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  1. they gave talos hammer that can target buried models...look at lazar now who copy it it was better to give him ability to target buried, not an action
  2. as i saw-dreamer plays "nobrain come to opp with all crew and kill all stuff" and it is damn hard to deal with-i failed each time and he can score because opp need to survive all the time
  3. and what they did with toward/away? now u are standing in btb, for example, u can choose model to move to the other side of your base and model will go around you, because during this move u will be in btb every time and u will not go away
  4. no-i told it many times-his keyword need a complicated nerf-this is not abt lucid-even on first turns his band give too much impact-i had a game with my colette crew vs my friend that played dreamer first time-i killed bbs and 2 daydreames with up at the start of 2 turn, but i lost with no chances and at the end of a game i got near 20ss crew and he had over 50ss crew to be fair-i didnt win against dreamer m3e with arcanists, but played over 10 games against him
  5. presto chango got nerfed, but summon of doves get buff, so its fine
  6. and kandara should have wording:"look card, if it a tomes-reveal and draw, if not - this model can choose to discard it" i tried to play with nerfed kandara-during all game i drew 2 cards and can do nothing good if some bad card is at top of the deck, this is bad
  7. and they just dint listen abt rider-they nerfed reactivation(fair enough) but they didnt reworked other triggers, that have no use
  8. bombs was strong, but i think they dont need to remove it at all, and sparks now become almost useless in each faction
  9. yes-u cannt give it elemental, construct and beast(and we have most of models in faction with this characteristic), so i see now 2 models for this up-silent one and initiate
  10. not all masters that need a nerf get it-like shenlong, ophelia, dashel
  11. dreamer was not nerfed at all he cannt summon stitched, but widow veawer did it better with 2 wicked dolls from start, stitches themself was not nerf, serena didnt lose demise and still can heal almost the same, madness didnt lose scatter and remove focuses without opposed, create web is still DROP, summon still come on the field when they are needed from bury
  12. not agreed with dmg nerf-it was oly one dmg from her and they didnt give her something instead of it-built in crows on melee for example
  13. wyrd just made bad keyword design-almost all keywords havent got all for competitive game(we have few of them that have almost all like shen, dreamer, hoff, some others-good healing, good schemerun, good tanky models, good support, good dd), thats why we need to go ook and versatile to play competitive games with masters we like
  14. ulix crew have stampide, ophelia have totems, zoraida have dolls, somer have totems, and other can hire bauo gremlin to give tokens and fast to bokor also bokor 50/50 can flip tn for healing or obey, he can heal twice to find cards and then obey(12" exchange 1ap 6ss model for 1 ap 9-10ss model or scoring staratagy) and if u think this is not op-why not give built in de ja vu trigger on healing for silent one? will it be balanced? and if u think it will be a little op-look at bokor again
  15. if u need healing in faction-just remove card draw and built in obey suit-they will be fine
  16. yes-for 6+1 u get a lot of healing, shielded, obey, card draw try to find any other model with such possibilities
  17. they are core part of every goblin master-they are versatile
  18. ill just take 2 cash on my key models, and will take emissary and bokor is very unbalanced model-unlike tanuki, silent one he have built in suit, fast, obey, healing with card draw he obiviosly need a nerf-remove magic influence and hard knock life
  19. i played safety because reap trigger of dead rider is harder than colette presto chango and 1 turn i tried to lure rider, so if it was happen he would activate him early, but opp fliped well and i just waited; i had 13 in my hand to try to give parasite with nest, but it was killed with rj, so plan failed
  20. thank u too, but i still think that most of my models that i care died from rj from your side, and without good carddraw u still had great hand almost all the time
  21. just skip time when bryan was afk for 15 min
  22. because in reva u need ro beware of shockwaves from master and maps removes pyre
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