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  1. Welcome to the guild! If you haven't done it download the malifaux crew builder app. It's free and it's a great tool. Personally I would recommend using what you have right now for the first three or four games at least. The first step is learning the rules well enough to understand what models can do and realise that, unlike most other miniatures games, focusing on killing every enemy will likely lose you the game. Strats and schemes is the important thing. Then, once you're pretty confident with your understanding of the core rules and what your models can and cannot do, yo
  2. @santaclaws01 you're right. I guess it just threw me off that the last statement is just a catch-all that will never trump any contradictory rules, but is there to prevent discussion.
  3. @santaclaws01 4. If the new and original models belong to the same Crew, the new model becomes the target of any effects that targeted or chose the original model, such as Schemes, Leader designation, or lasting game effects. The new model is always considered a legal target for those effects. Then what is the purpose of the last paragraph?
  4. I'd say point 4 under replace makes it pretty clear that an insignificant model is still legal and counts for the purpose of the specific scheme where it was named.
  5. @Filox I find most of the family models are quite solid and efficient. Perdita and Francisco are great models. Nino, papa, abuela and monster hunters are solid pics, if you have a plan for them. The nephilim is fine after it got card draw, still nothing to write home about, but no longer something you try to get rid of. Santiago is in a funny spot. He tries to be a damaging support piece that doesn't really do any of those roles well. Pistoleros I don't know what to do with, I just can get them to work. But thats still most of the keyword being solid models, a
  6. @Filox I guess I just haven't played against that many distracted masters, I do usually bring steward or Santiago anyway, so I don't know if it's that much of an issue.
  7. @Maniacal_cackle true, hadn't thought about henchman leaders, or giving models from different keywords the same ability. But it makes sense.
  8. Ond thing I'd really like to see is master requirement on other models. For example frontiersman could gain an ability called: Trailblazer: if Basse is this crews leader, this model can remove one hazardous terrain marker, in base contact, at the end of a move action. Giving models a master dependent upgrade could make them useful without letting other keywords benefit from it.
  9. I honestly think errata and GG2 has helped family more than hurt them. The focus stack hurts a bit, but not as much as other crews, since you can still top it up out of activation and all their pushes have become more versatile. Also there's less focus on the models trying to kill you,so models like monster hunters and Santiago could stay around longer. I can see target practice being used more. I know people generally try to put down their scheme markers late, but shooting the marker away from an out flanking model sounds like a ton of fun.
  10. I really like bait and switch. The second point is going to be so interesting
  11. True, but that is a good bit rarer than unimpeded, blow it to hell or the universal remove terrain action.
  12. @Maniacal_cackle My main beef with them is the severe trait. Against Titania I can tech in unimpeded and get through. Sure there might not be the same amount, but Sonia can place them a lot better that fae, after deployment, and two markers in a choke point would take a rider from mv 7 to mv3.5. He wouldn't even get through the markers. I might be over reacting and it isn't that bad, but in GG2, where movement seems to be key I can see these being incredibly strong.
  13. Perhaps they should consider adding destructible to pyre markers
  14. Personally I would love if the cheaper minions, that comes in groups of three, got some synergy buffs. I loved the old Oxfordian mage upgrades that could only be given if you had three on the table, I also like pack mentality, I just don't think it does enough. But it sets a precedent for a design space that could easily be expanded. Give the packs a rule that increases their effectiveness for each other model of the same type on the table, or in proximity or whatever seems appropriate. Make it so that they still die easily, but your opponent is spending ap hunting down low cost mo
  15. I think Basse is the biggest winner of the guild masters. Not because of errata, but because GG2 seems to be so well suited to him.
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