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  1. trikk

    Muy first time

    Khem, khem, Pale Rider, Khem Khem...
  2. trikk

    dashel advice?

    Or hire Dita/Francisco/Santiago/Nino and Loco and do it for a card 😜
  3. trikk

    Lady Justice issue

    I lost Perdita a few times. Mostly to Zipp.
  4. Liike mentioned "it may choose not to". The model's controller chooses. So it 100% doesn't work versus Obey-like actions even if we don't agree on the "would be moved versus move by itself" it doesn't change the outcome.
  5. Home On the Range has a +1 which means it stacks. Each Home on the range allows all models with HotR to deploy +1 further. So you get 1 per model.
  6. trikk

    A Por El

    No. It's an extra activation action. You can activate Dita. A Por El Nino. The next activation you can activate Francisco and A Por El Nino. The n you can do it with Loco and Santiago and then you can activate Nino and he still has 2 normal actions.
  7. No. It will work against Bring It because it's an enemy effect
  8. No it's not. The model isn't moved. It's moving by itself. And since it's just taking an action, it's not an enemy effect. And like I said, since it's controlled by the opponent, the opponent can choose to ignore the Laugh Off anyways, so it doesn't make a difference.
  9. "would be moved" =/= "would move". Also, it may choose not to. Since it's controller by the obeyer, he can decide he's not using Laugh Off. The model is not moved during an enemy model's activation or from an enemy model's effect. It takes a Walk action himself.
  10. 1. Yes, Laugh Off doesn't work against obey 2. Yes, you can but it suffers -2Mv Obey doesn't move a model. It makes the model move itself.
  11. Apparently Hoff invented Perpetuum Mobile and moved it a step forward :P
  12. trikk

    Place = Move?

    Yes. RB. page 14
  13. Which beta? I played the whole open beta and she is a nightmare to kill for most crews. They'll just end up ignoring her most of the time and accept you get distracted/placed/buried each turn.
  14. He's better at everything. He's melee 6, has a built in , Better triggers, +2 Wds, Field Repairs, Ruthless, HtK and Creative Salvage
  15. I'd go Ryle TBH. Unless you want to have friends. Then go with Melissa. They are both better than PK/Joss/Howard
  16. My personal list after playing with/against all masters: 1. Lucius 2. Sonnia 3. Dashel 4. Nellie 5. Justice 6. Perdita 7. Basse 8. Hoffman
  17. Have you played her in the beta? She's considered top 2-3 AR by almost everyone.
  18. From our group tests, every Sonnia list starts with Stewie and 3 Spellcasters.
  19. trikk

    Lady Justice issue

    There are multiple issues I have with the diagram. Does it count the Greatsword bonus? Nekima does +1 dmg from Blood for Blood which will most likely happen. Bump her damage up by 1 and she suddenly comes on top. Viks are calculated for 1 but there are actually 2 of them which also doesn't seem fair. What Justice has, that both Nekima and Viks don't is a better keyword.
  20. I like to have a "core" of around 20-25SS and the 15-20SS is for adaptation.
  21. trikk

    Lady Justice issue

    I don't think it's a worthless bonus. But getting the leap (and it's attack) every turn that it matters will not happen because it requires a suit (yes, you can stone but you have a limited amount of stones and they also have other uses). So I think people are overestimating how often they will get the bonus. And once again, I don't think Justice's offense is bad. I just think that on her own she's fold really quickly and the only thing that saves her is LLC. I do however have to point out that the 7 vs 6 is a huge difference. And the above table doesn't mention some things like draining enemy hands, saving resources, guaranteed hits etc.
  22. trikk

    Lady Justice issue

    I don't know if it's just me misreading you, but if you charge you don't get the for the rest of the activation. Viks can get 7-8 attacks with the same resource investment and they all can be against the same target. I agree that she's generally not far behind in offense. I do however think she's pretty squishy without LLC (Df5 and a mediocre defensive trigger at best) I agree but your damage output is 0 if you miss, most likely lower if you tie (as you still have a negative). Nekima has a moderate of 5 and Viks have a severe of 6. Also you will charge more often than people anticipate.
  23. trikk

    Lady Justice issue

    Nekima and Viktoria have a Stat 7 and a better damage track which means with the same hands they have a higher damage output. And I think there is a huge difference between 6 and 7. To get 5+ attacks you have to be extremely lucky + opponent misplays (more in a matter of 'I'll leave 2 crucial models near themselves within 8" of Justixe ')+ you spend a lot of resources. It might come in hand but her damage output isn't super big. I'd gladly trade Quick Reflexes for Stat 7+ Reposition. As for her resilence: she's a bit like Nekima. Only thing that keeps her semi-competitive is upgrades. Both die super easy without Armor/Butterfly Jump if you compare them to any other melee master.
  24. trikk


    I don't think so although I see where you're coming from.
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