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  1. I played Hoffman into symbols and with all the out-of-engagement pushes and watchers it seems to work pretty well.
  2. I'd rather they get Don't Mind me to be honest
  3. So since most of us are locked in social distancing/quarantine and we recently got a pretty cool errata, what are the models that you think require an errata in Guild (both underpowered and overpowered): For me the top 5 are: 1. Thalarian Queller (those guys definitely need something) 2. Guard Patrol (give them a 5th HP) 3. Pistoleros (They have a week damage track, week synergy, they have reckless but with 4 wds they will get one shot after they use it) 4. Orderlies (give them the Focus trigger on heal?) 5. Death Marshal Recruiters (they definitely don't feel like 8SS considering they don't really work in their crew that much)
  4. I list I figured out when the Mimic changes came: "Master of Puppets": Lucius (3SS) Scribe Agent 46(9) + LLC (2) Doppelganger 8 Ryle 11 Jury 9 Changeling 4 Changeling 4 You either make a whole lot of 6-7 pew pew pews or you have a LOT of Obeys with a built in mask
  5. They are durable for 4SS compared to Stalkers for 5SS. They are not super durable per se, but compared to most other 4SS models they are probably above average
  6. Melissa is a worse Ryle. I don't find her super good. Ryle/Joss/Howard are much better with Joss being probably the best due to irreducable dmg
  7. My biggest successes with Hoff were: Hoff + Totem Joss + LLC Ryle/Howard (depending on DMH) Toolkit 2x Hunter Watcher You can add a second watcher if needed.
  8. I played: Lucius Scribe Agent + LLC Executionier Doppelganger 2x Changeling Trapper It worked quite well, but I don't know how it will work after the Agent changes.
  9. I think going with Witch Hunters is suboptimal with Sonnia. They don't buff her mobility, they don't increase her damage, they don't scheme and they don't do utility. The only model worthwhile is Spellcasters because they are kind of durable, shoot pretty well and have the fast shenanigan (+ negation aura)
  10. The biggest usage of this upgrade I can see is on models with Armor and against certain masters. It blocks pinging for 1 from Hazardous/shockaves/pulses. Peacekeeper can be a good with it. It can be better against things like Wong or Titania (and probably a few other)
  11. He's a LONE Marshal for a reason 😎
  12. Also Peacekeepers and Joss might really like Riot Gear as they practically become immune to shockwave, hazardous, pulse and blast damage
  13. I don't know why a change to buff a strong Coryphee, a strong Golem summoning and nerf a mediocre rat king creating (even if it's a nerf, because the rat king suddenly get a LOT of focus)
  14. Card draw > Staggered and Injured
  15. If they cost 4SS you could bring 3 and at least 1 of them could get there. For 5SS they are too fragile
  16. There's an old Guild saying: They can't outscheme you if they're dead I think the biggest issue Guild has is: lack of leaps/flying/incorporeal in most keywords. Watchers are ok but they lack versatile (which would fix a lot of issues IMHO)
  17. I dunno, but he`s really squishy with a hampered offensive potential.
  18. They still look pretty underwhelming. Same as Greed. Agreed He should probably get a Df6 for having to choose between Mimic and Inhuman Physiology. The offensive nerf is justifiable The bonus action changes are ok but he has the worst base attack of all the riders IMHO. If he ignored concealment/cover/had ahe'd be OK IMHO
  19. trikk

    The Pale Rider

    Thats why mine rides with a LLC
  20. Rule number 1: don't attack Colette Rule number 2: Dashel with Expert Marksman is pretty sweet versus Coryphee
  21. You also get one from Internal Affairs. Thats 10 cards
  22. Executionier or Mounted Guard. Depending if I need kills or mobility.
  23. M3E Austringers don't have Deliver Orders
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