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  1. Unless otherwise stated, yes. It's entirely possible that in some later tournament pack they will release a strategy that calls for 50mm markers, but when that happens it will be specifically labeled as such.
  2. There are some older strategies that used 50mm markers. The ones you found online were likely holdovers from those.
  3. Relish in blood got a wording change. New Wording: I think with that new bit at the end, you have to fully resolve the heal (since it's part of the action and resolves in step e) before you can replace (step f). So this won't work in either scenario.
  4. ... while standing in it. This came up in a game last night and we weren't 100% sure of how to address it. A Ronin was standing in an enemy pit trap (Destructible, Severe, Hazardous) marker, and decided to spend an action removing it. Does it take the damage for the hazardous trait? My guess is "yes" since step 5 of apply results more or less specifically calls out that it would, but I'm unsure of the timing for the destructible part. Relevant rules pieces I can think of: From the "Resolving Actions" section of the rules.
  5. here I was looking for something specific to hazardous terrain, rather then the obvious aura stacking rule... doh! Thanks for the tip
  6. 1. Yes, and charge would damage for the charge action AND for the attack at the end... so 2 damage. 2. Yes... but only in certain circumstances. There are specific rules for treating multiple hazardous terrain markers as a single hazardous terrain piece (so 3 pyre markers work like 1 large one), but I don't see anything regarding Vent Steam auras. Unless someone has a reference, they'd resolve independently. 2 edit: nope nope nope, auras of the same name cannot affect the same model at the same time. So no they wouldn't stack. 3. Absolutely. That would work that way regardless of the hazardous terrains (so running through a pyre marker and a scrapyard mine would also stack)
  7. I can find a rules reference for same hazardous terrain *markers* don't stack... do you have one that would cover Vent Steam auras?
  8. What would "properly tested" look like exactly? They went into the betas, they got tested, they got feedback. I spent quality time working through Nicodem's stuff in DMH during the betas and feel like he got to a pretty good spot overall honestly (even though his zombie keyword is weirdly old school). Games were played, feedback was given, and revisions were made, just like every other master. Dragging it back to my previous point, is there anyone complaining about DMH masters *specifically*, and not "I paired master X with DMH master Y and omg" kind of stuff? Because I'm only seeing those sorts of posts (Collodi + Dreamer, for example). If THAT's the problem we're dealing with here, like half the masters in the game can get pretty degenerate when paired with another master who compliments them well. Banning DMH isn't going to even sort of address that issue. And in a month's time we'll be back here looking to ban some other thing.
  9. can I suggest the special order program and/or the secondary market to you then? It's specifically designed so that you don't have to end up with a bunch of duplicate sculpts of models you already own.
  10. Not disagreeing, but do you have a concrete rules reference? The only one I can think of is in the "This or that" section on pdf page 33, and I worry that someone will pull the "Curse of the Hanged Man isn't a This or that choice, so those rules don't apply". I mean it's *kind of* a This or that choice, since it's a "may", but I'm hoping for a more concrete reference point.
  11. There's a bunch of necropunk art out there now. From memory and/or googling stuff... 1) Original "filler" necropunk art from 2E launch. I'll call him Necro-baby. He's still on the 2e box cover art, tucked into the side. He and his model are a throwback to 1e with it's "pudgy baby necropunk" look. He's relatively unchanged through various editions. 2) Spider punk. This is the guy with the goggles. and all the fiddly mechanical arms sticking up over his crouching form. 3) "Legs". The tall one with the staff and the hood. 4) "Mohawk". This was the odd one. His art showed up on the 2E cards, but I don't remember him having a corresponding model. His best analogue was the necro-baby model, but only really because the other two were spot on matches. Edit: 5) Fat guy? He's *new* art, which I guess links the necropunks thematically around "short body with two big weird crab legs" So 2e box had models 1,2,3 but cards 2,3,4 (1 only if you could chase down the arsenal deck). Now we seem to have moved on to cards 1,4,5 which is still not great. Maybe when we get new models around 4 and 5 it won't seem so bad. And all the while, the necrobaby is easily my least favorite model of the 3 in either edition (1e or 2e)
  12. I see your point, but I'm not sure I agree. To be affected, I'd assume it would fall under the common english usage of "to act upon". It makes me wonder if the "no targeting" clause was just an awkward shorthand for what would inevitably come *after* being targeted. In this case, the strategy marker isn't being acted upon, the actual target model is, so I see it as being allowed. I see what you're saying though. "Choosing" is very clearly not targeting, but targeting isn't allowed, and choosing is mechanically pretty close, so it's ambiguous if choosing *is* allowed. If Gluttony's power worked the other way "move the chosen marker into base contact with the target", then we'd have a clearer example of something you aren't allowed to do. oh well.
  13. To be clear, concealing is trait that affects the attacker, whomever that is. So they will get concealment if they are attacked, and they will ignore concealment if they are attacking.
  14. I was all set to say that "Choose a Marker within 6" and LoS of the target" wouldn't violate anything, except you're not even allowed to target a strategy marker. I'm aware of the fact that the targeting rules make it clear that there's a difference between "target" and "choose": So I would be wary of trying to "choose" one either. So by the logic and quotes you give here, Gluttony is free to "choose" the strategy marker, but then cannot remove it at that part of his ability. The target model pushes into base contact, doesn't remove the marker (because it cannot be affected) and thus takes no damage.
  15. So between Collodi puppetmastering directly, and Zoraida obeying the three changelings to use Collodi's puppetmaster again, and the changelings using it AGAIN under their own power... you're looking at 9 uses of puppetmaster per turn for 31 stones worth of dude.... What do you put on the receiving end of that power? I assume Hinimatsu or maybe a coryphee (because flips are a thing?)
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