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  1. The ironsides matchup is double rough because she can pull the take the hit model away. I actually don't play against Arc very much. is the gunsmith trigger built in?
  2. I remember at one point someone suggested bringing a guardian to bodyguard santiago. While that feels excessive to me, I'd consider either giving him a LLC or a guard patrol bodyguard. (Completely theoryfaux at this point)
  3. Gotta get on Vassal man! I'm like 25 games into gg1 at this point. TBH Dashel may be good enough now to disguise the system problems the faction had.
  4. The charge trigger became the 5 r and lost the ability to charge if engaged but let's you take a ml swing instead (limited by engagement range though) and the pulse damage became the 4, is just 2 irreducible and burning. No more slow.
  5. Two lists from two losses in the last two days. I don't face the high end masters in malifaux much, so they were learning experiences, and I'm a little salty. Nellie v. Dreamer, symbols of authority Nellie, pp, 2 field reporters, false witness, undercover, jury, Dade 2-1 loss Basse v. Kirai We called it mid turn 4. Assume 8-2, I was getting crushed Basse, baby basse, perdita, pale rider, Pathfinder, 7 traps
  6. 7. I hate it on the newsies because he is so fragile. But throwing a fellow journalist with exclusive interview, and then using the built in headlines trigger is pretty baller if you want an interact controlled by you.
  7. Ok, I've been thinking about no prisoners. You know, that upgrade you will probably regret buying? Here are a couple of cool things I've come up with or shamelessly stolen from other people. 1. Order of operations is important. It happens at the same time as after resolving triggers, in the order you choose. So with a field reporter with the convulsions trigger, you can distract and stagger them, push them 3", potentially another 3", then assuming they are within 8", place a model in base to base OR distract and stagger, place your model, then 3" and maybe another 3". 2. The Hunter can do something similar. Harpoon from 11" away, damage and pull them 3" terrain willing. Then if you have the trigger pull them another three, Or place your model, then pull another three. And now your peacekeeper, howard or Joss is upboard and unengaged just like you wanted. 2a. With Howard if you place then pull them again they can get damage from Howard's vent stream if you have it up. 3. Obeys get funny. Because that's causing another action, you place/resolve potential draw out secret in the order you choose, then take the action. Unless you are teleporting a journalist or changeling, it's probably going to be a disengage. 3a. If you place an investigator, he could be placed, draw out secret could drop you a scheme marker, allowing you to push either the investigator or the other model, before the obey. If there is nearby hazardous, that could be devastating. 3b. obey enemy within 8", place agent 46, disengage enemy towards another enemy you want to get 46 to, obey 46, charge enemy 1, stone for his pouncing strike, jump to enemy 2, hit that enemy. 4. Very corner case- Using it against aversions. They have an ability after an enemy takes a walk towards them they have to take a wp duel to not get pushed away. This includes places such as no prisoners (as well as no prisoners push) and on your heels. So you could place on the side you want to be on, and push away for the cost of a low card. 5. Domador seems like a good option for no prisoners too. Shoot someone, hurt them a little and give them and Peele near them injured (maybe even injured 2) Place the emissary or a death marshall next to them, and take the relatively cheap obey. 6. The most boring one- mounted guard are great recipients for this because they can ride with me into it, providing nasty range. They are also better against models who have already activated, so you are more incentivized to teleport your friendly into a model that can't attack back.(ninja edit: the Sarge and handler have similar but less good movement trick strats).
  8. List from league play tonight vs. hamelin. This one I got help with from the guild fb chat Dashel, dispatcher, Sonia, mounted guard, Stewie, rifleman, undercover reporter.
  9. Honestly, I like them all but LJ, Basse, and Sonnia. Not many crews are going to be able to deal with 3 field reporters and nellie running schemes and debuffing. The lucius crew with three lawyers is definitely too many lawyers, but imagine a game where your crew is just obeyed constantly. Hoffman's 2 hunters, guardian, and watcher is legit interesting.
  10. 😀ran a fun one tonight. Recover evidence vs. ulix I took Daschel, dispatcher Mounted guard Undercover reporter Steward 4x hounds 1x bird Rifleman The idea (not mine, I got it from Jesse and @Gnomezilla). My opponent put the markers on the hounds and the mounted guard. Usually a good choice. I beat the dogs until they dropped the evidence in a safe place, summoning a bird off the one I accidently killed. With summons and a little help from a jank Vassal board, I was able to protect those markers all game, get 2 markers myself, and get a few more scheme points. Dunno if it would always work, but it was pretty good in this case.
  11. It's very opponent dependent. 3.5-4 hours usually, but easily can be more due to tech issues, distractions at home, learning the format etc. The temptation to try out every angle given the precision of the aura measure is real.
  12. Looks like you saw a lot of masters i wouldn't expect to see at an event. Two NB Marcus in a row?
  13. I've been playing Vassal a fair amount. Here are a few lists with the opponent I faced: Vs Mei in public enemies: (w) Public Enemies 1 (Guild) Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Lady Justice Lead-Lined Coat Totem(s): Scales of Justice Hires: The Lone Marshal Pathfinder 2 Exorcist Expert Marksman Exorcist 2 Expert Marksman Death Marshal Recruiter Lead-Lined Coat Vs. Pandora in ley lines (w) Copy of New Dashel Barker Crew (Guild) Size: 50 - Pool: 3 Leader: Dashel Barker Totem(s): The Dispatcher Hires: Guild Steward Mounted Guard No Prisoners Judge Executioner Queeg Vs. Jack daw in public enemies (w) Lucius LLC Scribe Thrall LLC Agent 46 2 changelings Lawyer False witness Vs NB Lucius public enemies (w) Lj LLC Scales Death Marshalls x3 Exorcist x2 Guild steward Vs NB Lucius in recover evidence (w) Daschel Dispatcher Dmr LLC Dmr no prisoners Mounted guard Rifleman Guard patrolx2 Vs. perdita in symbols (loss) Sonnia Nellie Both totems Spell eater Sanctioned spellcasters x2 Vs tt Lynch in symbols (w) Nellie Pp Grimwell Pale rider Dade 2x field reporters Undercover reporter
  14. I actually used a dmr tonight in a game against Mei. With 2 exorcists and a Pathfinder to protect, he was pretty useful. You have to use him in situations that that you can use a stable shooting platform. If you need to spread out or chase down certain models, he is going to be less useful.
  15. I don't know about with LJ, but a 2xDMR, 2xguard patrol can be a really nice and frustrating start to a gunline.
  16. Can you explain what an unmaking cannon would be.
  17. I bring in an undercover reporter out of theme if need a scheme runner.
  18. I was running 2 of them in Dashel, per @Mrbedlam s suggestion. Its an interesting build.
  19. I think that is one of guild's biggest issues, the lack of options across the crews. I would include guard in the decent denial options list, but still, that leaves half the crews with no option other than being killy, just not as killy as other factions. (also why I think Nellie and Dash are probably our two best masters right now).
  20. I saw this thread and knew immediately what it would be about. Those flips were so devastating.
  21. Ran Basse into Hamelin with a Jack daw kicker last night I had Basse, Baby Basse, Austringer, Pathfinder, Reichart, 4 Traps, 2 Birds, 2 Frontiersmen. My opponent had 4 rats, 3 stolen, obedient wretch, nix, hamelin, Jack Daw, and a rat catcher. He was shocked to be outnumbered. Since it was wedge recover evidence, I was deploying at past the center line with some of my strongest models. I was able to focus then charge with reichart into a 3 model kill. (injured rat catcher, rat, stolen). When Nix and the wretch went down turn 2, my opponent called it.
  22. I think that is what I would do if I saw him declared. Especially since my planned strategy was too build minefields of marker covered ground around the symbols for Nellie to make big hits off of. The board (Oculus ok vassal) was a tough one, so my opponent ended up coming in the other way, so I didn't get to do that except to big Jake.
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