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  1. Filox

    GG2 and Guild

    Not for Family, you don't have enough cards for this in my opinion + your opponent has to come close. Dashel and Hoff are okay, but not they best picks. You need two Blown Apart to do it, double Riot Breaker or Riot Breaker + Papa is bad hire. Using your opponents marker is not viable option you can rely on. Family & Elite cannot do Death Beds reliably as well. Using Corpse Markers from dead models and not generation is bad play.
  2. Filox

    GG2 and Guild

    Can I ask for examples? Perhaps on the new schemes I said are bad for GU. Please take a notice we are looking for double score from scheme in question.
  3. Filox

    GG2 and Guild

    For now I think GG2 is a little hard for Guild (or me at least). SoA are still very hard to do. BTL is easier SoA, I think it's okayish strat. Turf War is great strat for us. Most of our masters can play it comfortable. CLL is 0 sum game most of the time. As for the schemes: - Detonate Charges - except LJ, Elite and Journalist this scheme is too hard to boother most of the time - Death Beds & RM are mostly dead schemes for us, until titles come out of course - Outflank is also dead scheme, we lack mobility to do it efficiently, maybe Dashel can go for it but I always pass this scheme - Bait & Switch is kinda a free scheme in my opinion for anyone, but Guild can do a little more efficiently thanks to our miss position tech In summary 3 out 4 strategies are okay and 7 out of 13 schemes are playable.
  4. Yes, Lawyer is nice and all, but you don't have much valuble Models to obey. Concealment is also a big problem. Debt of Gratitude is smth your oponent won't expect from Basse even if you tell him about this. Having hand full of severs in Round 2 is very important for Basse (Blasts, Bring It's and tomes for traps). Also False Claim and Exclusive Interview saved my ass multiple times.
  5. If you want to start with LJ you will need: - Domadors - Jury - Pale Rider - Emissary & Effigy - Lone Marshal Those are the core models you will mostly uses in your games as LJ. Emissary, Pale Rider & Lone Marshal also play a lot outside her keyword so you will be able too fill them in your next keywords.
  6. They problem is that they are not Pathfinders But this is a general problem with most low cost minions. For not so much more you get better option. Exceptions to this rule are mostly models designed to do a single job only, like Watchers & Crooligans (scheming only) and Rotten Belle & Beckoners (deposition tech). Also with ratio of 1SS=1Wd (except RR, the get special treatment) most of those low cost models are going down from single moderate/severes. Especially when not a lot of them are having Defensive tech to keep them alive in situations like this. Having Df 4/5 and 5 Wd without ability to either reduce or make them harder to deal damage makes it too easy to die even from random shots.
  7. - Frontiersman are underwhelming, keep them away from the table unless you have to - There always must be at least one Pathfinder in your crew - False Witness is nice "card draw" for Basse, you can easily set up 7 cards draw on your first turn without losing momentum as Frontier - It's always better to discard an upgrade then summon Raptor - stoning for on CiQ to double blast enemy is always a almost always a good move, especially after you can use severes generate from False Witness - Lone Marshal is good tech against summoners, although thanks to his gun & Unimpeded he is not impeded by Dust Clouds and brings nice mobility to the crew - LLC on Reichart & Basse are must haves, they are your tanks and carries in the keyword so always keep alive for almost any cost, taking Pale Rider, Emissary & Steward can keep them alive and/or take off some heet - you can move your own models with CiQ - don't be afraid to spend SS for Reposition trigger on Basse Kick up Dust or his Df trigger - Rough Riders are good, but you will soon start to see that you don't have enough space to put one, he mostly is trading places with Austringer - avoid match ups against RR & NB. Basse weakness is not being able to put out good blasts & low Wp all across the board - always try remember about CiQ, nice tech is using CiQ to bring enemy closer to Basse, then putting your own Dust Cloud under them and doing it again. It can really disrupt enemy positioning or advance your models if needed - Sand Worm is nice, although I often find better picks instead of him, he usually is picked in severe heavy maps when he can unbury on almost entire map - you often find yourself in strange situation not being able to scheme, almost always go for middle centered or damaging schemes
  8. Well, most of the Family Models are bad/inneficient. I found Santiago being useless 90% of the time.
  9. Issue is not with the Focus limit, it's with Distracted gutting literally over half the damage of this crew. It kind off forces you to take Santiago to remove such thing as also gives focus but for 8ss model you are better with Steward to do the job.
  10. That's also my issue. I won't pay so much for a 3 Wd model who do nothing but run for schemes, especially when I can just take normal keyword minion to do the job instead. Dogs are literally the least used model in my collection. I played Pistollero more times then them.
  11. I personally think that all doggos (those in RR and NB also) should become Versatile. Right now Dashel is not paying nor summons them and they could be a huge game changer if they could come to Nellie, LJ & even Dita.
  12. I'm actually scared a little that Witchlings won't play with her either. Maybe double Thrall with LLC might find some place, but personally I see her as deny master with bunch of Versatiles behind,
  13. In my last game (LJ vs Molly), I found out that DM are good models for the BTL strategy and B&S scheme. So I might taking them in the future. Perdita with new push mechanic might become a little better but I think focus nerf is too big for her to play against better opponents. OG Sonnia won't play this GG either. Hoffman, Dashel & Basse will definitely still play. Nellie might pop out even more thanks to Focus nerf. LJ likes new GGs, summoning nerf really made her keyword a little bit better. I won't speak about Lucius 'cause I don't have enough experience.
  14. Jury will become a very scary models for Hamelin
  15. Nellie I see but what do you mean about Lucius? I can see Turf War as good strat but if by symbols you mean Symbols of Authority I cannot disagree more
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