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  1. True, but the odds of a weak card bring among those 3 are quite high. The odds of there being a 12 or 13 aren't anywhere near as good. At least not until after you've trimmed your deck for a couple of turns. Also I don't see how a 3/4/5 damage flip is worse than Asami summoning an obsidian oni that charges you with 2 focused attacks and then blows up for 2 dam and 2 burning.
  2. But then you would be back to gamble being a random draw that isn't really worth it unless you rearranged your opponents top cards first. This way it still costs you the weak card you could have removed from the deck and you need a high card to be among the three cards you flippen with lucid dreams.
  3. @Kharnage the rogarou comment is because of the flay trigger. Relenting doesn't matter if I have the trigger and a severe in hand
  4. Angelshard


    It's something to consider, but I've yet to see an opponent use it effectively. It might happen with experience, and it's certainly something you should be aware of, but in general I'd say it's a very minor concern.
  5. I'm gonna be really annoying and say that if you could only discard moderate or severe on 10 out of 13 cards, not counting cards you gambled back in you've been freakishly unlucky. Especially since you should have discarded two other moderate or severe every time you removed one, so the next lucid should have a much higher chance of flipping a weak. That is just extreme. My experience with this is that it works great, fiends gamble is fantastic. Also since it makes a gamble (almost) certain if you remove a high card first. That is 3/4/5 unavoidable damage.
  6. Hurl corpse works well on your own models thanks to the trigger, but that is about it.
  7. I think most people are busy testing the keywords. I suspect OOK synergies will start popping up once beta is done and people get more familiar with the models.
  8. If they're buried when she activates. I can usually get my summon out in the same activation as I summon. I agree she can counter him somewhat, but I don't think you'll see her against Dreamer, outside of a marshal crew. 9 stones for a bit of damage to summoned models doesn't seem worth it.
  9. I'm not sure the jury is worth taking against Dreamer, unless you play marshals. She's a hard counter to Bandersnatch, and she makes summoning a tad more difficult to time. But not enough to justify 9 stones. Generally I find Dreamer has a much bigger issue with ruthless and focus crews than anti burying.
  10. Hadn't thought about Arik and Anna with gravity well. That could really annoy Dreamer yes, Titania too actually.
  11. Just give Dashel a trigger like Collodi that let's you ignore mindless in exchange for giving pass tokens.
  12. I really like what I've seen here, which is a relief as the renders in monday previews had me very worried. Especially Agent 46. Here's hoping the art isn't accurate or it's been changed. Sure Basse can look like an inquisitor, but so can anything with a coat and a broad brimmed hat.
  13. Saw this on the Acarnist forums and thought it was a good idea. What neverborn masters are easily countered? Are there some masters we would never pick into certain factions? Personally I feel we are in a good spot regarding hard counters. We don't have a Hoffman or Tara with obvious hard counters. Sure an opponent could pick non-living/undead against Nephilim, but I honestly don't think the growth mechanic is strong enough to bother counter picking against. Dreamer can suffer from anti-bury, but usually you can get the summon out in the same activation it's summoned, so it's a minor issue.
  14. He draws a card every time a pass token is used, by any player, if he's the leader.
  15. True, every card drawn is a good card if you need the action anyway. I was thinking more of the use three changelings to do a single issue command, that part doesn't really seem worth it to me. He might benefit more from IR than from LLD, but I'm not sure. Seems to me that placing him away from his crew could make him a lot easier to deal with.
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