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  1. thats why you always take silent proteector on those samurai :D
  2. Don't worry my Girlfriend can hit moderate on negative reliably 9 times out of 10 how did you take out a samurai with 2 ap? apart from your opponont having no severe cards. How much focus did you have?
  3. Guess it would take multiple strategy markers which require multiple models next to them to get scored or manipulated. Not that hard to do. Not sure on the math of 2/3/5 vs 1/3/5 w Rapidfire. Only 1/3/5 automatically reads focus ---> Shoot to me, which would give me an i don't care attack for a bad card afterwards It's not so bad for 4 SS provided you keep you opponent to busy to think about them. Still i guess to come back to Viks, Ronin are sooooooooooooooo good for their cost, i guess thats where the mercs lose out.
  4. Yeah that kind of nails it although then we are talking everything up to 6 health without Armor/incorp/HTW/HTK So: what would be the solution? i think hard to kill for everyone is kinda... flavourless? I think i'd like to see the +to damage on focus dropped to be honest, because it's to much of a no brainer in so many ways. I think +1 to stat would be more interesting because it would bring the card mechanic back into the picture again. 4SS models often suffer from 1 more thing for me which is: they must be damn good for me to even consider leaving a named character i read all the stories of at home. I know, not very mechanic oriented, but am i the only one feeling that way?
  5. I think you can pick him into arcanists way better the the old Jack. And Arcanists struggle with some of the tormented models like Hanged and Monty in my opinion My expression from first play was that having the new daw on the table is making your opponent move his Models in an awkward way because he has to consider the upgrade and the draw them in ability. which gives you free roam on lure/pull&drag etc. I played vs armor 2 spam so no obviously not much to be done dmg wise, but you can screw heavily with their positioning. And I must confess: August Hart is just way better than i gave him credit for. Sure he gets torn apart turn 1 but: if your opponent has no other problems to attack him then you are playing the rest of the crew wrong i guess. And his kit is suited to inconvenience you opponont further. I say it's a winner, but have to get more games in to confirm.
  6. I think it has gotten better this GG2 because the major motivation to only take 5 models + insignificant totem is gone due to the strategies changing. I think the mercenary in particular is outdated, some models would need some minor love. Like compare mercenary to hopeful prospect (because the gun is the same apart from the stat.) It does not figure. I personally think the merc just needs a bonus action (like e.g. chain gang maybe) in exchange for rapid fire, which reads to me as ditch one card to maybe do 1 dmg. On the other hand i guess nobody really has played them much because i would be interested how often moderate damage would come up if you just position two mercs and keep shooting. Anybody ever done that before complaining? i didn't Best play my desperate mercenary had was when vanessa went next to the leyline marker and shot him in the face so he died and passed the marker 11,8 inches over to her winning me the game
  7. think i'll do the missing 9 EVS Models and currently Jack Daw ensouled is sitting at home waiting for teh care of my brush... if i manage i start on Apex/Nexus/Gibbering Hordes
  8. I think it's still true in M3E. but it think the threat of dmg is a big factor in where pieces move. I struggle with the new upgrade because alot of the newer models plain ignore hazardous. oherwise it' great. Gonna play him on record saturday, so i guess i'll hold my judgement till then :)
  9. ... i am not sure I would take the New Jack daw unless the old one got countered during crew select. I seriously feel I Lose so much Hand pressure and damage for movement Tricks. But have to have him on the table...
  10. So last day last hour...8 Models and one Battlereport in spite of vacation...feel good Sorry Pictures are awkward ... need to paint more faces, although it's already better on the Evs Models, did excuse of a freehand on Vernon and Welles Telescope. I would love to do some Tattoos on some of my Models as well but struggle with dilution of paint. 46 SS @Caedrus
  11. Fixed it for me, but why didn't it automatically update? thanks anyways
  12. Yep thats missing for sure gonna talk about this with the house printer
  13. Hi There, we are back from Vacation. Jacob is out for some fun before he too succumbs to darkness. Share please
  14. Hi There Whats Incomplete about those markers? i did not Print them, but i can have a word with a guy who did, letting me down that way by the way: moved the Thread here: also: there is an ENGLISH VERSION of every Battle Report we have done available, you can find the Playlist on the Youtube Channel, watch it, it's such a lot of work
  15. The Dredge is in the no attack zone though . So if anybody disengages from him/her, they just push off because he/she can't attack so unless you get more Models around the roughly 3" Circle, only Corvis/Winston/anyone outside the box can hinder them. So if you push more enemy models in you need to have more models around the marker yourself. I think it's more for shoving a scheme marker on to two enemy model with expert control and then summoning a drudge and lock the marker, that way they have to waste ap repositioning. But maybe someone has better ideas still. So you wanna go with the Goon squad trigger from the drudge, which is when your opponent shoots the drudge off the marker, and i don't know if i think it's worth all the trouble. I'm still too hyped on standard Anya, i love the mobility and scheming capability of the crew, you can brawl and then quickly disperse and scheme if it looks like a losing battle. I think Winston Finnigan is one of the best models i currently own painted, it's so annoying and soo much fun...
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