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  1. When we get second big bang I hope Guild will be fixed by this time
  2. This Crew is designed to play against Kirai on LLC, so don't expect much from it versus other Masters
  3. I was also surprised we did so good that round. This Week looks even better for us!
  4. Don't sweeten me so much, I'm gonna blush 🤭
  5. Well 7:3 is not so big diff, anyone who scores 4+ diff will push me down
  6. He was learning so it was actually one sided mayhem, all models dead at the end of turn 4.
  7. You can always still play vs me
  8. First game done, Hoff vs Ivan. 7:3 in favor of the only true faction!
  9. Mono Eurypides? 😮
  10. The anti Undead tech is stupid and lacking. Exorcist works on every summoner. Into Dust is worse execute. Hunt the Dead is worse adversary. The only thing we have against Undead is Command corpse on Domador.
  11. My only problem is almost anybody who is mobile enough and we are playing symbols. Misaki/Zipp/Colette are getting the biggest amount of curses.
  13. I play today at 21:30 pm GMT +1. The battle for at least third place! I took: 4SS Dashel Radio man Pale Rider + LLC Lone Marshal + LLC Guild Lawyer Guild Steward He took: 5SS Kirai + TW Ikyro Datsube Ba Anna Lovelace Dead Rider + TW Jakuuma Seishin
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