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  1. I ended up turning the 2 zombies that come with Asura into extra zombies.
  2. Looking at the new Fields of Glory document, and I *think* I understand what it's saying, but this is a new definition for a Wyrd game so I wanted to confirm. From Slaughter Fields: During Scouting, divide the table into four equal quarters (divided by the centerline and an opposite line intersecting at the center of the table). Does that mean that when playing a setup with a diagonal centerline that the "table quarters" are triangles?
  3. Wong vs. Pigapult. They have similar but different wording. Do they actually work the same way? Which way is that? Are start of activation effects triggered at *any* point during a model's start activation phase? Or does the triggering event happen once, then everything resolves in whatever order (see Vogel vs Beast swapping back and forth) Crooligan start of activation timing is confusing. This sort of builds off the "what is an effect" question, but if it could be spelled out if the marker is removed before or after the place, it would help a lot.
  4. I think I'm just dense, but I'm not sure I get what you're saying. Spelling it out to make sure because this is bugging me. Under the "traditional" understanding of how cards leave the conflict, the attack duel card leaves the conflict when the duel is completed, but BEFORE the effects of the duel are applied (so step C.2.d.VI of detailed timing). Those effects include the damage flip. So after the first action, the discard pile has the attack flip card below the damage flip card. Under this "new" understanding of how cards leave the conflict, the attack duel card leaves the conflict when the whole action is completed, so AFTER the effects of the duel are applied (I guess step C.2.f?) That would be *after* the damage flip is done. So now the discard pile has the attack flip *above* the damage flip. That would be a big change indeed.
  5. Does it? By this interpretation the card you put into the conflict via Old Ways goes to the bottom of the discard pile after resolving the first action, so it won't be where you can get at it for the second action.
  6. I'm not entirely sure I buy the logic either, for the reason you outline. It shouldn't matter though except in a few VERY specific scenarios though.
  7. The logic is, I think, based on the definition of the conflict (pdf pg 8 ) The action is the thing that caused the card to flip, so it doesn't make it to the discard pile until the action resolves.
  8. So then trying to bring this all together, what would you consider a good "default" brewmaster crew? He feels really strapped for points trying to bring together a functional crew.
  9. Clement

    Som'er vs Ulix

    Since we're down into the fiddly details of Som'er's summoning... Because the "Wait, you ain't my kid..." trigger removes the upgrade from a model that was JUST summoned, that means that non-Master Som'er has the following limitations, right? No upgrades out: Can summon 2 models, period. Trigger removes one upgrade from one of the summoned models. 1 upgrade out: Can summon 1 model, period. Trigger can remove the upgrade to allow for more summoning next turn. 2 upgrades out: Cannot summon. Consider "Make me proud, Boys!" to kill off one of your summoned Big Hats so you can get moving again.
  10. Pretty sure Zipp is engaging your Night Terror, so he'd prevent the interact, even though he cannot actually attack the Night Terror with his ability. This all hinges on what exactly is "engagement" and does Zipp engage the Night Terror. From page 26 of the pdf, there are exactly 2 requirements. Night Terror is within Zipp's longest Action (yep, 2 inches) Zipp has LoS to the Night Terror (also yep) That means the Night Terror is engaged.
  11. Under the rules for "Killed" (p. 25), it specifically says that if a model is healed when killed, it's no longer counted as killed. That means that you won't get reckoning points for it.
  12. I think the more relevant reference point for the ability is "After a friendly Transmortis model kills an enemy model, this model may drop a scheme marker..."
  13. Expanding on that thought, if an ability WOULD cause a model to drop additional markers above what's generated by them being a construct/living/undead, that would also generate. The example offered earlier was Metal Gamin, who generate 2 scrap markers on death. One from being a construct, and a second from their demise ability.
  14. @Paddywhack admittedly my idea is entirely focused on being beneficial for the existing player base. Because none of the 4 models are technically "new", none of them would be available through special order so all of us with an existing University of Transmortis boxes would just have to eat the cost of the 4 extra Transmortis models.
  15. It's odder in that the numbers per student don't really line up at all. 1 x Valedictorian, 2 x Student of Viscera, 3 x Student of Steel and Sinew. I'm *really* hoping it gets broken up into 2 boxes. University of Transmortis 1 x Valedictorian, 1 of each existing student (literally just repackage and push out the existing one, we don't mind). Graduate Studies 1 x Student of Viscera, 2 x Student of Steel, 2 x Student of Sinew (these are all the new sculpts we have art for from the cards). I'm also hoping we get both of these to show up in the upcoming section too of course😁.
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