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  1. I thoughts it's "at the end of the activation" not "after" so you're correct.
  2. A lot of Henchmen allow DMH because there were players that played just the masters that are now DMH. So instead of "You can't play with us until you buy new models" they are going more towards "Hey, we can't promise this will be legal in half a year, but for now come on and see how the game changed" As for dual-master crews. I'm strongly for banning them in Gaining Grounds and making an alternative format for them.
  3. Perdita has no Bullet Bending or any other cover/concealment mitigation. She can ignore friendly fire and have an armor piercing trigger from Expert Marksman. You can't Family Values to Concentrate and then A Por El to concentrate because it's the same activation and Concentrate is once per activation. Lucius is basically an Issue Command bot but with Changelings it becomes pretty interesting to maximize his ap efficiency and card draw.
  4. With the right crew, the free charges can also be devastating
  5. Where did you get that from? Triggers are explicitly stated to be part of the attack. So if I hit Ironsides with an Incorp model, and she hits back with her trigger, do you take reduced damage because it's during an attack action?
  6. I think Sergeant + Patrolmen is one box. Dashel gets Riflemen and there is a second box with Mounted Guards + Dawgs.
  7. Both those arts are old. I think you could even buy one of them at wargame vault. I hope for a redone separate box of 4 guards and 2 sergeants
  8. Dashel, Queeg, Dispatcher, 3x Riflemen
  9. Sad nothing for Guild except Lady Justice Edit: Ohwait, it's LUCIUSSS
  10. Ok, next step. "Target resolves Burning condition". Is the damage from an Attack Action?
  11. So black blood is not during an action because its from an ability, but Burning damage is from a conditon is from an attack action because its from an attack action. If you would fall during an attack action, is the falling damage from an attack action? Scorch the souls doesn't deal damage. It makes the target suffer burning damage. I think the consensus is: it needs a faq because we're cycling the same arguments now.
  12. Triggers are counted as part of an attack action. Else Incorp wouldn't work against triggers because they are not attack actions... If an Incorp model hits a nephilim, does he reduce the black blood damage because its during an attack action?
  13. The friendl model is "who" dealt damage, not "what". The source of the damage can be an action, condition damage, hazardous or falling down
  14. This had to be explicitly pointed out because without that, the model wouldn't have counted as the killer. It kind of proves the opposite because it it would be damage from an attack action it would be clear that the model made the kill.
  15. There were some upgrades that were autopicked (Marcus had 3 Limited upgrades but 1 was clearly better than the other 2). There were some situational choices but a lot of them were garbage and increased confusion. Now most of the upgrades give generic abilities, so it's pretty to get used to them.
  16. I don't think you can have multiple sources for the same damage as it creates weird interactions. If my attack action moves a Hazardous marker over you, is the damage from an attack action? I think Malifaux rules don't have context outside of their parent. So if the damage is from Burning but it's during the attack action it's still just damage from Burning, but not damage from the Attack Action. That's why the RB states:
  17. How was Grimwell and Reid? I'm kind of intrigued by Reid because his one more question has Coordinated Strike so it should be fun with Lady Justice (as she gets the to damage and he can stone for the mask)
  18. The primary card draw models in Guild are: Allison, Judge, Reid or Nellie + Press.
  19. How "targeting" affects the model but "choose" doesn't?
  20. It's specified in a "such as x, y, targeting". Which as far as I know is used as examples.
  21. Ignoring armor and ignoring armor's damage reduction are IMHO two different things. But TBH this mess should be avoided by not going into the rock-paper-scissor game that I mentioned multiple times during the beta. I think it's one of the things that has to be FAQed ASAP. Targeting it is also technically not affecting it. Yet it's prohibited.
  22. I disagree. Unless specifically noted, abilities stop working after model is killed. Otherwise it creates a shit-ton of weird interactions and loopholes. A dead model with Arcane Reservoir doesn't increase your hand-size. As for Temper Steel vs Irreducable. Temper steel doesn't say "and may reduce irreducable damage" but "Armor can't be ignored". So you don't skip it. You resolve it normally. You can't reduce irreducable damage so it doesn't affect it. It affect's the Armor piercing trigger and Hidden Blade. The "fit this model is this Crew's Leader" is there to create a condition on the ability, that it only works if she's hired as a leader and not a secondary master. As for strategy markers: it's "such as [...], targeting" so those are examples. Choosing is also an effect from a model so it shouldn't be allowed.
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