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  1. Clement

    Should I wait for 3e?

    It's also worth noting that we already know what stuff 3E Jacob Lynch "likes" to have around, and the upshot is that it's most of the stuff he likes right now. What that means is that if you want to get into Malifaux and love Jacob Lynch for his models, you're likely free and clear for the time being so long as you start with stuff that's off this list. Jakob Lynch - in the starter box Hungering Darkness - in the starter box Illuminated - in the starter box Gwyneth Maddox Mr. Graves Mr. Tannen Beckoner Depleted I'm not an expert in Lynch (in either edition) so I can't speak to what he wants to see BEYOND this list, but if what you're looking at getting is strictly the thematic models (the ones above) then you're likely good to go, regardless of edition.
  2. Clement

    Stormsiren lure and Distance

    Measuring distances in this game "is always done from the closest point of the object in question to the closest point of the target." Once you hit 0" away, you can't "get closer" to them. Even if we assume that we're supposed to measure the distance to the actual center of the tide pool (as opposed to just moving directly towards the center). You'd still stop as soon as your front edge hits the center of the tide pool.
  3. Just noticed it seems to be missing, and for some reason we got :ToS-Fast: which I believe is not a thing.
  4. Clement

    Is anyone actually beating Kings Empire?

    Best case scenario, it's going to have to be FAQ'ed. The wording on Thrace vs Endmonton and Brahms is definitely odd. (Thrace has "target squad takes an action" while the other two very explicitly say "one fireteam that's part of a squad takes an action"). At this point thought that's apparently not a relevant distinction and is apparently odd "just because". Personally I think you're right, but at this point you're not going to get much traction on here without official support. For my fellow pedants who may call me out for "unfairly paraphrasing": Thrace: "Target squad with at least one Fireteam in range takes a action." Edmonton: "Target squad gains an Inspired Token. One of its Fireteams may take a action." Brahms: "Target friendly Fireteam that is part of a Squad takes a or :ToS-spell: Action targeting an enemy Fireteam." unrelated: Why no spell emoji?
  5. Clement

    Tournament Rules?

    I think the game was built around 2 commanders as "standard"? As to game length, it's tough to say (I know locally we won't be able to finish a game even remotely close to the recommended timing). Ballparking from Malifaux 2E, it said 60-90 minutes for a 50ss in the manual and tournament time is 120 minutes. Two commander games are estimated at 90-120, so I'd say... 2.5 to 3 hours? That puts it at shorter then 40K, but not a lot shorter then 40K.
  6. Clement

    Models lacking character

    Not sure I agree with it. True, Cult of the burning man has some REALLY flavorful models in it, but I'd have just as hard a time differentiating between Warped, Twisted, and Broken as I might with Speckled Crawlers, Barbed Crawlers, and Yarazi. There's a tension at work in these lines because they have to "look like an army" while still looking distinct. In some cases, things can become challenging (just looking at renders, yarazi look a lot like speckled crawlers with wings) but I think seeing them in person, the Yarazi's wider head, weird horns, and of course wings will help them stand apart a bit more. Abyssinia and King's Empire are struggling a bit more because both of them are just humans, specifically humans representing actual military forces with uniforms and stuff. Abyssinia gets around some of the similarities (Electrocutioners are like heavy crow runners) by using different paint schemes (browns vs. blacks. neither of which is "standard green"). The other squads (Mechanized Infantry, Mehal Sefari, Steel Legion) manage to separate by having really different amounts of armor and/or weapons. (Mechanized are lightly armored, and all carry a short spear, Mehal Sefari are moderately armored and all have coat and tails on their uniforms, Steel Legion are in full body armor). I feel like a big part of the "they all look the same" problem is also attributable to the much larger number of guys. If you took a standard army and only selected 1-2 models from each unit, I think it would start to look a lot more dynamic in your eyes while still being really strongly themed. Like buying a crew and supporting models for a single caster. P.S. Von Schill's crew is also very "samey" as Abyssinia and King's Empire, and for exactly the same reason. They're an actual standing army.
  7. Clement

    Is anyone actually beating Kings Empire?

    Just saw this in your write-up. They can't actually do this, at least not in this way. When you get to take additional actions (thanks to things like versatile), they all have to be taken in immediate succession (orders pg 21, pdf). You could do something 90% like this by having one of the fireteams throw the grenades and then do its ranged attack, then everyone advances in and the other two do their melee though. Commanders and their special bonus moral action get around this because that action is specifically allowed to do it at any time (commanders pg 10, pdf).
  8. Clement

    Is anyone actually beating Kings Empire?

    Sonofa... For some reason I thought the 2 asset limit only applied to commanders, not champions. I've been stiffing Thrace this whole time. So far Lord of Steel had been the least played of my commanders, mostly because I'd felt like the other two commanders offered more useful things. I ran him yesterday and got a few really amazing hits out of him, so I'll definitely give him some more table time. Thanks again for the advice.
  9. Clement

    Timing for speckled crawlers

    Just a quick aside, Thrace can't have the hand-held recording device since she's not an Abyssinia model. She's stuck with generic earth upgrades for now.
  10. Clement

    Is anyone actually beating Kings Empire?

    Which restriction for Fenton? There are fireteams that aren't part of squads and cast actions that don't target enemy fireteams. (I guess action technically, on immolated Rhino)
  11. Clement

    Is anyone actually beating Kings Empire?

    The Commander extra action also specifically states that it is only one free action from this rule, even if the unit consists of multiple fireteams. If your interpretation is correct, that whole additional sentence is unnecessary. Why include it?
  12. Clement

    Is anyone actually beating Kings Empire?

    Not sure Thrace is only a single fireteam. Mostly because if it is, why does Edmonton's "Volley Fire, On My Mark!" have such tortured wording to make clear that only a single fireteam shoots. Fenton Brahms' "Kill them! Kill Them All!" has the same weird 'target fireteam that's part of a squad' wording. It feels hamfisted that Thrace and they work identically, but for some reason Thrace gets away with much different (much shorter) wording. I think that might be currently rolling around the rules forum though.
  13. Clement

    Is anyone actually beating Kings Empire?

    So if you were to hack together a single commander list against the above KE list into Set Traps, what would it look like?
  14. Clement

    Is anyone actually beating Kings Empire?

    Did that. In a faction that has lots of "easy to hit but good armor" I've found that Prince Unathi is the outlier in that he has better defense and worse armor then I'd have expected. He's apparently pretty spry for a big guy. In this case, Charles ignored the champion rule and had a hill in his deployment zone to spend the game on. Charles seem to really have Unathi's number in that Unathi is "harder to hit but sort of fragile" and Charles is "WILDLY Accurate but low power" (8 attack on his gun w/ assistant, or 9 in glory). I'll take elite training into consideration. (I assume you mean expert training).
  15. Clement

    Is anyone actually beating Kings Empire?

    I must have put it just within 3 then sadly. I know we played the push right. I've found that, at least at the 25 stone level, it's kind of hard to get all the assets I I normally want onto Unathi (starter box games are the worst with us only having 1 spare point.) When I started the game I had Discus grenades on the Crow runners and the Flare Gun on the Mechanized Infantry to take advantage of tracer rounds. On I think turn 3 I got Shock Batons onto the Sefari at the start of the turn as they engaged the Motor Scout to beat him to death, but bad flips meant he lived, then got out of melee and gained a reinforcement token on his turn with focused effort, so net effect there was basically nothing. For stratagems I had taken Overclocked, An Honorable Death, Behind Enemy Lines, Defensive Formations, Medic, and... something else. An Honorable Death and Medic were under the assumption that Unathi would die *eventually*, but I didn't realize until he got hit the first time for 2 damage that Recording Device only disabled to prevent 1 damage. I didn't know assets could come with that low a disable value. With all this in mind, if you had to put together a 1 commander list to take on the above KE list (he always runs basically that) what would you suggest? I have everything that came standard in the KS, plus Kassa 2 squads of Mechanized Infantry (long story).