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  1. Zoraida came to malifaux through a small breach, unknown when, but probably before the first big breach. There's an unofficial, permanent, breach that Ten Thunders control.
  2. For me it made reichart a stable in frontier crews. Mostly it meant I saw more difference in my opponents crews. Especially the TT and Arcanist upgrade changes effected some of my mates
  3. @Undercostedhenchman Ludvig is talking about a currency you could win in wyrd acknowledged tournaments and spend on vintage models and other stuff, not the faction😊
  4. @le_wahou Mostly I place the totem next to him and throws whatever LadyJ buries to the totem, so it's engaged by emisarry, that way he doesn't have to charge and can whack away with his greatsword with plus damage flip on something with injured. But he also have other uses. His healing aura is really good with death marshals, after they Bury something they heal 2. 33 to send unburies next to the emisarry. His own Bury is good for the Stat 4, but I don't use it that much. He's more of a beater/tank with a healing aura for me. When I manage to catch something between him, jury's arua and totem aura, it's usually gone shortly after.
  5. In my lady justice2 crew he's pretty much a staple. He does so much work and has great synergy. Against crews like lucius his crowd control is gold. It shuts down a ton of extra ap. If you put a lead lined on him he's a solid candidate for claim jump.
  6. When the game ends there's between 6 and 10 on the board. usually one or two will be removed by my opponent, I really like placing coffin markers in choke points, it can really mess with your opponents movement. But again I really try to Bury everything.
  7. I've mostly played Justice2. She is so much more fun now. She really makes her keyword shine and your opponent weep. The jury has gone from a tech pick to an always include in my lists. She usually does 4-6 damage when activating. Justice totem feels a lot more useful now, cause things that unbury from justice are placed next to it an within range of jury's aura. So when something unburies, it takes a point of damage, still has injured and is in range of both totem and jury aura, meaning cheating sucks. I've locked down leap models because they couldn't cheat in their card and keep their suit and they can't easily disengage. Death marshals are so often fast they just feel brutal. They can scheme and do strat or focus run and charge. Also if Lady J uses her bonus to Bury something, she's effectivly at Stat 8 when whacking it, meaning that moderate 4 is quite easy to get. Additionally I usually start turn 1 with justice, placing a coffin marker and giving 5 focus to my crew. The only OOK picks I've really used are the emissary/effigy with upgrade, guild steward and pale rider. Edit: 33 is sooo good. With mv6 and Incorporeal he can get anywhere and is a Bury threat from ~16" away. Plus, instead of walking, he can charge and hit something buried with a ram for a distracted and a 2/3/5 damage track.
  8. Not as much as he was at the beginning of m3e, but he's still a strong option that can solve a lot of shortcomings in keywords.
  9. I'd love if they added a timing prefix to every ability, action and trigger that corresponded with the detailed timing chart, so there was never any doubt when it would resolve. And if a trigger resolves in different steps. Each sentence should have a prefix. Also I wish they'd kept to their own rule, that abilities, actions and triggers that are identical have the same name. It really annoys me that Dashel2 and sandworm essentially have the same ability, but for two different keywords. They could easily have formulated it so that both had the same name.
  10. New Lady J and Perdita are clearly at the top of my list. Marshal in m3e made me sad, lots of great models for tech in other keywords, but horrible in keyword synergy, on top of that I find the old justice rather boring. The new one makes most of her models work. The biggest problem I've found is dodging the tables people flip at me when I Bury their master for the third turn in a row. I like old perdita, but she was under the curve and her keyword was missing that last piece to click. They click with new perdita. I love that all her models now have a place (even if nino's place is a wobbly two-and-a-half legged chair). These two are above the rest for me, as they are masters I like, but had trouble liking on the table. The new Lucius seems great. Any model that can solo a point of spread them out is great in my book. Plus he might finally get the investigators to work. Hoffman, Dashel and Basse seems more of a sidegrade than an upgrade, but still interesting. Sonia and Nellie i don't play and don't play, so I don't really have an opinion on them. Sonia does seem disgusting with her no ignore pyre markers though.
  11. @Morgan Vening if I understand the FAQ correctly then the last referenced model is the subject, so Basse should make the pulse.
  12. I don't know about Klaus, I mean he definitely looks good, I'm just not sure what he should replace. Probably a second lawyer, if I run two. If his bonus was a regular action he'd be much more appealing.
  13. I would think 33 brought more to LJ2, as a mv 6 Incorporeal model is a rarity in guild. He can scheme quite well and threaten thing other models might have trouble getting to. Also he seems like a great choice for vendetta. Hurt the target and bury it. He then damages it through buried and stays out of reach after that. He can still hurt buried models and scheme (if the pool allows it) and your opponent will have to go out of his way to hunt him down.
  14. @Adran I love list building, which might very well make me less adaptable to the terrain of the table. And I 100% agree that the major draw of a tournament is playing a bunch of games and having fun. For me part of the fun though, is that I don't feel like I lost when I looked at the table. There's some players where I'm pretty sure I'm screwed if they're on the other side of the table, and that is fine, it usually teaches me alot and I have a fun game. But I dislike looking at a city table with 6 huge buildings and watching the Incorporeal crew on the other side of the table run free, while I have to walk around everything. It's probably also why I don't feel like guild is as behind on movement as many others do, I usually play on 'balanced' terrain tables, so flight, Incorporeal and such have a mobility advantage, but it's not astronomical.
  15. That's what I often see😊 I can also understand that when you need to fill up 10+ tables, the terrain isn't going to be ideal on every table. @adran I don't mind a warped or skewed table in a non-tournament setting. I find it both fun and interesting. But when your end result can be decided by a bad table, or the need to both own and know how to play, certain masters in a faction its an issue. At least in my book. I know it's a major drain on a TO having to get and store such huge amounts of terrain (although 3D printers help with the price these days). I'm just not sure if adding another decision to the pregame of an already time consuming game is the best way to go.
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