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  1. Nellie probably covers the other side of the spectrum, and doesn't mind hiring LJ as a beater if you want to play 2 masters. The biggest issue with Nellie right now is a bunch of her models have not been released yet, and haven't been announced for release in the near future.
  2. Malifaux's 4' rule is if you can smell your opponent from 4' away, you automatically win.
  3. Nellie messes up a few of colettes good tricks too in my experience. Don't mind me isn't as good if we can control their interact, and if they drop markers to give distracted, it also gives us focus and cards. And guild has attacks that can attack buried models (though I haven't actually utilized that against her yet.) Even the undercover reporter ends up being a pretty good take into colette, because he seriously threatens her armored stuff.
  4. I never thought of the idea that she could heal off of an exclusive interview interact. To me, Nellie isn't resolving an interact, so that's a no to me. But the undercover reporter making her interact would heal her 2.
  5. I truly believe people are playing on 20% terrain tables when I see good results with her. But I've been wrong before.
  6. I just thought of pyre because that's what I've been facing recently.
  7. Doesn't work v. Pyre markers either.
  8. A couple notes: Pathfinder is stat 5 (but still worthy imo). Alan Reid and judge both provide card draw that might be worth it. Watcher feels like it might be worth looking at. Guardians toss is one of the best mobility tools we have. And he's a beater almost on caliber with the peacekeeper. Shame he's so slow himself.
  9. Undercover reporter is my tax worthy take. Fastest model in guild with a powerful anti scheming ability. And can take out armor.
  10. Ran Nellie into Colette in reckoning last night to a 7-2 victory. My list- Nellie, Printing press, Dade, peacekeeper, pale rider, false witness, undercover reporter, field reporter
  11. I know round one he ran the lucius list Matt listed above. Dont remember if he said the other lists.
  12. Honestly, I usually throw them out because they do things that I don't see many other things doing. I even loved them last edition, where you couldn't control them. I do think I have had more success with them than most of the models this edition, so I just love them for that.
  13. Maybe traps depending on the terrain?
  14. It does raise the question, when you are hitting family values are you taking the focus or the card? I often take the card, but that might be efficient, especially with bravado being a thing
  15. They all need to stay within 6"of nino to use a por El.
  16. I was really hoping to fill out the gaps in guild this black Friday. Getting tired of being the incomplete faction.
  17. I wouldn't have noticed If it hadn't frustrated my favorite delivery system
  18. All the bury attacks are enemy only.
  19. How are you doing this? My best guess is jury. Edit nope, that's not it.
  20. There is nothing more painful than flipping something you want and having it at the top of the discard when you don't want to activate the lawyer.
  21. Ohh, so you want him to succeed. I kinda like it.
  22. Its buried, cant it just unbury with the action? I haven't looked carefully.
  23. No prisoners can be used to run and gun into grenades. (same with Melissa Kore) no prisoners on a rifleman can be used to throw 18" grenades. The Pale Rider can cause card draw with Elite and Mimic Models. Augmented models can transfer power to themselves. If you use Basse with Sonnia, you can put Sonnia in a forest then use quicksand to place her far upboard without much risk of damage because a double negative is likely to come up weak, which her shielded will eat. She will still have injured tho. Models with mimic copying pine box are at stat 6 or 7 vs. size. Even with that it is rarely worthwhile. Lawyers can be really threatening ML threats if you use tools for the job to get the crow, and your opponent is running out of cards. Not really fitting, but man I want it to be helpful- If you have the cards turn one, a DMR with no prisoners can one shot a SS miner. Spending 10 pts to take out a six point model, and also two severes, including one that is suited, feels bad, but I'm still convinced.
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