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  1. I like the themes anyway, but I'm playing for the experience rather than to win!
  2. I get it, but I literally thought the traps had no intelligence. It is just clockwork, rather than the hunter's etc that have basic sentience and targetting I wasn't saying they should ignore it, but it would be funny on a 2ss model... We make do with what we got, and tbh they did a great job for what they are!
  3. I think Nellie is possibly my favourite master in guild currently. She may not be the strongest, but I just love how it plays! I tend to bring a lawyer, but then stay mostly in keyword because I like synergy.... It says something about the game of malifaux though, that your strategy doesn't have to be run in and kill the enemy! They do very well at hindering the opponent, and you use your beaters like Phiona to take out any problem models (for me, those that remove conditions, or have built in positives to attack). Then the rest of your crew doles out sow and staggered and stops the opponen
  4. I too am signed up. I need more practice against things!
  5. So I took 3 traps in my last game of the January tournament, 1 died turn 1 because I forgot things, however 2 survived until turn 3....while in melee engagement with both Malisaurus Rex and the Neverborn Emissary (I forget the name) all the way from halfway turn 1 until they died. Round 2 the Mali Rex whiffed attacks due to cheating/flipping low numbers. I call that a win anyday. Downside they didn't do a lot, but 4ss to tie up 20ss of models seems like a win to me. I just wish they could ignore terrifying.... they literally don't have brains so why would they be scared 😮
  6. So I played a game with Basse in the Jan tourney, and the Rough Riders healing with Ride with Me is actually pretty good! However I was against Titania and they had Serena Bowman with Bottle of Painkillers that is just better in every way than I could do, and on a cheaper model. I just think it's a little unfair haha Imo Stoic Nod should be a bonus action, because then it would see some use. And you would have to choose whether to dust or not (Basse's dust with the reposition is GREAT!)!
  7. Unfortunately the models are great so people still collect and play. And it's not like GW are doing badly as a company. I think last year they recorded record profits and growth!
  8. Yeah it is now Age of Sigmar (AoS) and it is slightly more like a skirmish game, but for me it is ruined, a lot of the rules don't make sense (in my opinion) and although the models are cool it's not worth buying into because I don't want to play it. I think since WHFB ended I have bought exactly 1 model from my local gamestore, and 1 starter box cheap on ebay, with a couple of extras, and that's just so I can play with friends who want to go to tournaments and need things testing!
  9. Thanks dude, it's been a while since I played Nellie and just wanted some clarification before I played her again!
  10. So the abilities in question is Nellie's trigger. Firstly do models count as engaged if either model is engaged? As most of the reporters don't have melee ranges, if an enemy model is engaging them, does the enemy model count as engaged too? I seem to remember in this situation enemy models can just walk away, but can they drop scheme markers (ignoring other abilities like don't mind me). Secondly (also ignoring other abilities) the enemy cannot choose to drop a scheme marker if within 4" of another, and would have to remove any in base contact, unless there is some specif
  11. Well it arrived today, and I'm a little disappointed the cards in the wild ones box didn't have the same laminating as other m3e cards, as well as none of the upgrades being in the box! Was this the same for everyone? I thought they were advertised as containing full m3e cards to play him!
  12. Yeah, that wasn't the problem. I was just checking that the effect stacked with the different conditions.
  13. Ungentlemanly affairs: This model treats from Concealment, Distracted and Friendly Fire as . Does this mean if the opponent has Concealment and is engaged so Friendly Fire would happen it has ?
  14. Ohhhhh, that wasn't in the tutorial I watched, so thank you!
  15. That's fair, I was just wondering if there was an example defined for each area just so you can jump in easy and not have to worry too much. I might end up making one for me and my playgroup haha.
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