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  1. shen is top in tt, next misaki, asami; cabe is in the middle
  2. mortimer, asura, sebastian, philip are useless
  3. no, just not so empty is overpowered) other ressers are not)
  4. u need to take shill, jack or leveticus; parker and zipp have no dmg; tara is good for scheming, viks have some problems with armour and with survivability of keyword models)
  5. its not hard to play her, and in keyword u need only phiona, sometimes alison and barrel
  6. we just can play such matchup, maybe u will understand
  7. we are talking abt shooting crew-stolen hve stealth and will be far away from any other models, so blast wil not work
  8. and the main quastion-why dmg from tokens havent got any cup and why they are not reducible like linch tokens when he atack
  9. if someone shoot at hamelin-it means that this model will be the target of lure, because none of this masters ignore demise and cannt deal so much dmg to hamelin; fast melee crew will just come into a trap; and your fairy tales abt cojo-just fun to read em
  10. just think abt any other master-not jack-he would die very fast hamelin stack tokens very easy, i played against top outcast and it was suffuring-i hided my rider, but hamelin just run to him and killed at the start of turn 3, because i cannt def all this dmg with stats of 0 parker have no dmg because he havnt got any focus stacking and he has stat 5 first shoot, doesnt ignore cover, doesnt have any good triggers; he can make dog shoot, it is good, he can steal stone, it is good, but he doesnt ignore concealment on it; just weak master and almost all keyword; drop it is useful when u
  11. thats why u just need to take nix, vretch, sometimes benny and versatiles+good ook models
  12. parker deals no dmg-only mad dog, but give him stun and he becomes useless; parker and his crew are weakest in outcasts with zipp; and all of your community always tell abt fun, but it is not fun to play agains such mechanic( i heard abt game vs jack-jack gained 25 blight at turn 3 or 4 as i remember)
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