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  1. I haven't faced dade or Nellie at all, the active guild players here tend to use somewhat eccwntric and niche lists. But I think there's a huge difference between an effect where you can choose to sacrifice a scheme marker to keep your hand hidden and one you can't avoid. On top of that he discards a card and if he already knows your hand he can guarantee discards. That seems very powerful. I might be overreacting. But I find that abilities that manipulate hands are among the most powerful in the game.
  2. The reveal hand trigger seems insanely good. Knowing you opponents cards is a huge advantage in itself and if he's attacked more than once in a turn you can guarantee discards. I guess the reveal part is to prevent cheating, but I think it's too much. Other than that I love his card and theme.
  3. Angelshard

    Lure and Bound & Rooted

    I agree with @Sagrit the air doesn't help if you start outside of it.
  4. Angelshard

    Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    I'd say Colloddi could take reva on. You'd have to be careful as you can't rely on your df trigger to save you and you can't reduce through personal puppet. On the other hand you'll be walking around in a bubble so her advantage in being able to strike the entire table isn't worth that much. Also if he alphas you you should be able to take him down down top of turn two. Activate colloddi and have an illuminated hit her 4 times (3 if you need to walk up to her), then accomplice into the illuminated and she should die. I'd go fated Colloddi. I'd bring a beckoner along as personal puppet and use her to pull colloddi out of danger. Doppelganger to cheat initiative. I'd also bring carrion effigy so you can eat any corpse marker. Bring a beater or two that can take down his emissary and asura. Hinamatsu is good if you can proxy him.
  5. Angelshard

    Starting Asami, What To Buy.

    Pathfinder also works quite well with her, he can blast, ignore armor and he can give you a card per turn quite easily
  6. Angelshard

    Lilith Sudden Darkness/Flying

    I agree with Ludvig. Even though you ignore it you're still moving through it.
  7. Angelshard

    Trying to start a League ((ADVICE NEEDED))

    If you have a group that already plays tabletop start by lobbying them, I'd recommend lobbying malifaux as a skirmish game that only requires ~20 models and two hours on a 3"x3" board (that's how a friend of mine reeled me in (and wildly inaccurate I might add)). If it's only the two of you I'd ask for a demo table on game nights and start playing against each other (hopefully reeling in others). I wouldn't ask the local store to order the models until you're at least 10-12 dedicated players.
  8. Angelshard

    Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    A single mannequin is really good. It'll make schemes that you wouldn't normally take, like setup, viable. Coryphee aren't my cup of tea, I find them too fragile, but they hit hard and their mask trigger means a model is gonna die. Plus they can be taxied by vasilisa (although I don't like that upgrade). Also performers are a solid model that is worth hiring as a merc.
  9. Angelshard

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    Remove sacrificed from "I can use that!" And nico will be fine. Asura honestly doesn't need a nerf. She's not stronger than jury, nekima, yu or yamaziko. She's really really good, but she's not broken.
  10. Angelshard

    Third Floor Wars - Mr. Tannen

    Great article! The only things I'd add is that he works really well with titania as royal indignation allows him to squeel away and pulling people into his aura with audience is a lot of fun. Also useless duplications can make him quite survivable if you have a couple of models close to him.
  11. Angelshard

    Our worst models

    I don't know that much about gremlins, but I do know that last year Som'er was considered a top tier master, what changed? Also it might just be me, but Brin seems like a solid model, condition removal without suit and two good (0) actions, plus a solid aura that can really hurt a lot of models ( I would love to have it against Vicks and laugh at no whirlwind). Is it simply because he's too squishy with df 4?
  12. Angelshard

    New player, what to buy?

    Both papa loco and pere ravage can be quite fun with her, they're easy to deliver and can put out a world of hurt if the enemy is grouped. First mate lets you devour whatever your doll paralyzed. Either costing the opponent resources or a model. Mctavish is still solid even with the price increase.
  13. Angelshard

    Ways to inter-mix factions

    @Ludvig I guess what I'm wanting is a more limited infiltration that only lets you bring over a few specific models. As it is now I feel a lot of the flavour I factions is being washed out. There are very few true factionwide weaknesses left at this point. Also I think the amount of combos you have to playtest is negatively affecting balance on some of the never models. Plus some factions are suffering from this, tt are getting a hit because they have so many dual masters that can bring in so many models. Gremlins and outcast got a few undeserved hits due to the merc rule and so on. I'm not saying it's all doom and gloom, I'll still argue that the game is quite well balanced and the power curve from weakest to strongest master is quite tight. But I think the factions themes are suffering and getting a little washed out. Also, after the fluff in book 5, I have a feeling that both dual masters and mercs are gonna be a lot scarcer, outcast are going to form their own faction town and misaki got most of her dual masters to swear allegiance to her.
  14. Angelshard

    Ways to inter-mix factions

    I agree with @-Loki- , mainly because I'm tired of seeing models take a hit because some out of faction master is too strong with them. Sure I'd be sad that some of my models might not work anymore, but rather that than feeling salty because a model got a nerf even though it was fine when in-faction. Also I feel that the model bloat is getting out of hand and toning down the available comboes is a way to counter that.
  15. Angelshard

    Supply Wagons

    Pandora with fugue state near their wagon. Laugh as his crew dies trying to push it. Lucius making interacts a (0) combined with Queeg's Welcome to hell means you can push it up quite fast. Doppelganger has "don't mind me" so she can push even if engaged.