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  1. Ran into qi and gong. Didn't realise just how much armour that crew has, pathfinders armour piercing is too unreliable. Especially when you have a five card hand and your good cards dissappear once youko goes to town. Hence the need for some anti armour tech.
  2. Has anyone used expert marksman on Basse for armour piecing? It seems like the best anti armour option for frontiers.
  3. I agree that the most common use will be move and rule. But I think ancient words have a lot of potential. Turning two focus into two distracted is quite nasty. I've also considered if it's worth it to attack one of your own models to turn a negative stack into focus, but min 2 is a bit steep for that, even though he does give access to more healing.
  4. Did you get any use out of the mage offensively or was he a pure support piece?
  5. @theamazingmrg Most keywords will rarely have more than ~2-3 models with flight, Incorporeal or unimpeded. If we really need it we can hire in a rider or mounted guard for unimpeded and ride with me. Again, I agree that terrain is a factor and that it would be nice to have more ways of negating it. I just disagree that it's the biggest issue guild has. I also think people tend to undervalue the cumulative value of all those small (and big) pushes we have. Generally ~60% of the table is still free space. Yes that does mean we have to waste movement going around impassable or through severe. It also we're vulnerable to obey and other mechanics that moves into a bad position. But, at least in my experience, that is something that can be worked around. Plus we have some insane threat ranges and can often send an unactivated model surprisingly far. Also because all those pushes makes it very hard to lock down expensive models with some disposable model. Sure, we're never going to compete with the neverborn in the movement department, but we're at least as good as outcast and I haven't heard anyone complain that they can't navigate a table.
  6. I agree that it would be nice to have something like diving charge or mobile warrior or trample or any of the others. I also one hundred percent agree that they make life easier. I'm just saying that not having them isn't the biggest issue guild has, at least not in my view. Most of those abilities are already quite rare. Diving charge is on four models, two of them warriors. Trample is on five. Big models with Incorporeal is also quite rare. Mostly it's keywords that have it as a shtick, like urami or last blossom. In my view the main weaknesses in guild are an over reliance on unsuited triggers, a bit below average defensive stats (I blame LLC for this) and a lack of good scheming options, except for a few keywords.
  7. That's true, I forgot another went back to making sense. So in this case the last referred to model is the carrier, so any friendly model, other than the carrier, within 6" of the model taking the interact action, including the model taking it, is a legal target.
  8. True, we have very little place. But we do have a lot of small pushes. Yes it's harder to use and requires more hoops than simply walking through the wall, but it can give several other advantages. I feel people focus too much on part of the terrain and forget that a lot of the board is still available and that a 2" Pathfinder push can do a lot. As for the charge through. It's not something most keywords can do. Yes I would love to have access to an insidious nightmare or a silurid, but I'd rather have models like pistolero or Santiago fixed so they work. But then again I have been focusing on frontier since March, so I have been playing the most mobile keyword (and in my opinion one of the strongest in faction) we have.
  9. @trikk crossing severe isn't that bad for us. Destructible Terrain we can remove. That leaves impassable, non-destructible terrain. If that terrain is say, a house, that is 5" wide it's only really leaping models that can cross it. That leaves some terrain, but not a lot. At least not where I come from. So I wouldn't say we're far behind in crossing terrain. Moving through models isn't something most crews can do. We're probably the bottom of the barrel here though. As for killing models, I don't think I agree. We have some solid beaters in the faction. Mostly I think the problem is that our minions rely on triggers to really deal damage, Crit strike seems like a negative rather than a buff, keeping attack actions at worse Stats than they would be if the possibility of an additional damage wasn't there.
  10. Edit: I forgot the new FAQ, disregard this post. As I understand another it means that the model taking the interact cannot receive the stone, so you need a third model within 6" of the model taking the interact to give the stone to.
  11. Bah, I guess it's back to ebay then. God I hope something like gadzooks starts up in Europe soon.
  12. Does anyone know if we will get a guild starter box with these models. I'd hate to have to buy the other side starter box to get them.
  13. I think a lot of the negativity around guild stems from GG0 and gg1. GG2, plus an errata that nerfed a lot of other factions without really harming us (yes, yes I know, Phiona) made life as a guild player a lot easier. As I see it the biggest problem guild has is a lack of inbuilt suits. We have a lot of actions that rely on having the right card in hand in order to get the full effect of the action. The other problem is a lack of a good cheap schemer, although false witness is quite solid. As for movement, I disagree that guild is behind here. Frontier is insanely mobile, family and augmented will often surprise people with their mobility and models like rider, grimwell and Lone marshal are really good at getting where they want to be. At least that is how I see it.
  14. For me Basse is someone I would take into every strat and most pools. There are schemes he struggles with, but it's rare I see a pool where his scheme choices would be telegraphed. I would also take him against every faction, if I didn't know the meta and what people tend to play. There's most certainly masters that are a horrible match up for him, but they aren't the typical top pick of the faction. With the possible exception of dreamer, where I still don't have a feel of how much people play him after the new errata. So when I don't choose him it's because the strat, pool and faction choice indicates a master he wouldn't like to see. Even then I feel he can take a lot of tech picks, compared to other guild masters, to give him a better chance. Disclaimer: I don't play nellie and my Dashel crew is still mostly unpainted and haven't seen the table since GG0. I also haven't played Basse before GG2.
  15. Thanks for the detailed writeup. Out of curiosity, what was your Basse list?
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