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  1. I believe the call out box is wrong. My guess is its a leftover from an earlier version that slipped through the cracks. The rules fo blast stats that "A is represented by a 50 mm base." it would be the only marker in the game to be represented by a base instead of simply having a size. On top of that the rules section never refers to as a marker, except in the call out box. Shockwaves on the other hand clearly states that you drop a shockwave marker.
  2. For perdita I think her quick reflexes trigger is a lot stronger than critical strike. She's fairly certain of hitting with Stat 7 and the build in plus lets her take several models down to where the rest of the crew can finish them off or she can just shoot two models several times. Changeling i first saw as just another issue command. They're actually quite good sending off on their own as schemers thanks to all their defensive tech. Or using for claim jump.
  3. I find Basse is quite good. Clockwork traps are quite good at denying a symbol. Put two on a symbol and the opponent won't be able to interact without don't mind me. Most schemers won't be able to both kill a trap and take an interact, so if they kill one you move the other up and suddenly it takes three turns to take a symbol. Also an increased deployment really helps in this strat. Rider plus grimwell is an expensive, but very fast combo, that can quickly cover ground.
  4. They can still go to town on a less killy crew. Perdita is extremely effective if you can stone/cheat the masks for quick reflexes. Combined with cut down to size she can easily do 12-20 damage in an activation. Sure it will be spread out among a few targets, but you can always just shoot each twice for 2 ap and a couple of stones. After that you mop up with the rest of the crew.
  5. @GrumpyGrandpa after reading up on it and discussing it in my local meta I agree with the argument that insignificant isn't a model and so doesn't give you the point. What threw me off was the idea that insignificant could be positive, but there are other examples where being insignificant can be an advantadge.
  6. @Irritated Walrus I'm counting on generating scrap or corpse markers by killing stuff if the strat doesn't give me the marker
  7. @Irritated Walrus Hoffman is better than family at research mission, as he can generate all three markers himself. But three out of four strats has a marker and both scrap and corpse markers will usually drop. You only need a single marker for loco to do the rest. I think this scheme ud better for family than a lot of GG0 schemes were
  8. I somehow missed that both points required you to be on the enemy table half.
  9. You could argue that the marker isn't affected by the model. So you kill the model and then the marker transfer rules takes effect, since the rule rule refers to the marker and not the model.
  10. Only for the first point. You have to be on the enemy table half for the second
  11. Both. False witness can secure stake a claim. Use the action twice, lucius once, a lawyer and then you have eight markers down. Yes you have to discard four, but you should have dome to spare. Investigators are great. Utility and damage in one model. They do need some stagger support though, but the 0" range isn't as bad as people say, you have plenty of ways to get around it.
  12. Pathfinders are really good in lucius. You get the cards for traps. Their gun is disgusting with 46, who can stone for slow. The extra push is nice and the traps gives staggered if you fancy the investigator list. Undercover reporter is good in any list. If the pool is right he's a one man scheme denier. Also his Attack is solid with mimic against armor. Exorcist against summoners. 46 can stone the trigger to instant kill a golem or jorogumo. Papa loco allows you to create a shockwave spamming list.
  13. Blow it to hell stays until the model uses the action again.
  14. It does. Hidden martyr doesn't look at who killed the model only that it was enemy controlled.
  15. So I feel family has gained a lot in GG1. Monster hunters seems great for lodestone. Deadly pursuit means they can't just be pushed away from objectives. Hidden martyr mitigates their squishiness. Catch and release is also interesting, as you can deadly pursuit into a henchman and then start the next turn by creeping away and running like hell. I could also see them as take prisoner users, throwing Fransisco into combat. Loco makes research mission possible. The extra card draw from enslaved isn't a huge boost, but an extra card per turn isn't something to sneeze at and makes the crew less dependent on OOK models to give cards. I still don't see a role for pistoleros, but hopefully they'll get some love next time.
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