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  1. It looks like March will be now referred to as Mulligan March (same as last year). I did a ton of painting just not enough Wyrd stuff. Hopefully I can start off strong in April and make up the difference.
  2. @Strangleloveis'nt joking I was a huge Highlander fan and I loved the name Connor, so now you know! I'm going to finish the rest of the King's Empire Calvary for April (really starting to hate them). I need to get back to Malifaux, I have to pick out an unpainted crew and start assembling. The Highlander challenge shouldn't be too hard as I can't see small details anyhow.
  3. Caedrus, now that I understand the challenge better I'm all in. I was expecting to see a lot of Lego looking miniatures all in primary colors. That said, given the talent I've seen on this forum they'd most likely look amazing. My suggestion for us to help with the specific monthly challenges was meant to be supportive and not critical.
  4. I’m getting back to some Other Side King’s Empire for March. I did a lot of painting in February but only a minimum of Wyrd stuff. I’m going to have to think about the March challenge, not sure what I have that will fit that scheme but I do like the challenge. Maybe we can help @Caedruswith upcoming monthly challenges. I really enjoyed the one day build and paint. Question: does grey count or does it have to be only black and white?
  5. @CaedrusMy February pledge is complete. Three LaCroix raiders for 15ss and Sir Charles Edmonton (15ss) for 30ss total. I'm still working on some Dragoons for my King's Empire Army. I'm hoping to get the unit done by the end of the month. We'll see. Thanks again to @Stranglelovefor the pictures.
  6. @CaedrusI completed the February challenge, still working on my February pledge. Here's my LaCroix Raider, completed in one day. I even assembled and primed the other two. I'll try to finish them over the next couple days. Thanks to @Stranglelovefor the pictures. PS That was a fun challenge.
  7. I'm going to continue working on my King's Empire army for the Other Side. I'm up for the February challenge as well I have lots of unassembled plastic.
  8. All I can say is WOW, everyone has really stepped up the game for 2021! Some beautiful models across the board. @Vessien Super nice model, very dramatic face and great highlights on the armor, only feedback would be to highlight the weapon (if you haven't yet apologies). @Woody71 Love Tara and the base! Your Teddy is awesome as is the Void Hunter (love the eyes), great mod on Candy! @Harlekin She looks appropriately evil! Great job.
  9. My January pledge complete 9x Riflemen (45ss) and 1 Adjunct (5ss) for 50ss total. Thanks again to @Stranglelove for taking the great pictures. PS It's much nicer finishing on the 14th and not the 31st at 11:00pm.
  10. For the month I’m pledging a unit for The Other Side, King’s Empire, not sure how many points exactly. For resolutions I really want to get my army finished for The Other Side, it’s going to take some dedication. Secondly I need to buy less and paint more, easier said than done.
  11. @Caedrus Here's my pics for December, once again thanks to @Stranglelovefor taking the great photos. Happy New Year all, here's hoping for a great 2021. Thanks again to @Caedrus for all the work. My box of shame is a little lighter and my cabinet of painted miniatures is a lot fuller.
  12. I finished my December pledge, 3x Piglets for 9ss, 3x Squealers for 15ss and the Sow for 8ss. Grand total of 32ss for the month. I'll get pictures tomorrow. I still have to put the finishing touches on the Sow. Going out to watch the neighbors blow things up!
  13. One of the only good things about 2020 was the number of Malifaux miniatures I got painted thanks to the painting challenge. I'm pledging Tyrant again. This year I'm going to focus on getting a bunch of stuff done for the Other Side. @Stranglelove (my son) has a fully painted army and I'd like to have the same.
  14. @Caedrus WOW.... simply love the color choice. @Stranglelove I'm so looking forward to seeing the whole crew. By the way it looks even better in person.
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