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I'm very new to the faction...I've played one whole game with Lady J, which was last night. Why, why, why have I not played Guild before?? I missed out so many little synergies in that game but I know to look for them now...what a great crew. Definitely has drawn me away from Neverborn. Looking to expand on them now...

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On 9/30/2021 at 3:50 PM, Higgybeans said:

Welcome to the Guild. Good job joining us from those shifty mofos at Neverborn.


I guess Lucius would be a good half-way crew too, I suppose? But yeah. What sort of things are you looking for? What synergies did you miss?

I love the aesthetic of Neverborn but I'm finding myself drifting away from sneaky 'gotcha' style play and reaching out for a more 'take the game to the enemy' approach. 

I missed some of the awesome bubble overlaps, like Jury's 'By The Book' and SoJ etc. I also forgot about the whole DM gaining Fast within 6 of an Undead model. 

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