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  1. @Tors M2e lucius was never top tier in m2e, he was b tier at best, even after buffs. M3e lucius is way, way more competitive. I'd argue he's a top master in both guild and neverborn. Hand size 7 and incredible card draw. This by itself makes him really strong. Issuing commands through changelings to let doppel and agent copy a good ranged attack and make a nasty gun line copying angel eyes or a rifleman. He has free condition removal in his totem. Great scheme marker control, both in placing and denying.
  2. @Fetid Strumpet I was thinking the physical book. I might be wrong, but the m2e rules PDF had a lot fewer details than the physical copy, so I'm thinking that might the situation again. Also it could come in the gg document. I do agree that it's something that should have guidelines in the official rules.
  3. @Fetid Strumpet I don't know if it's overrated, it's certainly not the horrible m2e paralyze that stole your activation, but it's still quite strong in its own right. Are you sure you can use focused to affect a terrifying duel? Terrorifying is step c.2.c. Targeting Opposed duel is step c.2.d. (p35.) You can only use focus for opposed duels (p29.) I'd say you have to pass the terror check before you can use focus.
  4. True, it's just something I've started pointing out as a lot of people are unaware that you can cheat damage flips outside conventional attacks.
  5. Remember that you can always cheat the devestation damage flip. So you can quarantee the 4 damage.
  6. Regarding family values and A Por El. P.35 in the rulebook has the detailed timing chart says that the activation ends in step C3, but A Por El happens in step C4 chain activations. This is before step 4 Where the next activation starts. The question is, can you take an action between activations, if you can then I'd say yes you can concentrate on the same model that was targeted by family values. If you are the only one with models left you could even use familiy values on the same model again. So you took concentrate from family values in one activation, used A Por El to concentrate in between activations and then used family values again to take concentrate. Sharpshooter on Perdita would have been way too strong, but I guess you can see some bullet bending in Cut down to size and Target practice. As trikk said the Elite crew is mostly about maximizing Action effeciency and hand manipulation, but there's alot of fun other stuff the crew can do. Lucius himself isn't the tanky type he could become in M2e, but he does have some options in his attack actions, akthough 3 times command is probably going to be his most common activation.
  7. @Fetid Strumpet I don't think it's a specific type that is required, it's a variety of different terrain types. I do agree that there should be a rough terrain guide in the rulebook. I also know it's something that's been requested a lot of times so my guess is that its gonna be in the final release.
  8. You can do fine with just the nightmare keyword. I especially wouldn't buy them if you only plan to get them shortly before you go to a competition. You'll get a lot further knowing your crew well than using new models. If you are looking for a lure model I would go with hinamatsu and use her as my second beater.
  9. Not the card draw quick action in itself no, what I meant was that if you want to get good use out of her, except to draw cards, you're probably going to use stones and high masks on her. In a crew with a summoning master and 2-3 henchmen stones are going to be tight. She also likes high masks, which again is something you want to use on other things. Again I haven't tried her with him, so I might be wrong. I'd also argue that it raises the number of OOK models that dreamer is likely to take from 4 to five, so still quite predictable. For many masters there's quite a few different ways to build a crew that can do one of those three things, so I'd argue your opponent still has a better idea of what he's going to face than you do. Once the crews are revealed though, you can most likely see what he's going to do and try to counter it. But knowing which approach he's going to take during the hiring phase isn't something I'd rely on.
  10. While some DMH models might have received less attention than others the same can be said for the rest of the keywords. I've yet to be convinced that DMH masters are over the top, Collodi might be a great second master, but so is Zoraida.
  11. @santaclaws01 true, but she's also another stone or mask hungry lady in a crew that already needs it's stones. I haven't tried her with dreamer, but my guess is that she gives you cards at the cost of stones (unless you just want a 16 stone card draw) so you'll still be tight on resources. I might be wrong though. I'm not sure nightmares forces your choices that much, other than ruthless to counter terror and maybe don't take armor (something you shouldn't do against neverborn anyway) I don't really see that you're forced to use or avoid a specific type of model.
  12. In my experience there aren't many OOK models that really strengthen a nightmare crew. Unlike elite, sorrows or swamp fiend, where I would expect at least 2-3 OOK models I see nightmare more like fae. Its not that they can't use OOK models, it's just that they want to spam a core ability and OOK models means less spam. On top of that I don't think their weaknesses can be mitigated by going OOK, so I find little benefit in doing so.
  13. @msgfree I'm afraid you've misunderstood the rules. The model affected is the enemy model, not the woe. The woe may choose which effect the enemy model suffers, but the effect is on the enemy model. It either moves 2" or suffers 1 wound, there's no change to the woe. So if you had three woes and applied stunned you then choose which of the woes uses its aura (as its a may use) and that is the only misery aura that affects the enemy model. However if you with your next attack strip stunned and then reapply it you can have one of the two woes that haven't used their aura yet affect the enemy model with misery once more. Also if you look at sorrows their life leech affects both the sorrow and the enemy model, so if you have three sorrows next to an enemy model they would all heal one wound, but the enemy model would only suffer one wound. Hope that makes sense.
  14. I would add predictability. The nightmare keyword has very few stones to use on OOK models. Vasilisa or maybe rider. So your opponent has a good idea what's coming his way.
  15. If the woes needs a buff it's not making misery or opportunist spammable, on that we agree. I regularly manage to get misery off twice in an activation.
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