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  1. I play like this, i always thought that after the duel you discard all cards so you can use the discarded card. How do you play?
  2. Yes this is the correct order and its amazing because you can win a duel and be the second cheating at the same time.
  3. Totally agree. People say Guild is a faction focus on killing enemies but if you check other factions you realize most keywords have tech piece (beaters) that kill as easy as any guild keywird and they are also more mobile and score VP faster than guild...
  4. No please, this edition should focus on playing in keyword no to play All Stars.
  5. Agree, i think you should need at least 3, but if the river cross all the table from a corner to other maybe more.
  6. Yes because u can use those Stones to protect him. You have the movilitie with him (plus a RwM if needed) so you choose when attack and Who. I have done couple times and works very well.
  7. Try to actívate last in a turn with an artifact to get fast, then go and charge a henchman/máster and steal 2/3 soulstones, do It again at the beggining of the turn and if u stole 1/2ss he would become a 4ss model.
  8. Yeah we say similar things when talking about Sand Worm, we need an Alfa Sand Worm based on Dune's books/film 😂
  9. What do you mean, they actually búnker theitselfs too. If you play 1 its enought to stealth 2/3 models easy. I really like both models and gonna play them next game to get better impresion.
  10. Yes if you have other enemy there (other than the initial target) you can disengage and he has no positivo for extra engage.
  11. I'm began playing 10T and it's funny how mobile and scheme can be. McCabe, Youko, Misaki... They have an amazing control of the table.
  12. Scheming, Concentrate (Family), Assist, Dissengage, Move... Its very interesting
  13. I can see both models in some crew's. Both give new tech to guild. I can see at least one Guild Mage in any Mimic/Elite game. And Gunner with Nellie and Perdita.
  14. Incorporeal or Shielded can reduce to 0. And as @Maniacal_cacklepoint, a easy way to deal with armour are: -Irreducible damage -Ping damage - Armour piercing trigger -Analyze weakness attack So when you think you are gonna face armour enemies be sure you pick some models with those things.
  15. Yes, the biggest problem in guild are movement triks so it's dificult for them to score some strat/scheme. Guild is also focus on counter enemies so you usually are the reactive player instread of proactive. Last, guild has many keywords Focus on killing things but you will see they are not as efficient as other keywords with their tech piece who can kill + scheme.
  16. Thats why i said this need a FAQ, because there is nothing sure.
  17. I think they say the opposite. The are talking about healing to 4 to deny assassinate. Or i understood wrong?
  18. Yesterday talkig with some friends we had a crazy idea... Cornelius Basse: Alfa Sand Worm Rider 😂😂😂 He could be a movile and sz4 model with a great melee attack and playing with Dust Markers. He also could shockwave a new tipe of market: Quicksand Marker (Hazardous: staggered and injured +1). And get a tactical to take actions with the SandWorm, similar to Joss command construct.
  19. Ooooh but you mean for title? Yeah but i think Hungering Darknes as master is not going to happen untill maybe m4e. Also i would like to see Mondrake aw master and English Ivan as totem. 🤩
  20. I thought that when Explorers release they would add new artifacts but then nothing... 😂
  21. They don't need to do nothing, only creating a new Hungering Master and Jokob Totem (henchman) would be enought since you cannot hire twice a model with the same name if It has no Minion (X) abilitie on his card.
  22. I would say that should be half or less (round down). Even if i think RAW we should round up.
  23. Agree that desagree. (I think you say like that). 😁 Half is a division, for sure u can get the number multiplying, adding or subtracting. Because we are talking about small numbers and is easy. But when someone ask you for a half of a number, you make a division, no a multiply. So you round Up. Thats way this need a FAQ. And even if i'm wrong, too many players would argue the same so that should be enought to clarify.
  24. Well in the pág. 31 say: any number but movement distance. We agee that Half Health need a subtraction, so is a math, so you follow the rule of Divide and you round up. Thats why i think RAI ≠ RAW
  25. So we already know Sonnia's new title/card but, what would you like to see in guild? This is my wishlist: Hoffman i would like to become a summoner from Scrap Markers. He's plenty of options, so could be a really good crew, taking out his abilitie of giving fast, but keeping the aura for Power Tokens. Basse i would like to get more sinergies with SandWorm, and meaybe a second SandWorm as enforcer (that could help to play with Crocket). I wish he could get a decent card draw too. 😂 Perdita a support Master could be great because she is now very ofensive. I wish she could improve in anyway Pistoleros to make them playable. 🤣
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