to mass of viscera putting Nico on flips, but then I reread it and saw it was enemy only. Her stock in a Nico crew just went up a bit. Pity Nico crews don't generally get a lot of use out of her WP trickery though. Either way, good catch that. Hayreddin I think is a much more "dangerous" choice. I won't say "bad" because it's possible to play around it, but I'd be VERY nervous putting him near "castle Nicodem" since messing up his positioning will likely mean the death of everything you love.
  6. Clement

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    With respect, trying to get to a straight flip off decay when going off enemy defense is likely almost exactly as bad. What this boils down to is "flipping at least a 4 or 5 on the defense will stop blasts from happening". You could focus to ensure the straight flip, but at that point it gets rather technical as to if Focus + Decay enemy vs Decay ally + Decay enemy makes more sense. Spending a master AP to land 2 damage and do nothing else to an enemy isn't very productive. Other summoners and support focused masters usually trigger some other effect (Adversary, armor ignoring, slow) and often are ca 7 to boot. Nico's turns, in my experience, tend to skip directly interacting with the enemy in favor of supporting his own squad. I'm always open to new ideas though. If there's someone out there who gets great millage out of "Nico the blaster" I'd love to see the crews they're doing it with. I'm not enough of a statistics guy to know the details, but it would certainly help I suppose. The real problem here is that the ability to flip let's say "3 or worse" on a flip is basically an identical question to flipping "11 or better" on a flip.
  7. Clement

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    Trying to game decay to get blasts out of it is obnoxiously card intensive in a resser crew. You will typically need to cheat up the attack, down the defense, and then finally the actual damage flip. The hand requirements this creates are very strange. I did some math and got the following info. To get blasts out of it, you have to flip at least an 8 as well as beat the Df flip by... 2: Mindless Zombie 4: Ashigaru, Crooked Men, The Hanged, KillJoy, Izamu 5: Yin the Penangalan 6: Crooligan, Drowned, Ht 1-2 Draugr 8: Bone Pile, Flesh Construct 9: Guild Autopsy, Little Gasser, Rotten Belle, All the Students, Kentauroi 10: Canine Remains, Necropunk, Doxy, Punk Zombie, Shikome 11: Ht 3 Draugr As you can see here, the card differential between Nico and his target spikes up pretty hard as soon as hard to wound comes into the picture, with punk zombies and rotten belles (up till now common fodder for generalist Nico crews) being among the most difficult to make work. This ends up in situations where my low cards are 4s and 5s and I literally can't get a belles defense *low enough* that I can get to a straight flip (4 needs a 13 to beat it, 5 needs RJ). It's very frustrating that an ability that's such a thematic element of the resser faction (hard to wound) makes this ability so hard to use. It would be like an arcanist model that could heal constructs, but reduced that healing based on armor. edit: Updated with @Deathinabox's info. It's likely one of Nico's best uses for mindless zombies now, especially if he goes full summoner.
  8. Clement

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    Landing blasts off of decay is really frustrating since so many of his summons tends to be hard to wound. I'm pondering what ends up making the best target for decay if your goal is blasts, and I think Ashigaru might suddenly become one of Nico's best summons defensively. I'm still trying to feel him out in generalist* crews to see if it's still viable and even on one target, decay being CA 6: TN 14 hurts. It would feel a lot better if it either went up to cast 7 (dare to dream) or the TN came down a point or two (more plausible). *Running him with "the full support boat" is going to have enough cards that he'd be fine obviously.
  9. Clement

    GG18 Official Master Tier List

    Nico sort of runs on a continuum from "full summoner" to "full support". The "Full summoner" lists are the ones that bring the 40ss worth of support (Asura, Phillip, Mortimer, Sebastian, etc.) and then summon everything you need to win. They'll take a hit in productivity, but will likely be fine. "Full Support" Nicodem (a big beater or two, some belles, tends to have Necrotic King) lost 2 wounds and generally soldiers on. He was likely only summoning maybe a model or two per game anyway. What I worry about are the "middle path" strategies. They likely didn't bring the full boat that Full Summoner did, but still had plans on summoning a model a turn maybe and support the existing stuff. I think this nerf is going to do real harm to his camp and basically force people all the way one or the other. It will take a few games with him to really feel it out. I wonder if maybe Gassers and Shadow Embrace could be a viable option for Nico now. He's rather desperate for the healing and there are precious few ways to spread poison to make Shadow Embrace work that won't also kill whatever it's trying to save.
  10. Clement

    July 2018 Errata

    Will Amelia Bathory also be getting a card up on DriveThruRPG?
  11. Clement

    July 2018 Errata

    Nico needs an 8 to make it work or he doesn't hit the TN. Also putting 2 wounds into low df models I'd argue is not as good as the higher Df stuff Ramos has around. Also, that upgrades comes with accomplice on it. Let's not pretend you're buying it for the healing. And make 3 models from a single corpse? Nico would do that any day of the week. It's like they're different styles of support/summon. Ramos throws more and more spiders at you, blowing up the ones he doesn't need. Healing isn't something he does for the stuff he summons.
  12. Clement

    July 2018 Errata

    And yet Dreamer (the other master who summons 1 hp models) does it all day. I'm likely just salty that a marginally competent anything can cleave through literally anything Nico summons if he doesn't sink the extra AP (or corpse and upgrade) into helping it along. If he does sink the extra resources/time into helping them along, now a min damage 3 beater (and there are LOTS of them out there) still cleaves through almost anything* he can put on the table in 1 AP. The reason I always liked summoners was because they are generally really good at attrition style fighting. Ressers, as a faction, also favor attrition style fighting. Now I'm having trouble visualizing how Nico can hang with the attrition crowd at all while still using his summoning skills. Now he needs to alpha something *HARD* because his "zombie horde" is going to fold to anything with Ml 5, or god help you, blasts. *Yes yes, I too can name 4 models he can summon that hypothetically don't die to 3 damage. He can summon 20 models at the moment, the goal is to broaden the summoning pool, not tighten it.
  13. Clement

    July 2018 Errata

    Healing his own crew would feel so much more productive if he didn't have to constantly fight against their hard to wound... Just healing more then one model takes me 3 cards normally. (cheat high for attack, cheat REALLY LOW for defense, and finally for damage).
  14. Clement

    New to the game! Seeking advice

    They're coming from opposite ends. The whiskey golem has widely been kind of garbage since it's release. Since then it's gained a nice upgrade and gone down a stone, so it's pretty good. On the other end, Burt was *amazing* and he's had a price increase in the last errata. He's not *as* good as he used to be, but he's still pretty good. If/when you run Whiskey Golem, the thing you'll notice first is his tiny t-rex arms... On the other end, when you run Burt the first few times, your first realization is that his lucky knife is super murdery.
  15. Clement

    What to get with Nicodem?

    Izamu makes a really good basic beater for Nicodem if you opt to not go summoning heavy. Killjoy in theory does it better, but you'd BETTER bring a dead doxy and maybe something else to help position him so he doesn't about face into your crew and tear them in half.