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  1. Well, most of the Family Models are bad/inneficient. I found Santiago being useless 90% of the time.
  2. Issue is not with the Focus limit, it's with Distracted gutting literally over half the damage of this crew. It kind off forces you to take Santiago to remove such thing as also gives focus but for 8ss model you are better with Steward to do the job.
  3. That's also my issue. I won't pay so much for a 3 Wd model who do nothing but run for schemes, especially when I can just take normal keyword minion to do the job instead. Dogs are literally the least used model in my collection. I played Pistollero more times then them.
  4. I personally think that all doggos (those in RR and NB also) should become Versatile. Right now Dashel is not paying nor summons them and they could be a huge game changer if they could come to Nellie, LJ & even Dita.
  5. I'm actually scared a little that Witchlings won't play with her either. Maybe double Thrall with LLC might find some place, but personally I see her as deny master with bunch of Versatiles behind,
  6. In my last game (LJ vs Molly), I found out that DM are good models for the BTL strategy and B&S scheme. So I might taking them in the future. Perdita with new push mechanic might become a little better but I think focus nerf is too big for her to play against better opponents. OG Sonnia won't play this GG either. Hoffman, Dashel & Basse will definitely still play. Nellie might pop out even more thanks to Focus nerf. LJ likes new GGs, summoning nerf really made her keyword a little bit better. I won't speak about Lucius 'cause I don't have enough experience.
  7. Jury will become a very scary models for Hamelin
  8. Nellie I see but what do you mean about Lucius? I can see Turf War as good strat but if by symbols you mean Symbols of Authority I cannot disagree more
  9. Well, most of the time I ended up with 4 focuses on Dita and 3 on Francisco and they were still bad. I think we have to wait until next Errata to see them buffed
  10. Well, I think it was because of replace stacking for Golems and Rat Kings. Family got hit just by standing on sidelanes, surprised they did not get anything in return
  11. This Errata is strange, overall it bringed mass NERFHAMMER to all the factions, leaving no survivors. Everybody got hit (let's hope they got hit hard enough to let us triumph as the new best faction), but there few things that I personally found missing. Focus was nerfed but Family did not get nothing in return, looking more into new GG2 I can easily say that they might be the worst keyword possible Elite did not get much love either, no buff to Garrote or Lucius itself is kind off strange DMR was untouched, this is actually really strange to me Pine Box is still on
  12. My quick thoughts about new errata: - Jonathan finally will be worth his 10SS, might replace Phiona but I don't think so. He will definitely show up much more often. - Phiona will only be seen in keyword or Hoffman - Family got gutted, so much I can easily call it the worst keyword in game -Journalist gained buff & nerf at the same time, but I think they got overall buffed thanks to Distracted power up - GG2 will be hard for guild (Turf War is good, BTL is just easier symbols not great but we shall see, DAMN YOU SOA STOP RUINING MY LIFE! and CLL is okay. - Research Mission &
  13. I just got nice 2 ideas: - madness tokens, if a model has it it has reduced Df, Wp and Mv by -1. Works only against Asylum models (must be well tested, meaning against Asylum models you have reduced stats) . If your opponent gains another one you instead make him do smth (discard a card, move by 3", etc) OR they stack and various abilities/triggers have effects depending of token value - madness upgrades, you put mental disorders on your opponents (examples: Schizophrenia: attacking one model with melee action controlled by you Dementia: gains slow Dysthymia: make on
  14. When we get second big bang I hope Guild will be fixed by this time
  15. This Crew is designed to play against Kirai on LLC, so don't expect much from it versus other Masters
  16. I was also surprised we did so good that round. This Week looks even better for us!
  17. Don't sweeten me so much, I'm gonna blush 🤭
  18. Well 7:3 is not so big diff, anyone who scores 4+ diff will push me down
  19. He was learning so it was actually one sided mayhem, all models dead at the end of turn 4.
  20. You can always still play vs me
  21. First game done, Hoff vs Ivan. 7:3 in favor of the only true faction!
  22. Mono Eurypides? 😮
  23. The anti Undead tech is stupid and lacking. Exorcist works on every summoner. Into Dust is worse execute. Hunt the Dead is worse adversary. The only thing we have against Undead is Command corpse on Domador.
  24. My only problem is almost anybody who is mobile enough and we are playing symbols. Misaki/Zipp/Colette are getting the biggest amount of curses.
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