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  1. I'm not sure that I would 'waste' Izamu's upgrade slot on Peaceful Waters when he would benefit massively from Recalled Training. The blog article reads as though Izamu and the Emissary are the preferred picks for the crew, yet both of them would want to carry an upgrade other then Peaceful Waters (Recalled Training and Ancestral Conflux respectively).
  2. This blog is great, and has inspired me to give Yan Lo another shot after scoring an appalling win-loss record with his pre-Wave 5 incarnation. I too was wondering the exact purpose of the Low River Monk in your crew, and how (if?) you are shoe-horsing Peaceful Waters into the list?
  3. Does Kaeris appear in any fluff besides the pieces in Twisting Fates, Crossroads, and the tidbit in the story at the end of Ripples of Fate? Am I missing anything that's appeared in Wyrd Chronicles?
  4. I can see that he is less consistent in output than Howard Langston, for example, but does anyone use a Rail Golem? With which Master does he see best mileage?
  5. In my opinion they should just release it in a different colour or something, so that the original KickStarter backer rewards are still special. I think they've done this before with GenCon exclusive nightmare crew boxes.
  6. I just want to see a re-release of the alt Hannah model. I'd love to get my hands on one, but those things are in such high demand - and sell for such inflated prices - on auction sites, that they are almost impossible to obtain. Based on the demand and prices the model commands, I actually think that Wyrd is missing a trick by not putting the figure back into production.
  7. Alt Reva for me. I have real issues with the scaling of that sculpt, and would happily see it re-done before anything else in the Faction. After that I'd like to see re-sculpts of commonly-used models which are only available in expensive boxes. Philip, the Valedictorian and Chiaki; for example.
  8. Sensei Yu for me. Very popular piece that is used with many different Masters, but only available in the Shen Long crew box. Would also be nice to see him in a more dynamic pose.
  9. Myranda is both an unpopular sculpt, and ubiquitously fielded in Arcanist crews. She is also only available in Marcus's Crew Box, so an alternative sculpt will solve the issue of both the unpopularity of her pose and the cost of acquiring her for non-Marcus players. Note that there will now also be a demand for the Myranda model amongst McMourning players. Personally, I would love to see an alt-Wendigo. That particular model is my least favourite in the Faction, an opinion that I seem to share with the majority of players. Everyone I know who has a Wendigo has sought a way to re-pose it so that it isn't permanently attached to that Guild Guard. Arcanist lists containing two Sabertooth Cerberus (Cerberi?) are not uncommon. It would be nice if there were two different models available. Alternatively, I quite like the idea of a female alt-Captain called Miss Chief, or something similar. He is a lesser-used model compared to Myranda and the Cerberus though. As far as Masters go, I agree that it would be nice to see Ironsides in a more impressive pose.
  10. Just popped onto the GenCon store. Master Upgrade deck is out of stock already. That's pretty much ruined my weekend!
  11. Is anyone able to state whether other limited edition models will be added to the Wyrd store during GenCon? I was hoping to purchase Dr Dufresne and Miss Fire, though neither of there are currently available in the online store.
  12. I didn't think that Terracotta Warriors were hireable in a Resurrectionist crew? Am I missing something?
  13. I was actually thinking that at 35ss, Izamu would be less likely to die. So Reliquary might be a bit unnecessary?
  14. Imagine the situation: you are going to a 5-round, 35ss tournament which requires the use of a fixed 50ss pool from which you can choose your models/upgrades. You have selected your 'must haves' and have 1ss remaining in your pool (which also includes Yin and Izamu). Do you purchase Fortify The Spirit or Reliquary with that remaining 1ss? Which is more essential for Yan Lo, in your opinion?
  15. @Ludvig: I'm not really fond of Seamus or Nicodem. Everyone else is pretty much fair game. I own the Tara, Molly and Reva boxes; plus Dr Dufresne. So I have plenty of other Master options available. To be honest I am really new to the game. Whilst I love Yan Lo's aesthetics, I have only played one game with him and found myself undone with the complexities of keeping track of upgrades, Chi, and his huge number of possible actions during his activation. As a result he is now back in the shelf. I was kinda hoping for someone to suggest an easier Master to learn with, that I could keep in my case to cover Yan Lo's weaknesses in the longer term.
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