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  1. I’m going to pledge Ulix and his box set. Hoping to squeeze in a few more but hate over promising. I’ll have to think about painters but Duncan Rhodes would be one of them. Great tutorials and simple techniques that yield great results and very good for beginners. A blast from the past would be Jeremie Bonament Teboul, French painter that made a dvd years ago that I still refer to. And finally Jennifer Haley another inspirational painter from my past.
  2. @Caedrus My June pledge complete Thoon 9ss, Primal Magic 3ss, 2x Bayou Smugglers (12ss total) and Big Brain Brin for 8ss. For 32ss total. Thanks again to @Stranglelove for the pictures.
  3. For June I'm looking to round out some crews. I plan on finishing the Euripides box (Thoon 9ss, and the Primordial Magic 3ss), a couple Bayou Smugglers 12ss and McTavish 9ss. I'll try for more but never can tell. June Challenge - 3 Fave Paints 1. Citadel Agrax Earthshade, hides so many mistakes it should be outlawed 2. Citadel Corvus Black my favorite black that isn't quite black 3. Contrast paints... I'm having a blast with the whole range, I know they're not everything but for a good tabletop quality they really help. I did the eye on Euripides with a couple layers of Talassar Blue over a white eyeball. My favorite part of the model.
  4. @caedrus Made my pledge for May, Euripides (15ss) and 3x Gigants (18ss) for 33ss total. Thanks again to @Stranglelove for his photographic help. Going to finish the box and a few odds and ends for June.
  5. Pledging Euripides along with the box set, that's 45ss...and thank goodness no more gremlin green flesh. Not even thinking about using green anywhere 😜.
  6. @Caedrus Finished my April pledge (31ss), still need to finish up the Lucky Effigy but happy with the Riders and the Emissary. As always so very impressed with the talent on here but happy to put paint on miniatures and overall pleased with my progress. Once more thanks to @Stranglelove for his photographic skill and support.
  7. @Caedrus my April pledge is finishing my Lucky Effigy and Emissary along with the 3 rooster riders. After that...who knows. I'd like to start on something "Not Gremlin". We'll see.
  8. @Caedrus March will have to be my first mulligan I got some painting done but nothing finished. Hopefully April will be a better month. Kudos to everyone for some amazing paint jobs.
  9. With Adepticon around the corner I’m pledging to round out my January and February pledges to build some fully painted crews. Pledging 3 Rooster Riders and 2 Bayou Smugglers, also have the Lucky Effigy and Lucky Emissary as stretch goals. Really want to be able to field 50ss worth of painted models.
  10. @Caedrus Across the board striking, love the colors. Huge fan of Angelica!
  11. Thanks again to @Stranglelove for helping with the pictures!
  12. @Caedrus I made my pledge for the month Captain Zipp. Earl Burns, The First Mate and 3 Iron Skeeters (45ss). Pictures to follow.
  13. Going to continue trying to clear some box sets. This month is Captain Zipp and crew, Earl Burns, The First Mate and 3x Iron Skeeters.
  14. That's 42ss for the month. I made my pledge! @Caedrus
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