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  1. I hope the answer is yes, having said that I don't expect new art for the older stuff, and I'm not entirely sure every Miss model actually even HAD art... (Miss Demeanor specifically actually). It hopefully could be enough for just a digital print that combines the old concept art (assuming it exists) with the new card style. Print on demand would be even better.
  2. It's kind of a dated comment, but this thread is active again already so it's not my fault Based off the information we have, the faction decks DO come with relevant upgrades. My guess on the reason for the general upgrade deck is that it will remain in production hopefully forever, while the faction decks are only temporary for those of us coming from a prior version. So existing players need faction decks, new players buy the general upgrade deck.
  3. The title rules specifically cover for untitled, and how it's different from any other. Once they start happening though, I'll be curious how the community starts short-handing them. Say we get "Seamus, A.K.A Sebastian Baker". Will we call them "pSeamus" (Prime Seamus) and "AKASeamus"? I just hope we don't wuss out and start calling them 1,2, etc.
  4. @Wintergloom sweet! Thanks for that. As I recall they'd talked about putting individual cards up on a card printing site like wargamevault or drivethrurpg. That should cover the outcast stuff you'd rather not buy a full deck of. Hopefully the full card line goes free to print online day 1, so you can likely "fake it" with print outs while you wait for drivethru to get everything posted. In a perfect world all of that hits online simultaneously. Link to that post.
  5. Are card lists actually available somewhere? I haven't seen them and I've been looking...
  6. I get a lot of great mileage out of it when playing against my local gibbering hordes player. He tends to summon egg clutches in the back field to eat for glory, and will try wait out the flare gun squads' activations so that he can do so safely. Overclocked gives a free out of activation shot to pop an egg clutch with relative ease.
  7. Check the damage timing chart on pg 34 of the pdf. It's got you covered. "Effects that happen after damage" happen at step 5, death happens at step 6. So Bloated Stench will resolve.
  8. Just to make sure there's nothing I'm forgetting, if the Steel Legion gets a Flare Gun, the Cutter is allowed to the be fireteam to fire the flare if it wants to, right? It's "A Fireteam in this unit" so meets all the qualifications for taking the versatile action?
  9. Huh.... using that language, there's also Bandersnatch, but that's it. Not saying there aren't other phrasings though.
  10. neat find. Though looking through cards, I'm not seeing "push into base contact" crop up anywhere. Is it possible that that terminology has been removed completely in favor of "push X inches towards whatever" which gets us right back into straight lines on shortest paths? For example, the Bowled Over trigger states, That's still going to move by the old "directly towards" logic and stop when it contacts another model or impassible thing.
  11. My opponent just fielded 2 titans on me (double king's hand) for the first time, and I've discovered I'm kind of scratching my head on how to deal with them. We don't have Grenadier's quality titan hunting abilities, or Frenzies incredible volume of quality attacks (the two ways my dreadnaughts die). What am I missing? When there's only one, I try to ignore it and go about my business, but with 2 of them stomping around my lines I feel like I have to do SOMETHING about them. Though while I'm desperately wailing away, Kassa seems to be drawing ALL of the cards and politely fixing all the damage I'm doing.
  12. I know! I fought against that a lot on my old gremlin models when I decided their rims needed to be brown instead of black.... had I known I could have stopped early and they'd look sorta camo, I could have saved a lot of grief and paint.
  13. Really nice alternate scheme! I really like the dappled effect on the rims of the bases. I was just gonna paint em black and be done with it, but now you have me thinking...
  14. Hopefully right around the same time? And it's all being bundled with the TOS app stuff. That was supposed to launch with an app and we're still waiting for it.
  15. Some of these are relabeled old models. Rabble Riser - Old Punk Zombie Restless Spirit - Old Graveyard Spirit Francis Kitchener - Old Lost Love
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