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  1. Huh hadn't noticed that. enemy only makes them really sucky obey targets.
  2. I don't think they're too strong, you can only use fiends gamble once per turn, so you have to find something else to spend te second ap on or gamble. Each time you remove a high card you're not trimming your deck. Also stitched are extremely vulnerable to obey, it's guaranteed damage to your models. I'm not saying they aren't great models, they are and gamble is really, really strong, I just don't think they're OP. I'm also not sure wether they are better as a hire or a summon, perhaps something you get through WW.
  3. Nekima is a fast moving death dealer that can open up several interesting options for her crew. For me its more whether my whole crew seems fun and interesting, not just the master, sure she might not have the most original card, but she gives you loads of options and a fun play style.
  4. Welcome to the game. Regarding your fear for pay to win. I have very rarely seen people use more than two different masters at a tournament. In m2e there were 5-6 all-star models for each faction that everyone used, regardless of which master they played. I'm pretty sure that will still happen in m3e, although to a lesser degree. The power ranking of masters is close enough that a skilled player can beat a less skilled player with a weaker master.
  5. Outside of Marshals and Tara I don't see a lot of counters to nightmare crews. Even those I don't think are that great counters. Dreamer can reliably summon and then win a wp duel to get the model on the table before someone can target the buried model. Sure he might not have the most inspiring card, but his actions and abilities are solid. Your nightmare is a great support ability and bad dreams is a solid quick action. Twist reality is flexible and cricket gives mobility options. I could wish for a good 8 or 9 stone minion to summon in, but that is about it.
  6. An emissary would have the same amount of health as the effigy had when it was replaced. It will then heal 2 thanks to the upgrade. So it will start with a maximum of 6 health. If you replaced with a model that only had 3 health the extra health of the original model would be lost.
  7. Angelshard


    If you used the sorrow to deal 1 damage due to stun then candy can use her aura to deal damage due to fast. If it then used the fast action to concentrate and carver was nearby he could deal 1 damage due to focus
  8. Angelshard


    Guess I wasn't specific enough, a master or henchman being targeted can use stones to put the damage flip on a -.
  9. Angelshard


    There isn't any fate modifier as it isn't an opposed duel, it's just two cards flipped. I guess you can cheat it, or even stone for a - to the flip... So you can pull out a severe to ensure that you win and then deal 5 damage by cheating in a severe, ignoring resist triggers and a ton of other things... That is disgusting
  10. That would make him worse. His offense isn't the problem. A damage spread of 3/3/4 is a lot less than 4/4/6. As he is his other triggers are still good. With a stat of 7 you can either rob the opponent of cards or stones, hurt a model or two different models or blast. The only area where he is sub par is defense
  11. @LexLock Crit might be the go-to trigger, but both swift strike and execute are strong triggers and can be really useful. His mobility isn't great, but his two keywords both allow for a great deal of moevement, so it's less of an issue than it might seem. Being able to strip focus is really strong, both offensively and defensively. As I said before, he might be a bit squishy, but he's far from a bad model. @Gnomezilla I think you might be partially right, hinamatsu is great, but I don't think she'll be in 80% of lists like Nekima was.
  12. Stat 7 with three great triggers (one build in), all three can be built in or two rams, if you use him with Pandora, plus his swift action is better than onslaught as it can target different models, a solid blast attack, the ability to strip focus, can stun models with resistance triggers before charging them and ruthless. His offensive is great for a 10 stone model. I don't agree that hinamatsu, juju, teddy, mature neph or killjoy are better offensively. His problem is that he can be focused down quite quickly if you aren't careful. He could use a better terror Stat or juggernaut as a tactical, but that is about it. I'll still bring him as is though.
  13. All he really needs is a useful tactical action. I would love if he got juggernaut. He can be a bit squishy, but his offensive potential is great, increasing that would be the wrong way to balance him.
  14. @Mad Mojo I very much disagree that Pandora is bad. Pandora can have: dark Thoughts, crushed ego, mass hysteria and tentacle push build in if you bring a changeling along and chuck a mask. Self loathing needed to be changed, the amount of abuse and broken interactions was insane. I don't agree with the reduction to Stat 6 and think it could be brought back to 7, but the action was completely broken. A beater with 2" reach isn't that common and you need to be in b2b contact or you can't hit again. If you feel she's too squishy you could give her butterfly jump. Suddenly you're 5" away.
  15. You could hire Loco in and blow all three dogs up for 1ap😁 Not saying its good, but you could
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