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2021 Monthly Painting Challenge - July

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On 7/14/2021 at 7:10 PM, Engorn said:

Mancha Roja, along with the wrastlers, hasn't arrived two weeks and a half later... But it is on its way. Although, now I'm working on something for the summer painting contest, so probably Mancha Roja and the wrastlers are going to be something to paint on August. Also on that foto is Burt Jebsen who is gonna be part of the August pledge (probably with the rest of the Infamous keyword). On the other hand, the rest of it is already painted...


Captain Zipp: 15 SS


Earl Burns: 3SS


Fist Mate: 9 SS


Merris LaCroix: 6 SS


3x Iron Skeeter: 3x7=21 SS


3x Flying Piglet: 3x3=9 SS


Mechanized Porkchop: 7 SS

@Caedrusย that is a total of 70 SS this month (I'm not counting the three Malifaux models I'm gonna paint for the contest...).

Well... A small change of plans. In the end I painted Burth Jebsen this month...


@Caedrus, that makes 8 extra SS, to a total of 78 SS this month. And nice work with those academics/elementals. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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