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  1. Effigy + upgrade is always a good shout for whichever faction you pick. And then a cache of 6ss?
  2. I've been using to wrong for years haha. So has my friend who quite often plays The Crossroads as a group!
  3. "Target suggers damage equal to the number of enemy models within 3 of itself." I thought that means Greed does damage based on the number of nearby enemy models to the target? Or is it enemies of greed?
  4. Yeah, this sucks. I played against Hamlin last time on evidence, and I got super lucky his rat kings were close to the front so I could push close enough to remove the markers. I personally feel that it should have something like "If this model is put to 1hp, or killed by a friendly model. The opponent may put the evidence on the centreline." It would stop any of the uninteractive gameplay. But then gg2 is soon, so it will probably leave
  5. You know, that actually makes me feel better. If good players do it, I don't feel as bad, as a bad player doing it
  6. I had a 10that I discarded, instead of an 11 and then proceeded with my plan and only after I had charged in with him realised it was totally my fault, and it ruined the game for me. Didn't stop me from burning many ghost people to dust.... but it definitely cost me the chance of winning!
  7. I also forgot pictures. Sonnia 4 vs Jack Daw 6 Sonnia, PF, Samael, Pale Rider, Lone Marshall, Spelleater, Witchling Thrall, 5ss. 2 Strat, 2 Let them Bleed, failed Vendetta. Jack Daw, Lady Lidea, Montressor, 2 Guilty, Hanged, Drowned, Jaakuna, 5ss. 4 Strat, 1 Let them Bleed (end), 1 Vendetta (reveal). I got to set up in the top right corner, allowing Sonnia to get a sightline covering half the map, and unable to be lured off the edge. T1, not a single shot was fired. He was playing cautious and I was just setting up. T2, he got initiative and made me go. Continued setting u
  8. I believe it is option 1. The charge is broken down into 2 parts. It specifically is a push, then make a melee action. So Make Way should trigger on both the push, and then on the trigger.
  9. Yup, I was lucky to get 2 points with the strat. Both rat kings were fairly far foward and I could get to them. I did have to wade through many, MANY models though.
  10. Yeah I thought about that. Shame I'm bad with LJ. Haha. Oh well, the worst that can happen is I lose right.... This is good to know. I guess I'll just read these masters and see if I can figure something out!
  11. I'm going up against ressers this weekend. And I have literally never played against them before in any edition of the game! (Theres no resser player in my local somehow.. ) Who looks good on this map? What sort of plans should I be going for/wary of?
  12. This is what happened. I was like cool, squishy model I can put it on. Then he sacrificed them to summon rat catchers, dropping the evidence and spawning scheme markers and stuff to summon new rats. I then had to wade through his entire crew to get there. You say prospectors are weak, but until I could get to them (they were on the back line), each provided him with 4ss, 3 scheme markers (rats), and a total of 7 card cycling. By themselves...... He grew one up with 4 focused and fast from all the summoned rats in t1. Luckily it ran into the speed bump that was the Emissary. T
  13. When the video is uploaded, this is it for whoever cares. Samael actually got me the winning point this game. I previously couldn't figure him out, but today I am starting to understand. What makes the Hamlin crew bad? It did good things. I had a couple lucky flips, and went OTT removing the smaller models!
  14. I won the last game, Sonnia vs Hamlin. (4-3). Was a real fun game, it was recorded and will go on youtube, and I forgot to take pictures, sorry Sonnia, PF, Samael, Pale Rider + LLC, Emmisary, Steward, Spelleater, 5 ss. Scored 2 Strat, reveal leave your mark, reveal hidden martyr (PF, Steward) Hamlin, 3 Stolen, 2 Prospectors, 2 Rat Kings, Benny, Nix, Obedient Wretch, 1 Rat, 1 ss. Scored 1 Strat, reveal hidden martyr (benny, obedient wretch), end vendetta (nix). Setup, he planned to do crazy things. By generating enough rats and things in t1. I just moved up, played some focu
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