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  1. lampad costs 8!; 8 ss for that awful model, just look at hanged and lampad, than again look at ganged and lampad, feel the difference
  2. reva is the weakest master of ressers, if u want play competitive, u need to take another master
  3. 6:3 played with kharnage, good game, good player)
  4. kaeris vs reva, funny) stand on your pyre, take injured))) kaeris destroyes reva
  5. no, we have meta in our town
  6. i sayed all this things abt ressers, and im going to prove my words, beware)) dead must be dead)
  7. waiting for our game)) my meta includes 2 people: me and my friend, top resser of russia))
  8. already done-come to vassal and searching for strong players theme
  9. 2 silent ones can do 4 four markers in range 8+12, molly can remove them in range 8
  10. due to the rules of replacement, duet can do only 3 activations with reactivation; silent ones can say that all my symbols are blocked with ice pillars; ss ill get from killing models in aura of 2 ss cache(trying to do so)
  11. i also play with 2 silent ones on symbols, but i thought abt necropunks or unders, so i pick 1 mecharachnid ressers have no marker removal
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