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  1. it was awful format-as ban for second masters, dont like any strange limitation in the game
  2. no-u just cannt summon model with kirai better then drowned
  3. we are talking abt lists almost in keyword-i think this is more problem of keyword and versatiles models, not specific lists
  4. no-colette will still suffer dmg, duet could be killed by archivist or ivan, spectre, i have tried this matchup, i surrender turn 3 as i remember rider was killed at the moment and colette dont have card draw-what i can do against ivan with tools for the job, a lot of card draw, 7 cards in hand-i just have no resourses; and it doesnt matter where i hide my models-ivan can be placed far away with only his bonus action, will have 2-3 focuses at this moment and archivist too
  5. problem-players like most of es models( as they look, their description) and most of players would buy models just because they are cool; so why not make them balanced-this is not a game like mtg where u can get a lot of money just winning with op cards
  6. kirai have only drowned for summon as good model
  7. playing colette-u need to think all the time and losing key models hit u hard; but what i have seen playing nexus, dreamer, asami-just summon models and go to enemy side and he will die, nothing special
  8. irriducible goes only if he have 4 cards or less, if he have full hand-molly is useless
  9. he may just kill molly, it is easy, then kill all other crew
  10. ivan will summon model that he need anywhere on the map, so its doesnt matter where u stay taking models with wp5 means that he may just kill your models with 6stat atack
  11. it can be told abt most of keywords)) i think best minions have shen, because pile of garbage is far away))
  12. acolytes dont cost 7ss, tgey dont ignore concealment/cover/ff, only tools for the job is a cool ability on his card, that will work; but what would u take-silent one+1ss or acolyte? what mission have acolytes that other models cannt do?
  13. he dont want to use minako which is broken and gives models better than hucksters
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