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  1. He didn't shoot Rasputina a lot. I believe she got 4 damage from shooting in both games (total). All from Desperate mercenaries. But you can't hide your whole crew and the potshots keep stacking up and you can't scheme/score VP if you don't advance if he has range superiority. And Viks can change you from what... 1/3 of the board? And two Viks basically kill any model in this crew.
  2. That's a problem with you <insert your nationality>. You bring a spoon to a knife-fight
  3. trikk

    Rooster rider

    Riders struck me as a WTF model. If half of Mah's crew is bad, move some Rooster power into them
  4. Agreed. I'm talking more from a Henchman perspective than a player. I knew most of the cards in M2E (it was easier since I tested a lot of them)
  5. This will transform him into a an even more useless guy with super weak ranged attack in the last turns 😜
  6. I partially agree. But the simplification should come from knowing what models to bring, what are your strengths, weaknesses and what the opposing crew does. We don't really need 15 different triggers/actions/abilities on models that are pretty much the same. Game depth and difficulty shouldn't come from forced variety. They should come from possibilities and decision making. Sure. My opponent was not dumb enough to place his models so that I can blast multiple models with without 2 blasts. Which means you need 1 AP to place a pillar in range, second AP to focus and 3rd to shoot. And you might kill a 4SS desperate mercenary. in return you get shot by his whole crew except Pride and Mx Child This crew has 18 shots with 5-6 stat in 12-14" range with min 2. Most of them ignored concealment.
  7. Sorry, but comparing the most popular card game (that's been out for, like, 25 yeas) to a niche wargame isn't really valid. In general wargames and MtG games have a different target.
  8. Simplifcation and nerfs are not, in any way, connected. You can simplify a model without nerfs or you can nerf a model without simplifcations. The simplifications come from the fact that the Malifaux community is dying because the amount of people that want to read 200 unique cards to not get stomped each game is very small and it's pretty card to convince people to start playing.
  9. Strategy: Corrupted Idol/Standard Schemes: Dig Their Graves, Take Prisoner, Search The Ruins, Detonate charges, Breakthrough Total Time played: 1:30, 3,5 turns Final Score: 4:2 for Yokou Player 1: trikk 4SS Von Schill Trunk Arik - Servant Hannah Scout Scout Scout Engineer Player 2: Passenty, Yokou, 4SS Yokou Totem Geisha Kabuki Warrior Hinamatsu Misaki Shang Effigy - Effigy of Fate trikk on Von Schill: trikk on Yokou: Passenty:
  10. Are we really going to compare our e-penises/e-vagians and whenever someone says something isn't fun/is too good use the "git good" argument? Then we can drop the whole beta schtick and just leave everything as is and play with the things that nobody tested enough and throw the other 50 models per faction to the trash. There were probably 5 or 6 broken master in M2E. And it was most likely 1 per faction. I have no issues with seeing when the game is lost due to my mistakes/forgetting abilities or unfortunate flips. I had a lot of them in M2E and M3E. So all I can do is lol at the "we just need more skill" comment. Sorry.
  11. HtK is around 2 extra Wounds on average. That's roughly 20 Wds (not counting prevention and healing) on a Df6 model with potential shielded to kill an enemy master + totem. And I agree after you kill 1, the second one loses some effectiveness but its still 3 Stat 7 min 3 attacks with whirlwind pinging. I don't think their defensive stats should go down that much. Maybe to 7 Wds. I think their melee offense is pretty spot on. Like I said, the feeling I had could have come from the mass shooting that forced me into getting in their range in which they obviously win. Maybe if they were somehow forced into commiting then the game would feel a lot better. Yes. Sure. Except getting meaningful Wp attacks is pretty dependent on the faction you play and the master you have chosen, so...
  12. Killy masters should have their place. But if you're so killy I can't compete unless I have an equal-or-more killy crew then we can drop the whole schemes and just play reckoning. The only thing Viks killed in melee in both games was a 8 Wd Rasputina with 2 stones. Everything else died from shooting. But you can't engage the shooting because Viks. And Viks don't need to engage you because they have between 8 and 11 14" shots ignoring concealement and with stat 5. Those shots costs 19SS.
  13. So maybe drop Rapid Fire and give them 2/3/4 12"? 3 min 2 shots from 14" for 4SS are just dumb.
  14. While we often disagree, you make a few very good points here. HOWEVER... I think the suggestion for change comes less from a power level/balance issue and more from a fun/chain-obey-snooze-fest issue.
  15. Why is starting a nerf thread in an open beta a bad thing? o0
  16. I won't even comment on that. I proposed multiple changes/nerfs to Guild. Some of them somehow already have been addressed in one way or another.
  17. Yes. That's my entire purpose. Nerf Outcasts to the ground, because I have deep hate for them and I fake battle reports just so I can throw mine down the trash Scout and Mad Dog are definitely too good. We both (me and my opponent) don't really see why give multiple ways of countering ranged attacks (cover, concealment and FF) and then having 6SS models ignore all of it. Maybe with changes to them and the Desp mercenaries, Viks won't need a change but if a ranged master feels forced to engage versus a melee master, then something ain't right. P.S. Next game I played Von Schill
  18. I'm pretty sure it came up, but, as you can see, we have issues with balancing 450 models for 1 cost. Making it 2 costs would be end up with multiple homicides and knife-fights
  19. Sorry for the confusion. Viks would win by a lot. We played 2 and 4 turns. Game 1 Turn 2 I lost: Acolyte, Golem, half of Rasputina, all via shooting. Did 2 dmg to a Desp Merc. Game 2 we played 3 or 4 and I would definitely lose as he lost a Scout and a Desperate Merc. I lost Rasputina, Acolyte, would lose the Golem and possibly Blessed for a Desp Merc and Scout.
  20. You can't pump extra actions with SS. You can get to hit.
  21. Strategy: Turf War/Standard Schemes: Deliver The Message , Assassinate, Breakthrough, Outflank, Take Prisoner Total Time played: we played 2 games in 3h Final Score: A lot vs 1 for Viks Player 1: trikk 4SS Rasputina (3SS) Wendigo Ice Golem Snowstorm December Acolyte Ice Dancer Blessed of December Silent One - Magical Training Player 2: Passenty, Viktorias, 7SS Vik - HtK Vik -Htk Desperate Merc Desperate Merc Desperate Merc Freikorps Trapper Mad Dog Brackett Malifaux Child Pride Special Note: we played the 14.02 rules but didn't notice Desp Merc we're changed, so they were shooting 2/3/5 ignore concealment Rasputina got shot to bits/chopped in 2 and 3 turns respectively. Notes: trikk on Rasputina crew: trikk on Viks: Passenty on Viks:
  22. I think instead of limiting Follow Orders, maybe we should just change Changelings. If we eliminate them from the obey-chaining-card-draw engine, it eliminates the boring parts without hurting the crew that hard.
  23. If you have 3 models with a "Once Per Turn" action, how many times can you make this action? 1 or 3? The same goes for abilities and actions. It's all coherent.
  24. Obey is a very good action but no M2E Obey master is good because of his obeys. Zoraida has the best Obeys but is still far down the tier list. Lucius, IMHO, is less garbage than he used to be but I'd still rank him low in both factions. Hamelin is only a good obey master, because outactivations + plague pits. Obey masters have very boring activation. The card draw can be changed to once per turn, so you don't get it from chaining commands, but this makes changelings pretty rubbish. This is the correct way
  25. trikk

    Agent 46 nerf.

    How many stones for prevention did you use? I mean McMourning should most likely kill the Agent pretty easily. The reason the agent was good was: Lucius's card draw. Lucius's obeys and Luciuses Misinformation. I definitely think the "you can't cheat while attacking" was obnoxious. I have mixed feeling about his defenses, because without LLC he is super squishy but with it he's pretty resilient. But I think you have to consider the possibilities, so he might be good as-is.
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