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  1. The guiding rule seems to be "the card will be available online for free for download when they actually release the model". Conversely, apparently the app (that's currently in Beta but will hopefully be out soon) has all that info also.
  2. Further building on Retnab's example, if you add a versatile prototype into the mix (like Flare Gun), you could do this: Fireteam 1 shoots Fireteam 2 shoots Fireteam 2 shoots (Adjunct Action) Fireteam 2 shoots (Prototype Action) Fireteam 3 shoots Any of the other fireteams could have taken the prototype action instead of Fireteam 2 also. The only limitation on versatile actions is that they have to be declared at the same time as other actions. This means that in the case of Fireteam 2 above, it could not take it's adjunct action, walk, then take it's regular action and then prototype. Commanders can semi-get around this because their Morale action can specifically be done "at any time" so they have a bit more flexibility. It does mean a titan can't shoot from a versatile action, then rush in and do a melee attack though.
  3. Yes*, if a 30mm base model is standing perfectly on top of a 30mm base scrap marker, anyone can still place into base contact with the marker (and actually also see it for LoS based abilities). *Technically, you can offset a bit and limit their placement options to a certain half of the marker, but that's not nearly as good as "you can't use this one, my war pig is on it".
  4. It's important to point out that mechanically, this is a big departure from last edition. in 2E, each Misery Aura *did* trigger and a core of Pandora and her Woes was stacking those auras up to melt whatever is unlucky enough to be nearby. Hopefully either you're looking at old data, or at least the people are not up to speed on how auras work now.
  5. As someone who fights Mei a lot, you *can* stand on the scrap marker they're trying to Ride the Rails *to* and potentially ruin the placement that way.
  6. Looking through triggers, I can't find one that adds shockwave markers (unless it's additional markers to an existing shockwave attack) to a non-shockwave attack. Either way, they are all When Resolving triggers. So is there a specific trigger in mind we could look at?
  7. Impassible and climbable are different, but related, concepts. Impassible means you can't go through it, while climbable means you can go over it. So you can't charge *through* the fence because it's impassible. You could walk *over* it by using it's climbable trait though.
  8. It's frustrating, new Molly art looks *really* good. How many Mollys is too many Mollys?
  9. Arcane effigy can't fix it. When they combine, the upgrade is attached to the golem, which reapplies slow during the golem activation. The Oxford mage *should* be able to, but it depends on how you parse his weird ability timing. It was an open question in beta and the wording wasn't fixed. Link to relevant thread.
  10. We just don't know until they announce details some time this month.
  11. This is rather a hot question that's been asked a few times. Here's a link to another time it was asked. Short version, it needs an FAQ. Talk it over with your opponent.
  12. Odd thing came up in a game last night. Model A is standing on a ht 3 building within 1" of the edge. Model B (sz 1) is standing on the ground within the terrain shadow generated by the building on the side that A is close to. We know from the rules that A has LoS to B, it's literally the example on page 18 of the pdf. Where I'm suddenly confused is when B tries to draw Line of Sight to A. The rules about ignoring the building and it's shadow if within 1" of the edge seem to only be in the context of A ➡️ B, but not B ➡️ A. Are we missing something?
  13. for an additional cross reference, in the Strategies section of the book, it specifically calls out "models with the Insignificant Ability are ignored for the purposes of Strategies and Schemes in every way." In every way means in EVERY way. The markers won't flip.
  14. Mechanically, the method for making your opponent go first is to give them the initiative. If you do that, then they use their initiative flip suit to determine the placement of the marker.
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