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  1. Cause they at least had fluff. Collodi had a cool aesthetic but he didn't really have any interactions with other characters and no real motivation
  2. Why? You can declare Df triggers on relents. You get the suit of the attackers duel total
  3. Once Per Turn, Once per activation are restrictions that apply per model. So you can copy a once per turn action and do it with a different model. If you have to name a model, the action is considered and action that lists a model by name. Just like you can't copy an action that names a model, even if it's just the trigger.
  4. Welcome to the Guild! I think LJ is easy to start but knowing when to go in and out is tricky.
  5. You can give 3-5 injured with Pale Rider and shoot the target with Waifs or kill them for cards
  6. The stat 6 in melee is a HUGE buff. Makes locking him in melee a lot riskier. The rest are nerfs but the Demise heal and Ruinous repairs aren't that big of a deal. The channel was indeed nerfed but that was equalized by Scavenger buff. Even if we consider this a nerf, he is still a very strong master with decent/strong keyword so I really don't see why he should be buffed. If that helps you, I was saying that M3E channel is stupid and will backfire like M2E channel during beta🤷‍♂️ Youko changes were done because flat stat increase/removing limitations wouldn't help her and I still think she's bad.
  7. Stat 6 on melee and Scavenger change made him very strong in melee.
  8. Leveticus is very good and his errata made him come out stronger. Why would he need buffs?
  9. Same! Also, send my order pwease
  10. Just to put it here too: Titles and Malifaux Burns models that are not in the app are not allowed UNLESS both player agree upon that. If both players agree they can DM me their crews before showing them to your opponent so that I can confirm the selection if needed If the titles and models are added to the app mid-tournament, they will be usable by everybody from the next round (I will announce that) Furthermore, based on the vote (that is going on in discord) I will try to pair everybody in a way so that people who voted for titles are paired together in R1
  11. I think Lucius doesn't really care much about most Neverborn. He just cares about himself.
  12. So now that the titles for Guild are out, I wanted to ask: What are your impression about them? Which ones do you like the most? Which ones you don't and why?
  13. I think my LJ2 lists were 2x LLC 4 DMR 8 33 8 Domador 7 Jury 8 2x DM 10
  14. They have a stat 6 attack and Df6 and they give you a lot of small pushes that help with 0" engagement. They aren't a must have but I played with them and they definitely offer way more in J2
  15. DMR helps with killing buried models. DMs help with clunking up the board
  16. It's a 21 people tournament during a huge (probably expensive) trading show during the pandemic
  17. If Sovereign is in the forest, if there is a sight line from him to attendant that goes through <=1" of that forest, he doesn't suffer concealment.
  18. Secret Passage Changelings work best T1 and then it becomes a problem. This Lucius also has less card draw, 6 cards and no "discard enemy severe so that they can draw better severe"
  19. Just remember his end of turn ability can't proc Spread The Word
  20. trikk

    Team Cup 2021

    We just ended the group phase and have 8 teams in the knockout stage
  21. Can remove it to reduce damage by 2 (to 0) and you can treat the model like a scheme marker regardless of Insignificant
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