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  1. It's true they are useless in Colette, so they would need a quite a special fix, although what someone above already said. Change Freeze a Corpse for something like this? Bonus action of course, range 2"(and maybe some Stat 6 TN 10?), although I think TN would be too much) "Glacial Sculpture: Target a scheme or Ice Pillar marker withing range. Drop an Ice Pillar or friendly scheme marker in base contact with the target, then destroy the target.". It would help Rasputina in scheme running and in Colette she would hunt down enemy schemes with much more easy then the rest of the Perfmormer keywor
  2. I would say that Agent sucks 70% of the time. I only take it as tech piece against armored crews. The fact that after nerf (which in my opinion was a little to much) he did not get any recompensation. Df 5 on melee henchmen and none Df abilities to keep him say there is sad. Spelleaters are best model in Sonnia, thou in grand scheme of things they are just okay, it's just says how jadły designed is this keyword. LJ has only 1 great model, it being Lone Marshal. Jury is okay tech piece against Tara & Dreamer, nothing else. Domador is okay only in keyword. DM's are niche, same as E
  3. You gain life tokens for each rat, you don't have demise within 6" of her etc. You Are aktually playing on autopilot, Game plays itself. Same with Nekima and etc.
  4. It's exactly the same as you Hamelin vs Jedza, or Sommer and some other masters. In some cases it my biggest value of the time, in some it may not even trigger once.
  5. Part 3 is out! Let me know if I forgot to add something to it or just miss read some comments.
  6. Okay guys, I'm gonna create PART 3 of this post in about a day to sum up all we came so far.
  7. Laugh Off does not help much, true you won't be pushed away, but you still won't gain much distance, making him able to fight turn 3+ (2 if you enemy seeks fight with him, or if you bringed Snowstorm to push him up). Ice Path on him with a Sudden Strike trigger would help a lot, and still it would be less oppressive then Ride the Rails and Off the Rails on Metal Golem. If those changes would be applied, his threat range would be 8" + 4" + 1" with 2 attacks or 8" + 1" with 3 attacks. Is it broken (if nothing else would change on his card), I don't know. My judgement may be clouded by Ride the R
  8. I think the idea that he inteacts with Ice Pillars is neat. Would aplly this school of thought to entire December. Ice pillars then could be then just little more then range incrase and some blocking markers. Possibilities are endless, just need to ask Wyrd really nice tho 😂
  9. He can at least put out a fight with Df 6 and Beer Googles unlike Ice Golem
  10. By the way, Wyrd could do a potcast or interviews with players, rule/model makers about current meta, tiers and how they plan to work around them or directly with them.
  11. Yeah, but in current crew building mechanic you Can easily deal with Ice Golem. Just Analyze Weakness him and he is pretty much dead in 2-3 activasions (including heal from Silent One) him being only armor +2 with low Df and low mobility makes him to easy to pick off in the meantime or avoid completly
  12. By the way, If wyrd is scared of 21" Of 6 winter strike, reduce its range to 8" making Raspy a. Total of 17" range on attack and adding some more trigger or remove discard from Ice Mirrors.
  13. One of the problems for tough offensive models is low mobility. For me 10SS models should be game changers if played correctly. But, there is also a lot of counters to them, way too many. Every big model has ability to move around which is important to not waste 10SS for walking for 3 turns and hit once (especially in mobility meta). Most of those models can also rely mostly on themself with little help from crew to get job done. In Raspa, you have to build around him just for sake to małe value out of him, which leaves us at low value gain from supporting models.
  14. I love dreams, but it's exactly the same when You blast 5 models for 3/4. Results are the same, blasts are easier to do.
  15. Well, if you Invest Snowstorm, Silent One or two and Upgrade you should get smth. But you Can do it on any HH and you will gain the same. Problem with Ice Golem that I have, is that he is lacking in many aspects to other Golem. Okay, we can Do Hazardous but what do we have to proc it? Raspa blasts and Blessed & Snowstorm melee... Metal Golem also has Hazardous which can go on a trigger and gives him concealing. He can push enemy models + your crew has Many pushes as well. To. Top it off he has 19" Threat range
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