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  1. Take a look to Academic's mantras. It has been explained that that Ability, when it says "it", it refers to the model taking the Action, not the one that has de Ability printed on.
  2. Well, I'm gonna start with the rest of my Infamous crew. I suppose that later I'll add the whole Seeker keyword (except the surveyors), but first of all I must see how long it takes to paint those bayous... And for the challenge... I must see what can fit on the description. The model I thought I was never going to paint is the one I painted for the Hot! Hot! Hot! painting contest... xD
  3. I think the model that Summons the drudge is that making the Interact Action, not Ironsides, as Labor Contract says "it may discard" (in reference to the model taking the Action) instead of "this model may discard".
  4. We are supposed to have a confirmation of our submission? I summited mine more than 48 hours ago...
  5. Well... A small change of plans. In the end I painted Burth Jebsen this month... @Caedrus, that makes 8 extra SS, to a total of 78 SS this month. And nice work with those academics/elementals. 😉
  6. Thanks. That's actually the reason of my question. We're preparing a order where I'm including the cards for all my alts (and algo purchase the GG2 pack for the errata cards) but I didn't know if I should order Rollins' card. Although, after posting my question I have remembered that Arrrchie's card didn't come with the GG1 pack.
  7. Does anyone know if the nightmare version of the errata'd cards come in the pack? I'm thinking about Rollins Black.
  8. Mancha Roja, along with the wrastlers, hasn't arrived two weeks and a half later... But it is on its way. Although, now I'm working on something for the summer painting contest, so probably Mancha Roja and the wrastlers are going to be something to paint on August. Also on that foto is Burt Jebsen who is gonna be part of the August pledge (probably with the rest of the Infamous keyword). On the other hand, the rest of it is already painted... Captain Zipp: 15 SS Earl Burns: 3SS Fist Mate: 9 SS Merris LaCroix: 6 SS 3x Iron Skeeter: 3x7=21 SS 3x Flying Piglet: 3x3=9 SS Mechanized Porkchop: 7 SS @Caedrus that is a total of 70 SS this month (I'm not counting the three Malifaux models I'm gonna paint for the contest...).
  9. This is what I'm going to paint (plus Mancha Roja which hasn't arrived yet). I don't know if trying to paint the whole thing before July 10 counts for the challenge. I'm quite a slow painter...
  10. Very, very nice. I love the gremlin skin!
  11. @Caedrus here is what I've done this month... So, 10SS for the Malisaurus Rex. I consider this a Focus Piece (built and painted myself from scratch), son another 10SS. Those three I going to count them as a single Scatter Piece, son another 5SS. And that's all. 25SS this month. Luckily from now on I'm going to have more free time, so I'm going to be able to paint a lot again (I hope). Se you on July!
  12. @Caedrus I did paint only the vatagi huntsmen and the crypsis corps. Malisaurus rex is deayed (again) to june. So... 18ss for the three vatagi huntsmen 14ss for two crypsis corps Thas a total of 32ss on May. I really hope to paint more in June. I'm painting less a less soulstones each month...
  13. As I said in the April's post, this is (at least) what I'm going to paint on May.
  14. OK... 😅 I've been too busy the last three weeks and I couldn't paint anything, so I'm gonna paint these in May (starting next Wednesday) and I hope I will be able to paint something else, but I don't know what it's going to be yet. So, @Caedrus I painted this on April:
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