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  1. I think the issue is that they do not offer anything special and a lot of their synergies require lowering burning which is counterproductive with Sonnia
  2. You die. You did not discard a card nor a SS. It doesn't also work with costs like Juggernaut IMHO because the cost was not paid.
  3. But according to Pg35 I, as the player with Initiative can force the other player to score his VP first. Which can make a difference in some schemes. Page 21 says I should just score my first, so it's a contradiction.
  4. I tried. But I come back every time. I have 3 factions
  5. Phew, I was worried it was going to be an errata Waldo, but I got a great Outcast Starter Waldo ❤️ !
  6. I had a Dashel vs Kirai game. Had the same crew Filox ran last tournament Dashel (4SS) Dispatcher MG Lone + LLC Pale + LLC Steward Lawyer Took Vendetta (Lone vs Dead Rider) and Spread Them Out. Scored only 1 point from Vendetta because I killed Dead Rider T2 and Lone had his own issues to deal with (Kirai, Ikiryo) Ended up 7:3 with basically tabling my opponent T4. Off to R3 😬
  7. @Caedrus I failed miserably in march getting 8SS only in the form of those 2 watchers
  8. Waiting for open registration for next one ❤️
  9. Unless I'm mistaken Guild went 3 wins, 3 loses and 1 draw which is pretty good for Symbols
  10. It's not about the faction. It's about the players 😎
  11. Because Ironsides exists 😛
  12. I don't know what a "split approach" is but I kind of just assume he'll get 4 symbols unless I kill a bunch of his stuff Most of my ranged damage is based. Tara has a Df trigger that auto-fails my projectile actions on a mask. Hannah has Df5 and AR. Might as well shoot at her without overextending.
  13. My Symbols winrate is around 20%. Other strats are around 50-60%.
  14. New Challenger appears 😎
  15. I already played my game and won 7:6 in Nellie vs Tara. Super strong opponent and the game was pretty tight. Don't have screens but it should be on yt.
  16. You don't waste time walking if you start the game in enemy charge range (cause you're dead)
  17. Straitjacket has a restriction "The target has to be engaged with a friendly model". Does that mean? a) A friendly model has to engaged by the target? b) The target has to be engaged by a friendly model? c) One or the other?
  18. You are influencing morale. I think you need an pep talk with an Imperial Comissar
  19. They can't summon if they don't kill you
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