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  1. Lets talk about the Flaming Angel in the room

    I haven’t played Kaeris much in GG18 yet (focusing on Ressers for a league at the moment), but in GG17, I ran her with the Firestarter, Eternal Flame, 2 Silent Ones, 2 Soulstone Miners, a December Acolyte, and the Arcane Effigy. I would take Grab and Drop and Flaming Angel on Kaeris, and Imbued Energies on the Firestarter. The Miners were my dedicated schemers and also could threaten my opponent’s back line. The Frozen Heart models were my main offense/heals/control module. Kaeris and the Firestarter filled in whatever role was needed, given their mobility and flexibility. The crew worked fairly well for GG17, but I feel it will need some modifications to run well in GG18, given the lesser emphasis on activation control and greater need for higher ranking models for many of the current schemes.
  2. Sinister Reputation upgrade issue

    On the Sinister Reputation upgrade, the text for the title of the Live for Pain attack action appears to have been switched for the effects of said action, so that the title of the action appears to be a long line of almost unreadably small text and the text of the action is only 3 words.
  3. What are your go to models?

    Arcane Effigy, Silent Ones, December Acolytes, the Firestarter. Sabertooth Cerberus with Marcus.
  4. Which heavy hitter?

    My go-to beater for Rezzers is the Rogue Necromancy. I’ve had good results using it with Seamus, Molly, and (since I main Arcanists) Marcus. 3-headed with that ranged attack is a wonderful thing, and doubly so in melee combat.
  5. What master do you take into each faction.

    One corner case I stumbled across recently involved Ramos vs 10T. Specifically, Ramos with Leviathan Power Core against Misaki with Risk & Reward. Add in a fortuitous first turn hand (both jokers, a 10, pair of 8s), Brass Arachnid, Howard Langston with Imbued Energies, and the 10T player going all-in on Risk and using all his cards by the end of turn 1, and I ended the turn with Ramos on Powering Up +6, full cache, and 2 points from Eliminate the Leadership. (I missed the point from reducing Misaki to below half wounds, since the decapitate trigger went off after she took only 5 wounds.)
  6. Has the update reached the iOS App Store yet? I’ve checked on both my iPhone and iPad, and I haven’t seen an update for it yet.
  7. Must Haves and never use.....

    For me, it depends on the master I’m using. The closest thing to an auto-include in my opinion is the Arcane Effigy. If I’m running Rasputina, I will be bringing Snow Storm and the Wendigo. If I’m running Ramos, Joss, Hank, and the Brass Arachnid will be coming along. Kaeris always brings the Firestarter. Anything else is scenario- or whim-dependent. For never-takes, Mouse and Cojo head the list. The Emissary can be good, but is usually overshadowed by other options (Snow Storm, Howard Langston, etc). The Rail Golem’s weak Ml stat keeps me from fielding it at all - massive damage is only good if it hits. Essence of Power is nigh-useless outside very specific lists and tends to be overshadowed by most of our totems.
  8. Games more fun with lower powered masters?

    With me it varies greatly. For example, I went to a tournament last weekend, and when I saw the strats and schemes, my first thought was that I could use a single Kaeris crew all 3 rounds... (Note: I did so, went 2-1 and ended up 6th out of 18.)
  9. Enforcer Brawl: Reign of Filth

    As mentioned in passing above, Convict Gunslinger with Return Fire is insanely good in Enforcer Brawl. Return Fire + built-in positive flips to hit + Trigger Happy trigger = stupid amounts of carnage for 8 ss total cost
  10. One of my local players has been using Ohaguro Bettari quite a bit recently. Bettari can put out a ton of damage and is surprisingly resilient if there are a few weaker models around for her to eat....
  11. Do you know who I am

    The text of that upgrade plus the new alt Sybelle model are giving me reasons to paint my Seamus crew....
  12. Dr. Dufresne was packed as a bonus model in The Queen's Return box. You didn't get the wrong model; you got an extra model. And a nice one, at that. Edit: Just noticed that the model in the pic is the vintage sculpt for Dr. McMourning, rather than the alt sculpt Dr. Dufresne. Same rules, but the wrong model.
  13. Monday Preview - July 10th

    Here's the real Nightmare: Each. Whisker. Is. A. Separate. Piece.
  14. Marcus, what beasts do you reach for and why?

    Usually, I'll take one Sabertooth, then either a Rogue Necro or Blessed. The easiest way I've found to get a new pose for a model is to hunt down the old metal model. It looks significantly different from the current plastic one.
  15. Marcus, what beasts do you reach for and why?

    When I run Marcus, I normally take two of the following: a Sabertooth Cerberus, a Rogue Necromancy, or Blessed of December (Luther). i then add Myranda, a Canine Remains, a Hoarcat Pride, and (of course) a Jackalope. Depending on the schemes & strategy, I might switch in a shooting model (most likely December Acolyte or Silent One) or possibly a Razorspine Rattler.